And now, an appeal to the Canadian Government

And now, an appeal to the Canadian Government


Unless people wake up and educate themselves about the imminent danger facing us all, the wireless industry and telecom companies will be allowed to roll-out their untested-for-safety5G (Fifth Generation) technology based on pulsed, microwave technology, which, experts globally say, threatens all life on earth!

Here are 3 links that every elected representative – in all levels of government – and every person on Earth, should know about the known hazards of wireless telecom devices!

Link No. 1 is the Aug/Sept 2019 Summit on the 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability.


Link No. 2 is the International Appeal to Stop 5G in Space and on Earth!


Link No. 3 is the 2015 International Appeal to all Governments Urging Them to Protect Mankind and Wildlife From Wirelesss Technology!

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