SM Canada based

SM Canada based


CSM00013 – tinfoil wrapped around BC Hydro meter to prevent pain. Electrical meter discrimination complaint won’t succeed: Tribunal  Pub 30 Aug 2019 Added 31 Aug 2019

CSM00012 –  Letter: Sympathy for fight against smart meters. Writer disputes safety of meters, intentions of BC Hydro and province. Pub 27 Aug 2019 Added 28 Aug 2019

CSM00011 – –  BC Human Rights tribunal dismisses complaint against BC Hydro smart meters. The BC Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed a complaint against BC Hydro that the company’s smart meters were making a woman sick.  Pub and added 23 Aug 2019

CSM00010 – good working active site. Been going since 2014. Added 5 July 2019

CSM00009 – Canadians concerned about smart city privacy but open to public uses of data. A new survey conducted by McMaster University in Canada found that 88 per cent of Canadians are concerned about their privacy in smart cities. Almost a quarter (23 per cent) said they are “extremely concerned”. Pub 11 Feb 2019 Added 12 Feb 2019

CSM00008   EMR Health Alliance of BC  Smart Meter with Radio-Off is still broadcasting. According to the person who made this video, the meter is said to be off, but the readings show otherwise.  Anyone else with the same findings?  “Is your Choice of a BC Hydro Smart Meter with Microwave Transmitter Radio-off, that you are paying extra for each and every month, sneakily broadcasting and actually still on, without them telling you? . My neighbour just got theirs after being told they had to surrender their analogue meter and guess what, the SmartMeter-Off, is actually broadcasting around the clock – perhaps not as frequently as the regular smart meter, but this one is definitively ON, not off!” Pub ? Added 10 Nov 2018

CSM00007   City should be challenged on smart water meters. A notice of non-conformance with the city’s smart water meter project has been sent to me and to an unknown number of other St. Albert residents. The notice states that failure to comply is a contravention of the city’s water bylaw, an offence that may result in disruption of water service and a fine up to $1,000. I am supposed to comply by Oct. 17…. Pub 20 Oct 2018 Added 21 Oct 2018

CSM00006   Wireless Technology. The worst threat to our health, personal privacy, democracy and national security.  135 pp pdf summary by Jerry Flynn with links. Pub ? Added 18 Sept 2018 NB not all links are up to date.

CSM00005  McGill Office for Science and Society.   Smart Meters and Radio Waves. “Are the new Smart Meters from Hydro Quebec safe? Are they different from a cordless or cell phone when it comes to RF emissions?”  Pub 20 Mar 2017 Added 16 Sept 2018

CSM00004  via NBC Smart Meter presentation. GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Smart meters were on the agenda at Wednesday’s Grants Pass City Council meeting. Pacific Power representatives explained how the new meters would work, how they transmit data, and that customers’ privacy would be protected. Pub 5 Sept 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

CSM00003    Montreal woman says dispute with Hydro-Québec over smart meter not just about her. Hydro-Québec may cut Denise Babin’s electricity because she won’t accept the type of hydro meters it is offering “they are not reading my letters”.
Pub 27 Aug 2018 Added 27 Aug 2018

CSM00002 – Smart Meter installation approved by Creighton council in southern Saskatchewan. About 7,500 meters will be placed around this are as part of a pilot project. Pub 8 Aug 2018. Added 9 Aug 2018

CSM00001   Plains Ledger – News for Western Canadians – Global Smart Electric Meters Market 2018 – Itron, GE Grid Solutions, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Honeywell. The analysis on the Global Smart Electric Meters Market is an intensive examination that offers a select merger of skillful market realities. The study shows the trends in the Smart Electric Meters market as well as the size of each separate segment in the Smart Electric Meters market. Added Aug 2018

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