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V00270 – Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony  This testimony is asking to halt a Bill that will placed 5G small cells in neighborhoods.  44:59 Pub 10 Mar 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

V00269  Dr. Horton on the Richie Allen Show – Directed Energy Weapon Attacks (Stop 007). Always worth visiting his site which has almost daily video broadcasts.  This is the terrifying possible result of 5G. 1:49:04  Pub 16 March 2018 Added 27 Nov 2018

V00268  5G is just the tip of the iceberg. Mostly repetition (at least for my regular fans) but delivered in a very personable manner.  33:19   Pub 17 July 2018 Added 26 Nov 2018

V00267  Murder by Emoji – The Digital Killing fields – EMF/EMR. Why are scientists’ concerns not being listened to? It’s the U.N. Stupid. They know best.  13:03 Pub 15 Oct 2018 Added15 Nov 2018

V00266 – This is in French with English sub-titles. It makes some useful points. Exclusive Interview: The Phonegate Scandal With Dr. Marc Arazi (90% of cell phones exceed limits). Lecture by Dr. Arazi, a French Physician who has become a real crusader for cell phone and EMF safety…. 33:21 Pub 5 Jun 2018 Added 31 Oct 2018

V00265 –  5G Towers are showing serious health effects. Effects can range from headaches, depression, and lethargy….to tumors, brain and other cancers. That’s the slow kill version. If ramped up at [someones’] discretion….effects could fry you or make you pass out like the thousands of black birds which fell to the ground in Beebe Arkansas and all died from “blunt force trauma”.  41:27    Pub 31 Oct 2018 Added 31 Oct 2018

V00264 – About the Internet of Things and 5G –  The future is apparently filled with internet-connected everything, including dust (yes, dust). We’re already seeing the beginnings of this brave new world, mostly in the form of smart thermostats, smart appliances, and things like Amazon’s Echo toys. Part of this future IoT is 5G. As I mentioned in an earlier video, there is a fair amount of evidence in the form of numerous studies that 5G will be particularly bad for our health. As you’ll see, even physicists have jumped on board to sound the alarm.  17:48  Pub 23 Oct 2018 Added 30 Oct 2018

V00263   Veteran MD Drops Bombshell At Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing. She tells it as it is.  14:49  Added 26 Oct 2018

V00262 –  1977 Russian Study Re: Biological Effects Of 5G Millimeter Wave – ‘It IS So NOT GOOD!’ You need to be patient to watch this one but its worth it. NB 1977  Pub 25 Oct 2018 and 1,667 views by 20.05GMT on 25th.    Added 25 Oct 2018

V00261 –  Dr. Paul Heroux Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018.  Michigan Safe Technology.
SB 637 and SB 894, industry-sponsored 5G wireless infrastructure legislation, passed though the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee with a vote of 15 to 4, despite expert testimony in opposition. “I want to tackle the subject of insurance. You know that neither Lloyd’s of London, nor Swiss Re will underwrite liability policies for electromagnetic radiation because they think the health risk is too great. In other words, they believe that when the lawyers get involved, and I know many of them, the companies who deliver this radiation to the public could be wiped-out. 8:31  Pub 13 Oct 2018 Added 18 Oct 2018

V00260  Bay Area city blocks 5G deployments over “concerns” The Bay Area may be the center of the global technology industry, but that hasn’t stopped one wealthy enclave from protecting itself from the future. This technology has been banned in Israel. I wonder why? Ed.  13:09 Pub 17 Oct 2018 Added 17 Oct 2018

V00259   The conscious resistance.  On Tuesday October 9, Derrick Broze spoke to Houston City Council about the dangers of blindly supporting the 5G technology roll out.  10:11 Pub 10 Oct 2018 Added 14 Oct 2018

V00258   Barrie Trower – TETRA and by Health Risks. Viewers comment:Excellent speech! Worth the time to really concentrate on this entire lecture!  1:47:47  Pub  26 Feb 2013 Added 13 Oct 2018

V00257  thetruthaboutcancer.com  5G towers may pose new health risk by Ty Bollinger. T-Mobile recently announced that its new 5G network, already underway in 30 cities, will be available on its prepaid service in 2019. As carriers race to build the 5G networks of the future, one must ask: is 5G safe? Pub Oct 2018 Added 13 Oct 2018

V00256   Police Aggression and Cancer caused by TETRA Barrie Trower with more common sense and his prescient prophesy. 3:24   Pub 5 Aug 2017 Added 13 Oct 2018

V00255 HEY GUYS THIS IS THE COOLEST THING. Military Ray Gun • ADS Electromagnetic Radiation Weapon. Active Denial Technology. The Advanced Denial System (ADS) is a focused beam of electromagnetic radiation that heats human skin painfully in order to disperse targeted individuals. The Solid State Active Denial Technology (SS-ADT) is a mobile system being developed by the U.S. Army to be deployed on vehicles. Pub 7 Jan 2015 Added 13 Oct 2018 .>>>ALSO see post of today<<<<.

V00254  Dr. Erica Mallery Blythe: Minimizing RF (Wireless) Radiation to Children. Dr. Blythe’s presentation “Biological Justifications For Minimizing Radiofrequency Radiation to Children” was at the Children with Cancer Conference in 2018. PHIRE http://phiremedical.org/     31:00 Pub 10 Oct 2018 Added 11 Oct 2018

V00253   Judge Instructs Gateshead Council to address 5G concerns. Judge took Mark Steele’s arguments seriously. 9:40  Pub 11 Oct 2018 Added 11 Oct 2018 Next day  22.41: Ian Crane’s streaming.

V00252 Dr. Mercola Interviews Magda Havas on EMF Filters and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Magda Havas, Ph.D., on how installing EMF filters can help reduce the risk of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) 1:17:44 Pub 10 Sep 2018 Added 10 Oct 2018

V00251    Recalibrate: Perceiving the Positive! 5G Rollout & American/World depopulation – NewsEvolution. Here is one heck of a positive lady…. NewsEvolution with Patty Greer & Alfred Lambremont Webre. You got two hours to spend? Check the first 36 minutes.   1:53:47  Are you sitting comfortably?

Pub 6 Oct 2018 Added 9 Oct 2018 and already 3267 views.

V00250     MUST WATCH  Is 5G Trump’s New World Order. There are some political positions that President Donald Trump has said he stands for that I can agree on. There are other areas of his political views that are highly questionable. In this video, I take a look at 5G, the connection to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and what Donald Trump plans to do with the tech as part of the innovation in his pursuit to #MAGA.  There is also a possibility of #pedogate being part of the overall equation as well. While they seem separate, there are highly concerning connections to all of these topics. Pub 8 Aug 2017 Added 9 Oct 2018

V00249   Potential risks to human health from future sub-MM communication systems. a Very coherent talk by Paul Ben-Ishai, PhD, Department of Physics, Ariel, Jerusalem.  Using phantom models for testing. Effect on human skin.  He mentions ADS Active Denial System (yet another American euphemism for ‘death ray’)     32:39 Pub 15 Feb 2017 Added 9 Oct 2018

V00248 This is a video from way back, 2012, which gives a snapshot of how awareness was occurring in the USA years before most other countries were aware of the dangers of such technology. This is about call phones. Ed.  Cell phone radiation. This video shows the dangers of using Cell phones for consumers. Tests where conducted on short term and over a 10 year period. It has been found that over time the RF that comes from the use of Cell Phones has caused cancer on the side of the head where the phone is used.  Pub 2 Feb 2012 Added 6 Oct 2018

V00248 Vultures and the 5G roll-out meeting.  Is this premeditated murder? Down to earth language. Were going to get down to Brass Tasks and show You what the 5G Roll-Out Truly Represents! We’ll go over the 5G meeting & a Important IT comment that was left on my In Time video! Then I’ll end with some “True to Form” Humor about these Bitches! Have a Great Day!, Hope this helps You see this More Clearly! 26:54 Pub 5 Oct 2018 Added 6 Oct 2018

V00247 More from the Fullerton Informer  The 5G deception. We’re being told that we must roll this out immediately during the race with countries like China to have 5G deployed but we also know that the real applications were being promised as the benefits to the consumers are years away so why the rush to put the antennas everywhere… 1:00:05 Pub 2 Oct 2018 Added 5 Oct 2018

V00246  Michigan Safe Technology. Karen Strode speaking before the Senate Energy and Technology Committee being asked to explain the dangers of 5G technologies and asking if there will be medical accommodations made for people like her, who will be disabled by it. Pub 25 Mar 2018 Added 5 Oct 2018

V00245    5G GATESHEAD COUNCIL THROW DOWN GAUNTLET ON 5G CRIME DEBATE. Mark Steele challenges the council in his own direct manner. Woeful and pathetic response so far.  Response Mark, thanks so much mate, you’ve opened my eyes to 5g and the new lights they’ve just put in everywhere around me and I’ve had one of my gran sons with unexplained nose bleeds, now i know why, so again thank you very much  3:36   Pub back in April 2018 but relevant now. Added 5 Oct 2018


V00244 ‘Death Towers’ are being erected on sports fields, churches, Do the church goers know what is going on? Allowing the fox to guard the chicken coop. 3:21 Pub 28 Sept 2018 Added 28 Sept 2018

V00243 another sign of life from Krakow.  03 Forum prof. Dominique Belpomme (eng) / Video in English. We need to work at an international level. Prof. Dominique Belpomme, “Diagnosing, treating and preventing the Electromagnetic Fields impact on adults and children, particularly the latter”…46:15   Pub 17 Jan 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

V00242 Let have a break from 5G. Have you heard of Jordan Maxwell. Wondered why nothing in the world makes sense? Why are TPTB allowing the technology that will harm themselves as well. For a new take on the world let’s start the story here. You should then be moved on to this here.  You might want to check on his other videos. Pub – various Added 23 Sept 2018

V00241 Cece Doucette BA MA Biological damage of EMF to school children.  Should be watched by everyone as an example of persistence when applied to the state school system of Ma. USA  Be in your truth. Be polite. Be well informed. pub 7 Aug 2018  Added 23 Sept 2018

V00240  Generation Zapped. 2018  A specially commissioned film about the whole matter of EMF’s. Catch it if you can free but here is their site. See the trailer   Added 23 Sept 2018

V00239   The politics and practice of health and the environment – Dr Martin Pall predicts end of humanity in 5-7 years. Please listen to Dr. Martin Pall’s chilling information about “non-ionizing radiation” and what can happen if 5G is not stopped. Deterioration of cognitive capabilities is irreversible (unless humans are completely different from mice in the studies) and likewise sterility/infertility. (and not just humanity, of course) 60 minutes long audio. Pub Sept 2018 Added 23 Sept 2018

V00238 –  5G acceptance is massive cult-like behavior. Robert Durren, the speaker, with 35y experience with acupuncture and energy. The subtlety of the human body is ignored. 12,000 satellites to be launched. 11:27

V00237   We are in the midst of a silent war. Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations. 60 GHz is a weapon.  Another special from the Fullerton Informer.  14:51 Pub 10 Feb 2018 Added 22 Sept 2018

V00236   Frank Clegg (Ex CEO of Microsoft Canada)  Cell Phone Health Effects @ NIH National Institutes of Health. Good summary. Pub 20 July 2018 Added 22 Sept 2018

V00235  5G: A.I. will read your DNA. They are not hiding it, they are not even sugar coating it. They realize nobody is listening to the never ending tech gurus warning about it. “IT WILL BE OUT OF HUMAN CONTROL” Elon Musk 2018 “They will be way smarter than humans, and wont give a shit about you and I” Geordie Rose  13:19 2018 Pub 18 Sept 2018 Added 21 Sept 2018

V00234   Environmental Health Trust – Emerging Technologies to track and improve health. The NIH Healthy Building Conference panel – Martin Pall, Frank Clegg, Peter Sullivan, Theodora Scarato.  36:14  Pub 20 Sept 2018 Added 20 Sep 2018

V00233  Environmental Health Trust. Yet another excellent product, this time a summary packing in as much as possible about carcinogenic effects of mobile technology in 2 mins 50 seconds. Added 21 Sept 2018

V00232   How to recognise sensitivity Oram Miller (remember the name)  6:24 Pub 27 Aug 2014 Added 20 Sept 2018

V00231   5G INDUSTRY LEADER SAYS 5G WILL BE USED TO CARRY OUT UN AGENDA 2030. (not my caps – Ed). Straight from the shoulder this one. 11:27 Pub 17 Sept 2018 Added 20 Sept 2018

V00230  A WARNING video , This Will Leave You Speechless! – One of The Most Eye Opening Videos, general addiction to technology  5:15 11,770,691 views 12 June 2018 > 20 Sept 2018

V00229  The irrepressible Fullerton Informer with Christian Joe Imbriano. No one can accuse him of lack of enthusiasm. The most up to date info on 5G   Sit back for a long watch. The 5G document Dump Live. 2:10:21    Pub 19 Sept 2018 streaming.  2,479 views in 4 hours. Added 19 Sept 2018

V00228 – new kid on the block  World Alternative Media  Your independent news service. The TRUTH About 5G! – What You’re NOT Being Told. Lively and upbeat vid. for the newcomer but not insulting your intelligence.Pub 16 Sept 2018 (15,027 youtube views by 19 Sept). Added 19 Sept 2018

V00227   UK Woman Detained At Mental Health Facility For Claiming 5G & WiFi Radiation Is Harmful To Health! Richie speaks exclusively to Susanne Small, who is currently detained at a mental health facility in Surrey. Susanne alleges that she was sectioned after she spoke to her doctor about a new mobile phone mast that had been erected near her home. Susanne told her doctor that she began to feel …… Pub 18 Sept 2018  Added 18th Sept 2018

V00226   Pushback against 5G – The growing body of evidence linking exposure to RF USA news Vid. microwave radiation with biological harm is posing a serious problem for the rollout of 5G. Will the FCC eventually look at the science and find ways to deploy 5G safely, or will we expose American citizens to a proven health hazard 1:30  Pub 16 Sept 2018 Added 17 Sept 2018 For more on pushback see post here.

V00225 – Wireless: A key piece of the autism puzzle – Sullivan. This presentation includes Peter’s personal story of helping his two boys recover from autism and restoring his own health. It also includes key concepts for understanding autism as a state of overload from multiple factors (total load theory) and how wireless radiation and EMF (electromagnetic fields) fit into that framework. Alas we cannot see the slides.  58:57  Pub 1 Jun 2018 Added 16 Sept 2018

V00224   Colbeck: Pitfalls of IoT and Emerging Technologies. Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, discusses the Internet of Things and emerging technologies with Dafna Tachover of “We Are The Evidence”. VERY good intro for newcomers.  Pub 11 Sept 2018  Added 15 Sept 2018

V00223 German children protest against their parents excessive use of mobile phones to the detriment of family life. Pub 10 Sept 2018 Added 15 Sept 2018

V00222  — How can I show I oppose 5G technology?  Get involved by, first, educating yourself about the dangers of so-called ‘smart cities,’ 5G technology and EMF pollution issues.  And, of course, you can also get more practical solutions by joining the growing movement over at: TakeBackYourPower.net    38:38 Pub 26 July 2016 Added 13 Sept 2018

V00221   State of the nation (USA). What’s Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall. A lawyer lays it on the line.  Good lesson on how to address the public. 9:06   Pub 5 Jan 2016. Added 9 Sept 2018

V00220   Elite & Trump Exempt From 5G ~ Local Communities Not So Fortunate.  Local campaigning is a waste of time against the power of the corporate. The rulers rule and they get away with it.  Video made about USA but watch out the rest of the world. Pub 4 Sept 2018 Added 7 Sept 2018

V00219 This Just Happened In Russia, And The “5G Event” Might Have Something To Do With It…. Intentional ignorance by the authorities….Barrie Trower speaks again about 5G the slow killer  14:11 Pub 3 Sept 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

V00218   5G, can you feel it, the symptoms the why and what we can do to protect ourselves!!! 13:35  Mark Bajerski speaks (newcomer) Pub 2 Jul 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

V00217     It’s time to EMF off.  Well spoken that man.  Electrosensitives are the canaries in the coal-mine.   Pub 5 Sept 2018 Added 5 Sept 2018

V00216    Truthstream Media  Most people don’t even realise what’s coming. Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don’t even know what that is, but it’s happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution… evolving us. Please help support us on Patreon, read our goals here   23:56 Pub 30 Oct 2017 Added 5 Sept 2018

V00215    Amy Goodman strikes again. You might want to listen to this seasoned investigator and broadcaster on Democracy Now. She is talking about Cellphone safety. Added 4 Sept 2018

V00214   Senator Patrick Colbeck Testifies Against 5G Hearing 2018 Research Stop5G.net
Senator Patrick Colbeck Testifies Against the Deployment of #5G because of the reported health effects from wireless technologies in a hearing 2018. Learn more about 5G at https://ehtrust.org/resources-to-take-action-on-us-5g-stre…/ Pub – Aug 2018 Added 4 Sept 2018

V00213   The potential danger of EMF protective pendants, dots and devices. In a Mercola interview, Dr Klinghartd talks about the potential danger of using EMF protection devices, dots and pendants, after a study done on chickens.  2:48 Pub 22 Apr 2018 Added 4 Sept 2018

V00212    5G and smart meters and other (not) Smart things with Jerry Day.  43:03
Pub 24 Oct 2017 Added 4 Sept 2018

V00212   Cell Phone 5G Frequencies Also Used In Military Weapons! Sharon Noble  Canada- 32:46 Pub 29 Aug 2017 Added 4 Sept 2018

V00211   Evidence of damage to children at school.   Rodney Palmer – Safety Code 6 – Presentation to the Royal Society of Canada. Shocking testimony  . Comment:  I  was a public school teacher where high density wifi was installed. Within 2 days, my heart beat was so out of control, I thought I would drop dead any minute. I managed only 4 days in that wifi. My school officials refused to hear my issue, refused to address my health crisis, and forced me out of my loved job and forced me out of my career. Since then, I am now terribly sensitive to all wireless. I feel terrible for all the children that are still there    18:38
Pub 2 Nov 2013 Added 4 Sept 2018

V00210    This is why I do this job. Editor. A plea from the heart.      Added 3 Sept 2018

V00209    Dr Mercola – Alasdair Phillips Talks about EMF’s  This is a technical talk from an engineer. Full of facts. 1:18:43.     Pub 17 Oct 2011 Added 3 Sept 2018

V00208    EMRs – Radiation Soup – Katie Singer,  author of the new book Electronic Silent Spring gave this talk, entitled “EMRs – Radiation Soup,” at the International Forum on Globalization’s teach-in, TECHNO-UTOPIANISM & THE FATE OF THE EARTH October 25-26, at New York’s Cooper Union 2014. 20:00 bioinitiative.org for peer reviewed studies about EMF Pub 25 Nov 2014 Added 1 Sept 2018

V00207  Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, MD at the Commonwealth Club of CA, June 2015 No safety limits to protect us. We are asked to believe 20y old data guidelines. PS She has done many other vids. Pb 1 Oct 2015 Added 1 Sept 2018

V00206   Three videos about wifi in schools.  The first by Dr Magda Havas  24.09 Pub 5 Dec 2011 Wifi in schools proven dangerous Canadian  TV news item. Schools in France have been stripped of WiFi and now use wired.  14.32 Pub 18 Oct 2010

V00205   WiFi in schools causes cancer. Barry Trower.  1:19 Pub 14 Jun 2010

V00204   Get Wired 2015 – Dr. Martin Blank – Getting Real About EMF  Dr Martin Blank earned PhDs in physical chemistry (1957) from Columbia University and in colloid science (1960) from University of Cambridge. He joined Columbia University’s Dept of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics in 1959, retired as Associate Professor in 2011 and is now a Special Lecturer. His research has been on membranes, transport processes, excitation, and recently on health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). His book on health effects of EMR, “Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do About It” was published in 2014.29:26 Pub 24 Feb 2016 Added 1 Sept 2018

V00203 EMF Radiation, the silent killer in your home, Paul Waddell NZ, via the vinnyeastwoodshow.com  1:10:04  Added 1 Sept 2018


V00202   Effect on electrosmog meter of poles fitted with 4G 5G technology. 2:03
Added 30 Aug 2018

V00201   Activistpost.com  5G Explained By Researcher Arthur Firstenberg: Be Forewarned. Scroll down to an audio file by Arthur made 12 Aug 2018 in Taos, New Mexico. MUST LISTEN
20 million people already injured by microwave radiation.   34:23 Pub 12 Aug 2018  Added 30 Aug 2018

V00200 In plain site – Is 5G a military weapon being used on society? 5g and the Active Denial System have many things in common. More and more 5g towers are being built in local neighborhoods and the effects of 5g will be harmful to to our environment and our well being.
Pub 14 Mar 2018 Added 29 Aug 2018

V00199  5G Killer technology  Think you can stop them? Think again!  7:17 by the Underground Resistance Network. 9:36 Pub 2018 Added 28 Aug 2018

V00198   Russia Today video    Wi-Fi Refugees  Nowhere to run: Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology. Although these people are sick, their illness is difficult to diagnose, and it’s even harder to convince others that it actually exists. Their symptoms include cluster headaches, nausea, chronic fatigue, a burning sensation on the skin, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Sufferers claim the cause is wireless technology.
There’s no known cure, and the only way to alleviate the symptoms seems to be to distance themselves from electronic devices and the influence of omnipresent wireless networks.  52:05 Pub 19 July 2017 Added 27 Aug 2018

V00196   Rapid Aging Syndrome. EMF can harm and can heal using PEMF ( Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy. A good summary by Dr Magda Havas on the dangers of radiation. Pub 24 Jan 2012  Added 26 Aug 2018

V00195   EMF Health Effects Martin Blank PhD Harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. See the video on this page as well as some of the dangers.  Electromagnetichealth.org  VIDEO 4:41 Pub 24 Feb 2014 Added 26 Aug 2018

V100194    5G Smart Grid IS the New World Order – Max Igan www.thecrowhouse.com   49.05
Pub 7 Feb 2018 Added  Added 26 Aug 2018

V00193   Stop5G.net  whynotnews.eu   inescapable Global 5G WiFi, what you need to know. I know I have put this in before  but it is worth a watch for newcomers.  Ed. 9:36   Pub 1 July 2018 Added 26 Aug 2018

V00192   It’s time to EMF off!  A very English lecture on the perils of EMF radiation. Our bodies do not lie. 4:08   Pub 23 Aug 2018 Added 26 Aug 2018

V00191   Dystopian warning – Artificial Intelligence and 5G is a threat. Robots  getting out of hand. A bit sensationalist but contains good points. Programs inventing their own language.   27:05 Pub 30 Nov 2017 Added 26 Aug 2018

V00190   Dr Klinghardt – Eradicating The Causes Of Chronic Illness & EMF Impacts On Health. Dr Klinghardt is interviewed by Ben Nash of Imagine Radiance and discusses the link between chronic illness and psychological trauma. The discussion continues around how electro magnetic radiation is causing the depletion of our intelligence and how to protect yourself from this.  Microwaves are ‘an insane technology’  23:02 Pub 11 Jun 2018
Added 26 Aug 2018

V00189   EHS – MCS 5th Paris Appeal Congress – 5ème Colloque de l’Appel de Paris. Belgium Royal Academy of Medecine. some mistakes in the translation. 18:46 Pub 7 June 2015 Added 24 Aug 2018

V00188   Freefilms.org – Do you trust this computer? A look into the future encompassing all the aspects of this site but including AI 1:18:06 Pub 2018 Added 22 Aug 2018

V00187   Moving personal testimony Brian Stein Electrical Hypersensitivity. A talk from the Glastonbury Symposium. Audience ” it is a really great talk. Wish I could force all the skeptics I come across to watch it“. 1:09:09 Pub 2 July 2018 Added 22 Aug 2018

V00186   Dr. Wolf Explains: 5G Rollout NOW in 30 US Cities. Scientific Studies Claim Huge Health Hazard. A comment to the video Time to rise up. Destroy your cell phones. Take down the towers. We are the majority, the majority rules. We must stop participating in our own enslavement. Stop feeding the beast and it will cease to exist. Stop paying your taxes and the government WILL dissolve.  20:41 Pub 24 June 2018 Added 20 Aug 2018

V00185   Barrie Trower – Independent scientific advisor – no safe level of microwave  radiation for children 1:50 Pub 12 may 2013 Added 20 Aug 2018

V00184   Nick Peneault the EMF Guy an investigative health journalist. A useful Facebook site with many videos. High quality high level debate. Canada based. Here is one of his ‘What its like to be electro hypersensitive (EHS) with Maria August. 38:03 Pub 19 July 2018 Added 18 Aug 2018

V00183   Dr. Martin Pall To The NIH: “The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane.” Dr. Martin with his usual fact packed style well worth a watch for style and content. via NickPeneault.  9:08
Pub 7 Aug 2018 Added 18 Aug 2018

V00182   aplanetruth.info  5G Small Cell Towers: checkmate humanity  Verison and A T and T rolling out 5G  The final nail in man’s coffin.  48:17  Pub 22 Jan 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018

V00181   5G wireless – going up everywhere – know the facts. It seems that Trump knows what is going on. Here he is being told (sold) by the industry who do not mention the danger effects but only about the number of jobs created. See interviews with disguised residents in Ca. USA.
SHOCKING footage. 1:12:35
Pub 12 Aug 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018

V00180   Pawel Wypychowski: Why 5G radiation might be worse even at lower power. Electrical engineer and EMF expert Pawel Wypychowski joins me from Poland to share his incredible knowledge about how 5G radiation might be worse than previous 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks, even at lower levels. 1:25:09 Pub 16 Aug 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018

V00179  Bombshell – 2018 Verizon: No cell antennas needed in residential areas. Straight from Verizon CEO he admits what Verizon told to the CA Legislature in 2017 was false. 1:51
Pub 10 July 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018

V00178   Ian R Crane streaming Your Government Holds you in utter contempt. Extract from Court Injunction imposed upon Mark Steele for attempting to raise awareness of the RISKS associated with 5G & LED Street Lighting in Gateshead in the North of England. This Injunction prevents Mark Steele from :
‘Publishing written statements, video statements or other communications in the media or on the internet/social media, which cause or are likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to residents of the Borough of Gateshead and/or elected members, employees, contractors or Agents of Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council.‘ Pub 15 Aug 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018

V00177   youtube/Creatrix 13 – a selection of videos in Danish and English The WIFI agenda: 5G, WIFI, EMF & mind control. Destroying brain coherence making a zombie state Symptoms…9:31  Pub 21 Nov 2017 Added 15 Aug 2018

V00176   Dr. Rauni Kilde: CIA programmes (for mass mind control), psychic suppression, silent weapons, Illuminati “Thank you Rauni forever, what a Lady. Your spirit has been so great that you can feel it in the “everywhere”.”. CIA programmes from 1952. 7:55
Pub 6 Aug 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018

V00175   Ian R Crane Gateshead Council GAG 5G campaginer. 5G mobile phone technology is based upon military microwave, battlefield interogation technology linked directly to the massive increase in PTSD and Suicide amongst ex-Service personnel. Gateshead, in the Northeast of England is one a testbed for both 5G & LED Street lighting. Local businessman Mark Steele, has openly questioned the wisdom of unleashing this technology on the civilian population of Gateshead. 18.44 Pub 14 Aug 2018 Added 14 Aug 2018

V00174   Grassrootscommunication.com Sophie and the 5G wireless Antenna – a brief cartoon that sums up the situation. Great entry level material. A young girl wonders if the 5G antenna outside her window could be making her sick. This video is based on hundreds of independent, peer-reviewed and published scientific studies documenting biological harm from exposure to RF microwave radiation 1:33 Pub 11 Aug 2018. Added 14 Aug 2018

V000173  Dr. Leszczynski speaking at a 2009 congressional hearing on mobile phone radiation, speaking about the need for research into radiations in general to fill in large gaps in our knowledge of human biology, especially children. Pub 22 Mar 2017. Added 13 Aug 2018

V000172   Dr Devra Davis – Hippocrates Health Institute – from The Real Truth about health – 2018 10 day conference. Devra Davis presents a range of recent and long-suppressed research in this timely bombshell. Cell phone radiation, wifi, and EMFs are a national emergency. Stunningly, the most popular gadget of our age has now been shown to damage DNA, and break down the brain’s defenses while increasing memory loss, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. The growing brains of children make them especially vulnerable. And half of the world’s four billion cell phone users are under twenty. 1:16:04
Pub 30 July 2018 Added 12 Aug 2018

Prof.  Olle Johansson

V00171   NewsVoice.se Associate Professor Olle Johansson: Wireless radiation – the biggest full-scale biomedical experiment ever done on Earth.….Already today, an excess of 25,000 Europeans die prematurely in Europe, and SVT News pointed out that by 2050 the corresponding annual premature deaths worldwide will amount to approx. 10,000,000 people (other animal species not included). As a scientist, formerly employed at the Karolinska Institute (KI) and the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungl Tekniska Högskolan; KTH), I have to point out that these figures may be too low. Pub 5 Aug 2018 Added 10 Aug 2018

V00170   Reykjavik Conference 2017 – Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski – Wireless Microwave Radiation in School. Unaffected objective commentary. 45:04 Pub 14 Mr 2017 Added 7 Aug 2018

V00169   5G Showdown in Washington Nationwide 5G Conference Call July 2018 They have created a new website win19.org and will not rest until they win. The first nationwide conference call about the rollout of 5G and the issues it raises for health, safety & security. Featuring presentations by many local organizations working on this issue. ( Ed. bad sound in parts but give them time). Pub 31 July 2018 Added 5 Aug 2018

V00168   Environment and Community safe from Radiation– video via their site. Scroll down. Image on the right. FB Barrister Raymond Broomhall. Courageous and humorous. A new approach to hit those creating EM Radiation. Pub 4 Aug 2018 Added 5 Aug 2018

V00167   The Fullerton Informer. Urgent! Forbidden 5G information, lead paint and why it was banned. For some reason, this is being filmed while the speaker is driving his car. 27:56
Pub 29 Mar 2018 Added 4 Aug 2018

V00166   Another offering from the Fullerton Informer. 5G Dangers and the lies of the media seen from the Christian point of view.  comment: Unfortunately, for many, it’s too late… 5g is already here. In Canada and many countries the tx’ers (transmitters) are already installed and operational in all urban areas and most rural and suburban communities too. The infrastructure is already in place, they just need to flip the switch. It’s been fully running in my neighbourhood for nearly 3 years already. 49:03 First live stream 29 May 2018
Added 4 Aug 2018

V00165   PressforTruth.ca – Global 5G WiFi will be inescapable – what you need to know. Bodies damaged just by going near towers. Primer for newcomers to 5G. 34:00
Pub 1 Jul 2018 Added 3 Aug 2018

V00164   We will be inundated from space by 1,000 5Mw watt satellites up to 50 Ghz. This folks is the future. Audio not video. Remember the name Arthur Firstenberg – he knows his stuff. title “5g From space (cooking the planet)” A planetary emergency. Poor sound. 28:30
Pub July 2018 Added 2 Aug 2018

V00163  Curtis Bennett explains how and why EMF non-ionizing radiation causes harm. An admission of guilt if ever there was one. Pub 18 Dec 2014 Added 2 Aug 2018

V00162   A dystopian view of brain chips. Too way out? The kids will love it. What could possibly go wrong? We are just human computers after all. 15:20 Pub 12 Nov 2017 Added 2 Aug 2018

V00161   Dr Gina Loudon Host of America Trends, 5G: Cancer, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, Cell Tower, Wireless Radiation Health Effects. 8:52 Pub 17 Aug 2017 Added 1 Aug 2018


V00160   ScottiesTech.info One cool guy. 5G is just the tip of the iceberg. Science put across in a friendly way. comment by viewer: Calcium ions in +2 oxidation state. We are in Very Deep trouble. The reason why they wont test it before rollout is because they KNOW EXACTLY what 5G will do. They have been working on this WEAPON for 60+ years and they have perfected it. The mm waves of 5G in the frequency will affect the orbital spin properties of the diatomic oxygen which will make oxygen much less bio available and less able to attach to your hemoglobin, effectively slowly starving you of oxygen. Make no mistake people 5G is going to spell the end of health and well being. These devices will likely also have profound psychological effects too; depression and suicide will skyrocket.  Pub 17 July 2018 Added 31 July 2018

V00159   5G:FrequencyAarmageddon for body and mind – The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast. 5G will increase the current 700 to 5.8 billion microwaves per second for cell phone and Wi-Fi data to tablets and laptops to pulsed microwaves of 24 to 90 billion microwaves per second. Frequency Armageddon, therefore, is no exaggeration. Pub 6 Apr 2018 Added 31 July 2018

V00158   Generation Zapped – one of the best films about the effect of radiation on the human body. You need to see a screening or rent it for a very moderate amount. Added 30 July 2018

V00157   More of Dr Magda Havas PhD. Microwave radiation affects the heart. She has many videos on such topics so why not visit her video library. We need to be generally informed of subjects around 5G. Technical language but digestible. Added 28 July 2018

V00156   Dr Magdahavas.com Live blood cells and electrosmog. Article and video on the effect of electrosmog on blood cells. Pub 22 March 2010 Added 28 July 2018

V00155   5G will devastate the health of millions of people.  Your Government thanks you for your apathy. Ian R Crane in full flow. I have linked the page of which the video is a part. 23:57
Pub 9 April 2018 Added 28 July 2018

V00154   Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show with Deborah Tavares Part one, 50:30 and here is part two 51:53 . Fiery no holds barred stuff. Pub 22 July Added 27 July 2018

V00153   SciFriday (amazing pun) – 5G Trades DNA for DATA satirical humour about unzipping DNA. Serious message. Light presentation from a husband and wife team. There is a level beyond 5G. Your every need catered for. Are you taking your medicine? No? Trigger an automatic reminder from your doctor.

28:29  Pub 20 July 2018 Added 27 July 2018

V00152   Excerpts From Scientific Conference. Paul Ben-Ishai, PhD, Dept of Physics, Ariel 2017 forum.Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 10:39 Pub 26 Feb 2017 Added 25 July 2018

V00151   Sacramento  1st 5G Rollout in CA Causing Brain Damage to Firefighters 9:31
Pub 23 July 2018 Added 25 July 2018

V00150    **** Elana Freeland (author)  talking about 5G and the GeoEngineering connection. The whole sky of earth has been electrified. Shocking. 59:00 Pub 27 Oct 2017. Added 24 July 2018

V00149   Understanding: 5G, Smart Grid and Smart Cities. Excuse bad sound. No hold barred but the two interviewees are on the same side. We are giving our power away. Brief.
Added 24 July 2018

V00148   *** Research Stop5G.net One of the Best Documentaries Exposing Microwave Radiation Science & Lies! Lengthy historical french-based Video showing how legal firms are used to ridicule the truth or to cast doubt. 1:29:08 Pub 22 July 208 Added 22 July 2018

V00147   *** Hot to give a talk – excellent role model. Montgomery County Forum on  small cell towers, Ridgeview Middle School public hearing. Why won’t the FCC deal with health issues of 5G small cell? VIDEO 4:33. Pub 4 Nov 2016 Added 22 July 2018

V00146   Electromagnetic Radiation Safety. Scientific and policy developments regarding the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and other wireless technology. A fairly technical article. Pub 7 Aug 2017 Added 21 July 2018

V00145   WeAreChange – the 5G controversy exposed. In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the controversy surrounding 5g and how the technology differs from 4g, as well as what this means for the future. 7:40 Pub 6 July 2018 Added 21 July 2018

V00144   Humanity vs. Insanity – The 5G Kill Zone and you are living in it. Ian R Crane 1:13:21
Pub 20 Jul 2018 Added 20 July 2018

V00143   5G Evolution Being Launched into 117 New Markets Today  12:18   Pub 20 April 2018 Added 19 July 2018

V00142   Scientists weigh in against 5G deployment RUSH. Stuff being forced on us without discussion. microwaves are ‘water shakers’  13:31 Pub  15 July 2018 Added 19 July 2018

V00141   Mark Steele in full flow: 5G councillor (Gateshead) refuses to talk about executive crime. What are they hiding. Pub 18 July 2018 Added 19 July 2018

V00140   Breaking: Government admins 5G is killing you and your family (Alex Jones programmes talks about other things as well – micro biological weapons). Pub 3 May 2018 Added 18 July 2018

V00139   5G Economic Terrorism Mark Steele discussing the mentality of the local authorities and their own nest of debt. 6:16 Pub. 17 July 2018 Added 18 July 2018.

a short series by Stephen Sinatra M.D.

V00138   The Proof You’ve Been Looking For – Cell, Wi-Fi, Radiation, Health (Dr.Sinatra, Dr.Davis, Dr.Havas) 8:30 Pub 16 Jan 2014 Added 17 July 2018
V00137   WiFi in Schools: bad sound. bear with it. 8:05 Pub 16 Feb 2012. Added 17 July 2018
V00136   Why Wireless WIFI radiation can make you sick and what you can do about it Dr Sinatra.com 5:05 Pub 25 Aug 2014 Added 17 July 2018

V00135   VIMEO  5G CTA Commmunity Summit – 2018-06-23Targeted Individuals And Directed Energy Weapons Part 1. Others will roll on. There seem to be 10 parts so make yourselves very comfortable for the latest and greatest info about 5G. Pub 13 July 2018. Added 16 July 2018

V00134   Russia Today Phonegate.org  scandal. Are there call phone health risks. This is about cell phones, Smart Meters and 5G – one big whistle blow. Pones tested 15mm from body.  2nd out of 3 RT mini series. 3:24 Pub 11 July 2018 Added 16 July 2018

V00133     INPOWER movement.com . You are going to hear a lot about this. The movement, created in USA/Canada, aims to hold executives personally liable for the damage and trespass to our person. We in Europe are waiting for the documents to be modified to suit the European legal system. Meanwhile this voluntary organisation  has made some introductory videos to explain the whole thing, related to Smart Meters and 5G. The video above is part 2. 1:02:52 Pub 2017 Added 12 July 2018

V00132   Watchers King – 5G technology and the End Game. This is #theweakeupcall 4:51
Added 11 July 2018

V00131   Mark Steele – 5G Whickham Highway (Gateshead) uninsurable microwave radiation danger zone.  5:14 Pub 11 July 2018 added 11 July 2018

V00130   Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony, Energy and Technology committee. 44:59 Pub 10 Mar 2018 Added 9 July 2018

001297   Sen. Colbeck cites health as reason to slow 5G rush and warns about the dangers some new technologies pose. 06.40 Pub 15 Mar 2018 Added 9 July 2018

V00128 Video – This video SHOWS the harmful mechanism of EMF, in no uncertain terms. They want their proof? They got it. Cancer and Science of Cell Phone Radiation: Dr. Lennart Hardell Testifies in Danish Parliament.  19:28 Added 9 July 2018

V00127   The Outer Light – Something strange about the coming 5G network. An ozzy commentator telling it as it is, including a ‘mind fogging’ quality of EM waves. Good vid. for beginners.  49:44 Pub 3 Jan 2018 Added 8 July 2018.

Paul McGavin

V00126   Paul McGavin talking to Dr. Cheryl Scheurer gives a very user friendly and un-patronising explanation of basic things such as waveform, pulse and something of the history of legislation (or lack of it). Guidelines are commercially based not health or safety based. Biologists are not being listened to. Follow the money.

1:00:03 Pub 13 Apr 2017 Added 6 July 2018.

V00125   The man himself Lloyd Burrell, Electric Sense  showing how he measures signals from a modern router. Good introduction.  4:21 Pub 6 Dec 2010 but still relevant. Added 6 July 2018.

V00124   Does WiFi pose a danger to some people? An unconventional interview from nearly 10 years ago. 5:56 Pub 29 Aug 2009. Added 6 July 2018

V00123   Electromagnetichealth.org Dr.Nicholas Gonzales, M.D. – EMF Is A Catastrophy In The Making ! 10,000 cellphone towers in Holland. ADHT is going through the roof. 14:19
Pub. 8 Jan 2016 Added 5 July 2018

V00122   They’re about to unleash their final phase. 5G foisted on us without permission and illegally. Cancer rates around cell towers are 3/4 times the norm. 24Ghz-90Ghz band.  Currently 600,000 antennas in the USA. 13:03 Pub 5 July 2018. Added 5 July 2018.

V00121   From the Red Pill Expo. PressforTruth. ca. Global 5G will be inescapable – what you NEED to know. 09:36 Pub 1 July 2018. Added 5 July 2018.

V00120   Activist Post – Verizon Chairman and CEO, Lowell McAdam, “5G is Very Disruptive Technology.” Let Me Count The Very Disruptive Ways. Fight your way through the ads. and read this. Pub 4 July  2018 Added 5 July 2018.

V00119   Dr Martin Blank from the Department of Physiology and cellular  biophysics and Colombia University.  “They are damaging the living cells, the DNA,  in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely” 2:32 Pub 2015 Added 5 July 2018

V00118   We have the ability to spy on you via your appliances. “Smart meters and Surveillance: what are your rights worth? Ian R Crane. 2:39 Pub 3 Sep 2013. Added 4 July 2018

V00117   Kamloops Smart Meters The one and only Curtis Bennett shows the danger to our electrical body system. Get used to his bluntness from this electrical professional.
Pub 26 Oct 2011. Added 4 July 2018.  Check YouTube for many many videos and video/audios.

V00116   As only Alex Jones can tell it – BREAKING: DARPA Admits 5G Designed To Slowly Kill Population 11:55 Pub. 3 Apr 2018 Added 2 July 2018

V00115   Deborah Tavares’s heartfelt concerns about the future nature of the world, with an interviewer who interrupts too much.  Pub 13 June 2018. Added 1 July 2018


V00114   Dr. Mercola Interviews Martin Pall on EMFs.  Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Martin Pall, Ph.D, on the mechanism of how electromagnetic fields harm people’s health and contribute to chronic diseases. Technical material. Two consummate experts. MUST SEE  58:50 Pub 30 Aug 2017. Added 30 June 2018

V00113   Paul Heroux. PhD It is negligent to ignore the biological symptoms of WiFi. Electromagnetic Fields and Health Paul Heroux PhD US Supreme Court. 2:03 brief statement and conciliatory plea. Pub 21 Oct 2017 Added 30 June 2018

V00112   aplanetruth.org EHS and Electrosmog: a new deadly Wifry disease affecting millions. Re electro hypersensitivity disorder. Objectors are being criminalised.  21:44 Pub 28 June 2018 Pub 29 June 2018.

V00111  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PHD presents his un-rivaled knowledge, experience and expertise in EMR pathology. Smart Meters” & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time. MUST SEE 43:11 Pub 27 Sep 2012. Added 28 June 2018

V00110   Facts about the Health Dangers of Wi-Fi | A Silent Killer that kills us slowly. WiFi kills us without warning. Good common sense here. 2:26 Pub 17 Apr 2017 Added 28 June 2018

V00109   Jeff Rense & Joe Imbriano – The Wicked Dangers Of 5G Frequencies 45:17
Pub 28 Mar 2018 Added 27 June 2018.

V00108   Daily Rabbit Hole (Aus) Will 5G affect our ‘personality?’. Summary of some studies. Good for newcomer. 46:29 Pub 26 June 2018. Added 27 June 2018

V00107  DailyRabbithole (N.Z.).com 5g will be absorbed into human skin and nervous system. Higher-frequency EMFs, which include x-rays and gamma rays. These EMFs are in the ionizing radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum and can damage DNA or cells directly. Poor sound.  25:54 Pub 23 June 2018 Added 26 June 2018

V00106  Digitropolis: Exposing the dark side of #iot and #5G  Video in Dutch with English subtitles. 1:06:33 Pub 20 March 2018 Added 26 June 2018

V00105   Climateviewer.com or org. Wi-Fried! Cellphones, Electrosmog, Blue Lights, and 5G. Do you know how electromagnetic pollution affects you? Research these facts and take charge of this shocking health issue. 53:01. Pub 13 June 2018 Added 25 June 2018

V00104   You think their devices on lamp posts are harmless? Real live demo. This is not 5G but a precursor. about 2 minutes.

V00103   The Fullerton Informer – 5G DEAD ZONES IN THE CITIES-TREES CAN SAVE US. Situation in S., California. Tree removal is a must. 19:21 Pub 6 Apr 2018 Added 24 June 2018

V00102   5G is here now – even in rural America – Explain what 5G really is. 08:52
Pub 23 June 2018. Added 24th June 2018.

V00101   What you need to know about the NEXT GENERATION of TECHNOLOGY and its effect on mankind. 15:53 Pub. 27 Jan 2018 Added 24th June 2018

V00100     Southern Fried Citizens (technology). Lets trade the chance of cancer for the privilege of downloading a DVD in 3 seconds. Everyone is in a rush to get NOWHERE. What is a Smart City anyway? 11:36 Pub 22 Feb 2018 Added 24th June 2018

V00099   Dafna Tachover Michigan House Energy Policy Testimony  disability caused by 5G wireless devices. 37:49 Pub. 5G – 05/29/18 Added 22 June 2018

V00098   Ian R Crane with Mark Steele Humanity vs. Insanity #107 ‘The Unlawful 5G ‘Kill Zone’ and YOU are living in it. VERY good summary.  1:12:55 Pub 20 June 2018. Added 21 June 2018

Naomi Wolf, writer

V00097   Naomi Wolf, writer – USA – her coherent and user friendly chat about what’s going on in NY NY. Sounds like fun but it is a horror show of 5G. 19:48 Pub. June 2018? Added 21 June 2018

V00096   Max Igan – 5G – The Elephant in Your Living Room. Mass surveillance and control of human beings – all for money. Avuncular approach but sums it up in chilling detail.
Published on 23 Jun 2017 Added 21 June 2018

V00095   Chronic Smart Meter Microwave Exposure and 5G. Excerpt from documentary called ‘Smart’ meters. B. Blake Levitt.  Added 21 June 2018

V00094    Kevin Madis? from the Californian brain tumour association 5G Networks will double cancer rates coast to coast (USA). 03:31 to the point. Good visuals.

V00093     Dr.Gabriel Cousens, holistic physician,  talks about how wireless is degrading public health, and how 5G is a danger to all people. He describes 5G as is “a complete unmitigated health disaster” 13:57  Pub. 30 Mar 2018 Added 19.6.18

V00092     Max Igan – Hidden history and surviving the 5G A.I. matrix. 1:42:5 Pub. 11 May 2018  Added 18 June 2018.

V00091   5G Smart Grid: Great Summary Of The World We Are Rapidly Heading Into. The ever accurate Max Igan tells it as it is, warts and all. Pub. 23:31  17 June 2018 Added 18th June 2018

V00090   Wireless Deception Switzerland Toxic Cell Tower 5G Swisscom Salt UPC Sunrise. Reza Ganjavi. Swisscom lies to us saying 5G is safe. 08.37 Pub 9 Mar 2018 Added 17.6.18

V00089    Research Stop5G.net.  2019-2020 5G Experiment will destroy the health of every living being. Trailer type wake up material. Over loud music but does the job.
Added 17.6.18

V00088    5G means a cell tower every 12 houses. Virginia Hospital Centre. USA  Pub back in 2016, 25 September. 04.13 Added 15.6.18

V00087    *****Exactly How The New “5G” EMFs Will Make Us Sick***** with Dr. Jack Kruse (Electrosmog Rx free preview) Get to know the word ‘topography’  1:16:01.
Pub 14th June 2018 Added 15.6.18

V00086     What is 5G technology and who benefits? The cost of 5G. A sobering reality check with Daniel Gleeson, a Senior Analyst, Ovum. 6 March 2018

V00085     Techtopia: The truth about Smart Cities, 5G and The ‘Earth Grid’. Futuristically produced film. 1:34:30 19 Dec 2017

V00084      5G – the Elephant in Your Living Room  – Max Egan from down under gives us the situation as it ins no holds barred. 14:37 Pub 23 Jun 2018 Added  14 June 2018

V00083     Its called the 5G Beast System for a reason – film – Humans are all connected by special Wi-Fi in our brains (the Inter-brain).   38:34 Pub 9 Jan 2018 added 14 June 2018

V00082     You won’t believe how EMF’s affect your body. Dr Elizabeth Plourde
Pub 17 Sep 2015 5:29 Added 14.6.18

V00081 SGT Report.com Breaking: 5G is a sterilization and Eugenics program – confirmed.
Published 7 May 2018

V00080   Forcing a total, Saturated 5G future…. without safety checks. Aug 19 2017 Truth Stream. See the wonderful Tom Fellows in action.

V00079    Savage Reality – must watch – The Wicked Dangers of 5G Frequencies. Pub 17 Apr 2018 and if you can cope with more,  5G: New World (Order) Revolution including Agenda 21
Pub 5 May 2018 Added 10 June 2018

V00078    Chronic Smart Meter Microwave exposure and 5G. Problems with radiation. Set the limits at thousands of times higher  than they should be. In USA the utility company did not warn the user of dangers. More than 6000 studies on the biological effect of microwave radiation have been conducted since the 1930’s.
Added 10 June 2018

V00077   As good a summary as you will find. An international appeal for sanity by an engineer Dr Martin Blank. EMFscientist.org  2:59

V00076     TEDxBerkeley –  talk by Jeromy Johnson on the safety issues of wireless, particularly the effect on our bodies. WiFi and Smart meters. Debilitating effects. (this is PRE 5G). Toxic environments based round the Bay area of SF USA.  FCC regulations are at least 20 years old. Pub. 18 Feb 2016  16:49

V00075   Dr Magda Havas:  The Truth about wired and wireless technologies. pub. 17 June 2011.01:29:02

V00074     Dr Magda Havas: WiFi in Schools is safe. True or False? 4 Dec 2011 24:08

V00073     We have lost control – this is a very colourful video by a seasoned researcher and campaigner Miles Johnson. It gives a flavour of what we are up against in terms of humans versus the brainwashed. May 15 2018  06:43

V700072   Scientists Sound Alarm – 5G may cause cancer to mobile users. Cell Towers will lower the value of adjacent properties and damage our nervous systems. Russia Today ( the BBC don’t have the guts to reveal the facts)

V00071    Fracking, 5G and Sheffield Tree Removal – joining the dots – Ian Crane – The British Government and their Global Corporatist Paymasters — thanks us for our apathy. 19 March 2018 start at 21:00

V00070   5G – Assault on OUR TREES – Ian Crane 27 March 2018 start 08:30 The government want us to think one-dimensionally while they install the Internet of Things for the benefit not of us but the corporations.

V00069   Brilliant John Rappoport Report on 5G roll–out, Internet of things and implications for humanity. Nomorefakenews.com  What happens after the trees are cut down? 41:52 28th March 2018

V00068   5G – a directed energy weapon – will be used to control people 19 May 2018 6:11

V00067   Al Jazeera – What is 5G technology and who benefits? Counting the cost. The telcoms industry needs a boost so we are the lab rats. The business case for 5G is not strong. 6:01 6 March 2018

V00066  5G dangers outweigh the benefits, all too late.  Will we risk our health for the sake of a five second DVD download? 5G affects the binding of oxygen molecules.  21:58 12 March 2018

V00065   SGTreport.com Thephraser.com “Kill Grid – 5G networks and Frequency warfare”. ‘They’ are uncertain if frequencies used are safe or unsafe. This plan is addiction AND elimination. 29:45 8 March 2018.

V00064   Alex Jones Channel – New study sounds the alarm on 5G. Extreme danger to bird life and bug life . Eloquent and concise.  5:19  18th May 2018

V00063    Extreme manipulation of electromagnetic waves with metamaterials. George Eleftheriades at TEDx UoFT 6 May 2014  George Eleftheriades is a recognized international authority and pioneer in the new area of metamaterials: Man-made media with electromagnetic properties that transcend those in nature. 17:55

V00062  IHealthTube.com You won’t believe how EMF’s affect your body! More from Elizabeth Plourde C.L.S. NCMP, PhD. 5:29

V00061   The one and only Mark Steele, fearless UK campaigner against 5G, talking informally after an AV9 conference. The sound is low so turn up the volume.

V00060  Mark Steele 5G Cancer causing Orwellian Nightmare. Effect on bees and birds. Microwaves are used as a war weapon. Published 6 Jun 2018

V00059   The biological effects of electromagnetic fields – EMF Dr Ted Litovitz. Wireless Free Zone 21st February 2012. An expert in the field presents his findings of the biological effects to US Congressional members.  wisdom wisdom

V00058  EMF RF microwave radiation test results from our WiFi and Smart meter. Computer Care Clinic 16:11  8 January 2016

V00057   Cellular and Molecular effects of Electromagnetic fields, by Dr Martin Blank. Building-Biology and Ecology. 1:40:59 4 March 2015

V00056   Max Egan – 5G, Transhumanism and the rise of technocracy. This guy walks his talk. 2:17:44 make yourself comfortable. Truth and Freedom conference in Swindon UK on October 1, 2017

V00055   The Daily Sheeple.com Scientists and Doctors make urgent appeal against 5G rollout. 11:51  19 September 2017. We should really be concerned about the lack of independent analysis and study of the environmental and health hazards that 5G represents.

V00054   iHealth Tube.com You wont believe how EMF’s affect your body including breaking your DNA.  Dr Elizabeth Plourde. 17 Sept 2015

V00053   Full 5G satanic agendas exposed – urgent download before it is removed – by the very courageous Joe Imbriano tells all. The Fullerton Informer. 18 April 2018 How do we get people to listen?

V00052    Phased array antenna in Gateshead. 5G Uninsurable directed microwave radiation. Operates at 868Gb. Insurance companies will not touch it.

V00051   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrURSa1_vNg   Brilliant Jon Rappoport report on 5G roll-out, Internet of things and implications for humanity. The Ritchie Allen Show. 41:52 28 March 2018

V00050   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP4e5uiiUs4  5G is an international health crisis in the making. Wireless 5G wireless should be banned.

V00049   Los Angeles Unified School District May 28 2014 Students bleeding from ear and nose, reports teacher.

V00048   Wi-Fried full documentary that was removed from Australia’s ABC television with the suspension of the reporter. What could be so threatening?

V00047   Scientist warns of 5G dangers – everything you need to know. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission)  is pushing this technology nationwide, who are dominated by the wireless energy movement. No conflict of interests there.

V00046   world’s largest animal study on cell tower radiation confirms cancer link. scientists call for action after study at the Ramazzini Institute in Italy.22 March 2018  1:12: to04

V00045    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=xRhISwY42nQ Truthstream Media – Forcing a total, Saturated, 5G future …. without safety checks.  19 Aug 2017 11m46s

V00044    https://vimeo.com/247659142  A warning trailer about the dangers of 5G including cancer causation, development problems in children. 11 May 2018

V00043   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z061pAv-wAk Generation Zapped. It would take a lot of dead bodies to make people sit up. This is an audio interview by Lloyd of Electric Sense.

V00042     https://youtu.be/P5AYRWvjiVg  Here is a complete robot – money first – closed to everything else spokesperson Tom Wheeler (Remember the name)

V00041     New 5G technology could send voices into your head. Put up with some advertising but this guy knows his stuff. July 7, 2017

V00040  https://youtu.be/kJDvKz-5v-0 Do not use 5G – the dangers of the technology explained. Elite NWO agenda. 6 May 2018

V300039  https://youtu.be/XlLOBGz-2TU An evangelical Christian who bravely takes on the establishment in the USA.  The Church banned his presentation because they could not handle the truth.

V00038   Wi-Fi refugees. Nowhere to run: Electrode sensitive people try to escape wireless technology. We are lab rats but we don’t know it.

V00037   Warning 5G / WiFi-G will harm you and your kids. Heather Kaas. 21 March 2018. 9:34

V00036   https://youtu.be/IgLO9yR1JlQ  WiFi in Schools, an interview with Dr George Carlo in 2007 yes 2007. Dr. George Carlo, public health scientist and epidemiologist explains the health issues related to WiFi including decreased mental focus, reduction in memory and other cognitive effects, and behavioral problems. This is BEFORE 4G let alone the immensely more powerful 5G.

V00035   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRx4fS_ShIE 5G is connected to crypto currency. How STOP to5G, Skynet and smart cities. We hold the power right now. 16 July 2017 publisher Cindy Garay

V00034   https://thefullertoninformer.com/dr-george-carlo-the-wireless-industry-is-committing-scientific-fraud/ How the wireless industry convinced the public that cellphones are safe + cherry picked research on risks.

V00033   https://youtu.be/c7SY0kW_ogo A great technical explanation by Deborah Tavares, 5G Kill frequencies REQUIRED in ALL cities

V00032   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMxfffqyDtc   FCC: intimidating press, suppressing science at ‘5G’ announcement

V00031  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp0_zGHH3KA&t=43s Arguing your case in the Mitchigan Statehouse – a brave lady

V00030   https://youtu.be/5hfZxsGcWB4 AMAZING – What will the future of 5G bring – the BBC avoids the issue again.

V00029   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TVNxB-yy88 Common sense from Scotland. The dangers of the 5G Wireless network.

V00028   David Bosie’s last online Post ‘Google is Illuminati A fake Utopia – we are lab rats. a very well argued piece. Not much to do with David Bowie but this piece publihsed 15 August 2017. Most people have no idea….

V00027   https://youtu.be/hXLuZEPbQgw Dr Elizabeth Plourde discusses how EMF from Smart Meters affected her body especially the DNA.

Barry Trower, former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert, lectures around the world on the dangers of microwave technologies and anything he says is well worth a watch.

V00026  https://youtu.be/-2DSKl1ts0w    There is nowhere to hide

V00025   https://youtu.be/BToqEvCAdPo    turn off your Wi-Fi route before bed

V00024   https://youtu.be/MnArQm2Bxo4    5G will devastate humanity but those behind it are above the law

V00023   https://youtu.be/pWvVeaxaWdE   ‘WiFi Kills’ 58:25
Pub 19 Sept 2013

V00022   https://youtu.be/5T3VIjeFizQ   The cooking of humanity

V00021   https://youtu.be/y95SRdS7nVI Cell Towers and Stree4t Lighting as Weapons. Dr Barrie Trower. Who came into this in the mid 1960’s.

V00020   microwave directed energy weapons. Lars Drudgaard speaks with whistle blower Barrie Trower  (left)

35:43 Pub. 3 Jul 2016 Added 20 June 2018

V00019   https://youtu.be/7ai6ImlIM6g   California Brain Tumour Association testifies against 5G

V00018   https://youtu.be/UQhg_uXxoYA   testing new 5G router for EMF radiation

V00017   http://scientists4wiredtech.com/what-are-4g-5g/resonance-beings-of-frequency/ Resonance – beings of frequency. The banner of scientists for wired tech

V00016   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzTzUZqeCoY5G: Frequency and Armageddon For Body and Mind – The David Icke Dot-Connector. Frequency Armageddon is no exaggeration. 38:35 6 April 2018


Dr. Martin Pall
V00015   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kQQyU8NHv8  Martin Pall PhD is a high grade scientist who is talking about ‘unexplained illnesses’.

V00014   Environmental Health Trust – Dr Martin Pall Testimony: Health Effects of Wireless – Massachusetts Statehouse 23 Jul 2017 – focusing on SmartMeters. 2:43

V00013   How Wireless technology harms people and nature. Stockholm, March 2016 1:15:50  there are a few irritating interruptions.  10 May 2013

V00012   How electromagnetic field EMF’s Effect Biology – video of seminar but with background information on the same page. Oslo 2016 a useful page. 1:51:29


Prof. Olle Johansson PhD

V00011   WiFi – irreversible sterility within five generations. Can exposure to Wi-Fi cause repairable damage to DNA? 2:12

V00010   “Health effects of electromagnetic fields” Olle at the Open Mind Conference 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark. Back in 2004, Insurance companies refused to come close to insuring the effects of this technology.
5 October 2014 2:01:22

V00009   Adverse health effects of electromagnetic pollution,  wireless communication such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi 18 Jan 2016  1:12:19

V00008   Meeting Parents (Stockholm), EMF worries and Law issues. 1:19:30  19 Nov 2015

V00007   Wake up Call from electrosmog expert. EMR Information. 17 Oct 2010 7:07

V00006      Adverse health effects of modern artificial electromagnetic fields given in Russia 21 November 2017. 44:32


V00005   The Jeff Rense Show – a new band of Wicked EM  invasive microwave ‘weapons’ developed by the military. 17 April 2018

V00004   XtremeRealityCheck.com Cancer, autism, nervous system and brain damage, decline in human life spans and fertility rates, sperm counts, depression and ANXIETY…. all side effect of 5g radiation.

V00003   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhOWCiw_iXs  Kill Grid: 5G networks and frequency warfare. Deborah Tavares Stopthecrime.net  talks about the diabolical worldwide plan. This technology could cook your eyes like eggs.

V00002    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y1NRNF3Sm0  They dont want you seeing this! – 5G Death Towers Exposed. Another anti Tom Wheeler – colourful and imaginative.

V00001   Humanity vs. Insanity. 5G: a threat to all life. Ian Crane and Mark Steele who joins him discussing the EVIDENCE linking 5G, Sheffield Tree destruction, decimation of the Bee Population, Teen Suicide & the rising tide of Dementia  Published 6 April 2018


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