Smart meter videos

Smart meter videos


SM00040 – 5G Grenfell Tower smart meter cover up – wake up!  A Mark Steele special.  7:40 Pub 1 Nov 19

SM00039 – Smart Meters are worse than you think (Updated). Our home grown teckie holds forth from his workshop in France. Shows how bills can increase. VIDEO 13:37 Pub 1 Mar 2018 Added 6 Aug 2019

SM00038 – Telecom insider mows down six mobile phone base stations with tank (From Australia) Added 6 Aug 2019

SM00037 – Harvard Medical Doctor warns against smart meters. (USA). Smart meters are untested, unsafe, not green etc. 2:22 Added 6 Aug 2019

SM00036 – Lawsuits claim faulty PG&E smart meters started house fires. 3:38 Pub 17 Nov 2017 Added 13 July 2019

SM00035 – Smart Meter fires. Smart Meter fires across the United States and Canada have been in the media for several years. Electricity companies often remove the smart meters before the fire inspector can review the evidence, which in many fire inspectors minds is against the law. 7:39  Pub 8 Nov 2015 Added 25 Mar 2019

SM00034  The Internet of things, 5G Wi-Fi, Smart meters, Surveillance and Control (Jerry Day) 11:06 Pub 13 Dec 2018 Added 17 Mar 2018

SMV00033 – Wireless Tech forum smart meters and Wi-Fi routers (Bill Bathgate). A good overview of smart meter and router technology. Good links Pub 7 Jan 2019 Added 16 Mar 2019

SMV00032 – John Kitson at a February conference in Devon, UK  talking about Smart Meters etc.

SMV00031  What’s a smart meter to you. Industry leaders speak. Hold on to your hats. 1:06 Pub 10 Jan 2019 Added 11 Jan 2019

SMV00031 – ‘Smart Meters’ pose a HUGE threat to our health and our person (USA). Radiation happens every few seconds. 6:06 Pub Dec 2017 Added 12 Dec 2018

SMV00030 – Shocking analysis of blood after being exposed to smart meters. Been seen before; this is a remix. Cannot be seen often enough. Ed.  2:35 Added 28 Nov 2018

SMV00029 Inside Smart meters and the the real problem with them. The utility companies openly admit that they will share the information collected with third parties including the government. This means that information about when you are at home or away, what appliances you use, when and for how long can all be made available. This means that there are personal security issues.
Even if you trusted the utility companies and the government with this information there have been repeated and highly publicised breaches of security by various parties and the system can be easily hacked for nefarious purposes by those with criminal intent. 

How about calling Smart meters ‘surveillance meters’ 16:44 Pub 24 Oct 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

SMV00028 – CBS 5 Investigates smart meter complaints. 5:52  Pub 23 Feb 2010 Added 4 Nov 2018

SMV00027  Smart Sickness (from Australia) – 1:47 Pub 1 Apr 2012. Added 4 November 2018

SMV00026  Doctor Explains How Smart Meters Kill People. 22:18  Pub 5 Jul 2014 Added 27 Oct 2018

SMV00025 –  Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez Dies From 3 Different Cell Phone Radiation Induced Cancers. And he has the courage to give lectures while sick .  EACH CANCER OCCURRED EXACTLY WHERE HIS CELL PHONE WAS HELD CLOSE TO HIS BODY! Jimmy vs Cell Phone Induced Cancer – A battle Jimmy fought to the end, and it is a battle RF Safe will continue in his dedication along with all the other lives which have been destroyed by a tradition of wireless profits before people. 8:47   Pub 14 Feb 2015 Added 18 Oct 2018

SMV00024 – situation in USA/Canada with the authorities (police) vs the public. Ex-fraud investigator on smart meters. Meters are being imposed on me.Invasion of privacy. Former Vancouver Police Department Fraud Investigator, Len Miller, and his take on BC Hydro’s forced smart metering agenda. 9.00 Pub 15 Apr 2012 Added 2 Oct 2018

SMV00023   Lady in court complaining that Smart Metes give her nose bleeds. Woman’s health survives Nazis, Communists only to be HARMED from smart meters. Causing bleeding for no medical pathology! Her GOLDEN YEARS are now BLEEDING YEARS! Stop this madness! 3:52 Pub 23 Nov 2012 Added 3 Oct 2018

SMV00022  National Day Of Action Against Smart Meters with Jerry Flynn back in 2012, Canada.  They knew it all back then.  Comment: The Smart Meter pulses in micro-bursts every few seconds over 10,000 times per day according to PG&E.  You have to pay the utility to NOT blast you with 30,000 mw/m2 of energy all day long.  1:27:17  Pub 21 Oct 2012 Added 21 Sept 2018

SMV00021    Video Demonstrates How Radiation Exposure to Utility “Smart” Meters is WAY WORSE than “Smart” Phones. This is text with two videos embedded. NB my client causes the video to disappear to a black screen when I click. Lets hope its only local .  Pub 16 Sept 2018 Added 21 Sept 2018

SMV00020  Part 1 of 2 – Dangers of smart meters (USA). Filmed in Oklahoma. The community fights back (image above)  against bullying tactics. Part 2 of 2 follows. 20:17  Pub 9 Oct 2015. Added 18 Sept 2018

SMV00019   Smart Meters 100x Radiation Exposure of a Cell Phone. Nuclear Expert: Smart Meters 100x Radiation Exposure of a Cell Phone by J Hart Stop Smart Meters! caught up on Wednesday evening with Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at UCSC who has been widely quoted in the media regarding recent events in Japan. 5:37  Pub 23 Apr 2011 Added 17 Sept 2018

SMV00018  EMF RF microwave radiation test results from our WiFi and smart meter. We tested our WiFi router, our electric company’s smart meter, a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, a microwave oven, and our laptop with an Extech 480386 EMF meter and compared our results with commonly accepted safe or healthy levels of radiation found at www.bioinitiative.orgOK its partly a commercial – Ed. 16:11  Pub 8 Jan 2016 Added 17 Sept 2018

SMV00018  Live Blood Analysis – Observable effects of RF/MW radiation via smart meters. 2:42 Pub 22 Aug 2013 Added 17 Sept 2018

SMV00017  How smart meters affect your body by Dr Darren Schmidt. Every organ has its own wavelength. 22.18   Pub 23 May 2014 Added 4 Sept 2018

SMV00016   Smart attack! Heavily ironic infomatic cartoon film. 4:22 Pub 15 May 2017 Added 1 Sept 2018

SMV00015   At least five law suits in California due to fires starting with Smart Meters. Smart Meters: a clear and present Hazard. The companies deny all association with the fires. The case is coming up this year. Pub 2017 Added 28 Aug 2018

SMV00014   Documentary Exposes ‘Smart’ meters, Technocracy and what you can do. An INpower movie, up to date written by , Josh del Sol Beaulieu and Alison Main with a descriptive page here . One such close-to-home focus is that of ‘smart’ utility meters, a highly-invasive technology that is positioned to be integrated with big telecom’s 5G plans. The innocuous-sounding ‘smart’ meter has been shown to facilitate in-home surveillance, health risks, unjust billing increases, thousands of house fires, and hacking vulnerability.
While utility metering doesn’t sound sexy, when you watch Take Back Your Power 2017, you’ll see the critical nature of the ‘smart’ meter situation and story. But the ending remains unwritten, since there are new, effective solutions people are using to fight back to protect their families.
The profitability of spying on your home and family is such that a NARUC director has admitted that the value of the data harvested by the meters without your consent – data of what you do in your own home – will be worth a lot more than the commodity [electricity] that’s being consumed to generate the data.” Pub 23 Aug 2018 Added 27 Aug 2018

SMV00013   Who is paying for the Government’s ‘free’ smart meters.  Chris Choi, pictured left.  UK Film maker and editor. @chrisitv
Programme shown on  Russia Today. 8:17 Pub 1 Feb 2017 Added 26 Aug 2018

SMV00012   Daniel Hirsch on Smart Meters.  He is President of the Committee to Bridge the Gap, a 38-year-old nonprofit organization focused on nuclear policy matters.Talking about falsely presented data and experimentation without permission. 5:37 Pub 20 Apr 2011 Added 14 Aug 2018

SMV00011   Animated feature on SMART meters. The art of irony 4:22 Pub 15 May 2017 Added 11 Aug 2018

SMV00010   GTA homeowner liable for damage after smart meter catches fire. A GTA resident recently came home to find his hydro smart meter fully engulfed in flames. Kevin Zeller soon found out he was responsible for most of the hardware used by Hydro One and was slapped with a bill for $5,000. 2:47 Pub 13 Jan 2017 Added 11 Aug 2018

SMV00009   VIDEO – shocking analysis of blood after exposure to smart meter. 2:35 entry level info. Added 1 August 2018

SMV00008   What happens in USA happens here. Watch the authorities wriggle in embarrassment as their secret is found out.. 1:35:16 Pub 20 Jun 2018

SMV00007   Protect yourself from Digital Utility Meters. See

SMV00006   Dr Debra Green, Smart Meters What they dont want you to know. Video 21:06 Pub 18 Aug 2017 Added 22 July 2018

SMV00005   Foiling a “smart” meter Part Two, aluminum Mesh Screening. Experiments to reduce radiation. VIDEO Pub 7 Sept 2011 Added 9 July 2018

SMV00004   The Smart Agenda – Mike Mitcham, Big Business half a trillion $ industry by 2020. Presented at AV5. Pub 10 Oct 2014. Added 30 June 2018

SMV00003   The dark side of Smart Meters. In this invitational presentation to the San Francisco Tesla Society consulting engineer Rob States explains how PG&E’s so-called ‘smart’ meters work and why they endanger health and privacy. 32:51 Pub 1 Nov 2010 Added July 2018

SMV00002  S.1864 Massachusetts Statehouse Hearing on Smartmeters, June 20, 2017 14:24 Pub. 23 July 2017 Added 8 July 2018

Smart Meter OPT OUT – How to (with before and after measurements by a qualified scientist). GOOD VIDEO.  This is all about the process of opting out of your smart meter in Austin, Texas and nation wide and cleaning up the Wifi radiation in your home. Dr. Laura Pressley aided the process.  11:57 Pub 5 June 2018 Added 28 June 2018

SMV00001   Chronic Smart Meter Microwave Exposure and 5G. Excerpt from documentary called ‘Smart’ meters. B. Blake Levitt.  Added 21 June 2018