Campaigning (all)

Campaigning (all)


copy and paste as art work. It will copy to A6. Ed.

C00018 –  This is the way to go. Hold people liable for damaging us. Re-added 22 Mar 2019

C00017 – See on a map where the STOP 5G MOVEMENTS are  added 18 Mar 2019

C00016 –  If You Don’t Want Dangerous 5G Technology Installed Throughout Your Community, Boycott 5G Companies.  Good page with many videos. Pub 12 Mar 2019 Added 13 Mar 2019

C00015 – Graphic needed for ‘Stop 5G in space’ campaign. First 5G satellites to be launched by Elon Musk in June 019. See 20 pp pdf  Pub 25 Jan 2019

C00014 –   Doing what it says on the tin. Added 31.12.18

C00013   Another French court recognises EHS/microwave sickness. A new court decision from France, from Sept 27, 2018, recognizes EHS and its correlation to EMFs ( I don’t like the name EHS and prefer to call it Microwave Sickness -the older and more accurate name). Glad to see another judge who has shown commitment to common sense and truth. The French Social Security Court recognized electromagnetic intolerance as a work-related handicap. …A reminder, in 2016 another French court awarded disability payments for a woman who the court acknowledged to be suffering from “Allergy to W-Fi”  Pub 3 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

C00012 and A00295  Judge REFUSES to gag anti-5G street light campaigner, stating: ‘The public have a right to know’.  Gateshead Council and Mark Steele’s ongoing dispute over the ‘baby killing’ technology takes another twist. Pub 12 Oct 2018 Added 13 Oct 2018

C00011 A heartfelt call to action in English and French. 5G – : the INTERNET OF THINGS IN A 5G GRID is the end game of the New world Order and in fact IS the New World Order. Shouting from the house tops is this one… Ed  Pub – 29 Sept 2018 Added 29 Sept 2018

C00010   An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments by Scientists, Doctors and Environmental Organizations. Stop 5G on earth and in space.  Dear Scientist, Doctor, Environmental Organization, Friend, Today we are launching an International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space. The Appeal, together with the list of signatories, will be formally presented to the United Nations, World Health Organization, European Union, and world governments on or before November 1, 2018. Scientists from each continent who have agreed to be initial signatories are listed below. This email is being sent to 2,400 scientists….  Added 18 Sept 2018

C00009 Good pdf colour leaflet for 5G Mass Action campaign. No ranting just factual. Added 20 Aug 2018

C00008   Inpower. critique of In power episode 1 and exchange of comments on the same.  Pub – various cf 2017 Added 5 Aug 2018

C00007 STOP building cell towers in residential neighbourhoods. We, the residents of the Town of Huntington (Penn. USA), demand the immediate end to the installation of small cell towers and the removal of the small cells that have been installed on/or near our property without our approval and with no warning, whatsoever. Pub 3 Aug 2018 Added 4 Aug 2018

C00006   Stopsmartmeters  Notice of Non-Consent for Smart Meter installations, Notice of Liability. This seems to be for USA but other countries catered for. (INPOWER etc), MANY links. Pub 29 March 2017 Added 26 July 2018

C00005   NEW WEBSITE – Write to your politicians, national or local, for free. Built by MySociety, part of UK Citizens Online Democracy, a registered charity.

C00004   Take Action – non USA – Zero5G (Facebook group). For residents of the USA to send to their representative. Added 22 July 2018

C00003   Activist Post – Natural Resources Defense Council Takes Action Against FCC Regarding 5G Small Cell Tower Installation — Requesting Statements From Concerned Citizens. Pub. June 19 2018 Added 21 June 2018.

C00002   From Zero5G.coom Take Action (International) Send your legislator or MP this text: “I am a constituent in your district and want you to oppose and prohibit the expansion of wireless radiation and 5G millimeter wave technology.

C00001   Draft leaflet for UK Mass Action.  The UK government and the utility companies are forcing the public to accept 5G technology. They claim that it will bring faster broadband, better connectivity and enable us to have the “Internet of things”, driver-less cars, etc. But what they are not telling us are the financial costs, the health risks and the impact on our environment.



5G leaflets.  Every sentence, every word, every effort of informing people by an individual makes a difference although the effects may not be perceived. We shall be making available in due course flyers for publicity, instructions and suggestions for having local meetings, anything to get the word around before their system gets fully embedded.

The situation may seem impossible with the 5G proponents lined up throughout the world licking their lips in anticipation of the profits but like David and Goliath, the solution may come about in other ways.

At this stage we do need to get the word around. Would you be willing to distribute some of these posters to your neighbourhood posting them through doors or even giving them to people in shops. I can guarantee you that most people haven’t a clue what’s going on and we will all be most grateful that more people are taking the initiative of being the bearer of news, bad though it may be. The leaflet and its appearance will add authenticity to your words.

I can provide 1000 leaflets for around £35 but if you want more, it will be possible to provide this for very little extra. Please talk to me and ask me for a quote and I will do my very best.  you need to pay me by PayPal using the box on the contact page or preferably bank transfer. You will get your order the next day.

If I get a number of orders at one time I can create an order with split delivery which is advantageous to everyone price-wise. contact Ed.

PS Next bulk order will be 1 April. The more people order them the lower the price. I am considering running the front page and giving the opportunity for you to print some local information on the reverse, for example a local meeting.







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