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sites ‘on the wavelength’


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*****  well connected site. easy on the eye.  American based activist site mainly directing to other sites.  Added 28 Mar 20 – a subset of the Fullerton Informer.  added 28 Feb 20   a new site (24 Feb 20)  Give it time to develop.  Added 24 Feb 20 Very passionate new site. Good videos. Pity they used a cheapie service as this may affect their ratings. takes forever to download the video pages. Added 15 Jan 20   Added 18 Dec 2019 Does a lot for a one page website.  German database of vast proportions.  Added 14 Dec 2019

The Corbett Report. Good section devoted to 5G.   an organised site (an under-statement)  Scientists For Wired Technology lobbies local, state and federal government to support measures that will protect all from the hazards of exposures to pulsed,data-modulated Radio frequency Microwave Radiation (RF Microwave radiation) — a known human carcinogen. Susan Clarke’s site. She is one hell of a fighter. She goes back to the early 90’s.  selling a book, sells meters, does what it says on the tin. Added 26 Oct 19 site in many languages. Added 15 Oct 2019 Australian based campaigning group to provide relief for people affected by radiation. Added 1 Aug 2019  USA based campaigning group listing local action groups.  Added 15 July 2019 a report on non-– ionising radiation. For more than 35 years, Microwave News has been reporting on the potential health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic fields and radiation. We are widely recognized as a fair and objective source of information on this controversial subject. Added 11 July2019    A safe alternative to harmful 5G wireless. SafeG was conceived to be a tool we can use when facing the unfettered and utterly unconscionable wireless “wild west” that is invading our planet and hijacking our minds and hearts. SafeG calls for a safe and sane path into the future.  Added 20 June 2019

www, very good pages of relevant videos. Added 12 June 2019.  this is an excellent site that has been recently reconfigured so well worth a visit. It originates in France and a very active groups there. Definitely a campaigning site. Added 10 June 2019  5G at what cost?  In Germany, researchers studied 1000 residents who lived in close proximity to two cell phone towers for about 10 years. According to the study, during the last five years of the observations, researchers discovered neighbors living within 400 meters of the cell towers were diagnosed with cancer at a rate that was three times higher than those who lived much further away.Pub 22 May 2019.  David from the USA has built this site. Added 22 May 2019 Dr Gunnar Heuser   electromagnetic field doctor. Added 19 May 2019 We are committed to promoting new technologies that protect the health, safety, security, privacy and property values of our fellow Americans. Added 29 Apr 2019  clear second generation site. Graphic. User friendly. A US based site about action, Find your group for action days. Added 28 Apr 2019 action based site. There is no safe level of microwave radiation. Multi faceted. zerogeoengineering, zero-gmo, zero vaxx.  Added 27 Apr 2019 Scientists and doctors have called for a moratorium on 5G. Exposure from electromagnetic fields  will greatly increase with 5G , and these fields have already been proven to harm life. Added 26 Apr 2019 Ecological news, views and vibes. They announce the International Appeal to Stop 5G.   Added 10 Apr 2019  It looks like a very new site but…a step in the right direction Added 8 Apr 2019 5G and smart meters.  Ridiculously long homepage but the enthusiasm is there as is the up-to-date information. Added 4 Apr 2019  Very good library of practical aspects:  child cancer, buying an EMF safe property etc etc Added 4 April 2019  up to date alternative news site. Fresh.  Added 4 Apr 2019 Well done Daniel, yet another blogger joining the fray. Added 4 Apr 2019     says it all.  Added 3 Apr 2019   They include EMF and Smart Meters Well laid out.   Added 25 Mar 2019 This USA website has a real answers and solutions.  Added 17 Mar 2019 up-to-date, eclectic, second-generation awareness you could say. Added 15 Mar 2019

5G/Massive MIMO Channel via feedly. Technical as they come. Added 7 Mar 2019 People exposed to excessive “dirty” power may develop radio wave sickness. Clean power enters the home at 60 Hz. Electrical pollution is 60 Hz electricity polluted with high frequency signals or “dirty” power flowing on the wires and through the earth. Good on you Catherine! (Madison, WI, USA) Added 5 Feb 2019 Blog I came across a lot of people who were extremely electrosensitive. What does it mean to have Electromagnetic hypersensitivity? It means your life is difficult. You are sensitive to many different specters of electromagnetic fields. You may be sensitive to old cathode TVs, or wireless, or maybe just mobile phones or basically anything that emits EMF fields. I see people had to go live away from civilization because we are surrounded by EMF fields all the time.  Added 28 Jan 2019  There is no safe level of microwave radiation. Added 25 Jan 2019  a collection of thousands of documents about the effect of EMF’s both high and low power, wireless and wired.    Added 20 Dec 2018   up to date and pleasing to the eye. Added 15 Nov 2018 (Radio Frequency)  ‘The only way to trust wireless’.  Good graphics, friendly reaching out.   Added 18 Oct 2018   A Thriving With Technology podcast. Well written and cogent. with  audio contributions. Seems a new site. Give it time to bed in. Ed. Added 16 Oct 2018  – choosing health, privacy and safety.  We are a NON-PARTISAN grassroots group made up of Concerned Orange County Citizens working to get the word out on Smart Meters.  Utility companies are rolling out the Smart Grid, an infrastructure based on wireless communications.  This includes replacing our safe electricity, gas and water analog meters with dangerous Smart Meters.   Added 2 Oct 2018  wide ranging and readable. Added 2 Oct 2018

Wireless Education. org  Safe schools, healthy workplaces. Delivering education to ensure that wireless technology is used safely in our homes, places of work, schools and other public buildings. Founder of site Cece Doucette. Added 23 Sept 2018  Learn about do it yourself electromagnetic solutions . Bill Cadwallader MBA EMRS  Meters, filters, book, video packages etc. Added 21 Sept 2018  The Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) has been formed to create a research portal, for the scientific community and interested members of the lay public, which helps to rapidly disseminate international research findings, best practice measures and scientific hypotheses on matters related to electromagnetic (EM) phenomena. Added 18 Sept 2018 International Guidelines on non-ionising radiation. This is a technical site for professionals formed September 2018. Good 12 pp pdf summary. Expect more. Added 17 Sept 2018  Protecting your children from wireless technology. Much more publicity is required for this type of site. children > tablet > using hours per day > sterility Added 3 Sept 2018  Very good home page with a particularly useful section ‘Listen to experts’.  Well done people.  Added 3 Sept 2018   Health Risks of Electromagnetic Waves: Cynicism at All Stages. “There is a health risk, but the goal is still to sell mobile phones to as many people as possible.”      Site also in french. Neither the authorities nor the operators are yet able to assure the public of the safety of electromagnetic waves. But it’s out of the question to destabilize such a profitable business. Added 1 Sept 2018   electromagnetic pollution touches all of us. Injury, illness and loss of productivity are resulting from increased levels of electromagnetic activity. Added 1 Sept 2018   Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Life on Earth. Thirteen companies are competing to cover the entire Earth with high-speed wireless Internet from low-orbit satellites within one to two years. This would be an ecological and public health nightmare. The biggest players are SpaceX (12,000 satellites), OneWeb (4,560 satellites) and Boeing (2,956 satellites).
Added 1 Sept 2018  “Know, monitor, reduce, protect’. Not a good site technically but has some useful info. Added 24 Aug 2018

www.smartgridawareness. Many references to smart grids, smart meters, Radio frequency concerns. Good research. Over 2000 links.  Added 26 Aug 2018 an accurate and reliable site on all things microwave.
Added 23 Aug 2018 – very well informed and user friendly technical site. Added 20 Aug 018

Babysafe ” As a research scientist and physician who studies how microwave radiation affects the outcomes of pregnancy, I am deeply concerned about growing exposures to clle phone and other wireless radiation” Dr Hugh Taylor, Chief of Obstetrics at Yale
Added 10 Aug 2018 new website well done people. Great, clear summaries. The more this message is repeated the better. Added 7 Aug 2018

Environment and Community Safe From Radiation. Australian campaigning site.
Pub 25 Jul 2018 Added 5 Aug 2018 > The Fullerton Informer. Added 4 Aug 2018 This site addresses “dirty electricity” aka “sinusoidal waves” and RF-related issues. There’s a SOLUTIONS page to check out. There’s an RFI DETECTION page
Added 31 July 2018

Physicians for safe technology, a site run by MD’s and PHD’s. Looking at the interface between digital technology and public health. Down to earth,  amazing number of references to scientific literature that will keep you going for many a long day (and night). Added 30 July 2018 The Switch2Safe project exists to inform the public about the potential dangers of e-pollution and to offer Solutions on ways to lower it in the home, at work and in public places. Added 29 July 2018 A guide to the debate on electric and magnetic fields and health.This website aims to give you factual, comprehensive and fair information on power-frequency EMFs (the electric and magnetic fields produced wherever electricity is generated, distributed or used). Added 26 July 2018

Electromagnetic Radiation Society. Scientific and policy developments regarding the health effects of EM radiation exposure from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meter and other wireless technology. Pub 23 July 2018 Added 25 July 2018 Activism 5G in Europe sets examples for others to follow. Website and FB group Added 23 July 2018 Nicely laid out site. Good source material.  Relationship between microwaves as in 5G and cancer. There are over 200 types of human cancer. In 2018, 1,735,350 people in the US will get a new invasive cancer diagnosis. Added 21 July 2018 – everything concerning EM radiation but also other types e.g. nuclear. Here is one article ‘Scientists warm that 5G tech found in WiFi street maps is causing insomnia, nosebleeds and still births’ Pub 22 May 2018 Added 19 July 2018 Enlightenment in a brave new world. As opposition to the roll out of 5G antennas increases in America, Philips and the American Tower Company have come up with an innovative way to hide the thousands of ugly 5G antennas planned to be rolled out across America, and conveniently avoid those nasty community protests. Disguise them as heritage light poles! Added 16 July 2018

An electronic Silent Spring – facing the dangers and creating safe limits. Katie Singers site and passion. Added 9 July 2018 A Rationale for Biologically-based exposure standards for Low Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation. Research summaries. Added 6 July 2018  a thorough and user friendly site with long long pages. Just click anywhere. NB site architecture not quite right but it is all there. Videos and references. Added 4 July 2018

Environmental Health Trust. This is a really good source of information about cell phones, smart meters and 5G. Here is a link to one of the pages. Ramazzini Study On Radiofrequency Cell Phone Radiation: The World’s Largest Animal Study On Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

Scientists for wired technology. Advocacy based on Scientists’ research of the hazards of pulsed, data-modulated, Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation There is no safe level of 5G microwave radiation for people, animals, or nature. Many videos on the very long home page.

GUARDS global union against radiation deployment from space. International EMF Alliance advocacy and educational group sensitivity to mobile phones, – California based help site. – One cool dude called Ole – switched on turned on world wide view Dutch site ‘network exposing 5G Phychotechnocrats ** Dutch site listing 500 Truther channels Ranking** this international appeal involves scientists urgently calling upon the United Nations great health protection on EMF exposure New York analysts in 2015 argued for revised safety metrics. Working 37 years on the issue and about to file legal action that 5G laws are unconstitutional. Local, state, national and international. Researcher extraordinaire Arthur Firstenberg’s website
His latest book: The Invisible Rainbow A History of Electricity and Life Added 31 July 2018 A one stop shop for those who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields. RF EMFs produce clear co – carcinogenic effects  no holds barred site. WATE’s ability to compel action on the epidemic of electrosensitivity depends on our capacity to prove it. The evidence is the people who have become sick by wireless technology.  Wireless technology – not as safe as you may think. E-mail or call 01403 251733

What is 5G? What is clear is that 5G will include the higher millimeter wave frequencies never before used for Internet and communications technology. 5G will require millions of new cell towers. The wireless telecom industry is aggressively seeking to outfit nearly every lamppost and utility pole around the country with a wireless “small cell” antenna beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into our homes, 24/7.

EMF Safety Network we Envision a world free of EMF pollution where children, communities, and nature thrive.

Myster Spock, Founder, EMF Warriors

EMFwarriors. Not exclusively 5G/EMF but a new site full of bounce. One to keep an eye on.

The Electrosensitive Society. Everything related to those that are sensitive to electromagnetic pollution. World wide.

The 5G Appeal. Scientists and doctors call for a moratorium on the roll out of 5G. This call has been active for some time but now they have their own website, one more platform, which is good.

Stop Smart Meters Australia (and yes they do 5G as well). Lively extrovert as you would expect from Aussies.

EMR Aware, originating in NSW, Australia. A thorough and methodical site of listings and info. Regular newsletter.  Long front page. Added 23.6.18

Between a Rock and a hard place. Australian – based Science blogs on various subjects including mobile phone radiation and health. Dariusz Leszczynski  is moderator of the blogs.  Scientific contributions.  Disciplined internal architecture of site. Added 26 June 2018   up to date and graphic Bristol based campaigning site run by Mike Mitcham.


Facebook Groups  The loud voice of electrosensitives worldwide. Alone we are strong. Together we are stronger.  is helping to change the conventional thinking onEMF’s of to the public eye for ever. there is no safe level of 5G microwave radiation for people, animals, or nature  “I started this group as a research group that worked alongside my website at The idea was to get as much research and Intel as possible. 5G is being rolled out without your consent. There is a wealth of information about the negative health effects of EMF radiation and it’s directly to the smart city agenda – Internet of things – A1  cell phone and other towers, smart meters, 5G, electromagnetic health effects are covered 5G and microwave radiation Weapons of mass destruction, mind control and the enslavement of humanity  apps.5G cell towers – advocacy. We need to discuss and share advocacy strategies to bring awareness about. What has worked and what hasn’t?  Responding to 5G and the Internet of things. this is a group deeply concerned about industry and the government push to fast track 5G  is your front yard about to become a 5G cell tower site? Nine ways 5G and the Internet of things will harm humans, wildlife and earth.  Help us document the GWEN/cell Towers worldwide. Are they safe? 5G and microwave radiation. Mind control and the enslavement of humanity.
ESUK Electrosensitivity UK Providing support and information

Editor’s note – there are many many other Facebook groups devoted to smart meters and I have decided to do that page to them. Him The rest of the pages will be devoted to 5G though I agree that smart meters are part of the problem. The site ‘’ does not have a very good internal architecture but you can find a great list there.

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