5G – Trade journals

5G – Trade journals


Within this page use Ctrl,F to find any key word. NB Do not rely on Google for historical material as their algorithms cause controversial so-called fake news to disappear from the main search engine pages  Ed.

TJ00280 – businessinsider.com  A Hong Kong tech company backed out of a government smart lamppost program after protesters started knocking them down over. Better late than never. Pub 27 Aug 19 Added 6 Apr 20

TJ00279 – hellofuture.orange.com Broadband at sea will (soon) be possible thanks to 5G. Pub 13 Nov 19 added 5 Mar 20

TJ00278 – travelweekly.com   Gogo plans 5G network for airline WiFi Pub 29 Mary 19 Addedf 5 Mar 20

TJ00277 – www.capacitymedia.com 5G providers ‘need to reinvent themselves’  Pub 26 Feb 20 Added 27 Feb 20

TJ00276 – publictechnology.net –  Digital minister: ‘There is no convincing evidence that 5G is dangerous’ Pub and added 6 Feb 2020

TJ00275 – euractiv.com  5G rollout will lead to an ‘increased exposure to attacks,’ EU says Pub 29 Jan 20 Added 31 Jan 20

TJ00274 – sciencealert.com   What’s 5G, And Why Are People So Scared of It? Here’s What You Really Need to Know. Jacinta Bowler. Pub and added 1 Jan 2020

TJ00273 – EU Council agrees ‘risk-based’ approach to 5G following bout of US lobbying. (account required to read) Pub 9 Dec 19 Added 10 Dec 19

TJ00272 – ericsson.com It’s time to face the facts on 5G in Europe. ..The worst climate for investment is an uncertain one. Added 2 Dec 19

TJ00271 – wired.com Researchers have identified 11 new vulnerabilities in 5G—with time running out to fix them. Pub 12 Nov 19 Added 22 Nov 19

TJ00270 – itproportal.com 5G could pose a major security risk. New tech often means an expanded attack surface. Pub 13 Nov 19 Added 22 Nov 19

TJ00269 – samsung.com  5G: The hype is real, just look at history (U.S. Newsroom)  Press release Added 22 Nov 19

TJ00268 – 5G flaws can track phone locations and spoof emergency alerts. pub 12 Nov 19 Added 22 Nov 19

TJ00267 – Barron’s  the real 5G winner could be China. The technology industry is counting on fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, to be the next big growth driver for all kinds of new products, from phones and chips to software and sensors.  Pub 4 Oct 19 added 6 Oct 19

TJ00266 – US security experts admit China’s 5G dominance, push for public investment. Paid access needed. Pub and added 25 Sept 2019

TJ00265 – highwaysmagazine.co.uk Public Health England issues LED street lighting warning. Public Health England has warned that high levels of blue light in LED street lighting can be uncomfortable and are ‘known to cause damage to the retina’. Pub 3 Apr 2018 Added 19 Sept 2019  Ed. I dont know how this one escaped my attention.

TJ00264 – avinteractive.com Smart ambulance adds 5G to video collaboration. Video collaboration software company Visionable is taking part in the trial of a smart ambulance that simulates 5G connectivity to turn the vehicle into a remote consultation room Pub sept 18 2019 added 19 sept 2019

TJ00263 – ispreview.co.uk   Councils object to planning changes for boosting UK mobile cover. Pub 6 Sept 2019 Added 7 Sept 2019

TJ00262 – apnews.com – US and Poland sign agreement to cooperate on 5G technology. The USA would never go into this deal in order to control Poland would they? – Ed. Pub 2 Sept 2019 Added 5 Sept 2019

TJ00261 – 5G.co.uk Arqiva to make London lampposts into 5G – ready cells. Pub 23 Nov 2017 Added 4 Sept 2019

TJ00260 – businessinsider.com the world’s most popular tech reviewer just poured cold water on the 5G hype parade, saying it’s not worth your money yet. Pub and added 1 Sept 2019

TJ00259 – elp.com – IoT connectivity – What does it mean for smart metering? The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to make our environment – homes, offices, cities – smarter, more measurable and better connected to one another. Pub 27 Aug 2019 Added 29 Aug 2019

TJ00258 – theverge.com Three UK’s 5G home broadband is super fast but inconsistent. One week with Three’s first 5G offering. Pub 27 Aug 2019 Added 28 Aug 2019

TJ00257 theecologist.org  Report Highlights environmental benefits of 5G.  Enhancing 4G and 5G connectivity could lead to substantial economic, social and environmental benefits in Scotland, according to new analysis. Pub and added 28 Aug 2019

TJ00256 – cio.co.nz –  Jason Paris on Vodafone NZ’s ‘big bet’ on 5G: ‘We call it Project Jackson’. “4G was the transformation of the smartphone. 5G is the transformation of the Internet of Things,” says the Vodafone NZ CEO. Pub and added 23 Aug 2019

TJ00255 – caseyresearch.com  Research Debunks Health Concerns Tied to 5G Tech. Chris Reilly here, managing editor of Casey Daily Dispatch. Regular readers know I’ve recently been turning to my friend and colleague Jeff Brown to show you one of the most exciting investment trends on our radar: fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology. Pub 20 Aug 2019 Added 21 Aug 2019

TJ00254 telecoms.com Huawei founder has been expecting 5G conflict for a decade. Pub and added 21 Aug 2019

TJ00253 – businessinsider.com – 5G is being used to perform remote surgery from thousands of miles away, and it could transform the healthcare industry.  Added 16 Aug 2019

TJ00252 – arstechnica.com Ajit Pai loses another court case as judges overturn 5G deregulation.  Pai tried to kill environmental and historic-preservation review of small cells. Pub 8 Aug 2019 Added 12 Aug 2019

TJ00251 – ft.com High stakes for 5G Auctions.  Could Europe and India be handicapping their development of 5G services by making operators pay too much for the radio spectrum they need? Pub 5 Aug 2019 Added 6 Aug 2019

TJ00250  wired.com   5G Is Here—and Still Vulnerable to Stingray Surveillance. Pub and added 3 Aug 2019

TJ00249 – bristolisopen.com  Q and A with Julia Snell, Managing Director at Bristol is Open. Now just a year into her role, we sat down with Julie Snell, CEO here at Bristol is Open to find out more about her background and her vision as a Smart City. Pub 18 Nov 2018 Added 14 July 2019

TJ00248 – 5G – network – architecture – white paper Huawei. PDF A high level perspective.  For technicians only I suspect.  21 pp  Added 11 July 2019

TJ00247 – www.ericsson.com TIM takes first commercial 5G steps in Italy with Ericsson
TIM is switching on its 5G network in Italy and has chosen Ericsson 5G commercial hardware, software and solutions, including radio access network (RAN) and core network, for the initial deployment of the new technology. Pub 8 July 2019 Added 9 July 2019

TJ00246  lifewire.com 5G availability around the world.  Most countries will have access to 5G networks by 2020  Pub 3 July 2019  Added 8 July 2019

TJ00245 – investigate-europe.com  In a polarised world, journalists must hold on to their curiosity…One such topic is possible health risks from exposure to radiation from mobile technology. As 5G is being rolled out, yet another label is pinned on critics: They are communicating Russian propaganda.“Your 5G phone won’t hurt you. But Russia wants you to think otherwise”, was the headline of a New York Times piece in May. “5G opponents spread Russian disinformation in Denmark”, stated a story on the website of Danish broadcasting DR a few weeks later. Pub 19 June 2019 Added 26 June 2019

TJ00244 – trustedreviews.com Is 5G faster than 4G? All you need to know. Pub 21 June 2019 Added 23 June 2019

TJ00243 – androidauthority.com 5G is not going to microwave your brain. A complete rebuttal of everything we have feared about 5G. I passed this to Mark Steele who described the article as  ‘pure garbage’.

Mark: Brain Cancer is the largest cancer now in adolescents in USA.. He has twisted all of the Science data in the article, The Data he is relying on does not fit with the Brain Trust on Brain Cancers and the Anecdotal evidence fits their data not the Government cover up data.  

5G is a weapon it was used and developed as a secret weapon for many years.   Any one who states it is safe etc. Is not only dishonest but not looking into what the technical parameters of 5G are as it is not a telecommunications system, it is only masquerading as one, even the USA Government know that and MI6

Pub  Sept 2018 Added 15 June 2019

TJ00242 – techradar.com – five things about 5G more important than the speed. Pub and added 14 June 2019

TJ00241 – publicsectorexecutive.com  Evaluating 5G, unapologetically Martin Ferguson, director of policy and research at Socitm, discusses the potential of 5G in the public sector, and the need to properly assess the risks. Pub 10 June 2019 Added 11 June 2019.

TJ00240 – wired.com Choosing the wrong lane in the race to 5G. THE CHATTER ABOUT 5G is everywhere. It’s a worldwide race. It’s a security challenge. It’s a geopolitical battle between the United States and China. By some accounts, 5G is already here; by others, true 5G is still years away. Pub 10 JUne 2019 Added 11 June 2019

TJ00239 – PublicTechnology.net 5G will have “no negative effect on public health”, says digital minister Magot James.  Pub and added 10 June 2019

TJ00238 – techradar.com Five things 5G will do that you didn’t expect, from a home broadband to a tactile Internet

TJ00237 – theverge.com  5G has arrived in the UK, and it’s fast. Coverage is limited but not terrible. Pub 30 May 2019 Added 31 May 2019

TJ00236 – theverge.com Sprint’s 5G network is here, and it’s completely different from what Verizon and AT&T are doing The LG V50 and HTC 5G Hub go on sale May 31st

TJ00235 – 5G could cause chaos for weather forecasts and put lives at risk, meteorologists warn. Pub. 23 May 2019 added 24th of May 2019

TJ00234 – theverge.com the 5G could mean less time to flee a deadly hurricane, heads of NASA and NOAA ‘warn. they’re suggesting people could die because we won’t have enough evacuation time. 23 May 2019 added 24th of May 2019

TJ00233 – theverge.com Wait, why the hell is the race to 5G even a race? No one seems to have a good answer to this question. Pub 23rd of May 2019 added 24th of May 2019

TJ00232 – 5G  why do we need it. Gerhard Fettweis is the Vodafone Chair at The Technical University of Dresden. His wireless roadmap demonstrates the need for 5G. He says this is the “total fun part of research.” This is a video but belongs here. 17:38  Pub 31 Jan 2017 Added 20 May 2019

TJ00231 –  Five questions about 5G, answered. Some of the questions are simple; most are not. Pub 17 May 2019 Added 18 May 2019

TJ00230 – inews.co.uk Jeremy Wright: 5G roll out in UK could be delayed over security fears. “Certainly the possibility of a delay,” Pub 8May 2019 Added 9 May 2019

TJ00229 – lightreading.com  ‘Fractured’ US 5G Market Thirsts for Mid-Band Spectrum. DENVER — Big 5G Event — Heavy US reliance on millimeter wave spectrum could make the 5G coverage map look as spotty as a pimple-faced teen unless authorities can free up some of the mid-band airwaves that are spurring 5G deployments elsewhere. Pub and added 8 May 2019

TJ00228 – www.lightreading.com CenturyLink’s Walker on why 5G demands efficiency at Edge. In order to excel at 5G deployments and deliver on the promise of improved customer experience, telcos need to “find more efficient ways of running traffic, rather than going back to 200central sites,” says CenturyLink’s Bill Walker. Pub and Added 5 May 2019

TJ00227 – electronicdesign.com 5GExposed! We answer all the questions on this enigmatic technology that is excpected to enhance our lives! Pub Apr 12 2017 Added 5 May 2019

TJ00226 – lightreading.com Leading lights 2019 finalists: most innovative 5G strategy. Amid all the noise around initial 5G launches, players across the industry continue to argue that 5G isn’t just a better version of 4G. Instead, as the argument goes, 5G will enable all kinds of new and innovative business models. Pub and added 4 May 2019

TJ00225  www.iol.co.za The long road to 5G in South Africa – IOL Business report. CAPE TOWN – The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) depends to a large extent on connectivity. Almost all 4IR technologies intended to make our lives easier, such as artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving cars, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT), all require high-speed, always-on Internet connections.Pub 15 Mar 2019 Added 4 May 019

TJ00224 – euractiv.com Europe embraces 5G. The European Commission’s cybersecurity recommendations for 5G and the Joint Declaration from the EU-China Summit point the way forward for ICT companies like Huawei.  Hui Cao is Head of Strategy & Policy at Huawei’s EU Public Affairs and Communication Office. Pub 2 May 2019 Added 3 May 2019

TJ00223  EE 5G-‘5GEE’  map of UK with all 5G masts shown. lots of diagrams.  Added 30 Apr 2019

TJ00222 – forbes.com 5G may be the holy grail for Telecom, but energy sector feels much anxiety over new network. While telecom giants are boasting faster, unlimited wireless connectivity for their mobile phone users under the long-awaited fifth generation wireless network (5G), the energy industry is worried.  Pub 22 Apr 2019 Added 23 Apr 2019

TJ00221 – cnbc.com – The US is attacking Huawei and China – without its own 5G strategy. Pub 21 Apr 2019 Added 23 Apr 2019

TJ00220 – ft.com the global race for 5G supremacy is not yet won. It is important which countries build their networks first, but it’s not the only factor in success. Pub 21 Apr 2019 Added 23 Apr 2019

TJ000219 – venturebeat.com How 5G could change gaming in the home. Pub 20 Apr 2019 Added 23 Apr 2019

TJ00218 – gsmarena.com  Counterclockwise: As 5G arrives we track the 3G and 4G adoption. With the dawn of 5G upon us, we wanted to look at how quickly new networks are adopted. The first 2G networks appeared in 1991 then the first commercial 3G networks came alive in 2001 (but wouldn’t reach Europe and the US until 2003).Pub 21 Apr 2019 Added 23 Apr 2019

TJ00217 – theregister.co.uk  UK comms watchdog mulls 5G tweaks: Operators want moooooar power. Oh and remove the guard bands, would you Ofcom? Pub 19 Apr 2019 Added 23 Apr 2019


TJ00216 – investigate-europe.eu – Big promises, unknown risks. Short video and article. Are you happy with 4G mobile? You may be, but governments and industry are already looking at the next level – 5G –  and the infrastructure for ‘smart homes’ and the ‘internet of things’. According to EU plans, Europe will be hyper-connected by 2025. And why the rush? So that Europe will not lose out to the USA and China in a global race for dominance.   Pub 13 Jan 2019 Added 17 Apr 2019

TJ00215 – theandroidauthority.com  5G networks will change our lives for good – but at what cost.   5G is the first stage of technology that might be capable of delivering a 1984 existence, where the powerful can monitor and control us.  This isn’t a call for tinfoil hats. This isn’t the regular old despair at new technologies disrupting our lives, taking our jobs, and making everything (including those 737s) worse. Pub and added 14 Apr 2019

TJ00214 – androidauthority.com  Trump and FCC outline aggressive 5G plan, will not natonalze networks. The network will not be nationalized, and instead be “private-sector driven and private-sector led.”  The FCC will hold the largest wireless spectrum auction in history this December. Pub 12 Apr 2019 Added 14 Apr 2019

TJ00213 – 5G’s killer app? It’s much bigger than that.   Andrew Penn, Influencer, Chief Executive offer at Telstra. Pub 5 Apr 2019 Added 9 Apr 2019

TJ00212 – forbes.com Barclays is one of the U.K.’s business which doesn’t understand 5G. There is a new report out from Barclays bank today. It says that UK business doesn’t understand 5G and that’s wonderfully meta, because Barclays is a UK business and very clearly doesn’t understand 5G. Pub 2Apr 2019 Added 3 Apr 2019

TJ00211 – betanews.com – AT&T 5G E is slower than some 4G connections. If you see a 5G indicator in your phone’s status bar, you know you’ve got a fast connection, right? Think again. The technology world may be eagerly anticipating the capabilities of 5G, but in the US AT&T has simply jumped on the hype bandwagon as a marketing tool. A new study into the speed of the company’s 5G E service found that it is actually slower than 4G offerings from its rivals. Despite the name suggesting a futuristic service with speeds to match, AT&T is actually delivering sub-par performance.  Pub and added 24 Mar 2019

TJ00210 –  Huawei 5G trials: Security issues will be examined. The Department of Telecom (DoT) will examine all security related issues before allowing Chinese gear markers to take part in 5G trials in India. With the apprehension expressed by various countries over the Chinese telecom gear, the government has … Pub 23 Mar 2019 Added 24 Mar 2019

TJ00209 techrepublic.com – 5G will impact these 10 industries the most. Pub 210 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

TJ00208 – lightreading.com  China Telecom’s bid for ‘leading’ the 5G latency should unsettle USA. China Telecom’s latest financial report was clearly not calculated to soothe US fears about China’s strength in 5G and artificial intelligence (AI). Pub 19 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

TJ00207  ft.com Trump officials warn that U.K.’s 5G approach imperils security. Warning comes as Washington pressures allies to shun Huawei equipment ( just to remind you of the ongoing battle – Ed). Pub 1.9 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

TJ00206 – itproportal.com  Three 5G new radio challenges you can solve today. Consumers have a growing insatiable need for bandwidth and speed, but much of this is spurred by technological innovation. Pub 19 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

TJ00205 5G test beds – The 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme is a government initiative announced in autumn 2017 that has already led to the creation of a UK 5G network for test purposes, a national 5G innovation network to promote and co-ordinate research into 5G technologies and use cases, and a number of focused testbeds. More projects are in the planning stage. Pu 16 Nov 2019 Added 19 Mar 2019

TJ00204 – TheaRegister Do Martians dream of electric Nimbys? Selling 5G needs steak, not just sizzle. Let’s talk about specs baby, let’s talk about real 5G. Comment Executive editor Andrew Orlowski was invited to share his thoughts on challenges to the uptake of 5G at a Westminster Forum event on Thursday 14 March. This is what he told the panel. Pub and added 18 Mar 2019

TJ00203 – itportal.com The 5G evolution and impending revolution. 5G has come a long way since that survey was conducted a little more than a year ago, and its impact will dramatically shape the future. Pub and added 18 Mar 2019

TJ00202 – wired.co.uk 5G and superfast broadband for all: UK government pledges to help fund the rollout. Autumn statement will include £400 million for superfast broadband and £740 million for 5G  Pub 22 Nov 201 but6 Added 17 Mar

TJ00201 venturebeat.com FCC opens 95GHz to 3THz spectrum for ‘6G, 7G, or whatever’ is next. Commercial 5G networks are barely operational in the United States right now, but that hasn’t stopped engineers from thinking ahead to 6G — and the U.S. government wants to facilitate their experiments over the next decade. After a unanimous vote, the FCC is opening “terahertz wave” spectrum for experimental purposes, creating legal ways for companies to test and sell post-5G wireless equipment. Pub 15 Mar 2019 Added 16 Mar 2019

TJ00200 – recrwireless.com  test and measurement: Wi-Fi and the 5G experience. 5G is becoming real, and in many cases, people’s first 5G experience is going to come via Wi-Fi, said Adam Smith, director of product management at test company. Pub Mar 15 2019 Added Mar 16 2019

TJ00199 – venturebeat.com  3 sectors 5G innovations will hit first. 5G is here. There are working 5G chipsets, modems and now devices. It’s going to be the next paradigm shift for technology and the way we live our lives. The economic and societal benefits will enable a revolutionary level of service, with connectivity that will create entirely new business models, increase productivity and allow new industries to emerge. Pub 9 mar 2019 added 11 mar 2019

TJ00198 – www.ericsson.com policy pivot for expansive 5G. Europe’s digital infrastructure will drive its future prosperity. We need powerful robust and secure networks that enable pervasive and data-intensive communications between everyone and everything. Despite trading blows on trade, both China and the US agree that 5G is a cornerstone of competitiveness and each has policies in place to ensure their future leadership. Pub 5 Mar 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

TJ00197 – 5G.co.uk They are claiming to be U.K.’s premier 5G Resource. There are a lot of interesting articles from the purely technical point of view. One is about Vodafone ‘could give Old Trafford stadium are 5G upgrade’.   Pub 5 Mar 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

TJ00196 – theregister.co.uk  so. To the question we really wanted answering: how real is 5G?. We kick the wares in Barcelona. Pub 27 Feb 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

TJ00195 – campaignlive.co.uk everyone’s getting excited about 5G, but there’s one problem.The hype around superfast 5G began in earnest this year (as Campaign predicted it would), starting with the Consumer Electronics Show last month. Even though most people in developed countries barely receive 4G much of the time, we are likely to see many mobile marketers and smartphone makers trying their hardest to get us excited about 5G.Pub 19 Feb 2019 Added 20 Feb 2019

TJ00194  smartcitiesworld.net ‘infrastructure intelligence in one place’   This resource library is an attempt to sanitize and glamourize  5G as if it were a new brand of motor vehicle. Not a word about dangers etc. In its way, a good site. Added 20 Feb 2019

TJ00193 – forbes.com What is 5G good for? A futuristic fashion show with magic leap has the answer. Pub 16 Feb 2019 Added 17 Feb 2019

TJ00192 – Dailyadvance.com   city may pursue separate “smart grids” for water, power after officials of Elizabeth city reported encountering problems with water meters used in a pilot project. Pub Feb 10 2019Added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00191 -GSMArena.com  – counterclockwise: the story of 5G and the Gs that came before it. The story – 2G and upwards. Pub 10 Feb 2019 Added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00190 – bloomberg.com  China’s 5G riches are a blocked number for investors. The biggest beneficiaries of the country’s push for wireless supremacy are outside the public domain… Pub 11 Feb 2019 Added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00189 – WVLT.TV – the promise of 5G wireless – speed, hype, risk. A much-hyped network upgrade called “5G” means different things to different people. To industry proponents, it’s the next huge innovation in wireless internet. To the U.S. government, it’s the backbone technology of a future that America will wrestle with China to control. To many average people, it’s simply a mystery…. Pub 11 Feb 2019 Added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00188 – EEC Electronic Frontier Foundation – Enough of the 5G Hype. Wireless carriers are working hard to talk up 5G (Fifth Generation) wireless as the future of broadband. But don’t be fooled—they are only trying to focus our attention on 5G to try to distract us from their willful failure to invest in a proven ultrafast option for many Americans: fiber to the home, or FTTH….Without a plan to promote fiber to the home, that’s not likely to change. In fact, because the 5G upgrade relies on fiber infrastructure, even 5G will be possibly limited to areas that already have FTTH – meaning, they already have a competitive landscape and, therefore, better service.  Pub    11 Feb 2019  Added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00187 – cnbc.com –  Huawei places ads in New Zealand newspapers saying 5G ban will hit customers. Chinese telecoms giant placed commercials in New Zealand media outlets this week addressing its exclusion from the nation’s 5G network. It compared the ban to a rugby tournament without the famous “All Blacks.” Huawei was banned from New Zealand’s 5G infrastructure late last year over national security concerns. Pub and added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00186 – TheVerge.com – T-Mobile’s merger pitch to Congress is about China beating America on 5G But critics have been skeptical of the company’s claims…  Pub 12 Feb 2019 Added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00185 – 5g.co.uk   UK’s first factory trial brings us close to industry 4.0   It’s a big day in Worcester, as the Worcestershire 5G Consortium has just teamed up with Worcester Bosch to launch a 5G testbed in the latter’s factory.  This is the UK’s first 5G factory trial and it’s seen as a huge step towards Industry 4.0 (aka the fourth industrial revolution)  Pub and added 13 Feb 2019

TJ00184 – 5Gruralfirst.org Industrial IoT- 5G RuralFirst is providing a vital step change to connectivity in UK agriculture and rural communities, with a variety of use cases being tested across our Shropshire and Somerset test sites.

TJ00183 – venturebeat.com  Cisco leads massive rural 5G trial aimed at revolutionising agriculture. As 5G networks begin to pop up in large cities, users in smaller towns have complained that 4G networks never reached their full potential in rural areas — assuming they ever received 4G service at all. Rather than just paying lip service to the premise of offering 5G outside cities, Cisco is leading a group of 29 partners in what might be the “world’s most ambitious rural 5G trial,” with the aim of showing how high-speed networks can transform agriculture over the next decade. 5 Feb 2019 Added 7 Feb 2019

TJ00182 the-japan-news.com GSMA calls for discussion about Huawei 5G exclusion. PARIS/FRANKFURT (Reuters) — Mobile communications industry body GSMA has proposed its members discuss the possibility that Chinese network vendor Huawei is excluded from key markets, amid concerns such a development could set operators back by years. Pub 3 Feb 2019 Added 4 Feb 2019

TJ00181- financialexpress.com  Waiting for 5G connection? Researchers have this dire warning for you.   But ahead of its worldwide roll-out, researchers have revealed the sheer vulnerability in the network that allows for spying of data over airwaves….According to news agency ANI, a research paper from the Technical University of Berlin, ETH Zurich and SINTEF Digital Norway details the privacy threat with the 5G network. Pub 3 Feb 2019 Added 4 Feb 2019

TJ 00180 – computing.co.uk New security flaw found in 5G communications standards. 5G’sauthentical security vulnerability won’t be fixed before first network roll-outs. Pub 1 Feb 2019 Added 2 Feb 2019

TJ00179 – 5G.co.uk CSP’s have high hopes for 5G-driven enterprise revenues. As communications service providers (CSPs) prepare to roll out 5G, many are hopeful that the new network capabilities of the next mobile generation will enable them to play a bigger role in the enterprise services market. According to a recent IDC survey, commissioned by Amdocs, nearly 80% of European CSPs expect 5G to generate more revenue opportunities with enterprise customers… Pub 28 Jan 2019 Added 29 Jan 2019

TJ00178 National CTO for 5G claims Ericsson CTO.   Ericsson’s Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Erik Ekudden, says there’s a growing need for the appointment of ‘national CTOs’ to help policy-makers navigate the complexity of 5G and ensure its social and economic benefits are realised… Pub and added 29 Jan 2019

TJ00177 – information-age.com Will 5G expand European enterprise revenue opportunities? Nearly 80% of CSPs in Europe expect 5G to expand enterprise revenue opportunities, according to an Amdocs survey. Pub 22 Jan 2019 Added 23 Jan 2019

TJ00176 5G and the growing need for national CTOs. The profound impact that 5G will have on the world is hard to overestimate. It is a platform for innovation that will bring about a wave of new opportunities and economic growth to nations in every corner of the globe…. Pub 22 Jan 2019 Added 23 Jan 2019

TJ00175 – digitaltrends.com  Is 5G as fast as they’re saying? We break down the speeds. Excitement about 5G, the fifth generation of mobile network technology, has been building steadily. The long process of rolling out 5G networks is already underway and we should see some limited availability this year. Now, 5G brings a lot of potential benefits, but one of the key questions that immediately crops up in any discussion about it is: How fast is 5G? … Pub 22 Jan 2019 Added 23 Jan 2019

TJ00174 – investigate-europe.eu  Big promises, unknown risks. videos included. Europe is about to go through a giant technological transformation, one that will bring us “smart homes”, “smart cities” and the much-hyped “internet of things”. The vehicle for this transformation is 5G, the fifth-generation mobile service. 5G will allow countless appliances and everyday objects to be connected to the internet at all times. It will bring driverless cars, hologram images instead of video, smart fridges, nappies, washing machines, electricity circuits, coffee machines, your blood sugar, your medicine intake…

TJ00173 – forbes.com Intel Explains 5G, When It’s Coming And Why It Will Be Huge. Ten years ago, if you were a daily commuter, you’d struggle to do much more than watching a few pre-loaded movies or TV episodes or play single-player games on your smartphone as you traveled to work. Today, there are all manner of streaming services which, thanks to 4G, allow you to download and upload high-quality content straight to and from your mobile device. Pub 15 Jan 2019 Added 16 Jan 2019

TJ00172 – out-law.com NHS to test power of smart meters to enable digital health. The power of smart meters to monitor the health of people in the home is to be examined in an NHS trial in England in an initiative that shows the potential for energy suppliers to diversify into the health and care sector, an expert has said…. Pub 14 Jan 2019 Added 16 Jan 2019

TJ00171 – digitalmusicnews.com – 5G is coming: so what does this mean for music (if anything)? 5G has the potential to make loading websites, streaming music, and downloading up to 10 times faster than 4G.  The United States isn’t expected to see the first 5G-compatible networks until 2020, but that hasn’t stopped telcos from openly bragging…. Pub 13 Jan 2019 Added 14 Jan 2019

TJ00170 theverge.com   AT@T wireless CEO on fake 5G complaints: “that makes me smile.” Pub 9 Jan 2019 Added 11 Jan 2019

TJ 00169  theverge.com  Big Cables 10G campaign betrays a fear of wireless 5G. Gee, I wonder why this ridiculous marketing campaign exists? Pub 9 Jan 2019 Added 11 Jan 2019

TJ00168 forbes.com  five things marketeers need to know right now about 5G. Pub 10 Jan 2018 Added 11 Jan 2019

TJ 00167   ft.com  5G’s failed connection at CES   If this is the year of 5G, it is starting out rather quietly at the home of hype that is CES 2019.Qualcomm claims to be powering 5G in 2019 and announced at its press conference that it now had more than 30 design wins — that means smartphones and other devices set to appear containing its Snapdragon 855 processor combined with a 5G modem. But it did not give us a glimpse of any of them. Pub 8 Jan 2019 Added 9 Jan 2019

TJ00166 – thetraderegister.co.uk AT&T (sucks) upgrades folks to 5G (Evolution) that isn’t actually 5G. Job numbers, coverage … is there anything US telco giant hasn’t been accused of inflating? Pub 7 Jan 2019 Added 8 Jan 2019

TJ00165 – androidpolice.com  AT&T’s first 5G speed tests are here, and they’re not great. Pub 31 Dec 2018 Added 2 Jan 2019  Left: 5G speedtest versus LTE test in same location on right.

TJ00164  intellihib.com 5G network uses same EMF waves as Pentagon crowd control system. The global rollout of 5G is well underway, and we soon may see new small cell towers near all schools, on every residential street, dispersed throughout the natural environment, and pretty much everywhere. But the safety of this technology is in serious question, and there is a raging battle to stop the taxpayer-funded implementation of 5G… Pub 8 Oct 2018 Added 26 Dec 2018

TJ00163 cnn.com Huawei: We’re still leading the world on 5G, despite political attacks. Huawei is firing back against the US-led campaign to push it out of major markets, insisting it’s still on track to lead the world in the introduction of 5G technology. “Despite efforts in markets creating fear about Huawei, using politics to interfere with growth,.. Pub 18 Dec 2018 Added 20 Dec 2018

TJ00162 – techcrunch.com  The 5G wars have entered the petty stage. If you’re reading this the year it was written, you’re almost certainly not getting it over 5G. If you’re reading this in the future, congrats, you made it. And hey, remember polar bears?  5G is the latest buzzword to send the mobile industry into a tizzy. Pub 18 Dec 2018 Added 20 Dec 2018

TJ00161 The coming 5G revolution . How the next generation of mobile connectivity will bring emerging technologies to life.  Warning – lots of pop ups on this page. Pub and Added 17 Dec 2018

TJ00160 – phys.org 5G: a revolution not without risks.The recent diplomatic dust-up over Chinese telecoms company Huawei, one of the leaders in developing equipment for fifth-generation mobile networks, has demonstrated that this technology which promises to enable an internet of things and self-driving vehicles also poses risks.  Pub 16 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-12-5g-revolution.html#jCp

TJ00159  cnet.com 5G rides one last wave of hype before reality sets in. CES is all about big tech promises and buzzwords. So of course 5G will be all over the place. Pub 14 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

TJ000158 – theregister.co.uk  If most punters are unlikely to pay more for 5G, why all the rush? Analysis 5G is a technical and economical miracle that you cannot help but admire. Soon our streets will be drenched in high-speed connectivity as all kinds of far-out radio boffinry get commercialised, productised, and deployed for something useful. Many billions of pounds of other people’s money will be spent here. But the mobile networks are haunted by an awkward economic reality: for all the 5G razzle-dazzle, most punters just won’t pay more for it…. Pub 14 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

TJ00157 Ars Technica  Dont buy a smart phone – at least for a while. We dive into the many ways first-gen 5G hardware will (temporarily?) ruin phone design. Pub 14 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

TJ00156 – computerweekly.com  Slow action on broadband and 5G risks UK’s economic future, CBI warns.  A report from the CBI has called for the government to fast-track legislation to guarantee access to ultrafast network services Pub 12 Dec 2018 Added 13 Dec 2018

TJ00155 – adweek.com – Verizon cuts more than 10,000 workers to double down on 5G. he company said on Monday that 10,400 workers—nearly 7 percent of its workforce—have agreed to leave by the middle of next year as part of a voluntary separation program meant to shore up cash for 5G investment. The job cuts come as Verizon is shifting its strategy away from digital media ambitions towards a full-bore focus on the 5G arms race. Pub 11 Dec 2018 Added 13 Dec 2018

TJ00154 –  www.slashgear.com   5G is coming: what you need to know. There is no stopping the 5G revolution, especially since everyone seems to be on board. From network operators to smartphone manufacturers to silicon makers, everyone seems to be hellbent on pushing the fifth generation cellular technology to businesses and consumers. With all the marketing and hype, there’s bound to be some confusion and questions…. Pub 9 Dec 2018 Added 10 Dec 2018

TJ00153  Huawei agrees to UK security steps to avoid 5G ban: report. Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre says it has ‘concerns around a range of technical issues’ and has set out improvements Huawei must make…Pub 8 Dec 2018 Added 10 Dec 2018

TJ 00152 forbes.com Will the 2027 5G deadline help or hinder Fintech Pub 8 Dec 2018 Added 10 Dec 2018

TJ00151  tomsguide.com 5G is coming, it’s exciting, and I’m sitting it out for now. WAILEA, Hawaii — Qualcomm has just spent a week at its annual Snapdragon Tech Summit trumpeting the imminent arrival of 5G networking in the very near future. Whether it was demos of 5G’s faster data speeds, announcements of 5G-ready products such as the Snapdragon 855 processor or appearances from phone makers and network operators to talk up their 5G plans, the message was the same — 2019 is the year 5G will be a reality.. Pub 7 Dec 2018 Added 10 Dec 2018

TJ00150 – gizmodo.com – Why 5G Hype is out of control this week.  This week, we’ve been assaulted with a barrage of 5G “news” and announcements, but without a real good reason for why things are happening now. Companies like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others have been out talking big about making 5G capable phones, while wireless carriers—most notably AT&T and Verizon—have been out there promising cell networks with lighting fast downloads, low latency, and enough bandwidth to power pretty much anything you do on a phone or PC—all coming soon (TM) a city near you…. Pub 7 Dec 2018 Added 10 Dec 2018

TJ00149  raconteur.net  What 5G will do for VR/AR. In the not-to-distant future, it will be commonplace to see people wearing augmented reality (AR) glasses or virtual reality (VR) headsets, walking the streets, waiting at bus stops or sat in offices… Pub 3 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

TJ00148  the national.ae – For 5G to succeed, coverage must take priority over revenue. Short-term gains can mean less access for under-served populations. As telcos work to make 5G a reality by 2019, the focus should be on expanding coverage to more people rather than on the short-term potential revenue generated by the network’s premium cost, the head of a mobile interest group cautioned…. Pub 2 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

TJ00147 – entrepreneur.com   Who will lead the 5G race in 2019. The 5g wave is rising thanks to smartphone makers that are leading the adoption of this technology. Also known as fifth generation wireless, the technology succeeds the 4G, 3G and 2G systems. 5G performance is driven by characteristics like high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. Research firm Analysys Mason ranked countries on their 5G readiness this year…. Pubg 2 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

TJ00146  telanganatoday.com    You’re in for a 5G treat. If you thought 4G networks are fast, wait till you try this newest release of Qualcomm. Pub 2 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

TJ00145 – forbes.com  5G IP leadership – Its too early to determine,  The patent sharing model of the cellular wireless industry has always made Intellectual Property (IP) licensing the driving force behind each new generation of cellular technology. This model has been critical to incentivizing innovators to make rather risky investments in future technology and for funding the development of each new standard…. Pub 1 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

TJ00144 – www.cnbc.com  We have the first-mover advantage in 5G, the ‘biggest change’ to the cellular industry in decades: Qualcomm CEO… Pub 28 Nov 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

TJ00143 – bbc.co.uk Huawei: Why has UK not blocked Chinese firms’ 5G kit? New Zealand government’s move to prevent Huawei supplying a local mobile network with 5G equipment has raised questions about why the UK appears less concerned about use of the Chinese company’s technology.  A press release from Spark, the New Zealand company involved, said it had been deemed that the deployment posed “significant security risks” – a polite way of saying that Beijing might use the technology to spy on the country or disrupt its communications in a future dispute. Pub 28 Nov 2018 Added 5 Dec 2018

TJ00142 – thenational.ae 5G will not offer a huge change for consumers, Etisalat exclusive says. The head of the telecom operator takes a realistic stance on the future of high-speed connectivity… Pub 26 Nov 2018 Added 28 Nov 2018

TJ00141 – lightreading.com Huawei Launches Evolution Strategy for 5G-Oriented Wireless Target Network. LONDON — At Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2018, Huawei released the “All Bands Go to 5G” strategy for the evolution towards a 5G-oriented wireless target network. This strategy provides suggestions for future development of the wireless network in three key aspects: simplified site, simplified network, and automation. Pub 26 Nov 2018 Added 28 Nov 2018

TJ00140 – dw.com What is 5G and why do we care.  The future generation of mobile networks promises a giant leap in speed. But who will really get access? When is it ready? And who will be paying for it? Pub 26 Nov 2018 Added 28 Nov 2018

TJ00139 – financialpost.com  Mobile operators across Middle East set for global 5G leadership, according to new GSMA reports.  DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arab States1 are set to be global leaders in the deployment of 5G networks, with all six markets expected to launch 5G mobile services in the next two years, according to two new reports released today at Mobile 360 Series – MENA.  Pub and added 26 Nov 2018

TJ00138 – O2 launches massive MIMO pilot in London.  02 and Nokia are rolling out two Massive MIMO (multiple input-multiple output) trials in the King’s Cross and Marble Arch areas of London. They say this work will pave the way for 5G deployment across the capital. Massive MIMO makes mobile networks more efficient by allowing multiple beams of data to be transmitted from the antennas to the device. This boosts speed and capacity. Pub and added 26 Nov 2018

TJ00137 – androidauthority.com  – 5G phones: all you need to know about every 5G phone confirmed so far.  There is a lot of advertising rubbish/pop-ups etc. Ed. Pub 25 Nov 2018 Added 26 Nov 2018

TJ00136 – choose.co.uk 5G could double home internet speeds, new report suggests.   The report, produced by Ovum, says that 5G technology will deliver speeds of 80 – 100 Mbps. This is around double the speed achieved on average with home broadband connections. Pub 23 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018

TJ00135 – engadget.com  It’s no secret that the U.S. doesn’t want Huawei or any other Chinese tech company selling its networking equipment in America. Now it’s taking that cause beyond its borders…..Pub 24 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018

TJ00134   As a massive roll out of 5G is to begin in urban areas, what are the challenges for engineers? London, Manchester and Belfast are set to be among the first cities to be equipped with 5G as BT’s mobile arm EE begins a roll out of its 5G services. The roll out includes transport hubs such as Manchester Airport and Edinburgh Waverley train station…. Pub and added 21 November 2018

TJ00133 – zdnet.com  NBN not worried about 5G competition, completes own 5G tests
NBN has reported revenue up 50 percent to AU$620 million for the first quarter of FY19, alongside a 65 percent improvement in earnings…Pub 19 Nov 2018 Added 20 Nov 2018

TJ00132 zdnet.com  Tech companies are dialling down the hype around 5G mobile – here’s why  5G will bring big benefits in the future, but over-hyping it today won’t help anyone. Technology is, unfortunately, a hype-infested industry. Every new device has to be insanely great; every new piece of software has to be the harbinger of a business revolution…. Pub 19 Nov 2018 Added 20 Nov 2018

TJ00131 – www.thenational.ae   As 5G takes off, 2G and 3G still stay underutilised, says ITU director. Estimates show about 3 billion people will remain offline in 2020 in the absence of co-ordinated approach. Countries are carrying out trials but still some believe that 5G is basically 4G on steroids. It’s just like a space race among nations on who will reach first,” Ms Bogdan-Martin, the director of the ITU’s telecoms development bureau, told The National.  pub 17 Nov 2018 Added 19 Nov 2018

TJ00130 – 5G around the world.  IBC looks at the latest developments in the rollout 5G across the globe.   As well as promising the faster delivery of programmes to mobile devices, 5G is expected to enable leaps in content creation through advances such as remote production. The new technology and network standard will also mean new experiences possible in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), connected cars and devices in the smart home. Pub 16 Nov 2018 Added 18 Nov 2018

TJ00129 – extremetech.com  Intel accelerates 5G modem deployment, could power first 5G iPhones. There have been a number of rumors around Intel’s modem business lately and its long-term relationship with Apple. The company is moving up its own publicly announced 5G roadmap and plans after some of these stories broke over the past few weeks, emphasizing that its upcoming XMM 8160 5G modem will launch more than a half-year early, with availability expected in the back half of 2019.  Pub 13 Nov 2018 Added 15 Nov 2018

TJ00128 – 5g.co.uk   EE will launch 5G in 16 cities in 2019 and we know which ones.  We already knew EE was launching its 5G network in 2019, but now we know where, as the company has confirmed that London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester will be the first cities to get it…. Or rather, parts of them will be. Don’t expect city-wide coverage on day one, as EE is focused on the areas that are busiest, such as Hyde Park in London, Manchester Arena, Belfast City Airport, the Welsh Assembly, Edinburgh Waverly train station and Birmingham’s Bullring…. Pub and added 13 Nov 2018

TJ00127 – bbj.hu  Budapest Business Journal.  5G Coalition Looking to Establish Pioneering Path for Hungary. Launched last June with the intention of supporting fifth generation development in Hungary and creating a strategy for the country, the 5G Coalition (5GC) now counts 65 members from industry, academia and the government. Pub 12 Nov 2018 Added 13 Nov 2018

TJ00126 – androidauthority.com   OnePlus’ 5G smartphone will not be the OnePlus 7. A OnePlus spokesperson revealed that the company’s 5G smartphone will launch in early 2019.
The spokesperson also revealed that the 5G smartphone will not be the OnePlus 6T successor.
OnePlus’ 5G smartphone will kick off a new line of devices for the company.

TJ00125 – ejinsight.com    Hong Kong can lead in testing new 5G services. Though the fifth-generation of mobile service (5G) is expected to become popular only in mid to late 2030s when killer applications are introduced, the new technology is undoubtedly the future for the coming 10 to 20 years, given the unlimited potential in applications — from smart-home security to remote patient monitoring to autonomous vehicles. Pub 12 Nov 2018 Added 13 Nov 2018

TJ00124 – www.theregister.co.uk    FCC Commissioner slams San Jose mayor for not approving 5G cells… then slams him for approving them. I’m best, you’re worst, cries telecoms watchdog man. If you ever had any doubt that the triumvirate of FCC Commissioners – the Pai Men – who decide America’s federal telecoms policy are always right, it was confirmed Friday.    Pub 9 Nov 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

TJ00123 –  Vodafone NZ preps network for 5G  Vodafone New Zealand and Ciena are deploying programmable capabilities to the network in order to prepare for 5G and IoT applications. Pub 9 Nov 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

TJ00122 – MUST READ    Connexin quit spectrum bid over 5G infrastructure costs. An upstart comms company that pulled out of the UK’s first auction of spectrum earmarked for 5G mobile broadband did so when it became apparent that assumptions about 5G infrastructure roll-out were flawed, according to a source close to the firm… Pub 8 Nov 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

TJ00121 –  network world  Bell Labs: Nokia’s Future X 5G networking can help boost business productivity.  Cloud-assisted driving, remote surgery, touch-sensitive VR, along with a jump in industrial productivity, are coming and have one thing in common: the continuing evolution of network infrastructure toward 5G. Pub 8 Nov 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

TJ00120  -www.ispreview.co.uk   Three UK Commit £2bn to Commercial 5G Broadband Rollout in 2019.  Mobile operator Three UK has announced that they’ve committed £2bn to support the start of their commercial roll-out of future 5G mobile and ultrafast “home broadband” technology from the second half of 2019, which will put them in a position to challenge arch rival EE (BT) for an early lead.  Pub 7 Nov 2018 Added 7 Nov 2018

TJ00119 – cnet.com     5G and the promise of a smart home makeover.  5G has the potential to reduce complexity and improve performance across the smart home. But not every company is ready to talk about it… Pub and Added 5 Nov 2018

TJ00118 –  bbc.co.uk  Consortium behind Orkney 5G trial planning world firsts. The consortium bringing experimental 5G to Orkney have revealed more about their plans. They will use the technology to maintain wi-fi on an inter island ferry, help to manage numbers at tourist honeypots, protect the health of children and monitor a fish farm. The trials are aimed at areas that have missed out on telecommunications infrastructure. Pub 2 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 208

TJ00117 theregister.co.uk   While everyone coos at the promise of 5G, UK network Three asks if it can tempt you with 4G+  Need to up dem data rates.  Hutchison’s UK network Three has upgraded 2,700 urban sites to support faster 4G data.  The introduction of carrier aggregation technology on the network has enabled it to boost downloads by an average of 33 per cent, said Three UK. Users in cities, traditionally the most congested areas, will see the benefit, which manifests itself with a “4G+” label on your phone…. Pub 1 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

TJ00116 – sdxcentral.com   Russian will launch 5G in 2020, GSMA says.  Russia will lead the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and launch 5G in 2020 with a goal of covering 80 percent of the country’s population by 2025. According to a study from the GSMA, other countries in the CIS region including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, and Uzbekistan will likely follow Russia and launch 5G by 2025.  Pub 30 Oct 2018 Added 31 Oct 2018

TJ00115 – 5G ROI is a no-brainer for us – Orange.  5G is clearly critical for the digital economy of tomorrow, but the expensive job of rolling out the networks take a bit more cunning thought. Speaking on a panel session at Total Telecom Congress in London, Yves Bellégo, Director of Network Strategy at Orange pointed out there is no debate on the ROI for 5G. It’s simple; 5G enables us to deliver data significantly cheaper. … Pub 30 Oct 2018 Added 31 Oct 2018.

TJ00114 – itportal.com  Oppo wants to release world’s first 5G smartphone. Chinese giant hopes to launch a 5G smartphone as early as next year. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has revealed it successfully conducted 5G hardware trials in its Australian research facility, paving the way to hopefully push a 5G smartphone next year… Pub 30 Oct 2018 Added 31 Oct 2018

TJ00113  androidauthority.com   5G has arrived: Here’s what you can expect from T-Mobile. and What will be 5G’s killer app? Many industry players aren’t sure yet.   The pages are a mess. Let’s hope they debug it soon. Ed. Pub 28 Oct 2018 Added 28 Oct 2018

TJ00112 fortune.com   Trump Sets Out to Apply His ‘America First’ Approach to 5G Wireless. U.S. President Donald Trump issued a presidential memorandum Thursday calling on various government agencies to develop a “sustainable spectrum strategy.” The memorandum says “it is imperative that America be first in fifth-generation (5G) wireless technologies.” Pub 26 Oct 2018 Added 26 Oct 2018

TJ00111 – the inquier.net  Samsung is plotting three Galaxy S10 models including ‘5G’ and ‘cheap’ variants. Mega-leak also spills the beans on Samsung’s foldable device… Pub 26 Oct 2018 Added 26 Oct 2018

TJ00110 – Telstra launches 5G across Canberra, Adelaide, Perth. Telstra now has 50 live 5G sites, with the latest across parts of the cities of Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth. Pub 23 Oct 2018 Added 25 Oct 2018

TJ00109   zdnet.com   Samsung and NEC announce 5G partnership. NEC said it will combine its expertise across IT with Samsung’s expertise in 5G technology to expand their portfolios. The partnership brings together the best-in-class technology and expertise in 5G, merging NEC and Samsung’s leadership in 5G and IT solutions,” the companies said on Wednesday…. Pub 24 Oct 2018 Added 25 Oct 2018

TJ00108 engadget.com   Qualcomm is expecting two waves of 5G flagship smartphones in 2019,  Some in the first half of the year, and others before the holidays. If you’ve been wondering when to expect the first 5G smartphone on the market, there’s now a somewhat official answer from none other than Qualcomm. Speaking at the 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong, Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon said that based on what his company has visibility to, they are expecting “at least two waves of major flagships” with 5G radio next year, with the first lot arriving some time within the first half of the year, and the rest in the holiday season. Pub 23 Oct 2018 Added 23 Oct 2018

TJ00107 – forbes.com   The 5G Tsunami Is Coming In 2019. The launch of 5G will be significantly different than previous generations. With the inclusion of several wireless technologies like sub-6GHz, mmWave, and NB-IoT, the applications for 5G are much broader than previous generations, offering new opportunities not just for device OEMs, but also for enterprises and operators. In addition, 5G is becoming a competitive race, not just among carriers within a region, but also between countries. As a result, 5G will be launching by carriers in almost every region in a single year. Pub 23 Oct 2018 Added 23 Oct 2018

TJ00106- cnet.com   5G will unlock whole new applications — here are the most promising
There’s a lot of hype around 5G. CNET’s Ask Maggie offers a glimpse into some of the cool things it will enable — and why you should care. Q and A, fairly basic bland PR. Pub 22 Oct 2018 Added 23 Oct 2018

TJ00105 –  japantimes.co.jp NEC and Samsung to team up on developing and marketing 5G systems. NEC Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. will tie up on development and global marketing of next-generation telecommunications base stations for mobile phone carriers, according to sources.   The Japanese and South Korean companies are initially focusing on the U.S. and Japanese markets,  Pub 21 Oct 2018 Added 22 Oct 2018

TJ00104 – Strategy Analytics points to 5G’s ‘dirty little secret‘. Strategy Analytics has claimed that 5G phones could cost consumers as much as $1,000 (£764) when they are released next year. Further, prices will fall and level out much more slowly than those of 3G and 4G devices. According to the 5G’s Dirty Little Secret: Subsidies Must Return report,  subsidies will be necessary to make 5G phones affordable on the mass market. Pub 22 Oct 2018 Added 22 Oct 2018

TJ00103  ctvnews.ca Former CSIS director, defence minister urge feds to bar Huawei from 5G.    former CSIS director and defence minister are both urging Ottawa to bar Chinese telecom giant Huawei from participating in the development of Canada’s next-generation 5G wireless network over espionage and security concerns.  “We do know that China, among other countries — Iran, Russia, other non-state actors — are constantly hacking our system, and they’re state-run,” former Conservative Defence Minister Peter MacKay told CTV’s Question Period in a panel discussion airing Sunday. “Let’s not forget that Huawei is a state-run company.”….. Pub 20 Oct 2018 Added 21 Oct 2018

TJ00102 – seekingalpha.com    How IOT, 5G, And Edge Computing Are Changing The Wireless Landscape.     IOT is driving the need for new networks and computing on the edge. 5G models are varied and flexible; expect companies to compete based on their ingenuity in implementing them.   5G is important to low-latency, high-bandwidth applications, but competitors such as LoRa may dominate smart homes and other low-bandwidth uses. Pub 20 Oct 2018 Added 21 Oct 2018

TJ00101 – totalele.com    Better late than…now: how European telcos could benefit from being behind the 5G curve. Declining cost curve for 5G equipment could help Europe’s operators, while accelerated investments in the U.S. could hurt credit quality, according to S&P Global. There is a real obsession in this industry with being first.  Pub 19 Oct 2018 Added 20 Oct 2018

TJ00100  engadget.com     Huawei is working on a foldable 5G smartphone
The company has previously targeted 2019 to release a folding device.  It’s wasn’t too long ago that flip phones were all the rage, and now it looks they might have a spiritual successor. Richard Yu, CEO of Chinese smartphone maker Huawei, told Digital Trends that his company is working on foldable phones as part of its next-generation device lineup.  Huawei is exploring the possibility of making a 5G-capable folding smartphone, according to Yu. Pub 19 Oct 2018 Added 20 Oct 2018

TJ00099  euractiv.com    Volkswagen a winner as EU set to favour wifi over 5G. The European Commission is set to approve and set rules for the use of wifi in cars, giving Volkswagen and Renault who have pursued this technology the edge over Daimler and others who invested in rival 5G networks.    The EU executive is expected to announce draft legislation on the issue next month for feedback from EU countries and EU lawmakers before adopting it next year.  The decision is a crucial one for both carmakers and telecoms operators and equipment makers as the market for internet-connected cars is expected to be worth billions of euros a year…. Pub 19 Oct 2018 Added 20 Oct 2018

TJ00098  techradar.com   Operators may have to subsidise ‘expensive’ 5G smartphones. Mobile operators may have to subsidise the first wave of 5G smartphones in order to encourage early adoption of next-generation networks due to high cost and the absence of new use cases, analysts have claimed.  Pub 19 Oct 2018 Added 19 Oct 2018

TJ00097 – thenational.ae –  New 5G mobile network can be a Dh1 trillion boost to GCC economy. Healthcare, transport, agriculture and finance industries all in line to win big from 5G rollout in 2019. Imagine a new age where friends and family thousands of kilometres away can experience the same world from a virtual perspective. Fifth generation connectivity promises just that and is due to arrive in the UAE next year. Technology analysts estimate 5G connectivity will boost the GCC economy by $269 billion (Dh988.04bn) over 10 years with cheaper, faster internet access and connecting devices through the Internet of Things. Pub 17 Oct 2018 Added 19 Oct 2018

TJ00096  zdnet.com   Ericsson: 5G a ‘commercial reality’ as networks sales rise
Ericsson has reported net sales of 54 billion SEK for Q3, up from 49 billion SEK last year. 5G is now a “commercial reality”, Ericsson has said in its Q3 earnings report, with the Swedish networking giant planning to “continue to invest to secure 5G leadership” with enhanced mobile broadband and fixed-wireless as the first use cases. Pub 19 Oct 2018 Added 19 Oct 2018

TJ00095 – www.ft.com   Samsung buys Spanish networks analysis firm in 5G push. Purchase of Zhilabs is part of a 3-year $22bn investment drive into new technologies. Pub 17 Oct 2018 Added 18 Oct 2018

TJ00094 patentlymobile.com   Samsung aquires Spanish firm Zhilbs to boost its 5G networks business.  Earlier today Patent Mobile posted a report titled “Samsung has Chosen Montreal Canada for its Seventh AI Center Location around the World. In a second report published today we’re learning that Samsung believes that automation based on artificial intelligence will play a key role in the introduction of new services in the 5G eraincluding the ‘internet of things’ and connected cars — both areas that Samsung sees as growth drivers but in which it has struggled to stay ahead. Pub 17 Oct 2018 Added 17 Oct 2018

TJ00093 – forbes.com   The War For The World’s 5G Future. Today America is locked in a struggle for high-tech supremacy with China.  The battlefields range from lasers, hypersonic weaponry, and advanced unmanned systems for the military, to artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computers and even driverless cars in the civilian sector. One is transparently clear: whoever wins this struggle will become the dominant superpower in the 21st century; and one of the most decisive contests will be over  5G wireless….. Pub 17 Oct 2018 Added 18 Oct 2018

TJ00092   5g.co.uk  Huawei launches 5G Power series for simpler energy evolution.
Huawei has launched what it says is the industry’s first full-range 5G Power solution for global operators. The company announced the new product at the recent Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit held in Turin, Italy.    The 5G Power solution aims to “ensure that energy evolution is simpler, more reliable and more efficient in the 5G network process.”
Pub 15 Oct 2018 Added 15 Oct 2018

TJ00091 – www.engadget.com    US Senators push Canada to exclude Huawei from its 5G strategy.   They’re convinced the country is opening itself to a security risk.  American politicians aren’t just nervous about having Huawei devices on their networks… they’re worried about neighboring countries, too. Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio have sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to “reconsider” Huawei’s involvement in any of the country’s 5G plans.
There’s “ample evidence” to suggest that no large Chinese company is completely free of government control, Warner and Rubio claim, and that could lead to Huawei spying on the intelligence operations of both Canada and its Five Eyes allies (Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US). Pub 15 Oct 2018 Added 15 Oct 2018

TJ00090  forbes.com  As 5G Launches, Consumers Couldn’t Care Less. Here’s Why They Should.   If you’re like most cell phone users, you probably aren’t paying attention to the slow rollout of 5G this year, including AT&T’s recent announcement that it would bring superfast mobile connection speeds to 19 cities by early next year. But don’t worry, because your fellow wireless customers are ignoring the news, too. A new survey explains why: We couldn’t care less about the 5G launch because we’re deeply skeptical of the latest technology and maybe even a little angry with our wireless carriers. Pub 14 Oct 2018 Added 14 Oct 2018

TJ00089  cnet.com HISTORICAL COMMENT  Qualcomm says 5G is the biggest thing since electricity.  Your next wireless boost is about more than faster movie-streaming. Qualcomm is buzzing about 5G as the key to our future connectivity. Pub 6 Jan 2017 Added 14 Oct 2018

TJ00088    www.keloland.com    5G is coming.  Sioux Falls’ mayor calls it a game changer.  We are talking about 5G high speed internet. Many say it’s the ‘next big thing’ when it comes to technology.  Friday Senator John Thune hosted a U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing in Sioux Falls to talk about the next step in bringing 5G technology to South Dakota.  The United States is in a race to bring 5G high speed internet access to everyone.  Pub 12 Oct 2018 Added 13 Oct 2018

TJ00087  verizon.com  How 5G can transform the factory floor.  The next generation in wireless technology is poised to kickstart a Fourth Industrial Revolution.  By 2020, the number of connected devices is expected to reach 20.4 billion. The thermostat that’s controllable from a phone; the refrigerator that sends alerts when the milk carton is low; the camera drone that sends footage to a motion graphics studio—they’re amazing, but they’re also just the tip of the spear.  Pub 12 Oct 2018  Added 13 Oct 2018

TJ00086   totaltele.com   The race for 5G is on – Literally!  Nokia and TIM showcase 5G services at the Rally Legend in San Marino.  Finnish tech giants, Nokia have teamed up with Telecom Italia (TIM) to demonstrate some of the main use cases for 5G, in the tiny European micro-state of San Marino. The pair are making strides towards the goal of making San Marino the first 5G nation in Europe …..    Pub 11 Oct 2018 Added 12 Oct 2018

TJ00085 www.lightreading.com   5G A new generation of communications.  AT&T: We’re Not Only Focused on mmWave for 5G.     NEW YORK — 5G Transport & Networking Strategies — AT&T wants you to know that it will not be solely dependent on millimeter wave as the spectrum for its forthcoming mobile 5G service in the US.      That’s absolutely not true,” Gordon Mansfield, VP of RAN and device design at AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), told the crowd at Light Reading’s event Tuesday. (See 5G Transport Gets a Reboot in NY.) Pub 11 Oct 2018 Added 12 Oct 2018

TJ00084 –  Marketplace.org   The Local, National And Global Fight Over 5G Infrastructure. The whole multitrillion dollar promise of 5G — millions of jobs and new businesses — is just a pipe dream without infrastructure. Unlike 4G, which can be delivered through a relatively small number of tall towers, 5G wireless service relies on lots and lots of small receivers placed fairly close together. And installing all those little 5G cells is turning into a big fight….. Pub  11 Oct 2018 Added 12 Oct 2018

TJ00083  arstchnica.com Ajit Pai’s 5G plans make it harder for small ISPs to deploy broadband.  FCC plans to tilt a spectrum auction toward T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.The Federal Communications Commission is changing the rules for an upcoming spectrum auction in a way that will make it harder for small carriers to buy spectrum for deploying broadband.     The change—requested by T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon—will help the big carriers deploy nationwide 5G networks, according to Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal. But the change will also make it harder for small companies to buy spectrum that could be used to fill broadband gaps in rural areas. Pub 10 Oct 2018  Added 11 Oct 2018

TJ00082 – AT&T sets up 5G test zone for Magic Leap’s HQ. The AR headset maker will be able to test apps and devices on a 5G network. AT&T will supply Magic Leap with 5G connectivity for testing its mixed-reality tech.  AT&T will build a 5G test zone at the Magic Leap campus in Plantation, Florida, next year, the companies revealed Wednesday during the LEAP (Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Program) developers conference in Los Angeles. Developers at the Magic Leap headquarters will be able to test applications and devices on the next-generation cellular network. Pub 10 Oct 2018 Added 11 Oct 2018

TJ00081 – Financial Times  Equipment vendors battle for early lead in 5G contracts. Industry heavyweights vie for deals to supply kit for next-generation mobile networks. Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of FT.com T&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email licensing@ft.com to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. More information can be found here.   It looked to be a seminal moment for the telecoms industry when Verizon, the US mobile network, launched the “world’s first” commercial 5G service a week ago. Yet Verizon’s boast was met with derision in some quarters, given that “5G” networks are already up and running in Helsinki, Tallinn, San Marino and some Middle Eastern locations. Even Lesotho has 5G after Vodacom launched a network in the tiny African nation in August.   Pub 9 Oct 2018 Added 11 Oct 2018

TJ00080  venturebeat.com Dish Network considers $10 billion 5G network instead of spectrum sale. Satellite broadcasting company Dish Network has largely stood on the sidelines as cellular and cable companies have started building out 5G networks, but that could change — assuming that Dish chairman Charlie Ergen isn’t bluffing. According to Deutsche Bank Research analysts (via FierceWireless), Ergen is now suggesting a $10 billion 5G network buildout is its “Plan A,” with the sale of its existing 5G spectrum as “Plan B,” apparently switching its prior priorities….. Pub 8 Oct 2018 Added 9 Oct 2018

TJ00079   theverge.com T-Mobile promises 5G for its Metro prepaid service in 2019. T-Mobile announced it was building out its 5G network in 30 cities this February, and today, the company committed to bringing 5G service to its Metro prepaid service in 2019, as first reported by CNET. Metro is the recently rebranded MetroPCS, which was acquired by T-Mobile in 2013. Metro’s unlimited plans are also launching today, which bring perks like Google One cloud storage and an Amazon Prime membership. Pub 8 Oct 2018 Added 9 Oct 2018

TJ00078      FierceWireless.com Verizon’s 5G threat to cable is ‘overblown,’ analyst says. Verizon is specifically targeting cable operators with its new 5G Home service, according to Verizon’s Ed Chan.    Verizon is targeting cities “where cable is today, just foundationally, because we definitely see the customer demand in those places,” Chan told Ars Technica. The cable industry has “done a very good job of always aligning to a single cable-only provider” in most U.S. cities…… Pub 8 Oct 2018 Added 9 Oct 2018

TJ00077    The Wall Street Journal In the 5G Race, Airwave Auctions Are the Next Rivalry
Governments start selling access to spectrum for new mobile networks that would be much faster than those of today.  A new battle for cellular airwaves is under way as governments around the world start to auction off spectrum for mobile coverage that could power near-instant video downloads and help run factories, control gadgets and navigate driverless cars. Pub 7 Oct 2018   Added 8 Oct 2018

TJ00076 Nokia opens 5G skills centre with UTS. The University of Technology Sydney and Nokia have partnered to open a skills accelerator training facility for 5G, Internet of Things, networking, and cybersecurity technologies. Pub 7 Oct 2018 Added 8 Oct 2018

TJ00075  lightreading.com 5G: Friend or Foe for European Cable? If there’s one thing that European cable TV providers know better than anyone else in the world, it’s fixed-mobile convergence.    Unlike their US counterparts, European cable TV operators have embraced mobile (voice, data, video and other services) as a key element of their product bundle for years. In fact, at last count, at least 16 European MSOs have adopted network convergence strategies so far, becoming either MNOs or MVNOs. Take that, Comcast and Charter.  Pub 8 Oct 2018 Added 8 Oct 2018

TJ00074 – www.barrons.com 5G Rollout Could Lift Verizon Stock. Some revolutions start quietly. With little fanfare, Verizon Communications last Monday began fixed, residential 5G broadband service in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. The new wireless standard promises speeds and services far surpassing 4G’s. As it spreads, Verizon stock, recently fetching 11 times forward earnings estimates, could win a higher valuation. A 20% return, including dividends, over the next year, would merely bring the shares up to their 10-year average of 13 times.   Pub 5 Oct 2018 Added 6 Oct 2018

TJ00073 – telecoms.com EE shows its 5G ambitions are greater than the smartphone. EE is set to green light its first 5G trial in London, testing out its fixed wireless access ambitions.
Five businesses and five homes will have the chance to test out EE’s 5G broadband capabilities as the telco shows us it’s not all about bufferless cat videos on the bus. The trial will see 5G switched on at ten sites around East London in City Road, Old Street, Hoxton Square, St Paul’s and Chiswell Street.  Although details of the trialists are thin at the moment, EE has hinted it will make use of social media to find them. If anything else, it’s an interesting idea to increase follows across the various platforms. Pub 3 Oct 2018 Added 4 Oct 2018

TJ00072 – The 5G Dilemma: More Base Stations, More Antennas—Less Energy?
5G networks will likely consume more energy than 4G, but one expert says the problem may not be as bad as it seems. A lurking threat behind the promise of 5G delivering up to 1,000 times as much data as today’s networks is that 5G could also consume up to 1,000 times as much energy. Concerns over energy efficiency are beginning to show up at conferences about 5G deployments, where methods for reducing energy consumption have become a hot topic. Pub 3 Oct 2018 Added 4 Oct 2018

TJ00071 – Vodafone chief warns governments on ‘artificial’ 5G auctions.  European countries urged not to follow short-term thinking of Italian spectrum sale. Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles.
Nick Read, the new chief executive of Vodafone, has warned governments not to gouge the struggling telecoms sector by designing “artificial” spectrum auctions designed to boost their cash-strapped coffers. The comments were made in the wake of the Italian 5G auction, which set a record price for 5G spectrum. The 14-day auction, which closed Tuesday night, generated €6.5bn but has led to fears that the country’s four mobile networks will need to raise prices or invest less in 5G upgrades to offset the high acquisition cost. Pub 3 Oct 2018 Added 4 Oct 2018

TJ00070 – Verizon’s 5G home internet is sort of real, sort of fake. Verizon became the first major ISP to launch 5G home internet service yesterday. It’s a major step on the road to making 5G a reality, but if you’ve ever in your life interacted with an internet provider, you’re probably at least a little bit skeptical: is this really 5G?
The answer is sort of. In a phone call yesterday, Verizon’s chief technology architect, Ed Chan, said that the newly launched home 5G service uses a number of technologies that have been deemed a part of 5G.   Pub 2 Oct 2018 Added 3 Oct 2018

TJ00069 Verizon’s 5G home internet service is now live in four US cities. Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento get super fast Wi-Fi. Verizon announced it was working to bring 5G home internet service to a few US cities last November, and opened up preorders last month for residents to sign up. The company’s made good on their promise to launch the service on October 1st, and installations are starting today for residents in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Customers will be able to access typical Wi-Fi speeds around 300 mbps and peak speeds up to 1 Gbps….. Pub 1 Oct 2018 Added 3 Oct 2018

TJ00068 Forbes Magazine Will Samsung’s 5G Bets Pay Off? Samsung Electronics’ networking equipment division plans to invest heavily in the development of 5G. The technology is expected to drive the next big wave of spending for global wireless carriers, who are looking to mitigate the effects of a saturating wireless market by getting customers to spend more on their wireless data services. Below, we take a look at what the company is doing to drive growth in this market. Pub 2 Oct 2018 Added 3 Oct 2018

TJ00067 – New Energy: Smart Grid IoT Applications  Leveraging preexisting grid infrastructure (like fault detectors) enables energy operators to build smart grid IoT applications cost-effectively. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, major U.S. electric utilities spend $51 billion annually on electricity distribution systems. Their main objective is to upgrade aging equipment on their distribution system and to install smart meters. These investments are part of a broader trend toward a national smart grid that leverages new technologies within preexisting energy infrastructure to optimize electrical grid performance and minimize downtime. Pub 3 Oct 2018 Added 3 Oct 2018

TJ00066 – dpaonthenet.net Demand for training soars as smart meter deadline looms.Demand for smart meter training is heating up as firms race to meet the new smart metering equipment technical specification 2 (SMETS 2)… Pub Oct 1 2018 Added Oct 2 2018

TJooo65 – cnbc.com  FCC chair says regulations, not tariffs, are biggest barrier to 5G
The FCC wants the U.S. to remain a wireless leader, but Chairman Ajit Pai says regulations are slowing down 5G deployment.  The tariff spat between China and the U.S. isn’t the biggest obstacle, Pai says.  If China beats the U.S. to 5G adoption, Pai says, that will draw some investment and talent to their shores. …. Pub 28 Sept 2018 Added 29 Sept 2018

TJ00064 – venturebeat.com  Why is Verizon chasing 4G speed records with 5G only days away? After nearly a year of hype, actual 5G service is now only days away. Verizon is launching commercial offerings in four cities next week — but the same carrier is touting an eleventh-hour breakthrough in 4G. Working with Qualcomm and Nokia in a live New York commercial environment, Verizon achieved a peak data speed of 1.45Gbps using LTE Advanced technology. Pub 28 Sept 2018 Added 29 Sept 2018

TJ00063 – 5g.co.uk    UK government outlines the many ways it’s working towards 5G. It’s not just mobile networks that are working towards a 5G future, it’s also the UK government, and it has recently provided an update on what it’s currently working on to that end and what its future plans are. Most of this work is done under the 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme (5GTT) banner, a programme which aims to help ensure the majority of the UK has 5G coverage by 2027.   Pub 11 Sept 2018 Added 20 Sept 2018

TJ00062 androitpit.com. This is a German publication. 5G; a revolution worth waiting for. The 5G revolution is just beginning, very slowly, but once the successor to LTE is established, it will be worth the wait. Huawei is one of the companies developing 5G and working on the breakthrough. In a conversation in Berlin, Huawei experts explain where the advantages of 5G lie and when it will finally arrive.  Pub 25 Sept 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

TJ00061 Samsung Newsroom US Realising a connected future with 5G. At Samsung, we envision a future where devices work together seamlessly as part of a connected ecosystem. With blazing speed, minimal latency, and massive connectivity, 5G is the catalyst that will drive this technological revolution and transform the way we live, work, get around, and more. Pub 25 Sept 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

TJ00060 – 5g.co.uk – Ontix to deploy small cells in Westminster to pave the way for 5G. Wireless infrastructure provider Ontix Limited is set to deploy small cell nodes on street furniture such as lamp posts in the Westminster borough of London to boost connectivity and pave the way for 5G.
The initiative will provide faster connectivity and greater capacity for mobile and wireless network operators. A core aim of the project is to end the pockets of patchy coverage in the borough – known as ‘not-spots’. Pub 25 Sept 018 Added 25 Sept 2018

TJ00059   howtogeek.com    How 5G Could Transform Your Home Internet Connection. Verizon is about to launch home internet service using 5G. This new wireless standard isn’t just about faster data for your smartphone—it could finally offer competition for home internet, breaking the cable companies’ local monopolies and giving you a choice.  Pub 23 Sept 2018 Added 24 Sept 2018

TJ00058  5g.co.uk  Huawei confirms 5G phone launch – with foldable screen. Huawei’s vice-chairman and rotating CEO, Hu Houkun, has confirmed that the company’s first 5G phone will be available mid-2019, GizmoChina reports. Huawei first hinted at its 2019 5G phone back in February at its own Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen,… Pub 24 Sept 2018 Added 24 Sept 2018

TJ00057   mybroadband.co.za   is a South African publication with wide outreach.  When to expect affordable 5G routers. Mobile operators are readying themselves for the launch of 5G, with many piloting fixed-wireless access using new CPE (customer-premises equipment). The 5G craze has spread to South Africa, too, with Vodacom and Comsolrecently trialling 5G connections with speeds of 700Mbps and 1.75Gbps respectively. Pub 23 Sept 2018 Added 24 Sept 2018

TJ00056 – T-Mobile to offer self-installation for 5G home broadband, aims to cover 50% of zip codes by 2024. The race is on for rolling out 5G wireless service, not only for mobile devices, but also for home broadband use. While Verizon is starting a limited 5G home broadband rollout next month, T-Mobile has given more details on its 5G in-home broadband goals for the next few years. Pub 21 Sept 2018 Added 22 Sept 2018

TJ00055 – the ARegister – US cities react in fury to FCC’s $2bn break for 5G telcos: We’ll be picking up the tab, say officials. Federal price cap will undercut existing agreements, says just about every big city in America.  A plan to impose a federal price cap and one-size-fits-all model for the rollout of next-generation mobile networks has been met with fury by US cities. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle and dozens of other cities have responded in anger to a public comment period on two proposals from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Pub 22 Sept 2018 Added 22 Sept 2018

TJ00054 – Forbes Magazine –  Five ways 5G will rock our world. Never before has a wireless technology protocol garnered so much glowing press. But 5G is a different kind of upgrade, one that could radically alter the way we live and work. If it lives up to billing, 5G-enabled wireless systems and networking gear will blast data 100 times faster than current 4G LTE data systems. When it begins a long rollout at the end of 2018, 5G will also merge the previously separate pathways for voice and data services, allowing for more flexible usage across the board.  Pub 21 Sept 2018 Added 21 Sept 2018

TJ00053   The Register   In a race to 5G, Trump has stuck a ball-and-chain on America’s leg. China tit-for-tat tariff tiff a terrible thing, warns FCC Commissioner. Comment President Donald Trump’s trade war with China may come with a serious cost to America’s next-generation cellular networks, a federal regulator has warned.  FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel told a conference audience on Thursday that part of the new tariffs announced by the White House against China will include 25 per cent levies on essential networking components.  Pub 20 Sept 2018  Added 21 Sept 2018

TJ00052 – edn.com     Beam steering: One of 5G’s components. 5G will ultimately become a combination of many technologies. The New Radio, commonly known as 5GNR, will incorporate 64QAM and 256QAM modulations. Another significant aspect is beam steering, which is making progress with new ICs and antennas.  At the 2018 International Microwave Symposium in Philadelphia, Keysight Technologies teamed with Anokiwave and Ball Aerospace to show a real beam-steering system.Pub.  5 Aug 2018 Added 20 Sept 2018

TJ00051 – EDN Networker –  5G roundup: services before the year is out. The entire point of inducing the 3GPP to accelerate its process for developing 5G standards was so that some of the largest carriers in the world, including AT&T and Verizon, could start rolling out service by mid-2018. A full quarter past mid-2018 and AT&T and Verizon have deployed some 5G network equipment, but neither has introduced a commercial service. Pub 19 Sept 2018 Added 20 Sept 2018

TJ00051 – Theregister.co.uk   FCC’s 5G masterstroke little more than big biz cash giveaway – expert. One-size-fits-all pricing in America will expand, not narrow, digital divide Pub 19 Sept 2018 Added 20 Sept 2018

TJ00051  mobileworldlive.com   LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS AMERICAS 2018. GSMA head hails era of intelligent connectivity. GSMA director-general Mats Granryd put the focus on mobile’s role in shaping every aspect of today’s world during his opening keynote, with a big push on the idea of ‘intelligent connectivity.’“As an industry, we have an opportunity – an obligation – to leverage our mobile networks and services to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals Pub 12 Sept 2018 Added  20 Sept 2018

TJ00050 bgr.com    AT&T is already dreaming up ways to milk 5G for every possible cent. After literal years of breathless hype, 5G is finally set to arrive. Verizon is rolling out the first sorta-5G network in a handful of neighborhoods starting October 1st, and AT&T will be following closely behind. Verizon has already announced the pricing for its fixed home 5G internet, and it’s actually surprisingly reasonable — just $50 for existing Verizon wireless subscribers, which gets you speeds of at least 300Mbps and no data caps, thresholds, or throttling. Pub 18 Sept 2018 Added 19 Sept 2018

TJ00049   www.forbes.com   Is 5G as CIA plot. There is a well-established principle in journalism that if a headline asks a question there is always a simple answer. But before we get to that I’d like to look at where I got the idea that 5G might be a CIA plot. It was on a bus shelter in Archway, North London. Pub 18 Sept 2018 Added 19 Sept 2018

TJ00048   zdnet.com   MWCA: Fixed, non-standard 5G a ‘waste of time’, says AT&T CTO. AT&T is focused on a pure mobile 5G offering based on industry-wide standards, CTO Andre Fuetsch has told ZDNet, unlike its competitors. Pub 13 Sept 2018 Added 14 Sept 2018

TJ00047   telecoms.com     Fiber-optic is important for 5G but operators will need a range of options. Momentum behind 5G is building. Through ABI Research’s own analysis, 48 countries have either carried out consultations or have taken steps to auction spectrum and licenses for 5G services. Korea, Japan and the USA probably have the most extensive 5G commercial deployment plans in place but what is particularly remarkable is the spread of countries across the globe that have committed to 5G commercial deployment by 2020. Pub 7 Sept 2018 Added 13 Sept 2018

TJ00046   5g.co.uk    EE is laying the foundation for a 5G launch in August 2019. We already know that EE is aiming to start rolling out a 5G network in 2019 – probably around August – and the company has just taken a big step towards that by announcing plans to upgrade more than 500 of its mobile towers in the next six months. These are towers which currently broadcast a 3G signal, and they will of course not be upgraded straight to 5G in that timeframe, but rather they’ll be upgraded to carry a 4G signal.
This upgrade will allow them to use 2100MHz spectrum (which EE currently uses for 3G) for 4G instead, as well as EE’s other spectrum bands, giving them five ‘carriers’ of 4G in total, which is more than any other UK mobile network. Pub 11 Sept 2018 Added 12 Sept 2018

and from the same website

TJ00045   EE to put its new 3.5Ghz spectrum to the test in live 5G trial. EE will switch on what it is claiming will be the UK’s first live 5G trial network in October, in London’s Tech City. This, the mobile operator says, will connect EE’s customers to 5G for the first time.  Around the east London technology district, also known as Silicon Roundabout, 10 sites will be upgraded to 5G.  EE also worked closely with Tech City on trialling and rolling out its 4G network.

In the forthcoming trial, five small businesses and five households will also get the opportunity to try out 5G. EE will find these 10 residents and companies via social media between now and the trial kicking off. Participants will be able to use mobile broadband devices and EE is currently working with its partners to finalise these. The live trial is set to showcase 5G’s ability to provide high-speed mobile data connections, even in very densely populated areas. Pub 6 June 2018 Added 12 Sept 2018

TJ00044  www.ft.com   Hazy 5G growth agenda nags telecom chiefs. The industry has been burnt in the past by setting unrealistic expectations.   Mobile phone users in the Finnish city of Tampere and the Estonian capital Tallinn were the first in the world to be connected to a commercial 5G network in June when Elisa, the Finnish mobile phone company, switched on the first live next-generation service and made a video call between the two cities….
Pub 10 Sept 2018 Added 10 Sept 2018

TJ00043  also from Financial Times. Global 5G regulators pit light touch against heavy hand.Global policymakers are in a fierce battle to set the standards for next-wave internet… Pub 10 Sept 2018 Added 10 Sept 2018

TJ00042   and again from the FT – Overhyped’ 3G offers cautionary note ahead of 5G rollout.  BT’s Marc Allera explains how the UK could move to the front of the pack. Pub 10 Sept 2018 Added 10 Sept 2018

TJ00041   cryptovest.com    Lition Blockchain Envisions Smart Cities and the Green Energy Revolution. The project creates a blockchain-based platform system to connect energy consumers directly to green energy producers and integrate smart technologies into existing infrastructures in cities.   Pub 10 Sept 2018 Added 10 Sept 2018

TJ00040    axios.com   The 5G lessons from Google Fiber’s failure.   5G technologies are expected to put mobile broadband on par with fiber networks — and they’re rolling out on a city-by-city basis similar to how Google Fiber deployed networks between 2010 and 2016.    Why it matters: Google has stopped expanding its expensive fiber build-outs and, as a result, is seen as a failed experiment. Google Fiber’s legacy isn’t necessarily how far its networks reached, but more that it pioneered a new way of working with local authorities to get them built in the first place. Pub 8 Sept 2018 Added 9 Sept 2018

TJ00039    venturebeat.com    Huge Qualcomm 5G test phone sparks concerns ahead of network launches (Updated). If you look carefully through 2018’s numerous 5G device announcements, one concerning thread has persisted since early in the year: a hint that early 5G devices might be unappealingly large. Qualcomm acknowledged and downplayed the issue at its February 5G summit, suggesting that early 5G phones might need to be a little bigger, but with every passing announcement, it’s becoming harder to imagine a small 5G phone.
Pub 7 Sept 2018 Added 8 Sept 2018

TJ00038   The Verge –   5G is almost here — here’s how everyone’s getting ready. 5G is coming, and it’s going to have a massive impact on almost every facet of how we use technology, with faster speeds and lower latency theoretically opening up huge new frontiers in everything from smartphones to self-driving cars.   Pub 7 Sept 2018 Added 8 Sept 2018

TJ00037   5g.co.uk  Worcestershire 5G Testbed to focus on security by design. 5G cybersecurity will be one of the key focus areas for the Worcestershire 5G Testbed, QinetiQ has revealed.  QinetiQ is one of the participants in the Worcestershire 5G Consortium and will focus on driving ‘security by design’ in 5G networks, as well as related IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and applications.  Pub 6 Sept 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

TJ00036   also from 5g.co.uk  Goldman Sachs suggests rural areas could more easily get 5G than cities. Cities tend to be the focus for mobile coverage and that’s unlikely to change with 5G, but rural locations could actually be easier to bring 5G coverage to, and after the tech has been tested and honed in cities we might therefore see massive infrastructure investments to make it widely available in rural places too.
That’s according to Jason Tofsky, MD in the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Group in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs, who in the video below explains that rural towns will be easier to bring 5G to because they lack big buildings and other obstacles which can interfere with a 5G signal.  See their promotional video here.
Pub 21 Aug 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

TJ00035   www.lightreading.com    5G – Gee Whiz or G-Force? by James Crawshaw.  I’ve lived through a few mobile generations in my time and on the surface 5G seems to be shaping up, much like the others, to be evolutionary not revolutionary. The initial “non-standalone” implementations of 5G will, after all, use a 4G core and the radio access network of 5G will blend the New Radio air-interface with legacy cellular technologies as well as other wireless standards such as WiFi.   Pub 5 Sept 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

TJ00034   www.forbes.com    Nokia Has Multiple Avenues To Profit From 5G. Wireless behemoth Nokia is betting on next-generation 5G technology to drive growth, after posting mixed results over the last few years amid intense competition from Chinese equipment manufacturers and weaker infrastructure spending by telecom companies.
Pub 4 Sept 2018 Added 54 Sept 2018

TJ00033   www.birminghamupdates.com The West Midlands to become the UK’s first large-scale 5G testbed. Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton to become 5G hubs after winning national competition. The West Midlands has been selected to become the innovative home to the UK’s first multi-city 5G test bed. The multi million pound trial of new high speed connectivity will pave the way for the future rollout of 5G across the UK, making the region the first in the UK ready to trial new 5G applications and services at scale.
Pub  4 Sept 2018 Added 5 Sept 2018

TJ00032   telcomstechacademy.com  5G readiness workshop £3,895  10-14 Dec 2018. Does your organisation looking to take the lead and gain a competitive advantage through the implementation of a clear and purposeful strategy founded on 5G and Connected Innovation? Are you clear on how to align this type of strategy with processes, platforms, teams, individuals, performance and KPIs? You see, the task of building profitable and sustainable businesses in today’s environment falls to talented individuals and teams who can effectively evaluate their own markets and their organisation’s place within it….  Added 4 Sept 2018

TJ00031   androidauthority.com   5G is not going to microwave your brain.  With the transition to a new networking technology, some familiar scare stories are reemerging. You might even have seen a few in the comments here. “5G will give you cancer,” “mmWave technology leads to brain tumors,” and “smartphones are microwaving our bodies,” or so the stories go. It’s all hogwash. Pub 1 Sept 2018 Added 2 Sept 2018

TJ00030   ET Telecom. From the Economic Times.  Germany outlines expansion to 5G infrastructure by 2022.   Germany is preparing for the introduction of the new 5G mobile communications standard. “If we want to continue to play in the premier league of technology countries, we must now set the course for this,” said Dirk Woessner, management board member of Deutsche Telekom at a press conference at the consumer electronics fair IFA in Berlin Friday. Pub 1 Sept 2018 Added 1 Sept 2018

TJ00029   www.lightreading.com   AT&T picks Indy as 7th Mobile 5G city.
Pub 31 Aug 2018 Added 1 Sept 2018

TJ00028   5g.co.uk   Cloud and 5G central to bringing AR and VR to life. Network operators have an opportunity to play a key role in bringing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to life and in doing so to commercialise their 5G offering, according to the GSMA, a global trade body for the mobile industry. For this reason, 5G in AR/VR was a key topic of discussion last month at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.Pub 30 Aug 2018 Added 30 Aug 2018

TJ00027   5G testbed comes to rural Netherlands.  The 5Groningen project was officially launched to bring a 5G testbed to the Dutch province of North Groningen.
The project was initiated by the Economic Board of Groningen (EBG), which was created to boost the local economy, an earthquake zone with the second highest unemployment rate in the Netherlands. 5Groningen is a collaboration between 10 partners: EBG, KPN, Vodafone, Ericsson, Huawei, the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Dutch Telecommunications Agency, SURF (the collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch higher education and research) and Dutch independent research organisation the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Pub 27 June 2018 Added 30 Aug 2018

TJ00026   sdxcentral.com   Juniper Research: Far East 5G Operators Top US as ‘Most Promising’  A study from Juniper Research ranked NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom, LG U+, KT Telecom, and SoftBank as the “most promising” 5G network operators. Just below the top five were AT&T and China Mobile. Pub 29 Aug 2018 Added 30 Aug 2018

TJ00025   www.5G.co.uk    5G networks could displace wired solutions. Telecommunications companies that focus on wired solutions could face disruption and fresh competition from 5G wireless networks, new analysis from Citi warns. Citi’s latest Disruptive Innovations report says that wireless 5G services could potentially replace consumer broadband and offer more flexible and attractive voice and data options for small companies and branches.
Pub 28 Aug 2018 Added 30 Aug 2018

TJ00024   www.theregister.com  EU tosses Nokia a small loan of €500m, tells it to go crazy with 5G R&D Cites being left behind by US and China in tech stakes… Pub 27 Aug 2018 Added 28 Aug 2018

TJ00023   wwww.reuters.com    Nokia secures 500 million euro EU loan for 5G development.
HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finnish telecom network equipment maker Nokia has secured a 500 million euro ($572 million) loan from the European Investment Bank to step up development of next-generation 5G technology capable of faster speeds, wider coverage and more stable connections.  Pub 27 Aug 2018 Added 28 Aug 2018

TJ00022   androidauthority.com    5G hype is coming. Don’t fall for it….However, for every reason to be excited about 5G, there’s an equally good reason to hold off on any purchasing decisions just yet. There are risks involved in being an early adopter, and we don’t want you to waste your hard earned money. Pub 26 Aug 2018 Added 27 Aug 2018

TJ00021   uk.businessinsider.com    5G is the ‘largest existential threat to broadband providers,’ and Verizon and T-Mobile could be about to win big.  Despite the hype, experts don’t expect 5G speeds to seem that different from 4G LTE speeds for a while. While mobile applications of 5G won’t seem that different, 5G fixed wireless broadband could disrupt the cable industry, according to analysts.   Pub 24 Aug 2018 Added 26 Aug 2018

TJ00020   5G.co.uk  5G and the applications driving LPWANs In a new report and forthcoming webinar, IDTechEx has examined the roll-out of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). Many operators worldwide have committed to LPWANs as part of their 5G implementation strategies.Pub 23 Aug 2018 Added 24 Aug 2018

TJ00019   5G.co.uk  UK networks could beat most of Europe to a 5G launch.... A new study entitled “Evolution from 4G to 5G: Service Provider Survey,” and carried out by IHS Markit, has shed some light both on what’s set to drive 5G and when we can expect to see it in different parts of the world – and it looks like the UK will have much of Europe beat…. As you can see in the chart below, 82% of mobile networks participating in the study are currently carrying out trials of 5G technology, with 12% set to launch 5G networks before the end of the year.  Pub 22 Aug 2018 Added 23 Aug 2018

TJ00018   venturebeat.com  Nokia caps 5G royalty at €3 as mobile industry seeks licensing peace. Trade wars generally aren’t good for technology companies or consumers, and neither are patent battles — they tend to burn millions of dollars in legal fees while delaying or halting the spread of new technologies. To help avoid future 5G licensing-related fights, Nokia today disclosed its licensing fee for 5G standard essential patents: €3 (U.S. $3.48) per device, a flat rate notably lower than 5G licenses announced by rivals Ericsson and Qualcomm.
Pub 21 Aug 2018 Added 22 Aug 2018

TJ00017   5G.co.uk O2 trials Li-Fi on its path to 5G. 02 is running a Li-Fi trial at its headquarters in Slough, using LED lightbulbs to deliver fast wireless connectivity. The trial is being run in partnership with Li-Fi provider, pureLiFi, and 02 says the initiative is part of its network trials towards launching 5G in the UK. Where Wi-Fi which uses radio waves, Li-Fi (short for Light Fidelity) uses ‘visible light’ from LED bulbs to transmit data.
Pub 15 Aug 2018 Added 21 Aug 2018

TJ00016   www.itproportalcom Nokia and Verizon make 5G vehicle breakthrough.Verizon and Nokia have successfully conducted a new experiment that will (hopefully) bring us closer to 5G networks in our cars.  Pub 20 Aug 2018 Added 20 Aug 2018

TJ00015   Information-age.com Samsung announces ‘industry first’ 3GPP-compliant 5G modem. As we get ever-closer to 5G networks becoming a reality, Samsung is getting in on the action with its new Exynos 5100 modem, which they claim to be fully compatible with the 3GPP. Pub 20 Aug 2018 Added 20 Aug 2018

TJ00014   gq-magazine.co.uk  5G is the breakthrough innovation we’ve been waiting for. A breakthrough innovation is about to revolutionise the internet of things – and unlock the future we’ve been waiting for.  Pub Aug 2018 Added 20 Aug 2018

TJ00013   Cancer Council NSW There is inconclusive evidence regarding electricity as a risk factor for cancer (this is not discussing Smart Meters or 5G) but a discussion about magnetic fields themselves.  Added 16 July 2018

TJ00012   Ensura, Ensuring Your Security  Smart locations. Smart Street lights. One such light was seen in Plymouth England. The link has disappeared but the diagram is still valid.

TJ00011   FCC Wireless Devices and Health Concerns. Consumer guide. Not enough evidence for the effect of RF. Read on.  Pub – recent. Added 3 July 2018

TJ00010   Verdict.co.uk If you think 5G will solve the bad 4G signal in your office, we need to talk. There are multiple reasons why indoor coverage has suffered in some places, and plenty of these hurdles will continue to challenge operators in 5G. Pub 26 June 2018 Added 29 June 2018.

TJ00009   Gov.UK Mobile phone base stations: radio waves and health. Some awareness of the human element. Pub 10 July 2013. Added 23 June 2018

TJ00008   Huawei Works Together With Mobile Industry to Deliver Complete 5G System Standard On Time. [La Jolla, USA, June 13, 2018] 3GPP TSG #80 Plenary Meeting has approved the completion of the standalone (SA) Release 15 5G specifications.  Jun 13 2018 added 21 June 2018

TJ00007  5G.co.uk 5G phones are coming soon: The cart before the horse? Customers will not be pleased if the networks are not in place. by Sarah Wray Pub. 14 February 2018 added 20 June 2018

TJ00006  Vodafone has made a big 5G announcement, as it’s just revealed that seven cities will become trial areas for Vodafone 5G later this year. Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester Pub 20 June 2018

TJ00005   Fundamentals of 5G Mobile Communication  (March 2017) Voice of Dr Kumbesan Sandrasegaran 1:01:07  Published 20 April 2017

TJ00004   Prof. Andrea Goldsmith – MIT Wireless Centre 5G Day Talk 1: The Road Ahead for Wireless Technology: Dreams and Challenges 36:21 Pub 25th May 2016.

TJ00003  CES 2017:-Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkop: 5G Brings the Invention Revolution. Qualcomm sees the future built on mobile technology in which boundaries between digital and real world, wired and wireless are eliminated. 1:01:57  Pub 6 Jan 2017. Added 15 June 2018

TJ00002  IEEE Spectrum – Everything you need to know about 5G. Can handle 1000x more traffic than 4G.  6:14  Pub 6 Feb 2017 Added 15 June 2018

TJ00001   ThioJoeTech – 2.4 GHz vs 5 Ghz WiFi: What are the differences. Less channel overlap. Less crowded frequencies. Less interference.  5:13  Pub 22 Sep 2016. Added 15 June 2016

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