Street Lights – LED

Street Lights – LED

image_pdfimage_print  Are LED Lights Safe? Are They Harmful to Your Health? Scientific analysis Added 15 Jan 20  Scientists find LED lights can harm your eyes. Pub 28 Nov 14 Added 15 Jan 20 LED lights damage eyes and disturb sleep. European health authority warns. Pub 16 May 19 Added 15 Jan 20

scientificamericancom The dark side of LED lightbulbs. 15 Sept 2012 Added 15 Jan 2020

Dr Alexander Wunsch – The dangers of LED Lightbulbs presented by,  given by an expert on photo-biology VIDEO 35:59 Pub 18 Oct 16 Added 15 Jan 20

Top 3 dangers of LED lights – Dr Mercola. Pub Nov 19. Includes videos.

Health dangers of LED and CFL light bulbs with Dr Robert Hanson. Good video. Ignore images. and chinese text at the start. Authoritative. 24:48 Pub 10 Apr 18 Added 28 Nov 19

Seimua writes – I highlighted in particular the issue of LED street lights.  Terrestrial and orbital 5G must be considered, but it is also very important not to forget to mention LED lights because they blind (irreversible macular degeneration) and kill.  I therefore pasted these links: LED street lights blind and kill (this is science):
The news is spreading (Mark Steele).

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