SM Trade Journals, worldwide.

SM Trade Journals, worldwide.

I have decided not to list most of the forecasts, projections, and talk of competition between service providers.
I will only mention technical /strategic content re reach and development.  Ed.
NB there are many articles on Huawei questioning whether they can be trusted not to spy on people. This is not the point of this website. You can do a search easily enough to see the current state of play. I feel this is a political subject . It is a deep rabbit hole.

SM00142 How the Internet of Things and smart meters are streamlining gas, water, and electric data transmissions Pub 22 Jan 20 Added 24 Jan 2020

SM00141 – Utility Week Manifesto : why smart meters should be mandatory. Added 27 Nov 19

SM00140 – Smart metering firm secures green accolade from the City. Pub and added 4 Nov 19

SM00139 – Refusing smart meters could soon become very expensive for households, Climate Change Minister Lord Duncan told business energy and…..Pub 31 Oct 19

SM00138 – TheARegister – Delayed, over-budget smart meters will be helpful – when Blighty enters ‘Star Trek phase’. UK climate change minister sets phasers to ‘WTF’   Pub 31 Oct 19

SM00137 – Arkossa – Taking utilities to the next level. Pub and added 4 Oct 2019

SM00136 – The seven key benefits of SMETS smart meters. Pub and added 4 Oct 2019

SM00135 Smart phone, cellular and hands – free mobile phone detection. Gain business intelligence by measuring people and cars to enhance user experience in shopping areas, and roads. Added 26 Sept 2019.

SM00134 – Smart data communications company unveils new control centre in Manchester. The new Brabazon House facility has 19 modular test labs…. Pub 24 Sept 2019 Added 25 Sept 2019

SM00133 –  5G and the social world. Uncritical industry view of 5G. Pub 18 Sept 2019 Added 19 Sept 2019

SM00132 –  Smart Grid Security: Are We Up for the Challenge?The electric industry must do more to deter, detect, and defeat cyberthreats as connectivity increases. Pub and added 6 Sept 2019

SM00131 –   Smart Metering Systems faces “little risk” from meter removal says Barclays as it upgrades. The bank said there was “little risk” of early removal of meters following several incidents in 2018 when SMETS1 meters went ‘dumb’ after switching suppliers. Pub 2 Sept 2019 Added 3 Sept 2019

SM00130 – IoT connectivity – What does it mean for smart metering?  Pub 27 Aug 2019 Added 28 Aug 20129.

SM00129 – – Contract extended to support smart metering roll out in Hong Kong Pub 13 June 2019 Added 14 June 2019

SM00128 – Cameroon: Eneo installed about 4000 smart meters by end – April 2019. Pub and added 10 June 2019

SM00127 –  Smart grid transformation hinges on data bandwidth — and lots of it. Pub and added 10 June 2019

SM00126 –   Big Wireless Warns Shareholders – Microwave Radiation Causes Health Harm and Insurance Companies Will Not Cover Harms Caused By Smart Meters and 5G Added  22 May 2019.

SM00125 –  Smart meters and price cap “responsible” for SSE job cuts. Big six supplier SSE is planning to cut hundreds of jobs with “voluntary enhanced redundancy opportunities” for its customer service and metering teams. Pub and added 8 May 2019

A total of 444 jobs will be affected

SM00124 –   Over 1 million smart meters adopt head-end software “as a service”. a very technical article. Pub and added 28 Apr 2 it019

SM00123 – Africa’s power journal. Interoperability is critically important for future smart meter rollouts. Pub and added 24 Apr 2019

SM00122 – As energy gets smarter, ‘time of use’ tariffs spread globally. The electrification of transportation and the increasing reliance on renewables are expected to generate bigger demand peaks on the electricity market. Many countries are now turning to the utility customers to balance the grid. Europe and North America are already testing innovative solutions, while India is next on the list. Pub 13 Apr 2019 Added 14 Apr 2019

SM00121 Astonishing Growth: Smart Meters Market predicted to develop in the future 2019: Shenzhen Kaifa Technology, Risesun Group, Banner, Bada Instruments, Jinling Intelligent Electric Meter, etc. Pub and added 12 Apr 2019

SM00120 –  ‘Delivering connected intelligence’. EDMI, Arm join hands to simplify secure deployment of smart meters. Global smart metering solutions provider EDMI has partnered with British semiconductor and software design company Arm to simplify and speed up the secure deployment of smart meters and other devices. Pub and added 7 Apr 2019

SM00119 – globally smart meters market expected to reach multi billion dollars by 2023.  The Smart Meters Market report recently incorporated in the massive research report database of Pioneer Reports which provides detailed analytical view of the global market. This report also focuses on the latest trends in global and regional market areas which include production, capacity, competitor analysis, profit etc. Pub 23 Mar 2019 Added 24 Mar 2019

SM00118 –  It’s a no to opt – out fees for smart metering in Kansas USA.  Pub 21 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

SM00117 – – Videos showing how to hack smart energy meters “pose danger to society”.As YouTube is attempting to improve its community guidelines, a utility company has called for the removal of thousands of videos which demonstrate how to tamper with smart energy meters….. Pub 21 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

SM00116 –  Kansas regulators reject mandating smart meter opt out programs.  Pub 19 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

SM00115 – why the Smart Meter rollout target needs revising. The UK’s smart meter rollout has been plagued with problems from the outset. From issues with the technology to meters failing when suppliers are switched, it seems the government may have underestimated the effort required to get meters in every home and business across the UK. Pub 19 Mar 2019 Addede 22 Mar 2019

SM00114 –  Smart meter revolution could save engaged consumers hundreds of pounds. New research from Delta-ee and Smart Energy GB suggests smart metering could prove as disruptive as Netflix and Spotify… Pub 28 Feb 2019 Added 7 March 2019

SM00113 – majority of smart meter owners unaware that first-generation devices could fail.’Compare the market’ says many devices could stop working properly if users changing energy supplier. Pub 18 Feb 2019 Added 20 Feb 2019

SM00112 – Regulatory lag slows down Maralco’s smart metering system….It then set a target of 3.3 million smart meters by 2024 in a bid to transform its network into a smart grid.However, the power distributor has only breached the 100,000  level in terms of smart meter installations out of the 140,000 meters approved by the regulator, Meralco senior vice president Alfredo Panlilio said. Pub 1 Feb 2019 Added 2 Feb 2019

SM00111  Avoiding pause in smart meter rollout ‘priority-‘ for energy UK. (premium content for subscribers and trialists only) . Added 2 Feb 2019

SM00110 Smart meter woes hold back digitalisation of EU power sector. Electric cars and rooftop solar panels are expected to hit mass markets in the coming years, all requiring smart meters installed in people’s homes. But EU countries are slow at deploying them and industry voices are now calling on EU regulators to step in. Pub and added 29 JAn 2019

SM00109  government draws up plans to boost  smart meter business roll out. In a bid to get its flagship smart meter rollout back on track the government last week unveiled new proposals to promote the technology to small businesses and other non-domestic sites. By the end of 2020 the government has promised to offer every home and business in the UK a smart meter, a project set to cost over £11bn in total. Pub and added 28 Jan 2019

SM00108 –   government proposes start date for new smart meter obligation. The government has proposed a start date for a new obligation on energy suppliers to install a smart meter when replacing a traditional meter or fitting one for the first time. In a consultation published earlier this week, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) revealed plans to activate the New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) on 31 March 2019. Pub 24 Jan 2019 Added 27 Jan 2019

SM00107-  Latest in UK’s smart meter rollout. Despite potential barriers including Brexit and technical constraints, the UK is still actively deploying communications systems for smart meter connectivity. The Smart Data Communications Company in partnership with Trilliant Networks continues to implement communications data hubs and to deploy a wireless network. The wireless network connects smart meters to energy suppliers, network operators and authorised service users. Pub 25 Jan 2019 Added 27 Jan 2019

SM00106 – Government seeks views on improving business smart meter benefits.The rollout is expected to help businesses save around £1.4bn on energy by 2030 Pub 25 Jan 2019 Added 27 Jan 2019

SM00105 – Daily Energy Insider – Pacific Power recently announced that it will begin installing smart meters in the Portland, Oregon area at the end of January.  The company will install approximately 78,000 new smart meters for customers in parts of North, Northeast, Southeast, and downtown Portland as well as Maywood Park. The installations are scheduled to begin the week of Jan. 28 and continue through Jun Pub 18 Jan 2019 Added 19 Jan 2019

SM00104 – Utility Drive  Virginia rejects majority of Dominion’s $6 billion grid modernisation plan, smart meter roll out. The 10-year proposal would have cost approximately $6 billion, with the first three-year phase pegged at $1.5 billion. Regulators said Dominion’s plan had not been shown to be cost effective, cutting $1.34 billion from the first phase and leaving just $154.5 million for security-related measures… Pub 18 Jan 2019 Added 19 Jan 2019

SM00103 –  NHS to assess benefits of smart meters for dementia and mental health patients Pub and added 9 Jan 2019

SM00102 – cost of smart meter rollout could escalate due to misinformation. Late last year, the National Audit Office (NAO) said the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) latest 2016 estimate that the programme will cost £11 billion – the equivalent of £374 per dual fuel household – “under-estimates the true cost of rolling out smart meters”, which had since increased by at least half a billion pounds or the equivalent of an extra £17 per household.
Asked by Caroline Flint why data from the 11 million installed meters had not been analysed to provide answers as to “whether or not smart meters are making any real difference against a backdrop of increasing low levels of energy usage amongst the public”, Ms Perry answered: “I think that’s a really important point and I think that’s exactly what we want this year’s analysis to look at  Pub and added 9 Jan 2019

SM00101  What is smart metering? Uses, benefits and dangers. Utilities can be a pricey monthly expense for many households and businesses, with the average cost for households in America coming in at over $420 every month. Getting on top of utility usage, especially electricity — which typically constitutes the largest part of that monthly expense — can help save money, but it can also help conserve resources and avoid wastefulness. Pub 16 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

SM00100 E.ON installs first smart meter in a German household. Energy company E.ON has installed Germany’s first smart meter in a household, the company says in an e-mailed press statement. The introduction of smart meters in the country was several months behind schedule as licensing of the devices’ gateways took authorities much longer than expected due to security concerns.   Pub and added 17 Dec 2018

SM00099 – What is a smart meter and is it dangerous? Advanced meter infrastructures implemented by Alliant Energy and Linn County REC include the replacement of existing analog or digital meters with a more advanced counterpart. Officials with both utility companies say some customers have misconceptions on what exactly the new meters do and don’t do. Here’s what they say: Pub  12 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

SM00098 Pacific Power dispels worries of smart meters’ effects on health. COOS COUNTY, Ore. – Yesterday we brought you a story about pacific power installing smart meters in Oregon homes. Today, we talked to the regional business manager about concerns some people have about the health effects of those meters, specifically, radio frequencies. Sam Carter says the research shows that those radio frequencies are not damaging to your health. Pub 13 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

SM00097 –  Two paths for advancing the smart metering programme, Smart metering rollouts around the world are now delivering significant benefits to consumers. In this Market View, Ryan Hledik of The Brattle Group reveals how Britain’s programme could do the the same, Pub 13 Dec 2018 Added 17 Dec 2018

SM00096  $24 million reduction in energy charges approved for ComEd customers. US energy provider ComEd has secured an approval to reduce consumer energy bills from the Illinois Commerce Commission…. Pub 11 Dec2018 Added 13 Dec 2018

SM00095 – – Smart Homes appearing on the radar. For subscribers only.
Pub 7 Dec 2018 Added 10 Dec 2018

SM00094 – – US Utilities extend contracts for next-generation smart meters.  Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L) and Westar Energy have signed new and extended existing contracts for smart grid deployment with Landis+Gyr.  The subsidiaries of Evergy will deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The news follows Westar recently completing the installation of Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream AMI solution, which includes an RF mesh network and second-generation smart meters for 700,000 electric customers….Pub 7 Dec 2018 Added 10 Dec 2018

SM00093   Cloud KB launches solution to save Smart Meter roll out.The target for 53 million homes by 2020 has become an industry joke and 2023 looks increasingly challenging. Installation rates are now so low, labour intensive and costly that they’re wiping out the very savings smart meters were supposed to generate, and could even increase consumers’ energy bills… Pub and added 6 Dec 2018

SM00092 –  Tunisia: Installation of 430,000 smart meters in the East, soon. At the African Smart Grids Summit, held on November 21 and 22, 2018 in Tunis, the Tunisian government announced a call for tenders for the installation of 430,000 smart meters in the Sfax region in the east of the country. It is an important step, as part of the first phase of the national Smart Grids programme, estimated at €91 million. Pub 26 Nov 2018 Added 28 Nov 2018

SM00091 – Bristol taps full value of its smart metering programme . UK municipal utility Bristol Energy has partnered with Eliq to enable consumers to access their energy usage data in real-time via a mobile app. The project is part of efforts by Bristol Energy to be at the forefront of smart metering and digital utility services. Pub 26 Nov 2018 Added 28 Nov 2018

SM00090 –   The National Audit Office: Smart Meter Project is Delayed and Over Budget. “Consumers have faced considerable frustration, experiencing glitches with their meters, or finding their smart meters go ‘dumb’ when switching supplier” Pub 26 Nov 2018 Added 28 Nov 2018

SM00089 –  Smart Grid Security Market 2025: Global Demand, Key Players, Overview, Supply and Consumption Analysis. Smart Grid Security market research report is a particular study of the current scenario of the market, which covers several market dynamics. The Smart Grid Security market research report is a resource, which provides current as well as future technical and economic details of the industry. The thorough analysis in Smart Grid Security market report enables investors, CEOs, traders, and suppliers to understand the market in a better way and based on that knowledge make well-informed decisions… Pub 25 Nov 2018 Added 26 Nov 2018

SM00088 –   Smart Meters Market: Segmented Application and Geography Trends, Growth and Forecasts 2023. The report on Smart Meters Market sheds light on the Important Developments Impacting And Increasing the growth of the Smart Meters industry including its Restraints, Drivers And Prospects.  Pub 25 Nov 2018 Added 26 Nov 2018

SM00087 – National Audit office reports on the smart meter rollout. A good meaty article referring to the article below. Ed.   The government’s original ambition of installing smart meters in every home by 2020 will not be met, and the cost of the rollout will likely escalate beyond initial expectations, says the National Audit Office (NAO) Pub 24 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018 Pub 24 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018

SM00086 – NAO blasts ‘overambitious’ BEIS on smart meter rollout. Watchdog says rapid timescale lacked “economic assessment of its implications”, ramping programme’s complexity and cost/ Pub 23 Nov 20-18 Added  25 Nov 2018

SM00085 – Smart meters are essential in a changing energy market. “Smart meters are the fundamental first step to people being able to access the benefits of innovations . Pub 23 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018

SM00084 –  Smart meters keep tabs on power,. but don’t pry into how it’s used, utilities sayIs that an order, a request, or a please? Ed. Pub 20 Nov 2018 Added 21 Nov 018

SM00083 – Energy  firms losing battle to hit 2020 smart meter target. Which? says large suppliers would need to install 30 meters per minute, every day, for the next two years, to meet the deadline…. Pub 19 Nov 2018 Added 20 Nov 2018

SM00082 –    As smart meters proliferate, a new kind of demand response becomes entrenched.  AMI penetration is slowing, but utilities are harnessing new resources to keep demand response growing. Pub 14 Nov 2018 Added 16 Nov 018

SM00081 –  Itron to Modernize Electricity Delivery in Brazil with Future-Ready IoT Network. LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov 13, 2018–Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, will deploy its Gen5 network to enable energy efficiency, increased grid awareness and provide better usage information for the Brazilian utility, Elektro, part of the Neoenergia/Iberdrola group. The utility will replace existing electricity meters with smart meters from Eletra, an Itron authorized sales partner, and deploy Itron’s network in three cities, including Atibaia, Nazaré Paulista and Bom Jesus dos Perdões, over the next year. Elektro is part of Neoenergia group, the second largest distributer of electric power in Brazil, serving 13.6 million customers. Pub 13 Nov 2018 Added 15 Nov 2018

SM00080  –  31 Million Smart Meters Projected In Europe This Year. Annual shipments of smart meters in Europe will reach 31 million units this year, according to a new report from IoT analyst firm Berg Insight. Smart meters accounted for 87% of the total electricity meter shipments this year as France overtook Spain as the largest market by volume, with annual shipments of 8 million units. Pubh 14 Nov 2018 Added 15 Nov 2018

SMT00079 – Smart Energy meters to his record 31.3 mln shipments in Europe in 2018. Smart smart energy meters shipments in Europe are expected to hit a record level of 31.3 million units this year. Smart electricity meter shipments grew 16 percent year-on-year to 22.2 million units. Gas meter shipments increased 9 percent to 9.1 million units. Growth in both segments will continue next year and the year after, driven by ongoing large-scale rollouts in a number of countries. Pub 12 Nov 2018 Added 13 Nov 2018

SMT00078 –  do you believe this.  Smart Meters and Super Smart Babies. EETimes on air gives you a 57:22 audio.   Vipin Bothra, Director of Market Development at STMicroelectronics, takes us inside today’s smart meters. Visionary musician Dani Rabin talks improvisation and the work of the artist.  Pub 11 Nov 2018 Added 13 Nov 2018

SMT00077 –  Smart meters and not just about saving money.  Cheaper bills for customers is not even the biggest benefit of smart metering, says Jonathan Burr.Over the past 12 months, smart meters have come in for increasing criticism. While various issues associated with the rollout have contributed to an unfavourable shift in public opinion, smart meters still hold an intrinsic value for individual consumers as well as a much wider value in terms of national infrastructure. This value should not be overlooked. Pub 8 Nov 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

SMT00076  Business Matters  How smart meters will reduce your business’s energy spend.  With more than 11 million smart meters installed around Great Britain, more and more businesses are starting to investigate this technology as part of their energy management strategy…. Pub 6 Nov 2018 Added 7 Nov 2018

SMT00075 –    Israeli smart meter analytics co Grid4C raises $5m The company’s SaaS solutions use smart meter and IoT data to model each meter and endpoint and predict its individual behavior. Pub and Added 5 Nov 2018

SMT00074 –  Smart Meters – projects need redesign and cost-effectiveness. ISLAMABAD: After a lapse of a number of years, the smart meters’ project has emerged again without any required adjustment of the stakeholders. Pub 5 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

SMT00073   PSEG’s advanced metering plan would replace 2.2M meters by 2024. Public Service Electric and Gas (PSEG) officials told investors during Tuesday’s 2018 Q3 earnings call they are confident an application to install advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) across its territory is aligned with New Jersey’s clean energy goals, and could be approved, despite a previous moratorium on smart meter development. Pub 2 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

SMT00072 –  Unfair to blame energy suppliers for smart meter failings. ANALYSIS: The blame for the disappointing progress of the UK’s smart meter rollout should not be laid at the door of the UK’s large energy suppliers. Many of the problems with the rollout stem from issues outside of their control…. Pub 2 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

SMT00071 –  Going Beyond Smart Meter Challenges.  Overcoming smart meter challenges requires more than a sustained energy efficiency strategy, says Colin Beaney, global industry director, energy and utilities, IFS… Pub 1 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

SMT00070  Ofgem outlines ‘lessons’ from advanced meter rollout probes. …Russell said as the smart meter rollout for household customers enters its final two years, there are a “number of lessons to be learned” from Ofgem’s AMR investigations that are worth highlighting as suppliers work to meet their obligations…. Pub 2 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

SMT00069  Policy shifts create turbulent smart grid job market in Midwest. Government data show smart grid jobs declined between 2016 and 2017, but observers don’t see a downward trend. The Midwest lost smart grid jobs between 2016 and 2017, a dip analysts attributed to part of an ebb and flow caused by state and local policy changes…. Pub 30 Oct 2018 Added 31 Oct 2018

SMT00068    Smart Metering Partners With Bristol Energy To Install Smart Meters.  LONDON (Alliance News) – Smart Metering Systems PLC on Thursday said it has signed an agreement with Bristol Energy to provide services as an integrated domestic smart meter installer and meter asset provider. Under the contract, the metering services company said it will have an access to a minimum 100,000 meter points to exchange, fund and install domestic smart meters on behalf of Bristol Energy. Pub 25 Oct 2018 Added 28 Oct 2018

SMT00067 – Financial Review  Clever deal: Macquarie puts its smart meters up for sale.   Australia’s white-hot metering sector is about to register another spike in interest, as Macquarie Group prepares to divest its smart meters business.    While Macquarie has no shortage of experience in the metering business, particularly in Britain, interest from a range of buyers – including existing players in the local market and overseas groups seeking an Australian foothold  – has convinced the silver doughnut the time is right to sell…. Pub 22 Oct 2018 Added 22 Oct 2018

SMT00066  Nokia Smart Grid Network To Be Brazil’s First Private One.  Nokia has been selected by the Brazilian power distributor Elektro to deploy a private LTE network designed for smart grid support.    Nokia recently announced it has been selected by the Brazilian power distributor Elektro, part of the Neoenergia/Iberdrola group, to deploy a private LTE network in the city of Atibaia and surrounding areas in the state of Sao Paulo in support of smart grid deployments.    Pub 17 Oct 2018 Added 18 Oct 2018

SMT00065   Adoption of HD-PLC ass a new high-speed PLC communication technology for smart meters is accelerating.  FUKUOKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HD-PLC Alliance* announced, “The HD-PLC powerline communication technology, promoted by the Alliance, is accelerating its adoption as a communication technology for smart meters. It is further expected that HD-PLC will be adopted in many other systems requiring broad-range communications, such smart streetlights, as well as for the use of conventional home networks… Pub 17 Oct 2018 Added 18 Oct 2018

SMT00064   Smart Metering Systems Signs Installation Agreement With First Utility.   LONDON (Alliance News) – Smart Metering Systems PLC on Thursday said it has signed a three-year exclusive installation agreement with energy supplier First Utility Ltd. SMS will install domestic smart meters on First Utility’s behalf, as part of the UK government’s programme which requires utility companies to provide all homes and small businesses with these meters by 2020. Pub 18 Oct 2018 Added 18 Oct 2018

SMT00062   A Smart Home Is A Surveilled Home As Governments Demand Data. Wherever there is personal data, including in the privacy of your own home, it will be pried out into public view to be potentially used against you. All Smart Home devices contain such data and the barriers to access are rapidly breaking down. Don’t  fall back on “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.” ⁃ TN Editor rePub 13 Oct 2018 Added 17 Oct 2018

SMT00061   Using IoT to inform the next evolution of intelligent energy opinions by Jeremy Watson CBE: Director and PI of the PETRAS Hub, Jeremy Watson CBE, Director and PI of the PETRAS Hub, looks at how we define and deliver the next generation of intelligent local power grids…Pub 12 Oct 2018 Added 13 Oct 2018

SMT00060 Editorial – not that smart the trouble with our rollout
How can smart meter rollout ever hit the 2020 deadline when we haven’t got the logistics anywhere near correct? What can happen when a smart meter is installed…. Pub 12 Oct 2018 Added 13 Oct 2018

SMT00059   Analog Devices – Energy metering ICs for next-generation smart meter systems (ADE9153AACPZ). The Analog Devices ADE9xxx energy metering ICs is perfect for satisfying the demands of next-generation smart metering applications. The ICs provide highly accurate measurements of apparent energy (kVA), active energy (kWh), reactive energy (kVAR), rms, and power quality, suitable for matching the needs of next-generation smart metering, industrial instruments, single-phase and polyphase revenue meters, and energy-monitoring applications…… Pub 11 Oct 2018 Added 12 Oct 2018

SMT00058     Budapest Business Journal   Smart Meters yet to Catch on in Hungary. Still regarded as expensive, it will take time for smart meters to replace conventional ones in Hungarian households. A recently ended pilot project may give some new cues to consumers and transmission operators on the business case for these systems, but its results are yet to be published…..   Pub 12 Oct 2018   Added 12 Oct 2018

SMT00057    APAC and North America to drive smart meter market growth to $20bn.        According to a new report, the global market for smart meters is set to be worth over $19.98bn by 2022. The report was published by MarketsandMarkets and outlines that the industry is expected to grow in various regions.  Smart meters are a means of monitoring and displaying energy use to utility companies as well as their customers, and as such are becoming a popular way for consumers to try and make their energy use more efficient and economical, with many utility companies now rolling them out as standard. Pub 11 Oct 2018 Added 12 Oct 2018

SMT00056 Oliver Wyman joins project to install over a million smart meters in Kuwait. Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water has teamed up with Oliver Wyman and local telco Zain on a smart meter project to install more than 1 million meters to homes and offices across the country.  With support from global management firm Oliver Wyman, Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water together local telecommunications operator Zain will set out to install more than a million smart electrical and water meters to homes and office across the country in a bid to enhance customer service while improving utilities maintenance and environmental sustainability…. Pub 9 Oct 2018 Added 11 Oct 2018

SMT00055 Technology: How KNX RF is being used in the Linky Smart Meter. At the Smart Grid fair 2015 in Paris, the French electrical and digital equipment manufacturers’ union, IGNES, presented a new local radio transmitter solution, ERL (Emetteur Radio Linky). This wireless module links appliances and building automation to the ‘Linky’ Smart Meter from energy supplier Enedis (formerly ERDF), which plans to replace all electrical meters in France with the Linky, by 2020. The ERL has been specified to be compatible with the 35 million Linky meters to be deployed, and it makes KNX RF Multi and Zigbee protocol mandatory. Pub 9 Oct 2018 Added 11 Oct 2018

SMT00054 Energy Minister to open EXPO Energy Minister Claire Perry will open Energy Live Expo this autumn( London UK). We are delighted to say she will start off the day as we address the biggest energy issues facing the sector. Claire has been Energy Minister since 2017. Since her arrival, she has led the delivery of the Government’s inaugural Clean Growth Strategy, established the Green Finance Taskforce and launched the Powering Past Coal Alliance, a global initiative to drive the transition to cleaner energy. Pub 8 Oct 2018 Added 8 Oct 2018

SMt00053   Panasonic’s Multi-hop HD-PLC Adopted as Smart Meter Communications System by Taiwan Power Company. OSAKA, Japan — Panasonic Corporation has successfully proposed adoption to Taiwan Power Company of its HD-PLC (*1) high-speed power line communications technology as a communications system to utilize next-generation smart meters. Taiwan Power Company began accepting proposals for technology relating to communications systems in June 2017. Verification testing of the latest wireless technology and power line communications technology was held in Taipei City in September of that year. Smart meters will be introduced to approx. 260,000 households in main cities of Taiwan from December 2018.  Pub 25 Sept 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

SMT00052   Business News Information. Kuwait deploys smart meters for utilities. Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water, in partnership with Zain and SAP, has started deploying the smart meters that will reach a total of 800,000 electrical meters and 300,000 water meters to homes and organizations. The move is aligned with the New Kuwait Vision 2035 goals of effective governance. Pub 25 Sept 2018 Added 26 Sept 2018

SMT00051  T-Mobile Reveals Plans for 5G Home Internet, Possibility of Opening Up Phone Hotspots.  Verizon is days way from firing up its 5G Home internet service and now T-Mobile has quietly announced its own plans for a similar service. In a prepared statement to the FCC, T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert laid out the general goals for T-Mobile with 5G as a home broadband option that can compete with Comcast and Charter. Pub 22 Sept 2018 Added 23 Sept 2018

SMT00050    Special report: The next tech wave rides on 5G.  The next generation of mobile networks will make or break the big tech ideas of the future, allowing each one to be field-tested at scale and checked off as a revolution or a dud.
Why it matters: Autonomous vehicles, smart homes, smart cities, “Internet of Things” devices, virtual and augmented reality — 5G will carry this raft of new technologies out of the labs and into our streets and homes, weaving the internet into the fabric of daily life. Pub 22 Sept 2018 Added 23 Sept 2018

SMT00049   Powergrid International   Report: Utility investment in fiber optics could enhance smart grid.Fiber optics could be a business opportunity while improving the connection between smart devices and the grid, researchers say.Utilities with fiber optic networks can establish a more robust smart grid by improving the chatter between smart devices and power providers, according to a new study.  Pub 20 Sept 2018 Added 21 Sept 2018

SMT00048   Channel Life New Zealand, Industry insider news for New Zealand’s technology resellers. Global demand for smart meters to skyrocket, but challenges lie ahead. According to a recent report from GlobalData, the global smart meter market will be worth approximately US$10.4 billion by 2022  Pub 20 Sept 2018 Added 20 Sept 2018

SMT00047   Smart Metering Systems Hikes Dividend As Business At “Record Levels”. LONDON (Alliance News) – Smart Metering Systems PLC said Tuesday its profit and revenue for the first half of the year rose as the company grew business “at record levels”.
For the six months to June 30, Smart Metering Systems, which installs and operates gas and electricity smart meters, posted pretax profit up 9% to GBP10.1 million from GBP9.3 million a year prior. Meanwhile revenue jumped 27% to GBP46.7 million from GBP36.8 million a year ago. Pub 18 Sept 2018 Added 19 Sept 2018

SMT00046    Residential Smart Meters Market Shows Expected Trend to Guide from 2018-2023 with Growth Analysis by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application
Pub 10 Sept 2018 Added 10 Sept 2018

SMT00045   SMART GRID SECURITY MARKET RESEARCH REPORT 2018 GLOBAL: ANALYSIS DRIVING FACTOR, REVENUE, GROSS MARGIN AND SPECIFICATIONS 2025 (their caps). Global Smart Grid Security Market 2018 is one of the fastest growing markets among all the supporting products market. Smart Grid Security are being used in every industrial process to make driving activities quicker and effortless. The Market Research Explore report on the Global Smart Grid Security Market 2018 has enclosed each factor affecting the concerned market.   Pub 9 Sept 2018 Added 9 Sept 2018

SMT00044   Malaysia, Straights Times  Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Smart Meters That TNB Is Rolling Out. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) plans to install the Smart Meters across the country by 2021.
Pub 7 Sept 2018  Added 8 Sept 2018

SMT00043    Global smart meter market expected to see huge rollout. The global smart meter market is expected to roll out over 588 million units by 2022.  Electricity sectors across the globe are undergoing transformation to address a range of economic, environmental and technical challenges.
Pub 7 Sept 2018 Added 8 Sept 2018

SMT00042     New Innovation On Smart Electric Meters Market 2018 Global Analysis By Key Players – Honeywell, Aclara, Iskraemeco, Wasion Group, Siemens.  Press release from: Up Market Research (UMR)
Pub 7 Sept 2018 Added 8 Sept 2018

SMT00041   Smart Meters Market:financial measurements 2016–2024. The global Smart Meters Market research report highlights realistic data on the Smart Meters Market business. It offers the user with meticulous statistics over the latest developments in the global Smart Meters Market.
Pub 5 Sept 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

SMT00040   Global Smart Meters Market 2018 Share Forecast: Siemens, GE Digital Energy, Itron And Landis+Gyr. The report portraying research of this worldwide market that is Smart Meters encircles the speedy of expansion of this market for its forecast that is projected. Offering an overview, the report comprises Smart Meters market size and the estimation of this worldwide market while within the time interval of time.
Pub 5 Sept 2018 Added 6 Sept 2018

SMT00039   Global Smart Meters Market 2018 | Industry Size, Trend, Analysis, Future Scope And Outlook 2018-2025
Pub 4 Sept 2018  Added 5 Sept 2018

SMT00038  Business Recorder.   Smart metering project: ADB refuses to re-appropriate $990 million loan. Asian Development Bank (ADB) has reportedly refused to re-appropriate $ 990 million loan meant for smart metering project for power Distribution Companies (Discos) on the plea that it is a conceived technology which is to be procured from a local company; well-informed sources told Business Recorder. Power Division, sources said, has detailed reasons for refusing the loan as smart metering is not the solution to theft in the power sector.
Pub 4 Sept 2018 Added 4 Sept 2018

SMT00037 n    Global Commercial Smart Meters Market 2018 Analysis – Landis+Gyr, Itron, GE Digital Energy, Siemens, Kamstrup, Sensus
Pub 1 Sept 2018 Added 2 Sept 2018

SMT00036   Smart meters help energy companies in efficiency and support green energy. Smart meters in the residential sector are considered an important advancement in the energy sector. The use of smart meters is beneficial when it comes to controlling the energy use. It saves money by preventing the risk of error and estimated bills by providing real-time readings.
Pub 31 Aug 2018 Added 1 Sept 2018

SMT00035    Fears escalate over pace of smart meter roll-out. Official figures show UK is struggling to step up the pace of its nationwide smart meter roll-out. A consumer group has expressed concerns over the slow pace of the national smart meter roll-out as the latest government figures show the rate of installation increased by just one per cent in the second quarter of the year.
Pub 31 Aug 2018 Added 1 Sept 2018

SMT00034    Inhe Meters-Jay Motors lowest bidder for smart meter contract.  NEW DELHI: China’s Inhe Meters in consortium with an Indian auto component maker has emerged as the lowest bidder for alarge smart meter contract, quoting close to 43% less than the market price. The company has caught the attention of domestic meter manufacturers who have associated concerns of cyber security and sub-standard equipment with the Chinese player.
Pub 30 Aug 2018 Added 31 Aug 2018

SMT00033   Power Engineering International Smart Meters: Data Spy or key energy device. The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has handed down a landmark ruling, stating that data collected by smart meters is protected by the Fourth Amendment.
The court pointed out that the smart devices, in fact, collect information for a deeper insight which can be obtained by thermal imagining tech. Furthermore, the court held that residents have a reasonable expectation of privacy and government access of this data constitutes, in essence, a search.
While this ruling is only for the state of Illinois, there are hopes that the same judgment is followed all around the county highlighting the risks of data collected by smart meters.
Pub 29 Aug 2018 Added 30 Aug 2018

SMt00032     Global Smart Meters Market Research, Growth Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts Report 2022.  The Smart Meters market report includes a comprehensive analysis of the present state of the market. The report starts with the basic Smart Meters industry overview and then goes into each and every detail.
Pub 28 Aug 2018 Added 30 Aug 2018

SMT00031    IoT-enabled Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Transformer Health Monitoring & Data Analytics by LTTS.   Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) measures energy, water or gas consumption and provides this information to users, suppliers and utility companies. Smart meters, communication network between customers and utilities, data acquisition and analysis systems are key components that make up an AMI.
Pub 28 Aug 2018 Added  30 Aug 2018

SMT00030   EDN Network – Sensors prevent smart-meter tampering. Based on a magnetometer, the IIS2MDC  and ISM303DAC  from STMicroelectronics enable both tamper detection and motion sensing.
Pub 26 Aug 2018 Added 27 Aug 2018

SMT00029    Demand Response (DR) Market Research Key Players, Industry Overview, Supply Chain and Analysis to 2018 – 2023
Pub 24 Aug 2018  Added 26 Aug 2018

SMT00028       Global Smart Meters Market Analysis 2018: Itron Inc, Honeywell International Inc, Schneider Electric And Siemens AG. Global Smart Meters Market by Manufacturers, Application, Product Type and Program, Forecast to 2023 into its Enormous database. To understand one of the many affecting driving and controlling factors in the market and its impact within the worldwide Smart Meters industry……
Pub 24 Aug 2018 Added 26 Aug 2018

SMT00027      Global Industrial Smart Meters Market Growth 2018 Business Players – Landis+Gyr, Itron, Siemens, Kamstrup, Elster Group, Nuri Telecom. The Market Analysis on Global Industrial Smart Meters Market 2018 Research Report studies current as well as future aspects of the Industrial Smart Meters Market primarily based upon factors on which the companies compete in the market, key trends and segmentation analysis.  Pub 24 Aug 2018 Added 26 Aug 2018

SMT00026   Smart meters central to home and vehicle technologies. ANALYSIS: Smart meters will play a central role in helping businesses and consumers save and make money, reduce their emissions and benefit from innovative new products and services, so more must be done to advocate and incentivise their use.
Pub 24 Aug 2018 Added 26 Aug 2018

SMT00025   National Grid Smart partners with Aclara to provide smets2 smart metering for customers in the UK. CAMBRIDGE, UK, AUG 23, 2018 – Aclara, a leading supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to electric, gas and water utilities, has been awarded a contract with National Grid Smart to provide smart metering equipment technical specifications: second version smart electricity meter, the SGM1400, as well as CPA-certified gas meters to National Grid Smart’s customers in the United Kingdom.
pub 23 Aug 2018 Added 24 Aug 2018

SMT00024   National Grid Smart Engages Aclara To Provide SMETS2 Smart Metering For Customers In The UK……. CAMBRIDGE, EnglandAug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Aclara, a leading supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to electric, gas and water utilities, has been awarded a contract with National Grid Smart to provide the SMETS2 (smart metering equipment technical specifications: second version) smart electricity meter, the SGM1400, as well as CPA-certified gas meters to National Grid Smart’s customers in the United Kingdom.
Pub 22 Aug 2018 Added 23 Aug 2018

SMT00023   financialcounselor24.coGlobal Industrial Smart Meters Market 2022 Evolution boosting the growth Worldwide: Market dynamics and trends, efficiencies Forecast 2022. Industrial Smart Meters Market report helps to investigates modest expansions such as joint exertion, tactical associations, unions and acquirements, new product developments, and research and developments in the Industrial Smart Meters Sales Market 2017 Industry Trend and Forecast 2022. Pub 19 Aug 2018  Added 20  Aug 2018

SMT00022 Smart meters could help EV drivers cut bills. Energy minister Claire Perry has hailed OVO Energy for its “innovative” electric vehicle (EV) products – enabled by smart meters – which could see owners save and even make money from their electric cars. Pub 17 Aug 2018 Added 18 Aug 2018

SMT00021 Global Smart Energy Meters Market Research 2018 : Smart Grid, Digital Oilfield, Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS). Global Smart Energy Meters Market 2018 plays a crucial role in the global economic development. Both developed and developing countries are contributing to the growth of this market. Labour and technology are blended in such a way that the end users of this industry are being served with the best.
Pub 16 Aug 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018


SMT00019  Global Industrial Smart Meters Market by Product Type and forecast 2025  Industrial Smart Meters Market. The global Industrial Smart Meters market is valued at 56 million US$ in 2017 and will reach 240 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 20.1% during 2018-2025. Smart meters typically record energy hourly or more frequently, and report at least daily.
Pub 17 Aug Added 17 Aug 2018

SMT00018 Minister hails emergence of smart meter enabled tariffs. Claire Perry praises OVO Energy work to develop Vehicle to Grid technology. Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry has today hailed the emergence of new smart technologies and tariffs that are being enabled by the UK’s smart meter roll out, arguing they have the potential to save money and even generate income through electric vehicles and other smart technologies.
Pub 16 Aug 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018

SMT00017  Global Smart Meters Market 2018 Opportunities and Share: Landis+Gyr, GE Digital Energy, Siemens and Itron. Global Smart Meters Market Report 2018 includes a total amalgamation of assessable trends and predicting analysis. This Smart Meters analysis offers an approach for a large number of clients.
Pub 16 Aug 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018

SMT00016   Smart meter enabled technology could see electric car owners cut bills and make money. Energy Minister Claire Perry has praised OVO Energy’s electric vehicle offering – enabled by smart meters – for rewarding off-peak energy use.
Pub 16 Aug 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018

SMT00015   UK Dept for business, energy and Industrial Strategy. Smart metering implementation programme. NON domestic smart metering policy  guidance Q and A. Various historical government links. Useful overall. Pub 2018 Added 16 Aug 2018

SMT00014  Press release  Smart Energy Meters Market Emerging Trends, Technology and Demand 2018 to 2025 Global Smart Energy Meters Market Professional Survey Report 2018 provides a unique tool for evaluating the Market, highlighting opportunities, and supporting strategic and tactical decision-making. This report recognizes that in this rapidly-evolving and competitive environment… Harrisburg, NC Pub 14 Aug 2018 Added 14 Aug 2018

SMT00013 – Market news and analysis at your finger tips. Smart Meters Market to 2025: Report on Top Company Players, Industry Insights and Market Overview. Pub 11 Aug 2018 Added 12 Aug 2018

SMT00012    theautomarketnews.comSmart Energy Meters Market Overview, Industry Top Manufactures, Market Size, Industry Growth Analysis & Forecast: 2022 Pub 11 Aug 2018 Added 12 Aug 2018

SMT00011   Advertisingmarket24.comResidential Smart Meters Market 2022: Trends And Growth, Segmentation And Key Companies. Pub 12 Aug 2018 Added 12 Aug 2018

SMT00010 – Global smart meters market 2012-2018 – Forecast 2018-2023. Smart Meters Industry provides a detailed analysis of the market, including its elements, structure, qualities, fundamental players, development and request drivers, and so forth. As a Detailed Analysis report, it covers all points of details inside analysis and opinion in Smart Meters…. Pub 11 Aug 2018 Added 12 Aug 2018

SMT00009  We’re bringing you smart meters, but not quite yet. Here’s why. We’re planning to roll out free smart meters to you towards the end of this year. That’s a little later than we originally thought, but we believe it’s the right thing to do. This post explains why. And we’ve answered some smart FAQs at the bottom too…..  Pub Aug 2018 Added 12 Aug 2018

SMT00008 Smart Maters – the smart choice. Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters and offer a range of intelligent ‘smart’ functions, much like your smartphone and smart TV. Pub 7 Aug 2018 Added 10 Aug 2018

SMT00007  Britain upgrading energy system by installing smart meters.Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters and offer a range of intelligent ‘smart’ functions, much like your smartphone and smart TV.  Pub 7 Aug 2018 Added 8 Aug 2018

SMT00006   Utility Week  Harris Interactive/Utility week research: incentivizing smart meters. By the end of 2020 around 53 million smart meters are mandated to have been fitted by energy suppliers. But with only around 10 million installed to date, the national roll-out must ramp up dramatically, and soon. Pub 7 Aug 2018 Added 8 Aug 2018

SMT00005   OpenPR Worldwide Public Relations. Smart Meters Industry 2018 Global Market Research report provides information regarding market size, share, trends, growth, cost structure, capacity, and revenue and forecast 2025. Market Insights Reports new study, Global Smart Meters Sales Market Research Report 2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. Pub 8 Aug 2018 Added 8 Aug 2018

SMT00004 business article. Smart Meters Market 2018 Evolution, Analysis 2018-2023 Growth Opportunities, Trends, Forecast to 2018 Pub 5 Aug 2018 Added 6 Aug 2018

SMT00003 Smart Meter rollout opening up energy market opportunities, research suggests.,Most UK energy suppliers looking to use data from smart meters to boost opportunities, innovation and diversification, finds research by Capgemini. Guys is this a clue to their intentions – data mining and selling on. U got it? Ed.   Pub 1 Aug 2018 Added 1 Aug 2018

SMT00002   My smart energy my country From the governments’ point of view, what is happening in various countries. Uncritical propaganda. Added 30 June 2018

SMT00001   manifesto for a smarter Britain / Kirstie and Phil / Smart Energy GB. Promo video Pub 14 June 2018. 1:02  Added 20 June 2018

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