How the idea came to be

How the idea came to be


How this website came to be

Things do not just start by themselves, they started because on Saturday, 28 April 2018 at around 6:30 PM I was minding my own business, I think I was  doing some reading, when out of nowhere, out of the blue, came the idea which seem to join itself up when it entered my head. I should have a website devoted only to the fifth generation of telephony otherwise known as 5G.

Little did I know the whirlwind that would happen when I started. I sat down in front of my computer to figure out what web domain I could buy, domains that were not taken before obviously. Since I knew that the topic of 5G was going to be raised at the AV9 conference taking place between the 4th and the 7th of May so I knew something had to be done as this was only a week away. I found a website name which I thought was quite appropriate, and .uk. I bought them both.

To cut a long story short,by 10:30 AM on the Tuesday I had a completely designed and functioning website with blogs, stats, whistles and bells that you expect plus a flyer which had been designed and was just waiting to go to the printer. The more detailed timetable was as follows;

On Sunday morning at about 10 O’clock I Started to populate a standard WordPress Template with all aspects of data including links, small articles, who we are, contact us etc. This proceeded well. Towards the end of the day I became aware that I would need a flyer to hand round to people at the conference. I went to my normal agents, PeopleperHour, entered the word ‘flyer’. I got a list of 20 or 30 people who are prepared to create flyers.

One jumped out at me, a chap called Karim from Pakistan. Do not ask me why it jumped out at me. I wrote to him with a rough idea of a flyer, an image of towers and some text. Monday morning, I had a first draft back which was extraordinarily good bearing in mind I was only paying him £10 for the privilege. There were some corrections to be made which I sent to him later on Monday and they arrived 15 min after I sent them.

Tuesday morning at 9:15 AM, I sent the PDFs off to a printer. At 3:35 PM I got a message saying that 1000 x 2 sided A5 leaflets had been dispatched.

This is the fastest turnaround I have ever had. At about 10:30 AM on the Tuesday morning, 1st May 2018 I had a feeling that whatever it was that was helping me said to me, you have done enough. I can only report without being too metaphysical that while I was working there was what I have to call a cool draft around my legs although the windows and doors were closed. At half-past 10 in the morning, that wind stopped.

What is there to learn from this event. I have to say that at no time was I stressed, exhausted, felt I was giving energy. It’s something along the lines of Nikola Tesla who said that if we tapped into the energy of the Earth we could have enough resources to provide everyone with electricity.

The main lesson for me was this. Inspiration as a time and date stamp attached to it. When I’m driving my car with my GPS and it says turn left in 50 yards, I turn left. I don’t say to myself “the idea of turning left is a good one but I think I’ll do it another time”. That would cause me to lose my way. The universe is an amazing place. Planet Earth has a self regulating energy system. If we allow it to tune into us and give us inspiration then we can rely on energy being supplied elsewhere than us. In other words, the universe says to us, ‘okay we need something done, let us see where the portals or paths are all open, and let us find the person with the disposition to fulfil the task, and give them the gift of inspiration’.

Unfortunately, most of us get an idea and as soon as it is received it is attacked by the left brain which gives all sorts of reasons why we should not be able to carry out the task, either of the size or the difficulty. It’s no good going back to it because of time has passed and it is unlikely that the idea will succeed.

So, the whole event, which I can describe as a bubble of 2 ½ days, involving me being taken out of space and time because although I worked hard we can say I was not aware of working at all although my body was just operating the keyboard. This is as close to a metaphysical experience as I have had in recent times anyway.

If I had done the normal left brain thing and planned everything, I would have missed all the opportunities that were laid out for me, and the chance to speak at the conference. Instead I did my impression of a blind man with a guide dog and trusted my inspiration as something that originated from a force or influence outside myself. It is after all inspiration not expiration. Whatever happens with the site I am privileged to be witness to this surreal and existential event.

I rest my case.

Brian Snellgrove

3rd May 2018

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