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About us


I registered the site about 8 PM on Saturday, 28 April 2018 realising that there was a big gap in the market, no website devoted exclusively to news, technical papers, campaigns etc in the English-speaking world. The gap has now been filled, and it is now a useful reference site so I hope it is well used.  See ‘how the site came to be’

I have been involved in Alternative News for the last 15 years or so, very much influenced by David Icke who – before you start to sneer – has got more courage in his little finger than the entire mainstream media have in their whole bodies. The prophecies that he has made have come true with unfailing regularity because he takes the trouble to think, observe, learn from history, be fearless, and put his head above the parapet and say what he thinks.

I first became aware of 5G about six months ago, October 2017, when I read of adverse effects suffered by people who had experimental 5G antenna near their homes. I received a further jolt when I read that 5G was being tried out in Gateshead, England, and horror of horrors in Bath spa near where I live. The transmitters will be situated in the actual Roman baths.

I realise that once the 40,000 or so antenna are installed in the UK, the powers that be, the people who run the world, will have complete control over us. They will also be able to spy on our actions via the TV, and learn when we switch on and off our various electrical appliances. The idea is to gather data in order to make money out of this and the buzzword is “billions of dollars” to be made. The price we pay is that there is no escape from sitting virtually in a microwave oven 24/7

Equally bad, and as a precursor, we have the amazing con the Smart Meter. The corporations have a great scheme – they charge us to install meters, then make more money from selling the data on what goes on in our homes. I shall be focusing on local campaigns with Smart Meters in my sights.

Visit our sister site www.extinction-rebellion-exposed for many interesting videos.

Brian Snellgrove
Tuesday 1 May 2018
modified 6 July 2018


PS I might add my other activities:

I run our local allotment Association

I write a Samuel Pepys type Blog (675,000 words to date)

I have done for many years remote viewing and healing, and specialize in chakra and energy analysis at  distance.

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