From a former electronic warfare specialist (via FB)

From a former electronic warfare specialist (via FB)


“Hello everyone.

I’m a former electronic warfare specialist from a NATO country. Currently I work as an electronics and comms engineer in a leading global company that builds wireless communication systems.

I need to shed some light on what information I have on 5G technology.

5G utilizes the very same frequencies that the navies use to disable pirate ships in the coast of Somalia. They have high power electromagnetic systems in place that incapacitate the ships crews by sending short bursts of signals at high frequency and power.

Its said to be excruciatingly painful and usually the boarding of ships affected goes on with zero resistance. It’s very, very effective. Somalia was a test bed and now they are bringing it to the cities to control riots etc. since due to global warming and poor economy, the riots are going to be more regular and more violent. Our leaders can’t have people on the streets confronting them. I need to come out with my knowledge, I just can’t stand by idle anymore with everything I know.

I started suspecting the actual use of 5G during a project I participated in with my current employer. I noticed that a lot of my former colleagues were recruited to the company, with extraordinary salary and benefits. The similarities in the technology used astonished me, but at first I thought it was just a coincidence.

I stumbled across a few papers, obviously not meant for our eyes and my concerns became a reality as I noticed that the person who had signed those papers, was indeed my former commanding officer from the electronic warfare unit.
They need to be stopped.

Just make it clear, I’m not a “conspiracy theorist”. I know the earth to be round, vaccines are good for you (in fact I believe the ordinary folk get too few of them as we received a lot more in service), they landed on the moon and so on. I don’t want to be spammed with random stuff, thanks. I’m just here to maybe give out some information on the matter.

God bless.” – ‎Christian Huelsmeyer‎


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