An appeal to the world’s governments from a concerned citizen

An appeal to the world’s governments from a concerned citizen


An example of how to write a letter or perhaps not write a letter. You be the judge.

Sept 27 2018

Dear Mr Corbyn (leader of the opposition Labour party in UK) ,

The purpose of this letter is to share knowledge and spread awareness of harm to children from Microwave Radiation. Below is a letter your office has not responded to. The letter points to an amazing failure of our supposed democracy and that, in effect, all estates and every component in our policy has been subverted, paralyzed and reduced to coma – and that the nation has been taken over by MATERIAL INTERESTS prepared to sacrifice babies, toddlers, children, sensitive people and even the ovaries of women for money. The fact of your failure to respond indicates that the Labour Party is dead as a servant of the People – and that were you to be elected, it would signify nothing in the way of beneficial change. If there are any conscientious people left within your habitation – could I appeal to you to study the letter and seek to speak up in support of it so that momentum begins to help save the babies and the ladies ovaries. Could I draw everybody’s attention to the Appeal of international scientists –
which includes a comprehensive statement of the issues. Could Mr Corbyn seek a response to the Statement from the Prime Minister?


questions to P H E

Why have PHE/HPA and the Government rejected application of THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE in facilitating the importation of RF/MW Radiation into public living spaces – and particularly into the living space of children? Dr Stewart recommended a complete overhaul of the regulatory system in order to tighten control over the industry – he sought the cancellation of all licenses and reconstitution on a much more stringent basis. This was because of conceivable health hazards, especially affecting children. God help us – now we are facing murderous inundations of 5G frequencies without any restriction and Labour Councils are the most determined to assault their women and babies.

Why has there been no public education campaign to explain the possible health risks to parents and children? Dr Stewart paid an admirable respect to the right of the public and local authorities to participate on the basis of informed consent. Why has the Government imposed radiation exposure on the whole population without their consent or omitted to inform meaningfully in order to make possible valid consent?

Why Health Authorities and the public have effectively no say in the siting of mobile phone base stations? Why do parents have no say in the provision of WLANs in schools?

Why no ombudsman has been appointed to balance public health interests with the commercial drives of the telecommunication companies?

Why no restrictions have been placed on the industry’s freedom to alter infrastructure or requirement placed to advise the public of increased power densities in the electromagnetic fields generated or changed low frequency modulation – both of which could easily have effects on environmental security.

In short – why has the principle of laissez-faire been allowed and precaution in the interests of children completely abandoned?

Why in the interests of increasing knowledge and gaining assurance that there is no threat to children or women through their greater permeability and vulnerability to microwaves, is no account being taken of all available evidence – evidence from other countries, non-peer review research and anecdotal evidence?

Given Dr Stewart’s concerns about the safety of mobile phones for children and Ministry of Health advice that children should be discouraged from using them for other than emergency occasion, why is this not being communicated to the public through advertisement campaigns? Why are GPs not being active in conveying the advice to patients? Why are schools not educating their pupils about the possible danger or the need to use mobile phones and other Radio frequency devices/toys in the safest manner in accordance with industry recommendation?

In the light of industry recommendations why are the conceivable health risks not being emphasized on packaging and in retail outlets? Why are the SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE values not specified on packaging and in stores?

Why are parents, carers and loved ones providing children with Radio frequency equipment which has never been market tested for safety in complete ignorance of any health risks? Why are mobile phones, tablets, readers etc. – given conceivable carcinogenic/neurodegenerative/genotoxic dangers – not being sold with a health warning? Why is there no advertising ban where children are directly or indirectly being targeted as consumers?

Why was original advice to schools to prefer wired connections to Wi-Fi over ridden by OFSTED which through its scoring system has been encouraging the opposite end?

Why are laptop computers being used at all in schools when the electromagnetic fields communicated to children just from touching the keys are 10-20 times in excess of safe absorption? From my understanding any saturation beyond 2-3 milli gauss causes stress to the human bio field resulting in weakening of the immune system. Unfortunately lap tops generate e m fields to the value sometimes of 50milligauss. Why are these machines not being sold with prominent health warnings?

Why is P H E not assessing the plethora of evidence from numerous sources that radio Frequency/Micro Wave radiation exposure could be having drastic impacts on the ovaries of women, on embryos and foetuses, on babies and infants, on children and teenagers – especially females – and on other vulnerable sections of the population: the electro sensitive and people with chronic conditions?

Given the escalating problem of autism spectrum disorders, increase in asthmatic conditions, large scale blood pressure abnormalities in females, large scale incidence of heart beat irregularities, alarming reduction in reproductive vitality, and of proliferating incidence of Alzheimer’s, other dementias and premature detriment – why is there no apparent urgency within P H E or the Ministry of Health to review the allowance of continuing exponential increases in electro smog – wireless lighting networks, the Police TETRA system, smart metering of water, electric and gas supply etc. Could you explain who is monitoring conceivable health impacts from RF/MW radiation exposure?

Could you provide me with PHE ‘s assessment of the THE GLASER CATALOGUE? This is an official American Government publication detailing some 5,000 research reports/references/notices or observations concerned with non-thermal bio effects from exposure to microwave/pulsed radio frequency radiation. In the 1972 publication of files, Dr Glaser notes in his abstract – “ Particular attention has been paid to the effects on man of non-ionizing radiation at microwave frequencies”. Could you explain the rationale behind Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education advice that there is no evidence of health detriments from RF/MW radiation exposure at non-ionizing levels when the Glaser Catalogue lists thousands?

Is it possible that the Government has failed to regulate the industry and protect public health and consequently exposed a whole generation of children to possible neurological and genetic infringement – because of the money? That the Government is guilty of treason in facilitating a genocidal holocaust because of avarice and or other reasons unknown?

International Appeal to the world’s governments by scientists, doctors and environmental organizations to stop 5G implementation on earth and in space

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