More experiences with smart meters (and water ones)

More experiences with smart meters (and water ones)


Hi all ,this is my first post here (FB) . My Sister Ally *****  introduced me. This is my experience and will try to keep it brief.

For about 2 yrs i’ve been saying to Ally that within 20 mins of entering my house I feel depressed and ill and thought maybe allergic to my parrot. Symptoms are many and all on the lists posted. I have been to various consultants with ear pain etc etc etc. I must mention that I too have had extensive cancer treatment (chemo surgery radiotherapy). All symptoms are real and well before I became aware of this group. I’m in yr 2 of smart meters for both gas and electricity. I have always loved this house and have no reason to feel depressed or ill when coming home from being away. Tried air purifiers etc. There is no other explanation other than the meters.

I also recently had a water meter installed which can be read remotely. Phoned British gas on Tuesday expecting a fight to get them removed. First agent said we wouldn’t usually take them out once in. I explained my medical conditions and was put through to someone else whos gave me the ” this is the new way to go etc etc. Said we have government reports saying they are safe etc etc. I said yes maybe but they tell us what suits and I want them out . Third agent said I’ve not had requests from anyone else to take them out.

To cut it short i finally spoke to agent 2 again and I asked him who I address my legal paperwork to at British Gas. Within 5 minutes agent 3 returned and said the earliest I can arrange removal is 3 weeks but I will try to get an earlier appointment , also said he had a few requests recently like mine. I asked if I would have a regular meter and not pre-pay or smart , his reply astonished me when he said ” we can re commision your old analogue meters” Why are they keeping them after 2 years and why if there are no health risks were they so keen to get me an immediate appointment for removal without written notice or any kind of fight.

I will update you with any further news and post once they are removed. I am going to call the water company today to demand a simple water meter without the radio part. If you are thinking it will be a fight with British gas then give it a go it might be easier than you think .

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