Report on a grass roots EMF meeting in Mousehole UK

Report on a grass roots EMF meeting in Mousehole UK


Brief report on Mousehole meeting (20 Sept 2018)

The weather seemed to conspire against us. It was blowing a hoolie, and the rain was torrential. Flash flooding before I’d even left home. However, I got there, soaked through, first one to arrive. Jane and Jason turned up. About 40 people there.

The man giving the talk was very interesting and, I felt, very plausible. He had been researching the problems of wifi and it’s effects on humans and wildlife for decades. Had over 20,000 pieces of research. He said that some individuals had made great inroads into proving issues, and had tried to ‘go public’ and had their research destroyed and equipment smashed.

It was a bit hard to hear, the acoustics were not good, well not for me. It was not always easy to follow, again, not for me. I felt that the main problems were: that he was trying to get across a lot of information in 2 hours. I felt that he had a difficult job as he would have been unaware of the amount of knowledge of his potential audience. He picked some areas that I could understand and others I could not so easily get the gist of. And each of the areas could have been talked about for hours.

He was open to questions – so I was able to ask a few. However, he received some severe heckling from one man who was basically calling him a charlatan and said he was upsetting people for no good reason, and where was his proof? It was an unjustified attack, in my mind. I think part of the problem, was that the guy was trying to get information over, but did say, more than once, that there were some things he could not talk about – these apparently related to keeping the confidentiality of individuals who had taken part in his research. I understood that, because you do have to be very, very, careful that you do not disclose anything that might enable someone to be recognized.

Apart from this one man heckle, all other people were positive. Jane and I were the only Electrosensitives present so we could contribute quite a lot. He had asked everyone to turn off their phones, but there was a lot of electrical equipment there. Jane and I compared readings in the building and they were orange/red. Jason had to go and stand outside as he said it was too much for him. The big confirmation for me – was that the Government and Industry are ‘in this together,’ and will fight to the bitter end to not accept that wifi is in anyway dangerous to living things, even if it means destroying research, equipment and reputations.

He did say that he knew of individuals having been killed because they would not stop trying to prove the dangers. One man in the audience had contacts with Harvard in the USA, and said that Harvard were totally against wifi.

I do apologize this is not very well put together at all. There was just so much to take in, and as I said, the acoustics were not good. By the way I did ask about the gov’s legal position to provide a White zone in the UK. Apparently, they don’t have to do anything. Sweden provided one, but still maintained there was no such thing as electrosensitivity. The other rather worrying thing is the length of time it takes to recover from wifi damage. In my case, at my age, there is not enough time, but I did try to put across in one of my questions to him that even if people felt no ill effects, they were still being affected negatively by wifi. I think that may have caused a slight worry.

Well the heckle man did glare at me.

FB UK electrosensitives group

A response from another group member:

Good for you. However what l cannot understand is, why do people go to these things to heckle? I suppose they have their point of view but people want answers not twits with opinions. 

Many braved the weather to hear what they thought was important and might be of help and l am sad to see that there are many who do not believe the problem actually exists. 

The thing is l have taken note of things from this page, l don’t care if people think l am crazy, not any more and now turn off my ipod at bedtime. Might seem a small thing but together with my treatment from my homeopath l am beginning to sleep a little better. Coincidence some might say but l don’t think so. 

So, thank you everyone, firstly for pointing out about tick bites and what l already had learned from the page on sensitivity. l hope things will change for the better, a fight will ensue l know, much as it has with fracking. Somehow dare l say ‘ordinary people’ slip below the line of view and get ignored by those who think they know it all, usually big money, companies and government.

About the heckler

People did try to shut him up, Jane of this group and others. In the end I did the only thing I could think of, I asked a question that related to 5G and took us in a slightly different direction, and also (and I think it worked) got the rest of the room thinking about the issues. Years and years ago, I had to do a bit of public speaking on Mental Health issues. I got heckled and was advised by a very nice man how to cope with it. However, no matter how well you do cope, it is unnerving and I could see that it was affecting Mr. Webb the speaker. I cannot remember whether his name is Brian or David. Sorry

the reporter thought of something else

Ah, another thing. Mr. Webb said that he and some colleagues had applied for, and received, funding to study the effects of wifi on bees. He wrote personally to 50 bee keepers who belonged to the bee keepers association (or something similar). Only one person wrote back. He said he didn’t think there were any problems at all and it was all a fuss about nothing. Bees are in decline and Bumbles are on the endangered species list. If the bee keepers are not aware of it, then we are going to be in serious trouble in the future.

someone else commenting on the meeting:

I’m the ‘Jane’ that was at the meeting and a bit rubbish at checking in with fakebook but here goes. I was very surprised that this meeting even happened but delighted that it did. Small starts with a growing groundswell are how all change comes about. The speaker David Webb, was very knowledgeable and he covered a lot of topics but the time-slot was too brief to do it justice. Five years of my own research was very much in line with his professional and scientific thinking.

By the way, the heckler was astonishing and incredibly rude but not a ‘plant’. Apparently he is local and constantly angry. Maybe he has been affected by wifi/phone masts himself. Cognitive dissonance for sure. Have you noticed how many people are very willing to challenge you when they have previously given zero thought to this subject but suddenly they are an expert. My greatest frustration has been years of tests (with very concrete evidence of the effect on my brain, hemorrhages, deafness, tinnitus etc ) by various neurologists, only to be met, time and time again, by shrugged shoulders and indifference. I was hoping to find a research centre or at least a neurologist who is interested in the effects on electrosensitive people. If somebody can point me in that direction, within this country if possible, do please let me know.

My home has now had all the usual modifications to minimise the effect of the mobile phone mast that is 200m from it (I can’t move house yet) but sometimes I can’t bear the thought of waking every day of my life with the most intense pain in my head. I learnt that a man in my village took his own life recently. He woke in the same way as this each day. For sure there are many more out there.

to which someone replies:

 Brilliantly put, Jane. As you say starting small with hard work and attention and more meetings like this, word will spread and change will follow. So pleased that we met at the meeting, sitting side by side for quite a while until we realized who each other was.

Response from someone else in the village

I had a call from a lady in a nearby village who pleaded me to come and try and find out what had happened to her health. She told me that she was severely electrosensitive and had Health experts to check her house – they took the roof off and replaced it , according to the couple – (not quite sure what that meant) and she had to live in a caravan further down the road. 
After only some 60 yards from her house the symptoms eased. They were also in the process of buying another house to get away from the noise. I walked into the living room with my Acoustimeter which started howling at 6.0 V/m and straight to the corner where I could see the Wifi.
I asked them to switch it off and there was dead silence. I have never seen anyone so utterly flabbergasted.!
Using my divining rods I also found a black spiral at the heads of both in their bed, presumably caused by the effects of the EMF’s.
These spirals attract other unhealthy energies when we are asleep, but can be negated by grounding blankets.
I am still wondering how long it will take the lady to recover – has any reader any idea how long it will ?

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