Yet another battle with local authorities – this time – Smart Meters

Yet another battle with local authorities – this time – Smart Meters


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Hello Franchesca

Thank you your email and I am afraid you will be disappointed to hear that I don’t accept one word of it and I will go through step by step why – because it is important in my view and many others that you understand what I am about to say – not only for the millions who visit National Trust properties but for the sake of your health  , that your tenants and your fellow executives of the National Trust.

And if you take the trouble to watch the below – which is about 10 minutes long – and probably you wont and not will your colleagues most likely – but if you all did you will understand what one of the world `s most respected scientist is warning people about . And smart meters are part of the same technology that he is explaining.

But before I reply to your email in more detail,   I can confirm until you remove these smart meters I will not set foot again in any one of your properties  and it is possible that many of my colleagues in this field will do the same – and that could well be your supporting membership becomes significantly reduced – because of your commitment to smart meters.

This is not a threat – it is the logical consequence of awareness of a harmful technology . Smart meters are part of the internet of things and this is contingent like the smart city agenda on 5g. I am glad to say that the Prime Minister , Boris Johnson has called this technology Evil and I think he used the right word. Because that which harms the consciousness and physiology of human beings can only be identified correctly as evil . But it was the Prime Minister`s words not mine.

But I read your email below and realised it is exactly like the sort of emails I get from the civil servants – as if you were like them employed by the government and parroting the government narrative -trotting  out ICNIRP and PHE and Global warming.

First of all things are changing – if you look across the Atlantic  you will see that the Attorney General has started a criminal investigation into certain things and people – perhaps this will include the activity of a certain ex British spy Christopher Steele and his connection to a certain dossier which was apparently full of nonsense . When all this comes out the law may well be applied and certain people perceived through  controlled mass media,  as righteous for years and years, will be sent to prison. If this happens we will see who the conspiracy theorists actually were. And it is not we.

The reasons I mention that is that if that all comes to pass  it means the law  being applied properly and correctly and justly

And the area of microwaves in air – which is 5 g what smart  meters and the internet of things are – will not be exempt and court cases are possibly to follow. Indeed it is already  happening  in the USA and Apple and Samsung are already facing  class actions in Canada and in the USA because people are becoming aware of the truth of this and human health.

Now to return to your email which could have been written by an employed civil servant because it just regurgitates the government stance  – and it is also the sort of reply I get form the BBC which clearly is not independent of government for the same reasons. And the BBC is further compromised because they are part of Rural First with Cisco and BT pushing 5g on to people.

Now why do you believe the government is correct on health issues. You are not employed by the state – you can think for yourself it you want to.

The government  have a truly not just a shocking but really abysmal track record on health advice. Look at  to smoking and  Asbestos – where they in  the past sad both are harmless to health.

The government in both cases were  utterly wrong as they are now on the health effects of microwave radiation in air and the effects of that on health.

They are in an even weaker situation in relation to microwaves in air – which  is what we are talking  about – since they have been making weapons out of it. And if you listen to a former Royal Navy man – Barrie Trower  – he said the government used microwaves in air on the Greenham Common women –  to get them to disperse  – and many of them got ill as a result. He explains all of that.

And power density is not the defining metric – because the damage to human cells is related the pulsing of the energy  , the wave form , the modulation as well as frequency and many other factors. It is not power density alone. Very weak electromagnetic  microwave fields have been known to cause great damage to human cells.

So it is non scientific to say that the signals from the smart meters do not damage human cells  because the signals are two weak. That  is a statement that does not pass the fact of the science of all this.

In addition you have taken on board the global warming hoax.  We are not conspiracy theorists and have nothing to hide or cover up –  the global warming CO2 man made global warning theorists have things to hide and cover up – they are the conspiracy theorist not us. Sorry about that but it is true as you will see when I explain what happened in a court of law in Canada..

The global warming people are not independent of the 5g stream it seems and if you look you can see that Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion is connected with Citizens on Line –  apparently  – and they are a digitally inclusive organization which is pro internet  of things and which is contingent on  5g

And Greta Thunberg must be being financed by someone – and she is often seen in the company of Luisa Marie Neubauer – who is  connected with ONE an organization financed by Soros  and Gates

Now in term of covering up and hiding things which is what I referred to just now lets look onto the CO2 Global Warming conspiracy theory and see what was concealed and kept away from the scrutiny of science and how  it stacks up against truth. Well it fails on many count and even legally. A court case debunked the work of Michael Mann the inventor of the hockey stick curve used to say the world is heating up dramatically and the judge found against him because he refused to submit his evidence to  open scientific scrutiny . Well that’s that then.

But there`s more . Have you actually any idea what CO2 is as a percentage of the earth`s atmosphere ? I it is actually 0.4% . And at highest estimates it is 400 ppm – and long ago before man or cars were where on earth it stood at 8000 ppm . So man is not going to bring the world to an end in 12 years by driving cars obviously. The earth has been heating and cooling for billions of years.

And you can see why when you look at the  Milankovitch cycles which take into the account the angle of the earth’s axis of rotation , the orbit of the earth around the Sun and the relation too between torque and gravitational  force. And he talked of cycles of 100,000 years which matches up what many climatologists who are not converted  by propaganda talk about – periods  of 100,000 years of ice cold years  interspersed  with warmer periods  of 10,000 years called interglacials – all this driven by the amount of  the radiation from the sun reaching the earth.

When the attorney general William Barr, Huber and Durham start up their activity indeed  perhaps after  the FISA disclosures,  then  perhaps peoples` perception of politicians  and government in general will changed and people will question things .

They won`t simply trust propaganda anymore as you have – they will question everything as you might.

And then they will you perhaps too will understand the truth about smart meters and the whole 5g agenda

And if the National Trust does not do the same  – the law courts will be available to people who want to protect themselves and their  loved ones perhaps.

That is not a threat it is just an observation  of that which  is already happening in the USA to stop this terrible technology which you and your colleagues are simply not aware of  in terms of health effects – otherwise you would not permit smart meters anywhere near the National Trust estate.

Apparently In the  USA, Notices of Liability have been served on executives of the energy companies in relation to the  health effects of this technology – and the executives have sometimes resigned rather than have their  assets used to pay of medical bills  caused by smart meter damage to health.

This email is not nonsense nor of conspiracy tin hat vogue.

It appears we are moving into  an age where there are no secrets  anymore – like the whole Epstein case embodies and highlights to all of us. It is showing us how Epstein – an intelligence asset – was in a network of control of politicians and celebrities. A control network based on bribery and blackmail it appears.

That is the darkness of our society isn’t it  ? Worldwide as we are talking about international control.

But it sees a light is going  on and all the actions in the dark are being lit up for us all to see.

That is healthy for all of us isn’t it ?  Healthy in terms of society .

And the National Trust is part of our society and it will be interesting to see if it changes too.

With kindest regards

Nicholas Martin

From: ONRenquiries []
Sent: 01 November 2019 16:11
Subject: RE: The National Trust and Smart Meters

Dear Nicolas,


Thank you for taking the time to contact us about your concerns regarding smart meters.


In response to the threat posed to our places and people from climate change, we have for many years been striving to reduce our energy use, and to generate more of the energy we do use from our own renewable sources. Using smart energy data has been critical in helping us identify areas of wastage, understand the effectiveness of energy efficiency actions, and the potential for renewable schemes.


In considering whether the use of smart meters is appropriate, we have looked at the guidance from Public Health England and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Public Health England, the government’s agency on public health, sees no risk or dangers to health from smart meters. The smart meters used in Britain have undergone one of the most rigorous smart safety testing regimes in the world and exceed every UK and EU safety standard. Public Health England has also said that exposure to radio waves from smart meters is many times lower than the exposure from Wi-Fi and mobile phones and is well within guideline levels. We are keeping a watching brief as the evidence is constantly reviewed by these organisations, along with the independent national and international academic bodies.


I hope this goes some way to addressing your concerns. The partnership is important to us in terms of funding our work to reduce our energy consumption at our places, enabling us to reduce our contribution to climate change and its associated environmental damage, and work with an organisation to enable this to happen more widely.

 Kind regards


Business Support Coordinator

National Trust | Heelis | Kemble Drive | Swindon | SN2 2NA


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