EM-Radiation Research Trust gives notice

EM-Radiation Research Trust gives notice


For the attention of the Planning Infrastructure Division,
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government,
3rd Floor, Fry Building
2 Marsham Street
Friday, 11th October, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:
EM Radiation Research Trust puts UK government on notice regarding 5G amidst profound
world-wide health concerns

The UK EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) charity was established in 2003. We are leading
supporters of the precautionary approach to electromagnetic radiation. The aim of the charity is to
provide the facts about electromagnetic-radiation and our health to the public, media and officials.
The RRT is supported by independent scientists throughout the world and has over 4000 followers
with some of our posts reaching over 75,000 people.
The EM Radiation Research Trust are the calling for an outright ban for risky untested 5G
technology in response to the UK Government’s consultation calling for proposed reforms to the
permitted development rights for the deployment of 5G to extend mobile coverage. Download the
Governments 5G Consultation here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/proposedreforms-to-permitted-development-rights-to-support-the-deployment-of-5g-and-extend-mobilecoverage?fbclid=IwAR2OQPVclIWNzx18BC49Hk4Fa0AksUWKvzMjnD6-1q69njsWXv0oP6YAz9Q
Today Friday 11th October, 2019 BT is launching 5G in 20 UK cities. BT’s CEO for the Consumer
Division, Marc Allera, said “We are really excited to be announcing that 5G will be available to our
BT customers so soon after we became the first operator in the UK to launch 5G through EE. We’ll be
launching 5G for BT customers this Friday in 20 large towns and cities across the UK, including
Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Leicester, London, and Manchester. We
have 5G in more places than any other operator in the UK.” https://5g.co.uk/news/bt-5g-islaunching-on-friday-in-20-cities-andtowns/5060/?fbclid=IwAR1WZEpPFFa6mEfIcj2w_RQJEPFxOX-7OjcLQGaycbrA7nm61ucZs6ay0X4
It is not appropriate to impose untested 5G radiation throughout the UK.
The EM Radiation Research Trust held an International conference in London on 28th September,
2019 with doctors and scientific experts from around the world discussing the facts regarding 5G.
The presentations are available to download on the Radiation Research Trust website:

September 28th Conference Presentations

The rollout of 5G in the UK will dramatically increase the number of radiofrequency transmitters,
leading to an increase in microwave radiofrequency exposures for the public, pollinating insects and
other wildlife.
Today we see the release of a report that holds significant implications for the 5G project. Written by
Professor Tom Butler, social scientist at the University College, Cork. The paper highlights the most
recent published research and delves into past historic papers on RF/EMF radiation. This paper
poses serious questions for our future, especially the future of our children’s health and well-being
which is under significant threat. Our children are receiving no precautionary guidance for the use
of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and now the internet of things including the proliferation of
microwave non-ionising radiation frequency communication systems that are needed to service and
connect these devices such as wifi, smart meters, 2G, 3G, 4G and now the threat of 5G masts on
every street. Please take time to read and understand the potential effect of electromagnetic
pollution for public health and the environment. This issue has caused increased concern around the
world for the future of humanity. On the Clear Evidence of the Risks from Non-Ionizing Radio
Frequency Radiation: The Case of Digital Technologies in the Home, Classroom and Society.
Download the paper here: https://www.radiationresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Onthe-Clear-Evidence-of-the-Risks-to-Children-from-Smartphone-and-WiFi-Radio-FrequencyRadiation-Final-2019.pdf
Harmful effects of microwave radiofrequency signals below the current International Commission
on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines have been well documented in the
scientific literature. These included damage to fertility, development, behaviour and increased cell
death. Radiofrequency signals were classified as a possible human carcinogen in 2011 by the World
Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer. But the evidence of increased
cancer risks has since been strengthened by further human studies, as well as toxicology studies in
animals, which demonstrated clear evidence of tumours (US National Toxicology Program and the
Italian Ramazzini Institute study). Despite this, the Government is racing ahead with 5G rollout and
the involuntary irradiation of the whole UK population.
Many scientists have called for action to better protect the public, at www.emfscientist.org , for the
current ICNIRP guidelines to be rejected as not being protective of health, at www.emfcall.org , and
for 5G rollout to be halted until adequate safety studies have been done, at www.5Gappeal.eu.
1. Given that 5G rollout will greatly increase radiofrequency exposures for the UK public:
i. how will the UK Government protect its citizens from the harmful effects of radiofrequency
signals already documented in the scientific literature?
ii. how will the UK Government safeguard the health and development of babies, children and
young people from the damaging effects of radiofrequency signals already documented in
the scientific literature?
iii. how will the UK Government prevent damage to pollinating insects and other wildlife from
increased radiofrequency exposures?
2. Why is there no safety testing before the rollout of 5G throughout the UK and who is
responsible? Pre-market safety testing for new food and medicines are required before release for
public consumption and are not allowed to be marketed if they fail animal toxicity tests. The whole
UK population will be exposed to untested and unregulated radiation which they will absorb into
their bodies and without any public agreement.
Too many reports and reviews delay and deny the precautionary approach due to economic
interests. It’s time for action. We are deeply concerned that special interests and industry lobbying
are playing a role in this denial. We demand accountability for the imposition of this technology in
every corner of our lives, and we demand accountability on the part of the individuals who are
voting to put this technology in place without a single safety test having been conducted as
established by US Senator Blumenthal during Congressional hearings on 5G.
No one is checking if the carrier is operating within so-called “safety” limits, leaving the Government
and Industry wide open for legal challenge. Leading independent experts recently presented at a
meeting in Germany and at the European Parliament. Dr Marc Arazi provided evidence (SAR tests
reports from approved laboratory) proving that it is not possible to trust the mobile industry who
knowingly overexposed the public to microwave radiation well beyond the so-called limits with 9
out of 10 mobile phoned failing the “safety” standards following testing by a French Government
Agency in 2012 in real use (at contact to the body). Download Dr Arazi’s presentation here:
Dr Marc Arazi said: “We have been subjected to more radiation that manufacturers said for
more than 20 years.” And the UK Government expects us to trust the Government and Industry
with the launch of 5G throughout the UK with no pre-market testing or post-market control
allowing 5G antennas on every street within a few feet of people’s homes, without any informed
consent and no opportunity to object on any grounds including control, our freedom and our health
due to the relaxed UK planning laws?
Furthermore, the so-called “safety” limits are irrelevant because they only protect against acute
thermal effects from very short and intense exposure. It’s time for the UK Government to wake up
and remember who they represent. Are they not aware that our “safety standards” do not protect
against harmful effects from low-intensity and long-term exposure such as cancer, reproductive
harm, or effects on the nervous system and what about autism, birth defects and infertility? These
effects are convincingly shown to appear from chronic exposure at intensities below the ICNIRP
The introduction of 5G throughout the UK will add to the discrimination against those who are
currently suffering with electrosensitivity (ES). What sort of society are we consigning those who
are suffering with ES to live their lives in pain, enforced poverty and isolation? How will people
suffering with ES survive in a world saturated with 5G? There will be no place to hide.
We are also concerned for our freedom and control. Our own Prime Minister Boris Johnson
presented a speech about the ‘Internet of Things’ at the United Nations Assembly on 24th September,
2019 and said: “We need to find the right balance between freedom and control; between
innovation and regulation; between private enterprise and government oversight.We must insist
that the ethical judgements inherent in the design of new technology are transparent to all. And we
must make our voices heard more loudly in the standards bodies that write the rules. Above all, we
need to agree a common set of global principles to shape the norms and standards that will guide
the development of emerging technology.” Download the full transcript here:
september-2019 Also view Boris Johnson’s presentation here:

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) also submitted a statement to the UN revealing
that allowable international “radiation limits will need to be increased by 30 to 40% “ in order to
make 5G deployment technologically feasible and calls 5G “an experiment on humanity that
constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” in violation of more than 15 international
treaties and agreements. The report also highlights the fact that despite what is being portrayed in
mainstream, wireless radiation has biological effects and this is not a subject for debate. This was
already established more than 60 years ago when the US Department of Defense tested the impact
of EMR on animals and human beings under a variety of conditions. These biological effects are
seen in all life forms—plants, animals, insects and microbes. There are more than 10,000 peerreviewed studies pertaining to the health impacts of EMR and substantial evidence for the
cumulative nature and eventual irreversibility of some effects, whether
neurological/neuropsychiatric, reproductive, cardiac, mutations in DNA, or hormonal effects. Some
may affect the evolution of the human race. Download the report here: https://whatis5g.info/wpcontent/uploads/2019/04/PACE-EMR-contribution-Feb.-11th-2019.pdf
Russian research has clearly demonstrated biological effects during research on rats and humans
when exposed to millimeter radiowaves. This research was published in 1977 and translated and
declassified by the CIA in 2012 and clearly shows health problems in the skin, liver, heart, brain,
adrenal glands and blood. This is very daunting science and it is critically important. Download
here: https://www.radiationresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/emf-USSR-biologicaleffect-microwaves-skin-organs-blood-bone-marrow-reflex-enzymes-nucleic-metabolism-1977-
It is of no surprise that the Russian standards are much lower than the UK. The Chairman for the
Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and member for the
International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the World Health Organization’s EMF Project Professor
Oleg Grigoriev recently provided a stark warning about 5G saying: “5G Maybe like a slow
Hiroshima.” His predecessor Professor Yury Grigoriev has also given many warnings and powerful
presentation’s with regards to non-ionising radiation. His expertise is second to none with regards
to both ionising and non-ionising radiation. Professor Yury Grigoriev was called upon to help
contain the Chernobyl disaster. The Radiation Research Trust invited him to offer his expert
opinion regarding EMF exposures. He said: “The human brain and the nervous system tissues
directly perceive EMF and react irrespective of its intensity, and in certain cases it depends on EMF
modulation. The current standards are out dated and inadequate. Urgent action is needed to curb
the negative impact from this physical agent.” He also said: “Man conquered the Black Plague, but
he has created new problems – EMF pollution.”
The clock has now started ticking on liability. Swiss Re Group is one of the world’s leading insurance
providers and recently rated 5G as a “high impact” risk affecting property and casualty claims within
3 years. Download the Swiss Re report here: https://www.radiationresearch.org/articles/swissre-rated-5g-highimpact/?fbclid=IwAR1asU6TTPcTR1uZEaswbl9hppH_3oliIKO0GoMJimoFvk4B5PsbK73Fk-4
What compensation will the Government provide for UK citizens against 5G personal injuries
or reduced property values?
See additional research and information.
PHIRE 5G – 5 Facts leaflet: http://phiremedical.org/tag/5g/
Understanding EMFs: https://sites.google.com/site/understandingemfs/thescience?fbclid=IwAR0T4_sJbKGTpLIlJ5_kEr8b4NyWmDu1x4HuTEKKj6EXt4ct_4jm977m37c
No more excuses. Public Health England (PHE), ICNIRP, Scientific Committee on Emerging and
Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), the industry and the UK Government are fully informed
and well aware of the dangers associated with this technology and to proceed without caution could
lead to officials being held to account for damages to public health as a result of wireless technology
due to serious management failures in a gross breach of duty of care.
This letter will be made publically available to enable the public to present directly to their MP,
councillors and public officials. Officials will not be able to claim that they ‘didn’t know’ in a court of
law in the future as this letter and enclosed submissions will hold them accountable and guilty for
forcing electromagnetic radiation upon the general public without prior consent. The public may be
left with no alternative but to make a criminal complaint against those decision makers and seek a
prosecution and a claim for compensation. Decision makers who fail to protect public health should
be held personally responsible for serious breach of duty and put on notice for betraying public
trust by ignoring the evidence on the hazards of RF/EMF.
As of 11th October, 2019 the UK Government has irrefutably received this letter drawing attention to
information including links to websites containing the latest science and appeals from doctors and
scientists. We reiterate that the UK Government and their advisors are aware of the risks of EMFs
and of concerns regarding the dangers associated with current wireless technology and 5G.
Eileen O’Connor
Eileen O’Connor
EM Radiation Research Trust
1) https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/proposed-reforms-to-permitteddevelopment-rights-to-support-the-deployment-of-5g-and-extend-mobilecoverage?fbclid=IwAR2OQPVclIWNzx18BC49Hk4Fa0AksUWKvzMjnD6-
2) https://5g.co.uk/news/bt-5g-is-launching-on-friday-in-20-cities-andtowns/5060/?fbclid=IwAR1WZEpPFFa6mEfIcj2w_RQJEPFxOX7OjcLQGaycbrA7nm61ucZs6ay0X4
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The EM Radiation Research Trust is an educational organisation funded by donations. An independent Charity
Registered No. 1106304 © The EM Radiation Research Trust 2003-2004
Contact address: Chairman Mr. Brian Stein CBE, Radiation Research Trust, Chetwode House, Leicester Road,
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1GA, UK


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