A poem by Tanja

A poem by Tanja


The Planet

Our home is a ball
Whizzing around with us all
But what do we see
Of her Beauty?
It seems we are lost to it all

The ball is on fire
Through our desire
To ever more posses
Fast fashion and cars
And more and more hours
With instant online access

Not willing to see
What this frenzy
Is doing to wildlife and health
We continue regardless with ever more access
To what is ours by stealth

Connectivity is key
For you and for me
Who cares about birds and bees?
They already suffer from electric shock
Caused by EMR beams

Our brains and our hearts
Are suffering too
From pulsed radiation waves
But what do we care
We are almost there,
Nice little digital slaves

With no thought of our own
We follow the drone
To ever more Automation
Where Artificial Intelligence
Is our new God
Our final destination

Unless we rebel and say “to hell”
With this artificial nonsense,
Instead of creating a Brave New World,
Let’s for once follow our conscience

And create a world where connection is key
To people, birds and bees
Where everyone thinks not only of “me”
But of what it all really means

To live on this Ball
Which is home to us all
And precious beyond compare
To develop tech which is soft to the Planet
And gives time to stop and stare

At the beauty of it all
And the fragility of the ball
Whose future is in our hands
Where Wisdom and Beauty
reign once more
And we use benign frequency bands

Which don’t fry our brains, the birds or the bees
But leave us sane and free
To enjoy life and each other to the full
In planetary harmony

Tanja Katarina Rebel

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