Kelly Durkin (FB) writes from the USA

Kelly Durkin (FB) writes from the USA


#Stop5G: there is a dark restaurant in my Town on the Main corner that recently closed down – 1 wk after it closed, a killer-bright-LED-Spot-Light went up – no reason for it – EXCEPT it shines out the window at the INTERSECTION EYES – it hits my EYES sitting across the street – & it’s on all-day-long even sunny days.

Next: Last nite I saw that light was gone – I am thinking ppl probably complained. Today – sunny day – now TWO Spots r up & on! One Spot faces 1 street – other Spot faces other street.

Folks: this Light-Thing is so organized, sinister & methodical it’s beyond words. AND it’s being done by “organized-Light-Designer-Teams” w the landlords – not the stores. Every single day both in my local Towns & all NYC, I call the Light additions, changes, arrangements, etc. They are so sick & sneaky.

It’s coming Your-Way too folks!

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