Compromised or dreaming GreenPeace?

Compromised or dreaming GreenPeace?

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Hi Tanja

Thanks for getting in touch, I understand that it is sickening to see and I appreciate your concerns about this issue but from what we’ve seen of the science we’re not 100% confident and would like to see more research done into the impact of 5G. Reports of damage to wildlife to make way from 5G are not yet from reputable sources, and warnings of health risks are also unreliable, please check out this article:

We might well campaign on the issue if scientific consensus on the environmental risk emerges, and it is significant, but right now we have to prioritise our campaigns based on issues that pose the most threat to the environment. There are so many environmental problems with proven impacts which almost all scientists agree on, for example climate change, that urgently need tackling.  

Greenpeace is working around the world on climate change and you can follow our UK news and campaigns at this new blog

I’m sorry we can’t do more about this issue but until there is a significant scientific consensus, we will be focusing on our current campaigning. We hope you understand.

Thank you for your support and best wishes,    

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From: Tanja Katarina Rebel <>
Date: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 4:01 PM
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Dear Darcy and Greenpeace,

Thank you for your reply. I understand from you that Greenpeace are waiting for ever more evidence. After all, this is what we have done with Asbestos, Tobacco, Lead, Diesel and Climate Change as well. Imagine if we had acted early on these!
For that matter, there is already a considerable consensus amongst independent scientists across the world – from Dr Martin Pall in the US to Dr Olle Johansson in Sweden – with thousands of peer-reviewed studies already showing that EMR is harmful to humans and wildlife. I have sent you many a link on this, but will send one more which is one of the most comprehensive articles written on the subject – not by a tin foil hatter, but by Professor and Neuro-Scientist Olle Johansson. I ask you to read this article in full and then act to prevent further damage – in the name of the Precautionary principle and of true Ecology:
I am an admirer of Greenpeace and have helped out locally in many ways and with many actions. However, I deplore the lack of action from the green NGO’s on this issue. It seems as if there is a certain blind belief in the Smart Agenda, which is anything but smart and which certainly isn’t ecologically responsible. For how can thousands of satellites, millions of transmitters and billions of new gadgets – not to mention the inescapable, untested, higher frequency radiation – ever be thus? 
After you have read the article, I am looking forward to another reply – and action. Not decades down the line as was the case with the aforementioned issues, but now. It is incumbent upon all of us – specially those who fight the destruction of nature – to prevent this crime in the making against people and Planet.
Many thanks from Tanja Rebel
Tel. 07528237190

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