Glastonbury resistance continues – a success

Glastonbury resistance continues – a success


The lovely people who have worked tirelessly to get thousands of signatures for 2 or 3 Stop 5G petitions in the town, should be thanked for their fantastic work. Some critics on social media are saying that the town council only passed the motion and voted to halt 5G, to protect the tourism industry.

My reply to that was “Everyday people in Glastonbury without any financial/vested interest links to the tourist industry are the ones who have been tirelessly campaigning against 5G in the town for a while now.

Their actions include:-

Standing outside the church protesting and collecting thousands of signatures on around 3 different petitions. Walking the streets collecting signatures. Attending town council meetings. Door to door house-hold leafleting. Providing the town council with the most up-to-date research they can find. Attending council meetings, making Stop 5G t-shirts, constant social media campaigning. It’s exhausting and a lot of work but people are doing it because they don’t want 5G in the town. The pressure was on and there was a massive turn-out of the public at last nights meeting. At least it is creating further interest/publicity/talking points and raising awareness in 5G for people who hadn’t really given it much thought before.”

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