Summary from Mary O’Donnell #stop5GIreland

Summary from Mary O’Donnell #stop5GIreland



2G Affected one side of the brain in 50 minutes
*Dr. Volkow, Journal of the American Medical Association, 2011 using 2G CDMA
3G Basestation electrosmog admitted harmful by industry **Swisscom applied for a patent to reduce it 2003
4G LTE Affected both sides of the brain in 30 minutes
*** Bin Lv, Zhiye Chen, Tongning Wu, Qing Shao, Duo Yan, Lin Ma, Ke Lu, Yi Xie. Clinical Neurophysiology, 2013.
4G Increased Bandwidth part of the 5G protocol for higher speed using same frequencies but playing with the signal/noise = more biological harm [Pawel Wypychowski]
5G Millimeter Waves with technologies like beamforming and increased infrastructure new cell towers every 300m [every second house] compulsory radiation exposure at even higher levels, it will penetrate everyone’s skin and eyes by 1mm with higher levels expected when they first switch on, also beamed from 20,000 satellites for blanket coverage of earth including all remote locations.
Internet of Things Everything we own and use they want to connect to the internet wirelessly at all times day and night, so increasing the electrosmog exponentially, no choice to disconnect any time any place ever. Industries such as the FCC and Elon Musk want driverless cars, connected cows, everything from ‘a pillbox to a plant watering can’ and advertise it as ‘re-imagine’ the future, though it’s engineers holding the keys to the future not us.


  • According to 244 independent scientists from the top universities in the world, no we need to halt 5G immediately, it’s not at all safe.
  • These scientists have been asking for decades for better safety regulations on 2G never mind 5G yet have been blocked time and time again in their requests by Tom Wheeler, by war games in industry and by corrupt regulating authorities – telecom had a budget of $800 million to lobby in 2013-14 when 5G was decided and given the go ahead.
  • Investigative journalists have shown the ICNIRP is a cartel, and exposed the WHO and related bodies in the EU as corrupt, and Harvard has exposed the FCC & Tom Wheeler the man in charge of safety and the CTIA and FCC till the launch of 5G in 2016 as having subverted and war-gamed research on safety, as documented by Director of Public Health UC Berkeley,
  • According to 5G execs in Feb 2019 they have not invested in safety testing, admitted under duress to Senator Blumenthal,
  • According to the leaked memo between a phone company and Tom Wheeler on Prof Henry Lai’s research from 1994 where indursty admits to ‘having suffiently war-gamed the results’ and to have put a damper on and rubber stamp results that show any harm as ‘inconclusive’ – and given that stamp is on every script from telecom authorities read to us today no matter how much research is done or no matter how many people are ill or sensitive to emf instead of actually ever having invested in quality research the past 35 years then the answer is no, not safe.
  • Industry has taken the stance that there are no health effects and that there never were and never will be – the denial of the past and present does not bode well for whatever happens you in the future.
  • Declassified military research from the 1970s shows grave harm with these new high frequencies even on short exposure, it’s experimental and to experiment on the population without our consent is a violation of personal rights and several international treaties.
  • According to thousands of scientific studies over many decades there’s at least 9 types of cancer and 12 categories of health effects associated with wireless tecnhology all the generations 2, 3, 4, 5G and devices. Prof Martin Pall of Washington State University has summariised and presented published reviews to the EU and legislators internationally about all of this yet they are sitting on this knowledge at our expense in favor of industry dollars unless we expose it, showing 158 published reviews of the 1000s of papers demonstrating conclusive evidence, our authorities chose to roll ahead with wrieless in spite of the damage and risk to the popluation.
If you have had a cancer or fertility issue and used or carried your phone in that location then you may be angry to know the scientists wanted to warn people but telecom refused wanting you to feel ‘safe’ using phones, and when I say ‘refused’ they actually went to court to prevent labelling the phones with safety guidelines, they exist but remain hidden and inadquate
Same with pregnant women & children, big consequences but little warning – as children are a lot more vulnerable than adults yet exposed to industrial grade wifi now all day in school and monopoles outside in their yard…cumulative


No we don’t need it at all, fibre optic provides fast speed more efficiently than wireless ever can, fibre is as fast as we ever need to get with internet, calls and texts
– the wireless thing is a gimmick to generate sales of phones, wireleless mobile phone contracts, sales of equipment for infrastructure, and ‘more devices’ especially when they aim to hook up everything and everyone in the world – though the planet can’t afford the junk, it’s on its last flippin legs as it is.
“It’s like they forgot they already have a better technology already with fibre” Pawel Wypychowski. He also goes on to say it’s for entertainment mainly, as does Ericssons.
Basically industry wants you to live to buy devices, shiny new objects, tells you it’ll all be fun to download movies on your phone, instead of a laptop, no mention of the real cost to you or the planet – already big sacrifices in trees and wildlife and health, whatever happened to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?! Even airtricity gave out 3 unnecessary IoT devices to new cusomers recently and calls itself ‘100% green’ these days, things are a going to get very crazy if you buy into this – and that’s key – they want you to buy into it – we don’t have to buy all the stuff they are selling and we need to roll back the dangerous stuff.


  • Look at any website following smartmeters and see they are costing money eg the UK site shows people fleeced, same in Canada, others have had them go on fire, and a US smartmeter company have had to be bailed out – there’s a body count with these in every country they’ve been rolled out so these should not be allowed in Ireland just because the EU says so – Martin Pall again has demonstrated 3 heatlh problems with them. Ring 1850 372 757 or email the esb to get put on the opt out register
  • The money is for telecom, not you, you are supposed to earn for them. Ericssons, Huawei, Vodafone these are the earners, if you buy.
  • There’s also money for them in mining your data, you are now trackable with 5G
  • Insurance companies won’t insure 5G, as John Kuhles has pointed out this will be another banker-type bailout by taxpayers when it goes pearshaped
  • Screams already ringing out over inflated quotes on the NBP…


Silent Spring was the name of a book written because one spring the birds didn’t sing, there were no birds left after going rogue with pesticides. Well here we are today on the verge of going rogue with 5G, some would say wireless has been rogue a long time. But today even mid-April the nests are being torn up this year all over the country in an unprecedented dessimation of trees and globally during spring and in spite of nesting laws, there is no respect for nature. On the Mt Nardi cell tower actiavtion timeline I’ve shown you further down my page where 76 species of birds left when 3G and 4G was switched on.
What sort of Ireland has no respect or ingtegrity for the planet, wildlife or human life, that always puts industry first?


To be able to step outside on a sunny day without being irradiated from a myriad of close cell antennas or satellites with beamforming technology, or 70GHz military grade radars in cars or sensors on a street, or bathing in electrosmog from an Internet of Things, the freedom to disconnect from the internet and to get offline and instead to connect with nature, fresh air not dense air – that’s the future I want.
Along with clean water, chemical-free and metal-free and plastic-free food, no mandatory medications…that’d be real progress and progressive of our elected representatives.

RESOURCES ON 5G, emfcallorg,,, [for kids & schools], [levels of biological harm], some geek level sites with excellent research,…and more
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