From a sufferer Timo Mole – FB 5G and microwave radiation

From a sufferer Timo Mole – FB 5G and microwave radiation


Hello there! Thank you so much for accepting me as a member.

So I have a bit of a personal story to this, so Ill post a TL;DR on the front:

TL;DR: Is damage to the brain caused by non-ionizing radiation reversible (i.e. meditation, curcuma, etc.)?

So here is my story:
I never had real problems with my memory. And if I had, they were usually due to bad eating habits (which I’ve now completely got rid of) and lack of sleep.

So I live in a bigger city for about 2 1/2 years now. Directly across my room is a big tower (on top of the house across the street, almost level with my head). Ive read that most of the symptoms of these HF- emission is are delayed and only take an noticeable effect when its “already too late”, after about 2 years.
So for round about one year I have dizziness, headache, general discomfort and most notably: Lack of words.
I struggle to use even the most trivial words. It takes a few seconds for me to “load” them and to be able to articulate. This is going on to such an extent, that its almost unbearable.

I never had these problems. And my wife is starting to develop these symptoms, too (though not as strongly, because she doesn’t sit in front of the window all the time).

The tower across is a cellphone- tower and emits radiation in the MHz- domain. So I assume its not as bad as if it was a mobile internet tower.

Also, I’m quite young, so I should be able to reverse the damage done until now. Right?
Im unfortunately trapped in this apartment until next February. But then I’ll move for sure.

Anyone has any ideas or recommendations?
And has anyone been able to cope with the damage done? Like reversing it?

Thank you so much in advance! And thank you for taking me in!

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