Well summarized with a historical perspective

Well summarized with a historical perspective


Over the past few months, many sites are plastered with articles on 5G. Most are a hype and many half-truths and misinformation, but we must talk about it, as 5G is the next generation of wireless technology called the “internet of things (IOT)”. THEY want us to be a world when our refrigerators alert us that we’re low on milk or our baby’s diaper needs to be changed or put down the toilet seat.

We are not hearing the evidence-based studies worldwide that have clearly established the harmful effects of human exposure to wireless radiation from cell towers, cell phones and other devices, appliances, tools and equipments. We are not told that 5G will amplify the problem and will exterminate insects, birds, animals and plants. Doesn’t anyone notice this reduction already?

In the US, the people believe that the “Federal Communications Commission (FCC)” assesses the health risks of new technologies before approving them. The people are not aware that the stringent safety regulations were sabotaged by the US DIA, Motorola and FDA in 1976. The safeguards were relaxed from 100mG to 1,000-2,00mG. Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut said in his testimony that the FCC admitted it has not conducted any safety studies on 5G.

All telecom lobbyists assures that guidelines in place are adequate to protect the public, but the public aren’t aware of the changed safeguards in 1976 that also gave telecom companies the right to not to test their equipment. Also, the people are not aware that safeguards will be adjusted to make them appear to be SAFE; and that in a 1996 study a human being became a plastic head to prove all is SAFE, when:

(1) All living organisms are highly complex cells and tissue, not plastic.

(2) Foetuses, children, plants, and wildlife are not a plastic head.

(3) Frequencies used on the plastic head study were lower than 5G.

5G RFR uses a “cocktail” of emissions and will produce far more energy than 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies. The “extremely high frequency (EHF) is where the danger lies. 4G goes 2.5GHz and others go to 6 GHz, but 5G band is 30GHz to 100GHz and exposes biological life to pulsed signals with greater energy. Human, insect, bird and animal life has never before been exposed to EHF for long-term or prolonged periods of time and the governments are releasing it to experiment with life or destroy it.

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