Various topics and links by Dave Ashton

Various topics and links by Dave Ashton



28th March 2019 – 5G Action Meeting, Glastonbury Town Hall. 7-10pm. See flyer below.


If you would like help and support regarding your own electrosensitivity (or if you suspect that you may be electrosensitive, but would like to find out more), please click on the link immediately below, to find a group member who is from your general area, and who you can then contact by Facebook message in the first instance.

Alternatively, please feel welcome to post in the group, or add a comment to an existing thread.


Support for Group Members

Get in Touch (with other group members)

UK EMF Shielding / Meter Retailers

List of things to check/remember when searching/moving to a new home

Symptoms experienced by group members (group document)

EMF Surveyors (group document)

EHS Retreats and Holidays (group document)

Doctors and therapists (group document)

EMF Shielding Tips from Group Members


Group post: UK House Surveys – references to EMFs

Mast Data – find the mobile phone masts near you…

Chris Meek’s low-EMF work setup

Which meter should I get? Group discussion

Open letter by British medical doctors: Health and safety of Wi-Fi and mobile phones…/03/British-Doctors-Letter-March-2014.…

International Scientific Declaration on Electrohypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, September 2015


Press Release:…/up…/2015/09/Press-Release-EN.pdf

Environmental Radiation website and links (Steven Magee)

EMF/EHS Documentaries

A Radiant Day – excellent EMF documentary

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Resonance Beings of Frequency

Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (1 of 2)

Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (2 of 2)

Facebook Groups

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – MCS & EHS – UK & INTERNATIONAL

Smart EMF Resistance UK

EMF and EHS Law

EHS Media Forum (“EMF”)

Secret group – please contact Dave Ashton or Stephanie Dickerson

Is Wearable Technology Safe?

The GROW Dome EHS Project

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