Good advice from Scott Compton, Admin. EMF Warriors. FB

Good advice from Scott Compton, Admin. EMF Warriors. FB


EMF Warriors,

It should be exceptionally clear that the EMF Issue is highly synergistic and detailed in the science. Learning curves vary from person to person and over time. When we watch others write or convey the EMF issue, it is often just a slice of the EMF story. Often people are not well-learned in the biophysics at work and might have just a physics-angle on the issue. Others may understand the biological side more, but be more unlearned in electrical engineering and physics. And most people I encounter have very little knowledge in the energy production with our mitochondria and the greater depth with specific biochemical pathways and signaling processes that inform our biology about circadian biology and epigenetic expressions.

For these reasons, it is a wise approach to gauge other people that are spreading awareness on the EMF issue. Have patience and help teach everyone over longer periods of time. Casting judgment upon specific people in this area can be somewhat foolish because when we PROJECT OUR EGO by making assumptions on others. We could be correct in our analysis also, but the way in which we convey a problem also needs wisdom. It’s rare to find alignment in both the breadth and depth of knowledge in these subjects that cross multiple scientific disciplines.

Instead, try these basic strategies: First, be uplifting. Next, when you find an issue with an ally that is negative, a half-truth outright wrong, attempt to handle it personally by inquiring to the individual directly, rather than spewing venom over social media. When a person spews, it’s done to drive home a point that “I must be right, and I’ll show how another person is wrong.” This type of ego festers negativity and should be obvious to anyone that attempt to do it directly, especially here at EMF Warriors. I personally could not care who is right or wrong, when we are all right about spreading awareness on the EMF issue to the rest of the world.

We are all Pro-Health advocates even if we have detailed-disagreements. When we show childish ego, it makes other people watching our action turn away and say, “Geez, I don’t want to hang around that person too long.” When two adults cannot come to a basic resolution with Communication 101 in this arena, it does us all a disservice. Attitude is everything. Projecting an attitude of gratitude attracts humankind, rather than pushing humans away. Humans have a multitude of problems, and we will from now until eternity. In the face of problems, it is wise to recognize how we treat our fellow human brothers and sisters.

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