I have to admire the thoroughness of this sales pitch

I have to admire the thoroughness of this sales pitch


I got this email from Linda Kurtz of the Smart Meter Education Network. She has information on a whole-house filter unit that really works for people suffering from EMF. Call her if you are serious about solutions for your home.

Here is some information for you about the Power Perfect filter for dirty electricity. It contains multiple filters (harmonic rectifiers) in the part of the bandwidth scientists have found to be most detrimental to health and reduces the amount of dirty electricity coming into your home by about 90%, without creating a harmful magnetic field like many other filters do. Please feel free to call me with any questions you might have about the filter or the situation at your home. It is sometimes easier to digest all this information via a phone call. My number is 734-769-4241. If you wish to order the filter or any other products, please call me, not the manufacturer, to order.

The body of this email gives you information on how well this filter has been working in homes with smart meters and PLC meters and how much it has helped people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The attachments give you more in-depth information as well as information about costs, warranty, shipping, and the three main types of filters made by Satic. Also included are testimonials, comparisons with other filter types, and spec sheets. I just received two new testimonials, which are included as the last attachments.

Satic also makes the Super Duty Filter for people who have extremely high dirty electricity levels in their homes, homes over 2700 square feet (including basement), use a lot of electronics, have neighbors who use solar, or who use solar themselves. Also available are LED light bulbs that do not generate dirty electricity and, if you need to remediate a hot spot in your home, Satic plug-in filters. I also sell the Greenwave (AlphaLab) dirty electricity meter.

I have begun recommending the Super Duty filter to everyone, because the tech companies are likely to begin sending data over the power lines. This will corrupt your electrical wave to an incredible degree. For only $200 more, you can get twice the filtering capacity. Plan for the future and get the Super Duty.

There are two ways to test how effective the Power Perfect filter is: One is by testing the dirty electricity levels with a meter. The other is by how much it helps people who are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. I discuss both in the body of this email, including providing examples of dirty electricity levels with and without the filter.

I found this filter in 2015 because I was searching for a filter that would truly work for dirty electricity. I am extremely electrosensitive. At the time, I had an analog meter and knew that if a smart meter were installed on my home, I would need a filter that was the best of the best. Before I began selling this filter, I wanted to make sure it worked in the worst situations. In early 2016, I tested the Power Perfect filter on my parents’ home in Arizona. They have the worst possible kind of dirty electricity, because it is power-line carrier (PLC), which is nearly impossible to filter out (much, much worse than smart meters). Nevertheless, this filter reduced the dirty electricity to an incredible degree: 90 percent of the dirty electricity was filtered out.

The people with smart meters who have installed these filters have reported great results: better sleep, less fatigue, less anxiety, cessation of headaches, resolving ear problems, less disorientation, that their whole home feels calmer, and a generally “better feeling.”

A dentist in his eighties bought filters for his home, his daughters’ homes, and one daughter’s office. He reports that he is feeling much better and his one daughter-—who was getting terrible headaches—is no longer getting them. (The other daughter hasn’t installed the filter yet.) Another woman, who is highly electrosensitive and was ready to move out of her home, wrote me to say that she is sleeping much better, may be able to back off on the melatonin, and that her ear that was most affected is draining. She has decided not to sell her home.

Another person told me how the filter is helping his mother, who is in her eighties. She began to suffer greatly after the smart meter was installed on her home, experiencing rapid memory deterioration, cognitive issues, and constant fatigue. She began to wish for death because she was so tired. Three months after the filter was installed, her daughter says that she is less disoriented. Her son told me: “It used to be common to hear Mom say, ‘I’ve never felt so tired in my life.’ Lately, she’s still fatigued, but I don’t think it’s to the same extreme. Yesterday, I took a half-hour nap after work, waking to find Mom trimming the bush in our backyard with a pair of hedge shears.”

I hadn’t personally experienced how well the filter worked because I did not have a smart meter on my home. When in a home with smart meters for more than 20 minutes, I would experience symptoms including heart palpitations, transient memory problems, tinnitus, and a feeling that my body was being crushed. That night, I would be unable to sleep. Even worse symptoms resulted if I were in a home for hours or days.

On September 15, 2017, I walked into my home and within 10 seconds it felt like my head, shoulders, and progressively more of my torso were being crushed. A smart meter had been installed on my home! I began to use the filter, and I have not experienced the issues that I experience in homes with smart meters. My relief is unbounded, for I truly thought that I would have to live with my circuits shut off almost all the time.

What do the EMF meters tell you about the filter’s efficacy? Now, I believe that people’s personal experiences with the filter are the best indication of its efficacy, for science cannot always measure all the different electromagnetic components that affect our bodies. But let’s take a look at the readings we get from meters that measure dirty electricity. You can measure dirty electricity most accurately with an oscilloscope, but at $10,000 for a scope, that’s out of most people’s reach, and you can get readings that are good enough for our purposes with one of the dirty electricity meters that sell for between $100 and $150. I have measured the dirty electricity in my home and my parents’ home with two different meters. The meter easiest to use works as follows: You want readings at least below 50. Ideally, the readings will be below 25.

In my home, with the smart meter installed and the filter OFF, the dirty electricity readings were 250. I flipped the filter on, and the readings were 23. At my parents’ home, the dirty electricity levels were reduced by 90 percent, the same percentage as at my house.

This filter filters out a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies—from 1 kilohertz to 100 megahertz. The plug-in filters made by other companies filter out only from 4 kilohertz to 150 kilohertz. One hundred megahertz is equal to 100,000 kilohertz, so you see the incredible difference in filtering power! These filters use harmonic rectifiers that do not generate a magnetic field. Capacitor filters like the Stetzer and Greenwave generate a harmful magnetic field.

The filter attaches at your circuit breaker, and will take an electrician or handyman about 20 minutes to install. It installs just like a surge protector, and is in fact a surge protector as well as a filter. The filter protects your entire home from dirty electricity, power surges, and lightning strikes. It will likely reduce your electric bill and it will definitely prolong the life of your appliances and computer equipment. This is because dirty electricity affects the health of your appliances just like it affects your own health.

I recommend getting the filter that attaches at your circuit breaker because it cleans the dirty electricity almost at the source and protects your 240-volt circuits as well. However, you can also purchase from me the two plug-in filters. These plug-in units are ideal if you live in an apartment building and cannot install a filter at the circuit breaker. A craniosacral client of mine who lives in an apartment building decided to try the plug-in filter. She was not aware of having any EMF sensitivities, but wanted to see if it might help her health. When she saw me again, she said the filter began working immediately. At first she couldn’t believe it, but her whole body calmed. She said that with the filter she felt less keyed up and was sleeping well.

More information on the Power Perfect is attached. I also discuss some of the other filters that are commonly sold in document #3, “Plug-in Filters.” This also gives you information about the Satic plug-in filters. These filters are useful if you have devices in the home that generate high amounts of dirty electricity. Stetzer filters, those plug-ins that so many people are familiar with, only filter out 4 kilohertz to 150 kilohertz. There are much higher frequencies riding on your wiring, even up to 100 megahertz. The Power Perfect filters out frequencies from 1 kilohertz to 100 megahertz and do not create a magnetic field.

I’ve given you a lot of information because I like a lot of information, but you don’t need to read it all unless you want to. The overview (document #1) gives you a good summary of what filter can do for you, and the second attachment discusses the filters in-depth, as well as costs, shipping, and warranty. You can call me with questions at any time. If you call the company with questions, please ask to speak to Alden and please make sure that tell him at the start of your conversation that you have been talking with me.

If you wish to order, you can call me or email me, as the company does not sell directly to the public. My phone number is 734-769-4241. You can also simply send a check or money order to Linda Kurtz, 2150 Foss St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. You can also pay via PayPal. A 3% fee will be added to any PayPal orders because that is what PayPal charges me for a transaction.

I sell these filters at a lower price than anything you can find online because, having spent years talking to people who are made sick by dirty electricity, I want these filters on people’s homes so their health can be protected!

I hope you find the attached informative and useful. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call with any questions.

Linda Kurtz

Owner, Clean and Safe Energy at NoDirtyElectricity.com
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