An introduction to 5G – the challenges in detail

An introduction to 5G – the challenges in detail


A talk that the Editor gave at a meeting to hear about 5G in Bradford-On-Avon, the Unity Church, at 7pm on Friday 15th March 2019

I remember exactly where I was when the assassination of President Kennedy was announced. I was with the youth group in a forest and it was as if everything froze for a moment. I remember where I was when 9/11 happened. However, I do not remember the time when 5G was introduced because it was done in secret.

At this time, 2001, I realised that I was sleeping although if you had told me that at the time I would have denied it and gone on the defensive. Shortly after this I became aware of the work of David Icke and shortly after that I realised that official stories are just that, an official version to calm the public, a pack of lies. Re 911 I read the book by Dr Judy Hall, where did the towers go, and saw photographs of some of the 1500 motorcars within a 2 mile radius where the engines had been melted leaving plastic and paper untouched. Same thing with the California fires.

I then realised that it was my duty to myself to seek out everything that was true as opposed to what we were told. I was coming to understand that the mainstream media exists for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to keep the real world and its workings separated from the world they want us to believe in. Since then I’ve become much occupied in alternative views and have compiled what is now the world’s largest go-to site focusing on smart meters and 5G technology.

We here this evening are at various stages of learning about what is true and what is not. We don’t need to be conspiracy theorists, we are fact finders, now that is enough.

There is one major advantage of the other side, and that is fear porn. You cannot be fearful and be creative at the same time. The mainstream media tries to frighten us by talk of terrorists, global climate change, what happens if you don’t get vaccinated not to mention the dreadful Marxist inspired political correctness. They do not want us to commit thought crimes, namely the act of independent thinking. The BBC is an obedient agent of the corporates and is of little use when it comes to independent reporting and investigating.

The point is that frightened and ignorant useless eaters will do what they are told.

Everyone has a choice. They can ignore the material in this sort of evening or they can espouse it. I use that word espouse carefully it means to be married to it – to embrace it – to understand it and see it as a part of what is going on. We can say, embracing the devil.

Said another way the alternative is between waking up or being woken up. We have to get past the stage of saying “they wouldn’t do that would they”. The answer is yes they would and that no they don’t care. A minute proportion of the world control the activities of the vast majority.

So why bother to get involved in all this unsexy and ghastly material. Because if you don’t, the consequences for your psychology will be disastrous not to mention your life and that of your family. Those who do not realise what is going on until a late stage will freeze in fear.

A word of warning. If you take this alternative view of life seriously you will be laughed at and called names, you will lose friends and you are likely cause divisions within your family. However, over a period of time, you will gain a new lot of friends who are similarly courageous to yourself and with whom you can have real conversations without worrying if you’re going to be laughed at. I see my own life as before BP and AP, before the red pill and after the red pill.

So where is Jesus when we need him? If he’s coming to save the world, the so called Second Coming, he is certainly taking his time. Cynically, I’m not quite sure what we have done to earn the right to be saved from the folly of our own collective actions. I have a horrible feeling that we are meant to be our own saviours and we need to act like it.

As for smart meters and 5G, we are at quite a late stage but not irreversible. However, for many people, we are too late. I cite the effect of technology on children. Have you ever thought of giving your child or grandchild an iPad for Christmas? Are you aware that this is a sterilisation machine? The broadcasting parts of the iPad are at its base and if a young child is using it on its lap for hour after hour it is only a matter of time before the eggs in the ovary are compromised, so-called mitochondrial DNA damage. So, by giving your child this wonderful present you are committing them to if not childlessness, at least to a greater difficulty in producing children. The same applies to men who carry their transmitter receiver blasters in their hip pocket. Talk about a poisoned chalice.

Ian Crane mentioned that there are an increasing number of cases of violence against parents by their offspring. A surprising number are as a result of parents trying to remove devices from their children or restrict their access. The addiction to mobile phone telephony is profound partly because of the symbiotic link between the device and the dopamine pleasure-giving parts of the brain, not to mention children’s thinner skulls. The addiction is just as bad as cocaine if not worse.

It can be very lonely to pursue this path but take heart. There are countless people out there who are on your wavelength and with whom you have a duty to yourself to make contact with and nurture as genuine friends. When a person attempts to reboot their mind to red pill mode, in the process they become temporary vulnerable as they will feel alienated from other people and the converse. An existential no man’s land. There is no way around that.

United we stand, divided we fall. A function of this evening is for us all to share concerns and draw strength from others on the same wavelength. Wavelength is king. Here you are safe.

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