Request for help from Richard Carruthers, Isle of Wight

Request for help from Richard Carruthers, Isle of Wight


Hello all,

Regarding The Isle of Wight 5g and associated applications
I have made an SAR to Isle of Wight Council which they treated as an FoI
This request is attached Word .doc   “5g John Metcalfe draft”
The attached .pdf   “IWC 5g FoI”  contains all IoW Council’s letters to me including their FoI response.

Apparently the bid for the Isle of Wight to become a test bed for 5G communications has been rejected.  Please see attached word.doc:  “Outcome of bid for Isle of Wight 5G testbed .doc”

My problem is with their response as regards LED Street lighting  which they deny is square wave

They say:

“The waveform is not square in the street lighting, it is a continuous signal.
The street lighting uses a reduction of the current rather than PWM (turning the LED on and off rapidly).”

They even say this:

“There are no adverse health effects for general public from LEDs, they are safe. LED lighting is hugely beneficial to our everyday lives.
Not only is it more sustainable and cost-effective than traditional lighting but can also boost our mood and positively impact our behaviour, while also contributing positively to the body’s circadian rhythms.

But to have this effect you would need much higher light levels to suppress melatonin for outdoor applications.”

In the FoI I asked, who is the company who is or has installed the CMS LED streetlight system?

They say, Island Roads

All the LED streetlights that are low enough to see, have the 4″ (approx) antennae on top.
These antennae added to the lighting bulkhead will have been costly must be for use now or in the near future.
I will make inquires to Island Roads regarding the streetlights.
Can you point me to any scientific studies on LED street lighting

Best Wishes to all

IWC 5g FoI
5G John Metcalfe draft.
Outcome of bid for Isle of Wight 5G testbed

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