Electromagnetic Interference filters

Electromagnetic Interference filters


What is an EMI Filter?
An EMI filter, or electromagnetic interference filter, is an electronic passive device which is used in order to suppress conducted interference that is present on a signal or power line. EMI filters can be used to suppress interference that is generated by the device or by other equipment in order make a device more immune to electromagnetic interference signals present in the environment. Most EMI filters consist of components that suppress differential and common mode interference.

Types of EMI Filters
There are many different kinds of EMI filters. The most common values for capacitance are 100 pF, 470 pF, 1 nF, 2.2 nF and 22 nF. The exact filter you need would depend on the amount of current you intend to pass through the device. When using this device the total current of the load passes through the device and as such we must break both lines between the output of the power meter and your electric service panel. In most cases this is not possible because we do not have sufficient room to install the device and without pulling the meter to disconnect the power the person doing the install would be electrocuted. We could contact the power company and ask them to temporary disconnect the power to allow installation of such a device. The other down side to this type of device is that they are very expensive. This is the best method of removing the dirty electricity from the utility line before it enters the electrical panel.

The other way to suppress some of the dirty electricity is to install capacitors and what that does it allow the capacitor to collect the power spikes and release the energy later on in the time base however Capacitors draw current and therefore you need to match the capacitor value to the harmonics your trying to filter. Many factors effect this and therefore you need some equipment to determine the correct capacitor value. Although this is not the ideal method of removing the dirty electricity it is what is used in the Green Wave and Stetzer filters. When the filters are made they are averaged on what they think will work or in such a way as you have to purchase 20 of the, for your home. The other downside to this method when using a Greenwave or Stetzer filter is that they draw current and the entire electrical line from the electrical box to the plug in is now a complete circuit and therefore emits RF inside the walls or under the floor. A better idea would be to install the filter at the point of entery and remove this need for 20 units.

For anyone interested I am offering to do a test at your home or business to correctly size a power conditioner unit and install provided the unit is paid for and my costs are covered to get from my location in Canada to you. The smart thing to do here is get a group of people together and get the readings from everyone who was interested in such as service and then share the cost of travel and accommodations. I would also suggest that a town hall meeting take place to educate the town/city hall on the dangers of smart meters and RF. Most people have no idea of the risks and safety concerns of these meters. Again I would be willing to do a seminar in your area, to provide this much needed information.

If anyone is interested in setting up such a meeting please advise as you have now all been given the opportunity to see the evidence and form your own court case if needed.
To compile a slide show and do a presentation may not be easy for most of you and this is why I am offering this service because without public awareness and action we are all going to have to deal with the fall-out.
Due to the fact that most people are more than likely not able to form documents for use in a court case I am willing to go through the 700+ documents that I already provided to everyone and any that you may have and form the documents needed to take this matter before a court.
Everyone who lives in a community has the right to request a town meeting because as a member of the community you have the right to have your concerns addressed. You also have the right to life, liberty and happiness and a safe place to live. You therefore have the right to demand these rights at the city or municipal level. If they fail to give you these rights then you have the legal right to refuse to pay taxes. The only thing is if you get a meeting date you will need to raise public awareness by advertising this meeting by way of the newspaper and flyers and radio. It does no good to have a meeting with only one voice heard.

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