Holby City 11 Sept – portrait of an electro sensitive man

Holby City 11 Sept – portrait of an electro sensitive man


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Anybody see Holby City’s storyline about an electro sensitive man last night? It was dreadful the way they treated him, like he was imagining it all and even when they found a rare genetic cause for his headaches and body inflammation they still said the EHS was basically his fear of it with the doctor at the end getting a mobile phone out of her back pocket after standing next to him talking for 5 minutes and him not being affected as he was earlier when it was in her hand and he could see it.

I know I am EHS and 3 years ago so severely so that it caused seizures but I also knew I became very scared of EMF/R to the point I lived in fear. I did the DNRS programme to overcome that fear and reprogramme my brain and stopped the seizures and lots of other symptoms. Do I still feel it? Sometimes if I’m in a frequency that I haven’t programmed with. Am I scared of those feelings anymore like I used to be? No. That doesn’t mean that I don’t know how dangerous it is and I live in a totally shielded home.

What I am aware is, the more we fear and think about our symptoms which is normal when we are suffering, the more we are confirming to our bodies its happening and we are never going to feel any better.

Also, the reason we can start reacting to something big and end up reacting to frequencies that are miles away or even deemed safe for us is because the first time we feel it and react, those neurons that have fired together will wire together so gradually we react to more and more because each time our bodies are exposed, the part of the brain that remembers the first exposure will remember what you felt like and another part of the brain makes you feel exactly the same again by sending inflammation and mast cell chemicals to that part of the body eventually causing damage. I even ended up reacting to water after becoming EHS. So that’s the reason we become allergic to smaller and smaller things. Neurons that fire together, wire together and whilst we all know how dangerous this stuff is, by rewiring those neurons it is possible to stop reacting or at least reducing the reactions but we have to stop being its victim and talking, thinking and researching all the time as it is confirming to our brains constantly that its happening so will keep causing the reactions.

Our brains are very powerful things and them being rewired can actually heal our bodies.

I know there will be a few harsh words about this and people will get cross but I really was a severe case of EHS. I lived in the dark, if people came to see me I could feel the radiation from their bodies. I was having seizures and fighting for my life because of it. With brain retraining, I can have lights on and don’t know when someone has a phone in their pocket but can still feel WiFi because I don’t have it at home so haven’t programmed around it.

I live in a shielded home but am able to go out and be around people during the day without fear and very often without any negative effects. I’ve still got a long way to go, I still can’t use a laptop or computer because it sends my heart crazy but I will eventually.

From Facebook UK electrosensitives group

and an interesting reply

Holby City did quite a good take on ES a few years ago. It is a shame they have now done the opposite. I expect industry influence, directly or indirectly. It is shameful to mock this condition. Makes me want to wish it on the people who are so ignorant and/or cruel. ES/EHS is a physiological illness that can cause psychological effects but it is in no way a mental illness. I take strong offense when it is portrayed that way. We are having the correct response to a powerful toxin.

We may be able to improve our reactions given time and space away from high EMFs and correcting metal or other toxicities but I don’t believe anyone is immune to being affected. Maybe not everyone will become EHS but they will be undoubtedly get health effects given time and sufficient exposure. The industry is just about backed into a corner with all the research and activity over the last year or 2. They are fighting dirty to keep ruling the airways unencumbered. We need to stand strong and rational and let our scientists fight for our cause, as they are like never before. Up until about 3 years ago most of the EMF scientists would say that EMR undoubtedly causes (certain) cancer but few would even mention EHS.

Thanks to Prof Martin Pall and other this has changed. The evidence is now mounting so high it is toppling over. And so many more people are now affected thanks to “smart” meters and way higher saturation of towers and WiFi etc. it is getting harder to deny the issue exists. Hopefully at least a few will see through the fiction of this and programmes like “Better Call Saul” and look for the honest scientific facts.

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