Curtis Bennett – about professional qualifications

Curtis Bennett – about professional qualifications


Curtis Bennett Electra Ruby Cathy Dowd and others can share more of that. Governments, utilities and industries moved forward with this deadly technology with critical science ADMITTED to be missing.

Sciences are exact and would make some people crazy with the calculations, the physics, etc and then build to meet those engineered standards.

Our final exam for Building Construction Engineering Technology
It was a bridge across a river. We had to do the drawings to scale by hand.(no autocadd) design it and show all calculations with the answer being how much the bridge would move in 25 years.

When you get on an elevator and it says maximum weight allowed, engineers will design for it. It will be designed for a little more, I wouldn’t push it.

When the Space Shuttle with the teacher on board exploded, it was determined a gasket had failed on the rocket booster.

The lead engineer wanted the launch stopped. It was just over 21 degrees F that morning and colder than usual. There were icicles show on the shuttle. The lead engineer said it had to be 53 deg. F degrees F to launch.

A political decision was made to launch and I know this because there is too big a temperature margin, the gasket had shrunk. The engineer had a nervous breakdown but speaks about it now.

The point is under no circumstances do you politicize science. Canada’s ex PM Harper did that with wireless exposure and shall reap what he has sown. I say it without malice, he will have to account for his treason.

My presentations are simple for me, when your telling the truth you don’t have to remember everything. You see the imaging? We are the world’s foremost authority on so called non thermal effects. It is all thermal. This level of medical education is the highest accredited standard in the world.

I think people have trouble with me being a professor because it isn’t normal. Professionals looking for the PhD write a theory and represent it. My program lecturing accredited medical education is energy at the molecular level, magnetism, the dangers of EMFs, causal evidence, mechanisms, difficult diagnosis, building performance, energy, mold, code compliance, emissions, climate change, forest fires, sources of toxic load in the body, non invasive radiology practicum with Professor Ronald Lynch MD, etc. Integrative Health Forum & assoc most advanced medical education in the world.

It is all science and for the record I didn’t start calling or ever referring to me as a professor. My other credentials speak for themselves. It was the health education admin that told me I needed to change my credentials. I told them I have enough going on until they told me to look it up. I said “I am a professor and they said, without the pay”.

It is an important credential to utilize. That medical education program in Florida Jan, 2011 lecturing causation and biological, plausibility was applicable to health professionals in North America. I qualified the missing science, mechanisms and biological plausibility missing in exposure codes.

That means that was applicable to health professionals in North America for Continuing Education credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing. That means this isn’t a debate Sharon Nobel, Josh Del Sol, Janis Hoffman, Magda Havas, Cristel Martin or any other person wanting to discredit me. It is now medical education and not hypersensitivity or microwave sickness. It is subtle electrocution and you can’t put a baby in a microwave.

If anyone reports to you publicly or privately that I am not qualified, you need to call them out and me. This is a microwave oven.

EMF’s MPs Action Group UK – Facebook Pub 21 July 2018 Added 21 July 2018

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