NYC showing signs of the coming 5G mightmare

NYC showing signs of the coming 5G mightmare


Dr Jack Kruse writes in FB

NYC now showing signs of the coming 5G nightmare. No one seems to realize how jump conduction works in wireless. These neighborhoods in NYC is where I went to HS and college and they’re very close to both 5G airports in the city. The symptoms have begun. Stray electric current is been found to be causing copper pipe corrosion on very short timescales. Since bone uses to copper atoms as dopants to keep calcium and appetite on the collagen backbone what you think the effect of jump conduction will be on people’s bones living in the neighborhood?

What will be the effect of calcium flows in the melena propers in the mechanism controlled by calcium? What will happen to mitochondria which uses calcium as a second messangers to control the type and amount of free radicals that mitochondrial matrix makes? These are a few of the collateral effects coming to many cities in the USA in the next two years. Be ready for it

Pub 13 July 2018  Added 14 July 2018

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