How to take action if you are a USA resident.

How to take action if you are a USA resident.


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Please consider taking the following action…especially those who have been harmed by either 4g/5g small cells or wireless in general.

If you are a U.S. resident or citizen, please take a moment to write a statement to give the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) standing in their lawsuit contesting the FCC decision that implementation of 5G does not constitute a major federal action and therefore does not require a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or National Historic Preservation Act review. The very basis of U.S. environmental protections is undermined by this decision and this is what NRDC is most concerned about protecting. Hopefully, in gathering the information necessary to fight the lawsuit to protect NEPA, they will realize there is a need to fully halt 5G to prevent the very serious health and environmental damage that will ensue.

They are looking for statements from members who will be or have been injured by implementation of 5G. You may become a member anytime before July 1, 2018 and you will qualify for the purposes of the lawsuit. You can do this by using the membership form on the NRDC website ( or by calling Sam Wicks at 212-727-4407. If you have further questions, not answered by the information below or at…/preserving-local-voices-broadband-de…, you can email them to Sam at SWICKS@NRDC.ORG
Send your statement to them by July 1 as well. Your statement should by emailed to, referencing Case No. 18-1135 in the Subject line.

The sooner you can send a statement the better so that if they have questions, they can contact you for clarification. The statement you provide them will be used to support their lawsuit, allowing it to proceed, so it could become a public document and accuracy is important.

They are particularly interested in statements from individuals who have been injured by early 5G installations, but statements from individuals with microwave sickness (aka radiofrequency sickness or, more recently, termed EHS) are also of interest because it can plausibly be argued that direct harm to health will result from the increased RF exposure caused by 5G.

Please include the following in your statement:
Your name
Your address
Location of the small cell/5G antenna – if applicable
How you will be injured (this is broadly defined and can be anything from aesthetics to economics to health to environment, but please use examples specific to your case).
If you have already been injured by RF exposure, especially by RF from wireless technology, please include this history.
I was told that there is no conflict with having already supported Ed Myers’ Petition for Reconsideration and that doing both should be fine.…/preserving-local-voices-broadband-de…

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