Being fried nightly (NY NY)

Being fried nightly (NY NY)


A comment about 5G from Naomi Wolf:

Amelia Immel:” It is being erected in our area….we are being fried nightly and unable to sleep in our bedroom with the windows covered. Electrical sensations, tingling numbness, extreme nausea, headaches , ears burning and ringing. Have been hospitalized twice for severe dehydration from sweating( signs of electro hypersensitive) and temps of 103 without infections found. Literally cooking my organs inside out.

Please read in depth the physical symptoms of being in too close contact. Our home is up for sale and surprisingly four other homes as well on my street alone. Very unusual. This is a nightmare which cost us last month 1100$ of hotel expenses. This is devastating our lives. My pets can barely walk as well.

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