Sheffield, Glastonbury and Australian failed fracking

Sheffield, Glastonbury and Australian failed fracking


Hi Brian,

I’m very much appreciating the time you’re spending on this, and I agree wholeheartedly it’s the most important thing and to get moving on it. I particularly liked your pointing out that Nature is stronger than all the gov/council “heavy artillery”; this is how I feel about it too. I don’t know if you have heard of a man named Charles Eisenstein? He talks about our current times as being in between “stories” (of the world), and in a talk at Schumacher college he told of a fracking situation in Australia that came to nothing in the end, despite heavy police presence and all the rest, because the protectors did not try to meet the aggressors on their own aggressive terms – the spirits of the Land won the day because the protectors were in gratitude for the land and made a celebration of being there, something like that. I should just post the link for you here, the story is about six minutes in:

I think this is important, because it shows a new (or very old?!!!) way of being. It’s true we cannot ever meet the aggressors with equal force, but the point is that that would be the wrong way to go about it anyway. We need to really get connected to the land and ask for its help – all the wise elders I have ever met all say that the spirits want to help us, if it’s for the good of all beings, but they have to wait to be asked. But in our modern “science”-hijacked minds this is a difficult thing to grasp or believe in. I like the above story because it shows that it works! Maybe people are nearly desperate enough to ask now… I am just about to go off working for a week or two so my mind is on that, but I have been spreading the word wherever I find myself chatting to random people.

I will be able to do more after this job. I’m not too far away from you actually, I’m in Glastonbury! Maybe it would be possible to organise some kind of talk evening? Although I have a dread of organising anything!… but I want to talk to some of our Green town councillors and see what they know and how they feel about it, and I have told my neighbour who very friendly with one of them so she will already have set something in motion.

So, more soon,

All the very best,


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