What is really behind 5G

What is really behind 5G


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So..as promised I have some information about possible real purpose for chemtrails and 5G. I will try to be as brief as possible but there are a few parts to this. So a week and a half ago I met up with a friend of a friend who introduced us because we were interested in the same stuff. This woman had just got back from AV9 and as she had been staying onsite she had the opportunity to talk with the speakers there and the main topic at the event was 5G. So as we were sat in the garden watching the blue sky be decimated by the trails we started to ponder their purpose and as is often the case we discussed the many theories out there but didn’t feel satisfied that any were satisfactory. e.g. geoengineering being a red herring as HAARP for one is a far superior system.

The one thing we both agreed on was that it always seemed that blocking the sun was the main objective but we couldn’t fathom why. Then we got on to 5G and again she said that when discussing it in the evening with other attendees and the guest speakers it seemed that many couldn’t understand the real purpose of 5G. I myself have thought it ridiculous to go to such lengths ( destruction of trees etc ) when fibre optic is a far better solution and as for needing it to spy on us..well again that is almost comical considering the ability to do that has been in place for some time. So what really is it’s purpose if not the more sinister purpose to cull us..

Also as many have said.. how do the people responsible for these heinous crimes allow for the fact that EVERYONE is affected by radiation and heavy metal exposure including themselves and their families.. especially when there are other more effective ways of getting rid of us troublesome humans.
I have always thought that all the ‘reasons’ for chemtrails were put out there to distract us from the truth. It’s pretty obvious that if the information is out there for us to know then its intentional and likely to be a red herring.
So with that said here comes the weird bit.. You will need an open mind from this point on 
For about 16 years i have read the channelled material from an entity called Kryon. ( the only channeled material i read )

I am generally not a fan of channeled information but the Kryon material has always been empowering and covers aspects about science, DNA and healing that have resonated strongly with me. Everything Kryon reveals is corroborated years later. I will provide a link at the end if you want to understand more about Kryon ( I highly recommend it ). If any of you have seen ‘Angel’s Don’t Play This HAARP’ the couple who created that got inspired to do it when they were at a Kryon channeling !

Last week I was reading a chapter in the most recent Kryon book “The New Human ” that gave me goosebumps.. I have always been aware of there being more to the sun that what we are told. Sun worshippers definitely knew more than us  Kryon was saying how our solar system had been moving into a new area of space where a ribbon of radiation was coming through our sun with new information that would evolve us to higher expression of our DNA.It’s far more detailed than this but i’m trying to be brief..lol ( so from our current ability to use and express between 33-35% of our DNA to move up to 44%.. yes the numbers are significant if you know numerology ) I was already aware of the potential for our DNA to change and Kryon had hinted that our DNA would be able to read more data because it would be able to see it..my intuition told me this meant a change in the quality of light.

The Future is Quantum – an interview with Lee Carroll (Channeller for ‘Kyron’)

There is tons of information about this, also from other sources.. so I won’t go into it here but we will basically be able to regenerate ourselves and also evolve to be beings of much higher consciousness with compassion and integrity. This is the first step to achieving actual peace on earth.
As i was reading how this information comes through the sun on the solar wind I started to get chills.. I made a friend last year when on a course in London..she was English but lived in Australia.. we zoom ( like skype ) each other quite often as we resonate very strongly together and a few months ago she had introduced me to the work her partner had been doing for some years. He had noticed unusual beams of light appearing in some of his photographs and when he zoomed in on them he noticed what appeared to be a kind of code.. ( there are others who have done this too ) he has since analysed this and has even had some of the symbols tattooed on his arm.

Now he has had outright threats to his safety so has been quite low key with the information but if you are on instagram you can find some of the images under the name Multidimensional Lightcodes. He has had more than one person verify that some of the symbols tattooed on his arm are ancient hebrew and they mean “we are all one”. Again there is much more to this part of the story but I want to get to the juicy bit..

When I got the goosebumps I immediately messaged my friend on facebook and we got straight into a zoom session with her and her partner where i told them what i had read. They both felt that it was connected to the light codes and he also said he had always believed these codes were awakening God inside us.He then went on to say that when he first started taking the photos about 9 years ago there wasn’t hardly any chemtrailing where he was in Australia and that the chemtrails pretty much distort the light and consequently distort and disrupt the codes/information… so my jaw hits the floor and then he said..wait for it.

He believes the purpose of 5G is to distort it even more.. he has to go to areas away from radiation ( and chemtrails ) to be able to capture the images which he says is becoming more and more difficult to do.. This fits in with the timing of the new information coming through.. the information that will evolve us to a level where they can no longer cause us harm and we will take back our power… If that isn’t the biggest threat to the powers that be then i don’t know what is. This explains why they are blocking out the sun..encouraging the use of sun creams etc. He did tell me to get out in the sun when the sky is clear and not to use sun cream which i already do… I also think that leaving a glass of quality water in the sun’s rays will imbue it with this information as Kryon often mentions the power to program water.

The more i read on these subjects the more it makes sense that this is the true purpose behind the chemtrailing and ubiquitous radiation… the other consequences are just a bonus for the controllers.. Here are some interesting links.. The interview with Lee Carroll ( Kryon channel ) is a very uplifting read and i highly recommend it. http://www.ascensionnow.co.uk/the-future-is-quantum–an-int…

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