Flashing green lights on new mast

Flashing green lights on new mast


Dear Mr Snellgrove

My mind is bathed in electronic smog so please forgive bad grammar etc. Best to write in bullet points, to get to the point. I live in Covent Garden, in four years I’ve gone from neat freak to chronically fatigued. Then Camden Council put phone mast on roof, twelve floors, I’m floor 9. Took off tracksuit bottoms in dark room – static electricity sparks like I have never seen. They have put green lights on the roof, same time as mast. New lighting system in building, light outside my front door flashing on and off for days. Within the light, a couple of inches from the central flashing white light, there was a green light that was permanently shining green.

An electric company wants access to flat to “check electrics”, Savills. I googled Savills phone mast, bingo, they are a mast installation company. My head is buzzing with the electricity in the air. Your flyer was on noticeboard downstairs. Getting in touch because I am desperate, giving away possessions because -having just realized why so ill – probably too late, there have been four or five neighbours die in last couple of years, the elderly in the block,very sad . When I a foetus in womb, parents lived next door to Crystal Palace TV tower – I have Klinefelter’s syndrome…. a blooming eunuchoid, please laugh, I have to laugh to find some levity in situation.

I googled genetic deformities nonstop, found out Sutton Caulfield cancer clusters etcetera. I believe that I was made genetic XXY freak because of Crystal Palace, now they are finishing me off. Brian I am frightened of contacting you because I know – like everyone since it exposed – that government infiltrates protest groups. So as government really wants phone masts everywhere, my guess is you are very much on the radar. Then I realized, well they killing me anyway, might as well be say truth as going down. Truth told, my life is miserable and I won’t be sad to go. But other people matter, my next door neighbour have a toddler, it is heart breaking to think about.

Please do you know anything about the strange green lights?

Best wishes, J Wise

Jake Wise <jake3331@live.co.uk>

Can anyone help?    Ed.

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