5G – USA

5G – USA


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eu.usatoday.com   5G can make digital humans look real and turn real people into holograms. Pub 16 Dec 19 Added 1 Apr 20

www.takebackyourpower.net  REPORT: How Surveillance and 5G Are Being Fast-Tracked Under the Pretext of Fighting Coronavirus with videos.  Schools being connected. Derrick Broze and Josh del Sol  Pub and added 28 Mar 20

www.axios.com the battle over 5G deployment in America’s cities Pub 29 Jan 20 Added 1 Feb 20

childrenshealthdefence.org  Robert Kennedy Jr assembles legal team to sue FCC over wireless health guidelines Pub 21 Jan 20 Added 1 Feb 20

healthimpactnews.com Powerful Industry Lobby Group Behind 5g Roll-Out Despite Public Opposition and Health Dangers Pub and added  9 Jan 2020

healthimpactnews.com FCC reaffirms radio frequency radiation exposure limits but turns blind eye to 5G dangers. Pub and added 3 Jan 2020

www.forbes.com  The science of why 5G is (almost) certainly safe for humans. Pub and added 1 Nov 19

www.techrepublic.com  Verizon pledges to bring 5G to 100 Title 1 schools for AR/VR powered curriculum. Verizon announced a 5G expansion of their Innovative Learning initiative, providing technology and internet access to under-resourced schools. Pub and added 28 Sept 2019

www.newstarget.com  Map shows the cities where deadly 5G cell towers are being rolled out… do you live in one of these? Pub 8 Sept 2019 Added 9 Sept 2019

www.forbes.com Lull in 5G implementation calls out to investors. Cisco Systems reported dreadful financial results last week. The San Jose, Calif. maker of networking gear is feeling the pinch of slow orders from carriers contemplating huge 5G systems. Pub 28 Aug 2019 Added 29 Aug 2019

www.ssj.com – Cities are saying no to 5G, citing health, aesthetics – and FCC bullying. Those hawking specious safety concerns about the new technology have found common cause with some of America’s most powerful mayors. Pub and added 27 Aug 2019

www.prepforthat.com   FCC Investigating Apple After iPhones Drastically Fail …The Chicago Tribune carried out a comprehensive test on freshly ordered iPhone 7s. The iPhone 7s were derived from four different companies. During the testing, the iPhones were set to perform utilizing full power mode. The iPhones were placed in a liquid bath that imitates human flesh. The tub measured how much radiofrequency each iPhone put out into the liquid. Pub 25 Aug 2019 Added 27 Aug 2019

www.engadget.com   5G isn’t ready for me. Don’t fool yourself. It’s not ready for you, either. Pub and added 26 Aug 2019

www.arstechnica.com  Verizon sues city to avoid paying 5G fees, says the FCC has its back. Verizon lawsuit against Rochester relies on FCC vote to cap city-imposed fees. Pub 13 Aug 2019 Added 23 Aug 2019

www.activistpost.com CNET Journalist promotes 5G as safe even when Telecom Execs say they have no evidence that it is. In February, the Telecom Industry gave congressional testimony that they have NO scientific evidence that exposure to 5G is safe.  This being said, it’s always bizarre and annoying when journalists defend it. Pub 19 Aug 2019 Added 21 Aug 2019

www.cnn.com Court deals blow to FCC’s bid to speed 5G rollout. Pub 9 Aug 2019 Added 16 Aug 2019

www.courthousenews.com  FCC Walloped for Nixing Construction Reviews on 5G Facilities. WASHINGTON (CN) – Siding with a group of Native American tribes, the D.C. Circuit reinstatedenvironmental and historical review requirements Friday for the construction of new 5G wireless facilities. Pub 9 Aug 2019 Added 12 Aug 2019

www.extremetech.com  Verizon Admits Your 5G Service Might Be More Like ‘Good 4G’ Pub and added 12 Aug 2019

www.sciencemag.org – Forecasters fear 5G wireless technology will muck up weather predictions. Pub 7 Aug 2019 Added 8 Aug 2019

B. Blake Levitt

www.blakelevitt.com – Time to meet B Blake Levitt, longtime researcher on controversial topics. Have a look at one of her latest works.  Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience? or Environmental Hazard? Proceedings of the “Cell Towers Forum” State of the Science/State of the Law Added 2 Aug 2019

www.globalresearch.ca   5G agriculture – food from Frankenstein farming. The lucky plants and animals will be surrounded by thousands of tiny gadgets that will transmit back to the farmer precise details of their state of health or sickness. However, what is not mentioned and understood is that these tiny gadgets will, in the process, shoot a steady stream of high powered millimetre wave length microwave frequencies into the farmer’s best cows and crops, precipitating them to sicken and die. Pub and added 1 Aug 2019

www.activistpost.com  YouTube Terminates Account of Sacramento Family Fighting Verizon 5G Small Cell Tower Installed Next to Children’s Bedroom.  Pub 28 July 2019 Added 30 July 2019

www.5Gcrisis.com  Wall Street May Be Getting the Message on 5G. Wall Street investors are always betting with their money, but they like to know that their bets are as safe as possible. So when highly respected financial magazines start publishing articles about how investing in 5G may not be such a great idea, people on Wall Street take notice. Pub 25 May 2019 Added 15 July 2019

www.cnet.com White House calls meeting over 5G tensions, report says. The Trump administration holds a policy meeting to “combat infighting” about the next generation working technology, says a report, Pub 11 July 2019 Added 12 July 2019

www.forbes.com   Where Early 5G Adoption Is Having The Greatest Impact [Infographic]. Even though the global rollout of the much-hyped 5G technology is still in its very early stages, some networks are already active. Billed as a revolution in download speed over the 4G networks it is set to replace, 5G is already …Pub and added 9 July 2019

needtoknow.news G. Edward Griffin (911 etc). Why State and Local Governments Are Prevented from Rejecting 5G Wireless. Pub 3 July 2019 Added 4 July 2019

ehtrust.org Court upholds Landmark Berkeley cellphone radiation ‘right to know’ ordinance and rejects industries appeal. A Landmark ninth US circuit Court panel has upheld.. Pub 2 July 2019 Added 3 July 2019

ehtrust.org State 5G bills stripping away local protections for liability from harm.  Some state 5G streamlining bills are targeting and eroding localities’ basic contractual rights to indemnification. If 5G is safe, why are the companies who are going to profit from it afraid of indemnifying local communities for potential harms? Pub ?  Added 3 July 2019

www.techradar.com 5G and the tactile internet: what really is it?  With 5G, we can go beyond audio and video, communicating through touch.  Pub and added 15 June 2019

acsh.org   UC Berkeley Psychologist Joel Moskowitz Is Cell Phone, Wi-Fi ‘Truther’. Back in 2017 Prof Joel is firing on all cylinders. 27 Feb 2017 Added 15 June 2019

www.androidcentral.com  Here is every US city with 5G coverage right now. Kicking off the next generation of wireless.  Pub 7 June 2019 Added 8 June 2019

www.forbes.com Why 5G isn’t just faster 4G – Last month Barclays Bank put out a report on how British business didn’t understand 5G, and what the failure to grasp the opportunities was likely to cost the economy. The irony of the report was that Barclays, a British business clearly didn’t understand 5G itself. Pub 25 May 2019 Added 26 May 2019

prepareforthat.com  Sprint shuts down 5G tower amid Ripon Elementary parents protest. .…an outpouring of concerns over recent cancer cases. Ripon elementary school parents have long suspected that the tower is responsible for several cancer cases in students and staff. Pub 5 May 2019 Added 6 May 2019

prepareforthat.com  parents say 5G cell tower causing cancer in children, district taking kickbacks. San Joaquin County Parents believe radiation from a 5G cell tower is causing cancer in school children. Doctors have diagnosed at least four kids from the county’s elementary school system. Pub 14 Mar 2019 Added and6 May 2019

newyorker.com  The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network. The future of wireless technology holds the promise of total connectivity. But it will also be especially susceptible to cyber attacks and surveillance. Pub 26 Apr 2019 Added 29 Apr 2019

https://redpillexpo.org/   Via World Alternative Media Red Pill Expo Hertford. Ct. 7-9 June 2019. BE THERE.

www.cnbc.com – President Trump announced new 5G initiatives: its a race ‘America must win. … several announcement to accelerate 5G deployment in the US. Pub 12 Apr 2019 Added 14 Apr 2019

www.theverge.com These cows already have 5G, and you don’t. The rollout of 5G in the US may be hobbled and scattershot, thanks to silly marketing gimmicks and a largely meaningless race to the be first, but the next-gen wireless speeds the standard promises are already arriving in full force across the Atlantic Ocean — for a herd of cows in England. Pub 12 Apr 2019 Added 14 Apr 2019

www.reuters.com – UPDATE1 – Trump to hold event Friday on 5G, rural broadband – White House with the country’s top communications regulator on next – generation 5G wireless networks and efforts to boost rural broadband Internet access. Pub 11 Apr Added 12 April 2019

www.washingtonpost.com  5G is about to get a big boost from Trump and the FCC. The Trump administration and government regulators unveiled a major push Friday afternoon at the White House to accelerate the rollout of the high-speed, next-generation mobile data technology known as 5G. A tPub and added 12 April 2019

www.variety.com five things Hollywood needs to know about 5G  It’s either the Next Huge Thing — a technology that alters virtually every aspect of how we work, play, communicate and travel — or an incremental lift in today’s wireless speeds and feeds.
No one doubts that the implementation of 5G as the new digital standard for wireless services will change the market and make the telco giants more competitive with cable broadband. Pub 10 Apr the2019 Added 11 Apr 2019

www.needtoknow.news  G. Edward Griffin (9/11) 5G transmitters have been turned ON in in 2 US cities,…Verizon announced that its 5G cell towers will be turned ‘on’ for the first time in the US in parts of two cities, Minneapolis and Chicago. Activist, Gary Gileno, points out that millimeter waves were used as weapons by the US in war zones in the Middle East.  Pub 5 Apr 2019 Added 6 Apr 2019

www.naturalhealth365.com  Parents demand removal of cell tower from elementary school of the four students and three teachers develop cancer. As communication companies intensify their efforts to institute 5G wireless across the nation, parents at a California elementary school are uniting in protest against a cell phone tower on the premises – which they say has caused seven people to develop cancer. At a recent, packed school board meeting, parents threatened to pull their children from the school unless the tower is removed. Pub 2 Apr 2019 Added 5 Apr 2019

www.bloomberg.com  NFL taps Verison to create 5G services for football fans. Project will provide multiple viewing angles and more replays. Commissioner Goodell: build it and ‘the revenue will follow’.  Pub and added 25 Mar 2019

www.foxnews.com – Newt Gingrich: The race for 5G and the risks if America doesn’t get it right.  I hope you will listen to the latest episode of my Newt’s World podcast, in which I have an important conversation about the race for – and risks associated with – 5G technology.  America is currently in a global competition with China to see which country will lead in the global deployment of 5G. Currently, China is winning. This may be the most important challenge we currently face for protecting our national security, economy, and quality of life. Pub and added 24 Mar 2019

wakingtimes. com Californian mayor admits local government has “lost control” of 5G rollout.On March 6, the Danville Town Council voted four to one to block a permit for an upcoming small cell wireless installation by Verizon. During the meeting, Danville Mayor Robert Storer stated that the vote was an effort to stand up to the federal government and telecommunications companies, like Verizon. The Danville Town Council’s decision to deny the land use-permit for the small cell opens the town to possible lawsuits from Verizon. Pub 14 Mar 2019 Added 19 Mar 019

resurgence.org concerns mount over the roll out of 5G, a roundup of the latest from activist Lynne Wycherley. Pub 16 Mar 2019

forbes.com  what is 5G and how does it differ from 4G, 3G and what came before. Pub 4 Mar 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

theverge.com Trump’s 2020 we election campaign wants to push for government control of 5G networks. A strategy that is unlikely to get much support. Pub Mar 2 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

thehill.com To prevent lethal 5G, we need a digital second amendment. The entire wireless world descended on Barcelona this week for the annual Mobile World Congress. Amidst the fancy new gadgets like folding phones it is important we maintain perspective on the forthcoming transition to 5G. The convergence of big data, AI, and 5G brings benefits, but the societal costs may be steeper than at any time in the history of communications. Pub 3 Mar 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

forbes.com  How 5G networks will change America. One of the hottest topics at Mobile World Congress this week is 5G networks. The benefits are being widely touted by network providers: faster download speeds on cellular networks, and support for new technologies such as self-driving cars. Pub 27 Feb 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

activistpost.com   Trump Wants 5G Only From U.S. Companies — Security and Health Experts Say NO ONE Can Make 5G Safe. With videos. Pub 23 Feb 2019 Added 24 Feb 2019

multichannel.com Senate committee vets 5G network security. The Senate Commerce Committee drilled down on the 5G rollout Wednesday (Feb. 6) in a hearing aptly titled “Winning the Race to 5G and the Next Era of Technology Innovation in the United States.” It was the first hearing of the committee in the new Congress and in a 5g, IoT-driven world, the shadow of Chinese tech in U.S. telecom loomed large over the proceedings. Pub 6 Feb 2019 Added 19 Feb 2019

ecowatch.com   5G and the FCC: 10 Reasons Why You Should Care. As an environmental lawyer for over 25 years now, I have become intimately familiar with the workings of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of the Interior. I didn’t have occasion to watch what was happening across town at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Now I do. Here are 10 reasons … Pub 14 Feb 2019 Added 19 Feb 2019

wakingtimes.com  CALIFORNIA BRAIN TUMOR ASSOCIATION ISSUES WARNING ON DANGERS OF 5G. At the center of the debate about 5G technology is the issue of whether or not 5G is safe. Already underway, though, the rapid rollout will deploy 20,000+ satellitesmillions of small towers, and use the same range of EMF waves as a military crowd-control system. Proponents of the technology don’t seem to acknowledge the growing body of research and growing number of voices warning us of the coming catastrophe of a world blanketed in 5G radiation. Long article with videos.  Pub 16 Feb 2019 Added 19 Feb 2019

activistpost.com  Tech Industry Can’t Say 5G is Safe. FCC is Being Investigated for Collusion for 5G Legislation. Verizon Starts “Let’s 5G” Campaign and Petition Anyway. The Telecom Industry can’t even say that 5G is safe. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to regulate the Telecom Industry and protect the public from being harmed.  Yet they are being investigated for collusion regarding federal legislation which basically eliminated local input, control, and environmental review of harmful 5Gsmall cell towers and infrastructure.  Other federal legislation was already introduced to overturn this legislation.   15 Feb 2019 Added 16 Feb 2019

theverge.com   AT&T announces Chicago and Minneapolis as its next 5G cities. AT&T has caught a lot of (well-deserved) flak for its fake 5G Evolution network to the point that the company’s actual, real 5G network rollout hasn’t gotten as much notice. But that rollout is still happening, and today the carrier announced the next two cities… Pub Feb 12 2019 Added Feb 13 2019

broadbandnow.com   5G small cell deployment: every current state law, state by state. Important for USA readers. Pub 3 Dec 2018 Added 11 Feb 2019

collective-evolution.com Watch: firefighters report neurological damage after 5G cell tower Installation near their fire station. Testimony by David Gillotte. Pub and added 11 Feb 2019

insidetowers.com White House said to be preparing boost to 5G deployment. The White House is expected to take action in the coming weeks to boost U.S. 5G deployment and artificial intelligence. The plan would offer the “first deliverables” of a law passed by the previous Congress that laid out a plan to improve U.S. work on Quantum technology, an administration official told The Hill. Lawmakers and security experts have long raised concerns that China is beating the U.S. in the race to implement 5G and AI. ..Pub 8 Feb 2019 Added 9 Feb 2019

www.theverge.com  5G can’t fix America’s broadband problems. Don’t expect the new generation of wireless tech to replace fiber, no matter what AT&T says. Pub 6 Feb 2019 Added 7 Feb 2019

www.theverge.com Verizon pauses 5G Home rollout until actual 5G equipment is ready. Only four cities have Verizon’s 5G Home broadband right now… More specifically, it’ll take until sometime in the second half of 2019. Why the wait? Verizon’s 5G Home is built upon its own, pre-standard 5G communication technology called 5G TF. It does employ some core 5G tech like millimeter wave, but Verizon’s fixed home 5G internet really felt like a rush job to get out ahead of competitors … Pub 30 Jan 209 Added 31 Jan 2019

androidauthority.com  Hey AT&T, stop lying to your customers about 5G AT&T is at it again. A generation ago, AT&T began marketing 3G technologies as 4G in order to make up for its initial lack of 4G coverage. Fast forward to 2019 and AT&T is doing the same thing. The company is marketing LTE 4G as “5G E” on select Android devices in order to fool customers into thinking they’ve received some sort of upgrade. They haven’t. This is pathetic, AT&T, and you should be ashamed. And yet somehow, you’re not. Pub 14 Jan 2019 Added 16 Jan 2019

smallbiztrends.com  Small businesses in these 12 (USA) cities will be the first to access 5G mobile. Major carriers around the world have set 2019 as the year they will start deploying 5G services. For AT&T this will be the case in 12 cities across the United States, and small businesses in these locations will be the first to have access to the new technology.
AT&T says it will be the first and only company in the US which will be offering a mobile 5G device over a commercial, standards-based mobile 5G network… Pub 14 Jan 2019 Added 16 Jan 2019

www.fortune.com 5G Rollout, New Tech Products Could See Delays Because of the Government Shutdown… The race to 5G is coming to a halt—thanks to the government shutdown.  The fifth and next generation of cellular wireless technology, is a 2019 priority for many mobile carriers. It’s a development, however, that requires extensive government approval processes. And amid the longest U.S. government shutdown in history, stretching beyond its 22nd day, those Federal Communications Commission approval processes are taking a hit. Pub 13 Jan 2019 Added 14 Jan 2019

www.zdnet.com T-mobile marks 5G milestone with first data call on 600 MHz spectrum. The carrier said it has completed a series of successful 5G service tests in the 600 MHz band with partners Intel and Ericsson. Pub 7 Jan 2019 Added 8 Jan 2019

NewYorkTimes spells out 5G for the masses, 5G Is Coming This Year. Here’s What You Need to Know. The transition to new fifth-generation cellular networks, known as 5G, will affect how you use smartphones and many other devices. Let’s talk about the essentials… Pub 31 Dec 2018 Added 2 Jan 2019

washingtonpost.com 5G will make life faster for Americans. The FCC should make sure no one gets left in the dust. Pub 24 Dec 2018 Added 25 Dec 2018

theverge.com  The first ‘real world’ 5G test was a dud.  AT&T and Verizon were supposed to show real 5G, but the speed is missing in Maui. …. Why the cloak and dagger? It’s because the networks aren’t anywhere near as fast as 5G is supposed to be. They’re slower than the Comcast internet connection I have at home…. Pub 4 Dec 2018 Added 5 Dec 2018

mashable.com  Verizon 5G Experience pop-up showcases the network’s speed and power.I’d heard about 5G. But I didn’t know just how fast it would be until I was watching myself miss free throws in real time.  On Monday, Verizon opened the doors to its 5G Experience pop-up shop in downtown Los Angeles. In the space, visitors tested out Verizon’s 5G Home network.   Pub 3 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

theverge.com  Don’t expect a 5G iPhone before 2020. A new report from Bloomberg today reiterates what we’ve been hearing about Apple’s timeline for adopting the next generation of cellular connectivity, 5G, by suggesting the first compatible iPhone won’t come before 2020. Earlier rumors and reports pointed to the 2020 iPhone as the likeliest candidate to add 5G support, even though mobile carriers and Apple’s Android rivals are going to be rolling the new technology out all through 2019. Pub 3 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

cnn.com 5G smartphones are coming in 2019. What does that mean? 5G is already here, but you can’t do much to access those super-fast speeds unless you live in a specific place with a particular piece of technology. That’s about to change… Pub 3 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

www.ctmirror.org   Blumenthal wants FCC to prove 5G wireless Technology is safe. Washington – U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal is leading a campaign to determine whether new “5G” wireless technology is safe and is asking the federal government for proof the cutting edge radiofrequency does not pose health risks – including cancer….  Pub 3 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

www.engadget.com  Some companies are considering ditching WiFi for private 5G.  Audi is among those who are testing the technology. No matter how much it’s changed our lives, WiFi can be endlessly annoying because of how spotty and unreliable it often is, even for those of us in small homes. It can prove a bigger headache still for companies that need reliable connections for their devices, particularly across a wide area. So, some businesses are looking towards a newer method of keeping their equipment and employees connected: 5G  Pub 30 Nov 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

www.theverge.com – 5G is weeks away – and Tuesday marks its first real test. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit in Maui starts Tuesday, and here’s what’s going on. This Tuesday, Qualcomm’s third annual Snapdragon Technology Summit is happening in Maui, and it promises to be the first — and last — major public debut of blazing-fast 5G before the new cellular standard launches in the US for real. And while inviting 330 people to a tropical island setting might seem frivolous, there’s some serious money and technology at stake…. Pub 30 Nov 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

www.mashable.com U.S. says 5G networks are ‘vulnerable’ to undermine Chinese suppliers: report. It’s no secret that the U.S. doesn’t want Huawei or any other Chinese tech company selling its networking equipment in America. Now it’s taking that cause beyond its borders. Pub 24 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018

www.naturalblaze.com  5Gnetwork uses same EMF waves as Pentagon Crowd Control system.  This has appeared elsewhere under another banner. Ed . The global rollout of 5G is well underway, and we soon may see new small cell towers near all schools, on every residential street, dispersed throughout the natural environment, and pretty much everywhere. But the safety of this technology is in serious question, and there is a raging battle to stop the taxpayer funded implementation of 5G.    Pub Oct 7 2018 Added 24 Nov 2018

www.activistpost.com  5G “Epidemic” to Hit Sacramento, also Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis. Officials may say it was a bad flu with strange features that hit Sacramento residents, and that vaccines could not prevent it. They may even blame foreign actors. But the real and very simple explanation will be that Verizon’s 5G roll-out in California’s capital has severe public health repercussions, just as predicted by international scientists and physicians. These reactions to 5th generation pulsed microwave radiation frequencies will also be experienced in Los Angeles, Houston, and Indianapolis. They are all test subjects in the first large-scale 5G experiments on U.S. populations without full disclosure or express consent… Pub 19 Nov 2018 Added 24 Nov 2018

www.cnet.com  Verizon opens 5G lab dedicated to tech for first responders. Verizon’s 5G First Responder Lab is an incubator for 5G uses for public safety. It will give startups and other innovators early access to 5G so they can come up with useful real-world applications. Pub 9 Nov 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

www.cnbc.com  Nokia CEO: 5G will start to launch in 2019 and 2020. Rajeev Suri, Nokia president adn CEO, discusses the company’s quarterly earnings, the adoption of 5G technology and the announcement of layoffs as cost-cutting measures. Pub 9 Nov 2018 Added 10 Nov 2018

forbes.com     5G Technology Set To Fuel Technological Change And Transform Global Economy.   Five key themes will shape the world in the next five years, fuelled by an unprecedented increase in the pace of technological changes, in particular the roll-out of 5G mobile technology, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch…. Pub 29 Oct 2018 Added 30 Oct 2018

zdnet.com    Oppo demos 5G smartphone connection. Oppo has connected a customised R15 to a 5G connection in its research lab, with the Chinese brand aiming to be the first with a 5G smartphone on sale in 2019… Pub 30 Oct 2018 Added 30 Oct 2018

forbes.com America’s 5G rendezvous with destiny.  A little more than a week ago we ran a column on China’s offensive to take control of the future of the Internet and telecommunications, by monopolizing the world’s access to 5G ….Pub 29 October 2018 Added 30 Oct 2018

cnet.com Why 5G is out of reach for more people than you think. 5G promises to revolutionize mobile, but those super-fast speeds will be hard to get in rural America. Pub 25 Oct 2018 Added 30 Oct 2018

cnet.com  How 5G aims to end network delays that slow everything down.  Low communication latency is why 5G will be radically different from today’s mobile networks…. Pub 29 Oct 2018 Added 29 Oct 2018

christianobserver.net   Mad Race to Rollout 5G When Few Smartphones Can Even Use it. AT&T is on track to be the first wireless carrier to introduce mobile 5G services in the United States in the next few weeks. This will be standards-based 5G. Donovan made the distinction about it being a 3GPP standards-based 5G mobile rollout for AT&T as Verizon launched its 5G home internet service earlier this month, but it’s not a quite a true 5G service… Pub 27 Oct 2018 Added 28 Oct 2018

lightreading.com  5G in the USA: Fall Edition. Autumn leaves, chunky knit sweaters, an abundance of pumpkin spice — and now — the gentle hum of high-band wave radio equipment in the air. That’s right, it’s finally fall in the USA, and 5G is here (well, sorta!)…. Pub 26 Oct 2018 Added 28 Oct 2018

theregister.co.uk   What can I say about this 5G elixir? Try it on steaks! Cleans nylons! It’s made for the home! The office! On fruits!  Yeah, everyone’s getting fed up with next-gen wireless hype. AMUSING ARTICLE.  Pub 26 Oct 2018 Added 28 Oct 2018

usatoday.com   AT&T claims completion of a world’s ‘first’ 5G connection. Here’s why it matters to you. You’re going to hear a lot of claims about “5G firsts” as the leading telecom companies slug it out to deliver the next generation of wireless. And one just came from AT&T.  The company says it has successfully completed the “world’s first millimeter wave” 5G connection over a live network to what will be commercially available  “standards-based” commercial mobile 5G device. Pub 26 Oct 2018 Added 28 Oct 2018

www.theverge.com   The White House demands answers about 5G in new memorandum. The White House issued a memorandum today asking for a strategy around 5G deployment. The memorandum asks the relevant authorities to submit a report on the “status of existing efforts” to work on the technology. Executive branch departments would need to inform the White House within 180 days about their “future spectrum requirements.” The Office of Science and Technology Policy should report about how emerging tech, such as smart home gadgets, could affect demand for spectrum and how the government should allocate research and development spending to improve 5G efforts…. Pub 25 Oct 2018 Added 26 Oct 2018

9to5mac.com   AT&T says it will launch 5G mobile service in the US in the coming weeksAT&T previously announced half of the 12 cities that will be getting 5G mobile service before the end of 2018. Now, the company’s CEO has shared that it will be the first US carrier to offer standards-based 5G by launching the service “in the next few weeks.” Spotted by Phone Scoop (via The Verge), AT&T CEO John Donovan shared the news in the company’s earnings call today. Pub 24 Oct 2108  Added 25 Oct 2018

www.ZGnet.com   US senators reportedly warn Trudeau to ban Huawei on 5G
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reportedly been warned by two US senators to exclude Huawei from taking part in nationwide 5G mobile network deployments. Pub Oct 16 2018 Added Oct 17 2018

www.publicknowledge.org FCC Action on Wireless Infrastructure Hamstrings Cities but Won’t Spur More 5G Deployment. On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on an Order and Declaratory Ruling it claims will promote deployment of next-generation wireless networks. The crux of the FCC’s action will impose stringent limits on the fees states and localities charge wireless companies to install and maintain small cells in public rights-of-way (ROW) and on other government property. Pub 26 Sept 2018 Added 10 Oct 2018

computerworld.com    How 5G wireless will change pay TV industry virtually overnight
Let’s explore how 5G wireless will change other industries like pay TV, how big the impact will be and how quickly that change will occur. 5G wireless will be a revolution to so many industries in the next few years. One of those industries is the world of cable TV or pay TV as it is called today. 5G is coming on strong and fast. Let’s take a closer look at the impact it will have and how it will completely transform the entire industry. Pub 8 Oct 2018 Added 9 Oct 2018

arstechnica.com Cities will sue FCC to stop $2 billion giveaway to wireless carriers
After FCC vote, cities try to restore local control over 5G fees and equipment.
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes yesterday said their city intends to appeal the FCC order in federal court. Seattle will be coordinating with other cities on a lawsuit, they said.
“In coordination with the overwhelming majority of local jurisdictions that oppose this unprecedented federal intrusion by the FCC, we will be appealing this order, challenging the FCC’s authority and its misguided interpretations of federal law,” they said in a press release.
Pub 3 Oct 2018 Added 4 Oct 2018

activistpost.com    EPA Aims to Weaken Radiation Regulations As FCC Gives Telecoms $2B To Install 5G Everywhere.  An article by The Register, “Eat my shorts, watchdog tells every city mayor in the US – FCC approves $2bn 5G telco windfall,” says it all.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sold out to “Big Wireless” in a way that is even more embarrassingly obvious than even pro-Telecom elected officials ever expected:… Pub 2 Oct 2018 Added 4 Oct 2018

cnbc.com   Health and Science – EPA says a little radiation may be healthy
The Trump administration is quietly moving to weaken U.S. radiation regulations, turning to scientific outliers who argue that a bit of radiation damage is actually good for you — like a little bit of sunlight. The Trump administration already has targeted a range of other regulations on toxins and pollutants, including coal power plant emissions and car exhaust, that it sees as costly and burdensome for businesses. Pub 2? Oct 2018 Added 4 Oct 2018

lightreading.com  Cisco’s Jonathan Davidson: 5G’s Software & Enterprise Networking Opportunity VIDEO. Light Reading’s Simon Stanley speaks with Marek Tlalka, Senior Director of Marketing, High Performance Analog at MACOM, about the evolution of 100G, 200G, and 400G within the data center. 6:45 Pub Oct 2018 Added 2 Oct 2018

computerworld,com  NB 3 years old but worth reading for historical and trend studying. Ed  Ready or not (and it’s not) 5G is coming. 5G is expected to make its debut in 2020. There are a few problems though, such as key standards aren’t anywhere near being ready and there’s no one universally-accepted definition of 5G…. Pub 5 June 2015 Added 29 Sept 2018

www.reuters.com Trump administration looks to speed 5G networks, ease hurdles. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration said on Friday it is seeking to remove hurdles to faster deployment of the next generation of wireless communications, known as 5G, which it touted as revolutionary for a host of industries. Pub 28 Sept 2018 Added 29 Sept 2018

www.cnet.com    Wireless carriers to meet with White House officials to discuss 5G. The Trump administration is hosting a meeting of the four major wireless carriers on Friday to talk about the potential of 5G. All four of the nation’s biggest wireless carriers will attend a meeting at the White House on Friday (28 Sept?)  to talk about 5G. Pub 27 Sept 2018 Added 28 Sept 2018

collective-evolution.com  Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Can Rip Apart & Alter DNA. Can we ever believe what our government tells us about airport security devices? Apparently not. First they told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe.  Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the safety tests turned out to be totally rigged, as reported by Natural News…..  Pub 19 Feb 2017 Added 28 Sept 2018

FCC Federal Communications Commission. FCC Streamlines Deployment of Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure. Press release – WASHINGTON, September 26, 2018—Today, the Federal Communications Commission took another important step in its ongoing efforts to remove regulatory barriers that inhibit the deployment of infrastructure necessary for 5G and other advanced wireless services. This action, which builds upon those already taken by states and localities to streamline deployment, underscores the FCC’s commitment to ensuring that the United States wins the global race to 5G. Pub 26 Sept 2018 Added 27 Sept 2018

www.cnet.com  FCC limits fees cities can charge for 5G deployment. The Federal Communications Commission says new rules will cut red tape. Critics say they weaken municipalities’ ability to negotiate with big carriers. The Federal Communications Commission voted Wednesday to limit how much local governments can charge wireless companies to attach small radios to utility poles when deploying next-generation 5G service. The three Republicans on the FCC said the plan will streamline the process for installing 5G gear and save wireless providers an estimated $2 billion, which can be used to build networks in rural parts of the country……     Pub 26 Sept 2018 Added 26 Sept 2018

another take on the above by theverge,com  FCC passes order limiting cities’ review of 5G deployment. The Federal Communications Commission will soon require cities to quickly approve or deny wireless carriers’ requests to deploy 5G cell installations. While the goal of rapidly deploying 5G is widely shared, the FCC’s approach here has come under criticism, particularly from cities. The measure constrains the time cities have to review deployment requests, while also limiting them from taking into account issues like whether the installation will take place at a historical landmark. Pub 26 Sept 2018 Added 26 Sept 2018

Natural news –   Dr. Gabriel Cousens warns the world about the toxic effects of 5G wireless (coming soon to your neighborhood).  Dr. Cousens warns that since 5G uses a much shorter wavelength, transmitters will have to be erected every 500 feet. This means that such transmitters will appear in schools, at bus stops, and “all over the place.” Even if you don’t use a cellphone, therefore, 5G technology means you will still be in an EMF zone continually, unable to escape its effects.
Dr. Cousens says that while humans can cope with the effects of EMFs for about three years at most, thereafter serious problems start to arise and we become more susceptible to circulatory, mental, digestive and immune diseases.   Pub 23 Aug 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

Natural News  Researchers creating a new class of 5G millimeter wave transmitter antenna designs that will soon occupy over a billion mobile devices. Researchers have come up with a new class of millimeter wave transmitters by integrating the design of antenna and electronics. This new device boosts energy and spectrum efficiency, which could mean longer talk times and higher data rates in future 5G applications. In addition to these, the device also exhibits improved modulation and reduced generation of waste heat. Transmitters are electronic devices that use radio waves to transmit data. They are able to do this by converting energy from the power source into radio waves and sending off these waves to the receiver. Pub 15 Sept 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

Activist Post – FCC wants to give $2B to wireless carriers on September 26th 2018. According to a recent article in ARS Technica, this FCC proposal will also force cities and towns to act on small cell tower and wireless infrastructure applications within 60 or 90 days.  It will be voted on September 26, 2018 and statements are still being accepted.  Numerous U.S. municipal governments, organizations, medical professionals and environmentalists are extremely ticked off.  Activist Post has already reported about this many times.  Pub 24 Sept 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018.

The Washington Post  The future of 5G mobile data could hinge on a battle over utility pole fees. Mobile carriers such as AT&T and Verizon are in a race to build brand-new data networks that can deliver ultrafast downloads and support a fresh generation of smart, Internet-connected devices. But a battle is brewing over how much the companies should pay for access to public utility poles and other rights of way, as federal regulators get ready to vote on the issue this week. Pub 24 Sept 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

www.smartcitiesdive.com  Grassroots coalition asks FCC to slow 5G expansion over health concerns.  A coalition of 52 grassroots organizations is calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to delay deployment of 5G infrastructure pending more health studies, citing “emerging science linking exposure to RF microwave radiation with serious biological harm.”  Pub 24 Sept 2018 Added 25 Sept 2018

www.fiercewireless.com    Major U.S. cities revolt against FCC’s proposed small cell deployment rules.  A large number of U.S. cities, both big and small, voiced concerted and coordinated opposition to the FCC’s proposal to streamline the deployment of small cells across the country.  At the center of the issue is the federal government’s attempts to override local government control over the installation of wireless equipment like small cells in neighborhoods around the country.  Pub 21 Sept 2018 Added 22 Sept 2018

ZDnet.com   MWCA: ‘5G is a race that everybody should win’. 5G Americas is encouraging the US government to make more spectrum available sooner, as well as clearing the path for cellular infrastructure deployment to bring the average approval time down from 18 months. Pub 14 Sept 2018 Added 15 Sept 2018

USmayors.org    Statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors CEO & Executive Director Tom Cochran on FCC’s Order Proposing to Usurp Local Property Rights. Washington, DC—Below is a statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran on recent FCC proposals diminishing local government ownership rights over local rights-of-way and other public property: “The U.S. Conference of Mayors strongly opposes recent proposals by the Federal Communications Commission. Pub 14 Sept 2018 Added 15 Sept 2018

Wall Street Journal Across the US, 5G runs into local resistance. Residents of Denver’s Riviera apartments were surprised earlier this year when a roughly 30-foot-tall green pole appeared a few feet in front of their building entrance. The pole, installed by Verizon Communications Inc. and laden with cellular antennas, was designed to improve cellphone service in the area, but the residents complained about the placement. Months later, it was gone. But that was just a small taste of what’s to  (subscribe to continue Pub 13 Sept 1018 Added 14 Sept 2018

Wall Street Journal  Why being first in 5G matters. The race to be the first 5G country has begun—and the winner stands to gain a lot. Around the world, giant wireless-technology companies are coordinating with their governments to come up with winning  (subscription required). Pub 12 Sept 2018 Added 13 Sept 2018

www.theverge.com     Verizon will launch 5G home internet service starting October 1st Starting Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Vrizon’s 5G broadband internet service will go live later this fall, with installations starting on October 1st in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, the company announced today. This marks the first 5G commercial service to launch in the US, and it sees Verizon make good on its promise to do so in November 2017. Verizon is calling it simply 5G Home, quoting “typical speeds” of 300 Mbps and peak speeds of nearly 1 Gbps, depending upon location.  Pub 11 Sept 2018 Added 12 Sept 2018

www.cnet.com  Verison says its ‘Ultra Wideband 5G’ will be better than the rest. Verizon touts its use of millimeter frequency spectrum as a major differentiator that sets its 5G service apart from its rivals’ networks. Pub 11 Sept 2018 Added 12 Sept 2018

The Wall Street Journal   Tech Firms Say China Tariffs Will Set Back U.S.’s 5G Goals. Intel, Cisco, Dell and others urge Trump administration not to impose new duties on Beijing.
Pub 7 sSept 2018 Added 11 Sept 2018

FCC Announcement   FCC paves way for cheaper, faster 5G deployments. A new plan could help states looking to pass laws to make it easier and cheaper for wireless carriers to deploy 5G ‘small cells.’ Pub 4 Sept 2018 Added 5 Sept 2018

Wirelessestimator.com    CTIA shrinks the size of a pizza box to get the FCC to deliver small cells. Last Tuesday, CTIA Regulatory Affairs executives Brian Josef and Kara Romagnino pitched Rachael Bender, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Acting Legal Advisor, with their newly minted presentation on key reforms that would be beneficial for the agency to enact to ensure that America can build its 5G infrastructure. Pub 19 Apr 2017 Added 28 Aug 2018

marinij.com   San Rafael residents take pre-emptive strike against 5G installations. Packed house at San Rafael City Council Monday night. Many stood and applauded in a show of support for city regulations banning 5G cellphone towers (Keri Brenner/Marin Independent Journal) Pub 21 Aug 2018 Added 23 Aug 2018

sdxcentral.com  North America Will Be First With 5G, IHS Markit Survey Says. North America is moving faster to 5G than other parts of the world. According to a new 5G survey from IHS Markit, 82 percent of mobile operators globally are participating in 5G tests and trials, but only about 12 percent plan to commercially deploy the technology this year. And all 12 percent of those operators are in North America. Pub 21 Aug 2018  Added 22 Aug 2018

TelcomPowergrab.com  Legislation currently pending in Congress will allow telecoms to put their wireless 5G antennas on telephone poles, lamp posts and rooftops in neighborhoods across the country. Maybe right outside your window!  PLEASE ACT NOW!
Pub – Jul 2018 Added 22 Aug 2018

Business Wire – U.S. Telecommunications Strategy Questioned by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy. Senate Oversight Hearing of the Federal Communications Commission This Thursday Should Probe the Advisability of Small Cell Antenna Deployment—As There Are 13 Important Reasons Why ‘Antenna Densification’ Will Not Serve Constituents’ Best Interests Pub 15 Aug 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018

The Verge – Verizon’s 5G home internet launch will come with free YouTube TV or Apple TV 4K.    Verizon today announced that Google and Apple will be its first video streaming launch partners when the telecom’s 5G broadband service arrives. Verizon today announced that Google and Apple will be its first video streaming launch partners when the telecom’s 5G broadband service arrives later this year. It also revealed its fourth and final launch market, Indianapolis, which joins the previously announced Houston, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.
Pub 15 Aug 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018.

The Verge Sprint and LG will release a 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019. Pub 14 Aug 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018

ecfsapi.fcc.Gov An affidavit by a medical writer Susan Foster about the health effects on California Fire fighters when they had to work, eat and sleep in close proximity to cell towers. This was a study in 2004.    Pub 2 Feb 2013 Added 12 Aug 2018

Whatis5G – Government actions – if this does not shock you then nothing will. Ed.
The Telecom industry has been hard at work lobbying government officials at the federal level, the state level, and at the FCC to speed the deployment of small cells.  And, as we have grown all too accustomed to, our government is happily complying, much to the chagrin of a growing number of people. Following are summaries of some actions taken thus far.  (contd)
NB list of good links.  Ed . Pub 4 Nov 2017 Added 11 Aug 2018

NationalBlaze.com Is microwave radiation making you sick. Some of the latest science says the answer may be “Yes.” Action Alert! Wireless internet, cell phones, and smart meters are ubiquitous in the modern world, but some studies have shown that there is reason to be cautious about exposure to microwave radiation (MWR).
The federal government, however, is not only asleep at the wheel; it has preempted local communities from rejecting cell phone towers based on very real health concerns. It’s time for federal regulators to take this issue seriously and stop blocking citizens from stepping in when the government fails to act. Pub 9 Aug 2018 Added 10 Aug 2018

5G Showdown in Washington Nationwide 5G Conference Call July 2018 They have created a new website win19.org and will not rest until they win. The first nationwide conference call about the rollout of 5G and the issues it raises for health, safety & security. Featuring presentations by many local organizations working on this issue. ( Ed. bad sound in parts but give them time). Pub 31 July 2018 Added 5 Aug 2018

Due to the importance of this meeting I have listed the speakers.

Introduction by Doug Wood, Grassroots Environmental Education (0:00, 47:24)
Cindy Franklin, Consumers for Safe Cell Phones (5:48)
Theodora Scarato, Environmental Health Trust (8:08, 37:10)
Ellie Marks, California Brain Tumor Association (10:00)
Patti Wood, Grassroots Environmental Education (12:54)
Cindy Russell , Physicians for Safer Technology (17:08)
Paul G, Scientists for Wired Technology / My Street, My Choice (19:55)
relevant local community advice from Paul G here
Kate Kheel, What is 5G.info (23:50)
Jeanine Deal, Michigan Safe Technology (27:36)
James Turner, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (30:58)
Catherine Kleiber, Electrical Pollution (33:29)
Ed Myers, Environmental Health Trust (39:12)
Arthur Firstenberg, Cellular Phone Task Force (41:58)
is working on sth big international -coming soon  and in US will try to make 5G unconstitutional
Eric Windheim, EMF Safety Network (44:22)
Dafna Tachover, We Are the Evidence (53:51) about her assistance in Maryland
Deborah Kopald, DK Consulting (57:51)
Bill Cooke, Grassroots Environmental Education (1:02:17)
Kevin Mottus, 5Gisharmful@gmail.com (1:04:16)

Wireless Information Network http://www.win19.org/
Join newsletter on the WINList

FCC Announces rules for 5G spectrum auction. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday (2 Aug) issued rules for bidding on high-band spectrum that will be used to create the next generation of 5G wireless networks. Pub 2 Aug 2018 Added 3 Aug 2018

US naval Medical Research Institute Studies 1972 This US Navy report from 1972 documents the connection of 122 bioeffects to microwaves. Dr. Zorach Glaser, PhD of the US Navy presented a research report covering more than 2,200 studies, which link weak wireless signals (microwave radiation) to more than 122 biological effects. “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (Effects) and Clinical Manifestations attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation.” Pub 1972 Added 3 Aug 2018

The County Compass – Part 3 in a series: ‘Insane path of uncontrolled wireless expansion!’ USA/NC – Research, scientific studies, news reports – all questioning the safety of wireless radiation – have recently come together, much like a snowball that might begin its descent at the top of a massive ski slope. But somewhere on that slope is a consortium of telecommunications providers – a type of Sasquatch – throwing huge amounts of money and effort into implementing new 5G networks! Pub 26 July 2018 Added 1 Aug 2018

Activist Post – The Telecom Industry Has Never Said That Cell Phones are Safe. Will U.S. Gov’t Agencies and Elected Officials Ever Start Protecting the Public From “Big Wireless”? Pub 29 July 2018. Added 30 July 2018.

The Center for Public Integrity Residents worried about small cell safety have been waiting years for federal guidance. Cities ask the government for guidance on radio-frequency exposure — with no answer in sight. pub 2 March 2018 Added 30 July 2018

CBS – 5G wireless service is coming despite mounting health concerns. No part of the country will be safe from ultra-high frequency signals. The wireless industry is in a race to roll out 5G service. The network is supposed to be up to 100 times faster than current data speeds, but it requires cellphone tower equipment to be closer to users than before. Wireless companies in the U.S. say they’ll have to install about 300,000 new antennas – roughly equal to the total number of cell towers built over the past three decades. That’s causing outrage and alarm in some neighborhoods, as antennas go up around homes. Pub 29 May 2018 Added 29 July 2018

Forbes Magazine – Don’t Listen To The 5G Naysayers. An account of how wonderful everything will be. Pub 25 July 2018 Added 26 July 2018

Scientists for wired technology  Senate hearing on the race to 5G. Exploring Spectrum Needs to maintain U.S. Global Leadership. Article including a VIDEO Pub 25 July 2018 Added 26 July 2018

www.vigiliae.org – 5G – Mind Control Planet – description of US Patent 6,017,302  Abstract In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system and may cause relaxation, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used. The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes, sleepiness, and disorientation. Pub 25 Jan 2000 Added 26 July 2018

The Verge (USA commercial site) Qualcomm unveils first mmWave 5G antennas for smartphones. 4 in 1 antennas could make ultra-fast gigabit 5G a reality. Pub 23 Jul 2018 Added 25 July 2018.

Cell Towers at Schools and Universities. Schools &  A commercial Universities Can Make Great Cell Tower Sites. Vertical Consultants is seeing that most cities are becoming more and more restrictive on where they will allow cell tower companies to build these days… Pub 12 Jun 2018 Added 25 July 2018

#stop5g  “Twenty state legislatures—Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida,Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia—have enacted small cell legislation that streamlines regulations to facilitate the deployment of 5G small cells.”This article gives a brief summary of each of these bills. Keep a close eye on what’s flying in your state – 5g legislation moves quickly and quietly. http://www.ncsl.org/…/mobile-5g-and-small-cell-legislation.…

Thermoguy – U.S. Plans to Mass Install 300,000 Mini Towers For Blanket Electromagnetic Radiation will undermine Governments, Services, Economy, Education, Medicine, UN Members, Constituents, National & International Security, Etc Pub 6 June 2018 Added 23 July 2018

From the Red Pill Expo. PressforTruth. ca. Global 5G will be inescapable – what you NEED to know. 9:36 VIDEO Pub 1 July 2018. Added 5 July 2018.

Activist Post – “My Street, My Choice!” Website Provides Helpful Guide to Stop 4G and 5G Small Cell Towers From Being Installed Near Homes and Everywhere Else. Since 2004, firefighters have been vocal about not wanting cell towers and antennas on station property because of radiation exposure. According to a June 25, 2018 C-NBC interview with Verizon Chairman and CEO, Lowell McAdam“We are closer than people think” to installing 5G everywhere – including in front of homes. Pub 3 July 2018 Added 3 July 2018

The Verge (USA) – Sprint is preparing six cities for 5G with Massive MIMO antennas – A precursor to 5G is coming to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.By Chaim Gartenberg. 

residents worried about small-cell safety had been waiting years for federal guidance. Cities asked the government for guidance on radio-frequency exposure – with no answer in sight. March 2, 2018



Pima County – Pima County 5G Awareness Coalition
Tuscon – Electromagnetic Safety Alliance


arkansasonline.com  Entergy’s meters to get smarter in Arkansas. After infrastructure, utility installing new devices. Pub and added 24 Feb 2019


A video   Actual Activists!! Larkspur California. Best 5G Meeting ever. 44:30 Pub 22 June 2019 Added 1 Sept 2019

A video: 5G Protest in Venice   7/27/2019 3:45   Pub 1 Aug 2019

mdsafetech.org Yosemite National Park: illegal permitting of cell towers. The  Office of Inspector General in the U.S. Department of the Interior conducted a National Park Service audit of cell towers in response to complaints about illegal cell towers in Yosemite National Park,…. Pub 30 July 2019 Added 31 July 2019

Elk Grove – Keep Cell Antennas Away from Our Elk Grove Homes
La Mesa – Center for Electrosmog Prevention
Lamorinda – Lamorinda Families for Responsible Technology
Marin County – 5G Free Marin
Marin County – The Ecological Options Network (EON)
Mission Viejo – Moms Across America
Napa – Napa Association for Safe Technology
San Francisco – California Brain Tumor Association
San Francisco – East Bay Neighborhoods for Responsible Technology
San Mateo – San Mateo Citizens for a Safe Environment
San Ramone – San Ramone Citizens for Responsible Technology
Santa Cruz – EMF Aware
Santa Rosa – My Street, My Choice!
Sausalito – Scientists for Wired Technology
Sebastopol – EMF Safety Network
Scotts Valley – 5G Aware Scotts Valley
Topanga – No Smart Meter Coalition

globalnews.ca – Kingstonians for Safe Technology protest against 5G networks. Pub 21 Sept 2019 Added 22 Sept 2019

prepforthat.com  ‘I’m Horrified’ Lakewood Parents Lash Out Over 5G Networks Near Schools. Residents in the suburban Los Angeles community of Lakewood say they are “horrified” by the thought of 5G network tower installations. At a community meeting, residents spoke out about 5G health concerns, saying that 5G is not proven safe. Pub and added 15 July 2019

activistpost.com  PG&E and California Fire Foundation Join Forces to Reduce Wildfire Risk — Why Replacing Smart Meters With Analog Should Be Part Of Their Plan. Pub 8 July 2019 Added 13 July 2019

broadstreetbeacon.com – Nevada city to become nations first 5G – free zone. Nevada City, CA — As Nevada City marches into the new year, first on the agenda according to City Hall insiders will be a declaration that Nevada City is a 5G-free zone. This will make the rustic gold rush town the first in the nation to enact such a law. Pub 8 July 2019

ptreyesight.com Marin drafts preferences for 5G rollout. Despite recent federal restrictions that prevent local jurisdictions from regulating the deployment of 5G technology, Marin has drafted an ordinance to exercise as much aesthetic and procedural control as possible for the unincorporated area of the county—a response to hundreds of residents who voiced concerns about health effects earlier this year.  Pub 19 June 2019 Added 30 June 2019

prepforthat.com parents say 5G cell tower causing cancer in children, district taking kickbacks.San Joaquin County Parents believe radiation from a 5G cell tower is causing cancer in school children. Doctors have diagnosed at least four kids from the county’s elementary school system. Parents believe that one specific cell tower poses the biggest health concern.  “We had a doctor tell us that it’s 100 percent environmental, the kind of tumor that he has,” said Monica Ferrulli told CBS Sacramento. Pub 14 Mar 2019 Added 26 Mar 2019

fox40.com Sprint has announced it will be removing the cell tower on the elementary school in written California where there were about nine cases of cancer among children and teachers. (Banned from viewing by Google in certain areas)  Added 26 Mar


stateofglobe.com  California residents stopped Verison from installing small cell tower near homes. another take on the listing under California but should be seen more widely. Pub 10 M butar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019 MANY videos.

oshonews.com Mill Valley, California, blocks 5G cell tower implementation. Citing concerns of cancer and other health risks, the city has moved to block the installation of 5G cell phone technology, writes Matt Agorist. Published in New Thought Project on November 12, 2018. The city voted unanimously to effectively halt the installation of new small cell towers which carry the 5G technology by enacting an “urgency ordinance” after it received over a hundred letters from concerned citizens expressing their worries over the new 5G towers. Mill Valley residents cited multiple studies which claim that experts have found evidence that cell phone radiation can cause cancer. Pub 14 Nov 2018 Added 14 Mar 2019

cbslocal.com  SF BayArea  Marin County Challenges FCC On Implementing 5G Wireless.  SAN RAFAEL (CBS SF) – Marin County officials announced Wednesday they are joining other local governments in challenging a Federal Communications Commission order aimed at accelerating the implementation of the fifth generation of wireless service, known as 5G.  Marin County Counsel Brian Washington said the Board of Supervisors reported that it reached the decision in a closed meeting on Tuesday to file a challenge in a federal appeals court.  The county and other cities and counties claim a Sept. 26 FCC order on the deployment of the new technology illegally intrudes on their power to regulate the aesthetic and safety aspects of the placement of new antennas and structures needed for 5G service. Pub 1 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

nbcsandiego.com    Flood of Distrust: A Deep Dive Into San Diego’s Water Department
Can ratepayers trust the city of San Diego’s water department? NBC 7 Responds has been investigating the department for more than a year and chronicles their investigation in this special report…. Pub 27 Oct 2018 Added 28 Oct 2018

www.eetimes.com   News and analysis. 5G Handsets Spark mmWave Debate. Smartphone race faces fractured frequencies. SAN JOSE, Calif. — Engineers are racing to deliver the first smartphones supporting 5G networks, mainly targeting frequencies below 6 GHz. RF experts are sharply divided over whether any of the first batch of devices will support the standard’s millimeter-wave bands.  Pub 7 Sept 2018 Added 19 Sept 2018

www.sdxcentral.com   Wireless Execs High on 5G Distributed Network Architecture. LOS ANGELES – Wireless carrier executives are bullish on 5G technology particularly because the underlying software platforms that are the basis for 5G allow for a more distributed network architecture to serve new use cases. That was one of the themes from this week’s Mobile World Congress Americas event in Los Angeles, where network executives from the country’s four largest wireless providers were discussing 5G and the benefits of this new network architecture. Pub Sept 14 2018 Added Sept 15 2018

m.sfgate.com  Mill Valley blocks faster, smaller cell phone towers over cancer fears. Mill Valley has yet to receive a single proposal to deploy small-cell 5G wireless towers within town limits. That has not stopped officials from blocking the antennae in residential areas altogether. The future is 5G, most telecommunications companies say, but that future will not be coming to this upscale town in Marin County. Pub 11 Sept 2018 Added 15 Sept 2018

activist post – Three California City Councils Vote to Stop Installing 5G Small Cell Towers! Hooray for Mill Valley, San Anselmo, and Ross, CA Pub 13 Sept 2018 Added 13 Sept 2018

marinij.com  Mill Valley joins effort to constrain 5G proliferation.  The city of Mill Valley has enacted an urgency ordinance to regulate “small cell” towers amid concerns that cellphone companies want to grow their 5G networks and install new equipment in Marin.  “We do intend to do more work and studies to craft a permanent ordinance within the next year,” Mill Valley Mayor Stephanie Moulton-Peters said Friday. “The urgency ordinance has standards to limit and prohibit the installations of devices in residential neighborhoods, but there is more that we can do.”Pub 9 Sept 2018 Added 11 Sept 2018

techcrunch.com   Bay Area city blocks 5G deployments over cancer concerns  Danny Critchton |The Bay Area may be the center of the global technology industry, but that hasn’t stopped one wealthy enclave from protecting itself from the future.  The city council of Mill Valley, a small town located just a few miles north of San Francisco, voted unanimously late last week to effectively block deployments of small-cell 5G wireless towers in the city’s residential areas.  Pub 10 Sept 2018 Added 101 Sept 2018

Researcher links diplomats’ mystery illness to radiofrequency/microwave radiation. University of California San Diego. Writing in advance of the September 15 issue of Neural Computation, Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, says publicly reported symptoms and experiences of a “mystery illness” afflicting American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and China strongly match known effects of pulsed radiofrequency/microwave electromagnetic (RF/MW) radiation. Pub 29 Aug 2018 Added 2 Sept 2018

California Community Mounts a Fight Against 5G Infrastructure Residents in San Rafael have launched a pre-emptive effort to prevent telecoms from installing small cell antennas throughout the city. Pub 22 Aug 2018  Added 27 Aug 2018

uesf.org United Educators of San Fransisco. San Francisco Educators Pass Resolution Calling for Safer Technology Standards for all San Francisco Schools. Pub 25 June 2018 Added 17 Aug 2018

Bombshell – 2018 Verizon: No cell antennas needed in residential areas. Straight from Verizon CEO he admits what Verizon told to the CA Legislature in 2017 was false. 1:51  Pub 10 July 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018

CBS Sacramento Questions raised about 5G health risks months before Sacramento lunches service. Another take. Pub 29 May 2018 Added 31 July 2018

Mystreetmychoice.com vividly illustrated.  Stop 4G/5G Cell Towers From Being Installed On Utility or Light Poles, 15–50 Feet from homes to protect your Safety, Privacy and Property Values Added 27 July 018

Whatis5G (FB)  2018-0716 Petaluma City Council: Regulating So-Called “Small Cell” Cell Towers. VIDEO 28:25 Pub 18 July 2018 Added 22 July 2018

CBS Sacramento Questions Raised About 5G Health Risks Months Before Sacramento Launches Service. Article and video Pub 29 May 2018. Added 17 July 2018

Yournewswire.com Firefighters Suffer Neurological Damage After Contact With 5G Cell Towers. Firefighters in Sacramento, CA have reported neurological damage including memory problems and confusion after new generation 5G cell towers were installed outside their fire station. News of the adverse health effects suffered by the firefighters comes days after a major university study into 5G wireless technology declared the upcoming roll out of the wireless technology to be a “massive health experiment” that has not been properly tested by authorities  Pub 12 July 2018 Added 15 July 2018.

San Francisco bay area – 2017 consumer watch: 5G cellphone towers signal renewed concerns over impacts on health

EMF and RF Solutions. A Californian based commercial company measuring EM fields and office environments. Well up to speed. Added 6 July 018

Sepastapol, California EMF Safety Network sent a masterly letter to the Sebastopol planning committee. ” The telecommunication industry’s unbounded profit motive should never outweigh the safety and well-being of the public and our environment” …

Althealth Works – 2018
Fighting 50,000 new 5G cell towers linked to cancer risk

Parents For Safe Technology – the time to act is now.
5G is a boon for industry and the devastation to health and privacy

Responsible iPad.com  – Use in Classrooms, is a group of Petaluma, CA parents who are banding together to protect their children from the current use and configuration of Wireless Access Points and other wirelessly-connected devices that leads to continuous, immediate and latent toxic hazards in Petaluma City Schools District (PCSD) classrooms. Added 6 July 2018

Is 5G technology dangerous? Early data shows a slight increase of tumors in male rats exposed to cellphone radiation.

SF residents raise health concerns about 5G small cells. local officials are tied because the latest revision of the Telecommunication Act prevents health-related scrutiny of wireless infrastructure, citing studies from 1996


Boulder – ElectroMagneticHealth.org
Denver – 5G Colorado Action
Denver – Wired Schools


Vero Beach – Electromagnetic Radiation Awareness of the Treasure Coast (EMR Awareness)

smartgridawareness.org “Cell phones cause Cancer,” said Jimmy Gonzalez (1972-2014). Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez gave testimony to the Florida Pembroke Pines Commission in October 2012 to petition the City to issue a Resolution raising awareness of the health risks of cell phone radiation. Pub 15 January 2015 Added 16 July 2018

TallahasseeReports.com New 5G technology threatens canopy roads. TALLAHASSEE – The Leon County Board of Commissioners is holding its only public hearing Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. on a proposed local ordinance addressing legislation recently signed into law by the governor which potentially threatens Leon County’s iconic canopy roads. Pub 12 Dec 2017 Added 17 Aug 2018


Maui – Keep Your Power

FB Stop Smart Meters on Maui    There is a growing concern about Smart Meters and their health hazards. This group is dedicated to education and putting a stop to smart meters on Maui. We are a subgroup of Stop Smart Meters Hawaii. Please visit our website and sign the petition at www.StopSmartMetersHawaii.com.


Boise – Idahoans for Safe Technology


De Moines- Iowans for Responsible Technology


Chicago – Stop 5G Chicago
Chicago – Kane Citizens for Safe Technology

AT&T chooses Indianapolis as next city to get 5G service. Indy will be the 7th city to get the company’s next-generation…. On Thursday, AT&T said the capital of Indiana would get next-generation mobile service by the end of 2018, part of the company’s roll out of 5G to a dozen cities this year. AT&T has already begun preparations for the service in Indianapolis, which will be the 7th city to get the company’s high-speed service. Pub 30 Aug 2018 Added 31 Aug 2018

Pilot test of ComEd’s smart grid shows few consumers power down to save money. A new report by independent researchers shows that less than 9% of about 8,000 randomly selected households used their newly installed smart meters to save money by adjusting thermostats or turning off appliances during the afternoon or on hot days. As part of the test, ComEd imposed higher rates or offered rebates during peak- demand hours to encourage consumers to cut back. Pub 28 May 2011. Added 17 July 2018


Bloomington – Health Awareness Wake Up Call
Merrillville – No Smart Meters 4 Indiana

Indianapolis Business journal  Early rollout in Iandiapolis gives city wireless advantage. The latest buzzword in mobile is 5G—the newest generation of wireless service that immediately promises more speed and better connectivity for smartphones, internet-connected devices and even autonomous cars.  Pub 21 Sept 2018 Added 22 Sept 2018


Hammond – Louisiana Smart Meter Opt Out and 5G Information and Discussion


Pressherald.com Under scrutiny for storm response, Central Maine Power Company says it’s beefing up its smart-meter network. October’s (2017) storm highlighted weaknesses in the wireless network that critics say the utility company is downplaying. Pub 1 Aug 2018 Added 2 Aug 2018


EHTrust –  Questions After State Issues Landmark Best Practices For Digital Device Use In Schools Aimed At Protecting Students From Health Impacts Of Screens. Pub Oct 19?

Baltimore – Maryland Smart Meter Awareness
Prince George’s County – Maryland Coalition to Halt Cell Towers at Schools

Whatis5G Ronald Kostoff to Montgomery County Council on Small cells. ….
Dear Montgomery County Council Members,
I have been informed that Montgomery County is considering approval of the installation of small cell towers throughout the County, including up and down residential streets, starting with Potomac, MD and Germantown, MD.  I would like to offer my perspective on this proposal…… Pub 1 Nov 2017 Added 11 Aug 2018

Montgomery County Forum on  small cell towers, Ridgeview Middle School public hearing. Why won’t the FCC deal with health issues of 5G small cell? VIDEO 4:33. 4 Nov 2016 Added 22 July 2018

Massachusetts , Maryland.  Cece Doucette, Ashland MA Board of Health EMF/RF. A clear exposition of biological health hazards. VIDEO 24:23 Pub 15 July 2018. Added 22 July 2018

Mitzpeh – the University of Maryland independent Jewish newsletter. May 17 2018 Everyone has the right to know about cellphone radiation ( a precursor to 5G)


Last Tree Laws
Centerville – Centerville Concerned Citizens
Charlemont – Hilltown Health
Westford – Weston A. Price Foundation


WiFi Radiation in Schools in Maryland – Final Report December 13 2016 Added 4 Oct 2019


Have a look at Bruce Cain from Detroit Mi. talking about smart meter and 5G. Laid back. Data is the new gold.  VIDEO 21:44  Added 5 Sept 2019

Ann Arbor – Smart Meter Education Network
Battle Creek – Michigan Safe Technology
Detroit – Safe Tech Forward
Macomb – We are the Evidence

Sen. Colbeck cites health as reason to slow 5G rush and warns about the dangers some new technologies pose. 06.40 Pub 15 Mar 2018 Added 9 July 2018

Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony, Energy and Technology committee. 44:59 Pub 10 Mar 2018 Added 9 July 2018

Health Research Survey – Short version. A significant number of people in Michigan and across the U.S. are reporting changes in their health. This is the report form they use. Added 3 July 2018.

Scientific Consensus – Smart Meters Harm Our Health! by Dianne Wilkins. [Ms. Wilkins is a paralegal who has been active in the legal challenge by the Maine group “Smart Meter Safety Coalition” to the ruling of that state’s public service commission requiring that persons opting out of smart meters must pay a fee. Long scholarly article and many references. Study originally published 10 years ago. Added 2 July 2018

 Opposition to 5G at Michigan Statehouse Testimony, asking to halt a Bill that will place 5G small cells in neighbourhoods.

People have formed a Facebook group called “we are the evidence”,  A Wireless Technology Injured Advocacy Group together with an excellent website.



New York


We Are The Evidence founder Dafna Tachover is an attorney both in New York and in Israel who received her degree in the UK. Read more…..

New York Post – City wants to turn streetlights into high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots as part of a plan to boost Internet access across all five boroughs, sources told The Post  March 17, 2018
city wants to turn streetlights into high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots. New York Post.com. March 17, 2018


St. Paul – Safe Technology Minnesota

​New Hampshire

Hancock – New Hampshire for Safe Technology

New Mexico

5G Litigation. Plaintiffs asking a court to declare Santa Fe’s 5G ordinance unconstitutional

New Jersey

Lavallette – Lavallette Against Verizon 5G
Milford – Smart New Jersey

New Mexico

Santa Fe- Cellular Phone Task Force

www.ranchosantafereview.com  County Planning Commission proposes buffer between new 5G sites, schools, hospitals. Pub 23 July 2019 Added 16 Aug 2019

New York

Huntington – Citizens for 5G Awareness
Manhattan – Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Communications
Port Washington – Grassroots Environmental Education
Woodstock – New York Safe Utility Meter Association (NYSUMA)

techcrunch.com  AT&T rolls out (limited) 5G in (parts of ) New York City Pub and added 6 Aug 2019

www.ny1.com mysterious 5G health warning flyers pop up in Queens neighbourhood. Pub 20 June 2019 Added 26 June 2019

prepforthat.com  Verizon Fighting To Install 100’s of 5G Networks on Syracuse Street Lights. The city of Syracuse, New York is embroiled in a fight over whether or not to allow Verizon to install 5G wireless networks throughout the city. Some city officials are citing 5G health risks  as a cause for concern, while others believe that 5G will put their city in a position of technological progression. Pub 11 May 2019 Added 13 May 2019

zdnet.com Sprint preps New York City for 5G. Sprint is deploying 5G-ready Massive MIMO radios across New York City, as well as attaching thousands of indoor and outdoor small cells to city infrastructure.  Pub 29 Nov 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

Manhattan Neighbors. org for Safer Communications Fresh and growing website,  no nonsense facts including parents and schools. Added 5 Aug 2018

Telecompowergrab.org Congress is considering legislation that will allow telecoms to put their 5G antennas on telephone poles and lamp posts in neighborhoods across the country. Maybe right outside your window. Added 5 Aug 2018

North Carolina

Fairview – SafeTech Kids NC

newstarget.com  Residents of Charlotte, N. Carolina, speak out against mass 5G implementation. A local news affiliate out of Charlotte, North Carolina, recently aired a segment about the infamous 5G wireless technology that’s right now being rolled out in select cities nationwide. And many local Charlotte residents, the report divulged, aren’t at all happy about it……..  Pub 21 Oct 2018 Added 22 Oct 2018

The segment, available for viewing at REAL.video, explains how smaller wireless towers are popping up all over the place, including in people’s front yards, as 5G technology requires many more cell towers than normal, packed closely together alongside one another, in order to work.

The Country Compass – As 5G looms, concerns over wireless radiation mount. Customers may now ‘opt out’ of Duke Energy smart meters but state legislatures quietly being lobbied to grease rails for 5G. ‘Generation Zapped’ movie claims young people at risk! Pub 30 July 2018. Added 30 July 2018

Smartmeterharm. org. Duke energy  abruptly shuts off electricity to four N. Carolina homes for refusing Smart Meters on 28 June 2018. 3:47  Pub 3 July 2018 Added 10 July 2018


Southwest Ohio for Responsible Tech

newarkadvocate.com AEP: Less tree cutting, more smart meters coming to Patakala this year. Pub and added 24 Feb 2019

Dr Neides tearful apology to patients. Join us on the right side of history, doctors@ #belikedan#bebrave This relates to vaccines but is what I would hope to be the contrition that will eventually (supreme optimism) by the industry when they realise what they have done. Beachwood. Ohio practice. 8:33 Pub 15 Mar 2018  Apply 17 July 2018

Seventeen Ohio Cities file lawsuit to stop 54G cell towers everywhere.  21 March 2017 Added 9 Feb 2019


Ashland – Oregon for Safer Technology (OST)
Central Point – NoSmartMeter.org
Eugene – Families for Safe Meters
Eugene – Friends of Amazon Creek
Jackson County – Freedom to Say No to Smart Meters
Portland – Oregon Institute for Creative Research
Southern – Stop5G Southern Oregon  

kdrv.com School wireless safety bill passes state senate. Today, June 13, 2019, the Oregon State Senate passed SB 283, which directs the Oregon Health Authority to review independently-funded scientific studies of the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation, particularly exposure that results from use of wireless network technologies in schools. Pub 13 June 2019 Added 16 Aug 2019

prepforthat.com   Portland Officials Attempt To Block 5G Network Installation Over Health Risks. Portland, Oregon city officials are setting up to run opposition to the installation of 5G networks around the city. The initiative is supported by Mayor Ted Wheeler and two commissioners, Amanda Fritz, and Chloe Eudaly. The city feels that 5G health risks are not well enough understood to warrant installations.  Pub 24 Mar 2019 Added 25 Mar 2019

pamplinmedia.com – Portland Tribune – 5G health risks to be considered by City Council. Resolution up for a vote Wednesday calls for more study into previous findings that future technology could increase cancer and other risks in almost everyone in Portland Pub 10 mar 2019 Added 11 Mar 2019

Parents Across America – can you see it now? Artist rendition of a typical house showing WiFi radiation. Over the past few weeks, Oregonians have been asking questions and seeking answers as to the safety of WiFi radiation — especially in schools.  Nearly 500 people from Ashland, Eugene, and Portland attended events to find out more about health risks. Pub 27 June 2018 Added 1 July 2018


Reading – Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology

www.inquirer.com  Pa. Republicans pull the bill to greenlight 5G antennas as towns say it would undercut their zoning powers. Pub 18 June 2019 Added 16 Aug 2019

activistpost.com  Sonic Tech to Deter Kids From Parks Plus 1800+ Radiating 5G Small Cells = One Fried Philly. ForbesActivist Post and many others have been reporting about Philadelphia’s increasing use of symptom-causing technology installed to keep the kids, young adults, thieves, vandals, and other ne’er-do-wells away from 31 locations at night. Pub 14 July 2019 Added 12 July 2019

inquirer.com   Pa. Republicans pull the bill to greenlight 5G antennas as towns say it would undercut their zoning powers. Pub 18 June 2019 Added 5 July 2019

inquirer.com  Pennsylvania 5G bill that failed twice springs back to life in Harrisburg. Legislation that could make it easier and cheaper for wireless carriers to put tens of thousands of small cell antennas on utility poles throughout Pennsylvania has resurfaced in Harrisburg and seems to be moving swiftly. Pub 12 June 2019 Added 5 July 2019.

AT@T launches 5G evolution service in Eerie (Penn). Subscribers with compatible devices can take advantage of the faster speeds. Erie is now one of 239 markets where 5G Evolution is now live. AT&T hopes to have more than 400 markets online by the end of the year. Pub 6 Oct 2018 Added 7 Oct 2018

The enquirer   Tiny Doylestown Borough battled Verizon over 5G and won a big settlement.  When Crown Castle Corp. proposed dozens of 5G small-cell antennas for Verizon Communications along streets in Doylestown Borough, the reaction was a defiant no.Residents thought the boxy equipment that sprouted five-foot antennas on traffic lights or telephone poles would mar the borough’s Norman Rockwell charm, along with the artsy aura of its Victorian homes. Others feared for their health with intensive 5G wireless services zapping them. Pub 22 Aug 2018 Added 15 Sept 2018

Change.org STOP building cell towers in residential neighbourhoods. We, the residents of the Town of Huntington, demand the immediate end to the installation of small cell towers and the removal of the small cells that have been installed on/or near our property without our approval and with no warning, whatsoever. Pub 3 Aug 2018 Added 4 Aug 2018

Rhode Island

Kingston – Rhode Islanders for Safe Technology

ecori.org Rhode island Senator raises awareness about possible wireless health risks, GOOD VIDEOS (23:39) and (23:13)  and article. PROVIDENCE — Debate against the rollout of a Fifth Generation (5G) wireless communications network has an ally at the Rhode Island Statehouse. Pub 3 June 2019 Added 30 June 2019

prepforthat.com 5G equipment quietly being installed on the Rhode Island streetlamps. Pub 6 April 2019 80 26 May 2019

South Carolina

Greenville – Stop 5G Greenville

South Dakota

www.thestate.com  Sioux Falls S.D.   City Hall: Wireless providers eye public land for 5G towers. Wireless providers are targeting more than 20 locations on public land in Sioux Falls as future 5G cell tower sites, according to City Hall. City officials are working to set up a licensing process to let Verizon Wireless and other telecommunication companies start putting fifth generation micro-towers on city light poles, water towers and buildings as soon as 2019, the Argus Leader reported . The Sioux Falls Power and Light Division unveiled the proposed licensing system this week. Pub 24 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018


Austin – Austinsmartmeters.com
Kerville – Kerr County Citizens for Safe Technology
San Antonio – San Antonio Smart Meter Awareness


5G Free VT

prepforthat.com Vermont lawmakers to amend 5G but due to health concerns. Part 18 May 2019 at it made 26 2019


Bellingham – Consumers for Safe Cell Phones
Seattle – Take Back Your Power
Tacoma – Citizens of Tacoma Against 5G Small Cells in Residential Areas
Whidbey Island – Citizens League Encouraging Awareness of Radiation (C.L.E.A.R)
ExomatrixTV Questions for doctors and local government (Seattle) officials they cannot answer honestly. Pub 22 May 2018 Added 14 July 2018

Washington DC

Parents for Safe Technology

Washington DC Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3/4G Opposes 5G Small Cells in New Resolution.  In Washington DC, the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions are taking notice of the push to install 5G Small Cells in their neighborhoods.  Washington DC has issued draft guidelines on small cells that would fast track small cell deployment.
In response, the DC Advisory Neighborhood Commissions have begun deliberating on the issue and we now have the first resolution issued by ANC3/4G  that brings health concerns to the forefront. We expect more ANC’s  to follow calling for more protective regulations as citizens learn about health issues, property devaluations and aesthetic issues posed by unfettered 5G small cell deployment.  Pub 27 Sept 2018 Added 12 Oct 2018

Crown Castle – Small cells enhance wireless speed and reliability, helping Washington, D.C. stay competitive today—and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow. Pub – recent
Added 31 July 2018

Call to action on 5G rollout

Sprint 5G precursor coming to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington DC

Global race for 5G heats up with latest US Congress bill

A state run 5G network is impossible in the US

Scientists for Wired Technology, advocacy based on scientists research of the hazard of pulse, data– modulated, radio frequency microwave radiation. Action by City.


Greendale – Wisconsin Safe Tech
Oconomowoc – Oconomowoc for Safe Technology
Waterloo – Electrical Pollution
Waukesha – Wireless Action

www.electricalpollution.com People exposed to excessive “dirty” power may develop radio wave sickness. Clean power enters the home at 60 Hz. Electrical pollution is 60 Hz electricity polluted with high frequency signals or “dirty” power flowing on the wires and through the earth. Campaign group. Many good links.  Added 5 Aug 2018

Stop Smart Meters (Facebook)  This group is to help those living in Wisconsin to meet like-minded people who are opposed to the mandatory rollout of microwave-emitting smart meters, and to develop plans to resist the installation of these harmful devices in homes. Added 13 July 2018


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