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techradar.com  Sky Mobile has just launched its 5G network arriving in 20 cities and towns Pub 16 Jan 20 Added 17 Jan 20

Are 5G-enabled “smart Ambulance” tests contributing to multiple deaths of UK Ambulance workers. Pub 20 Dec 19 Added 22 Dec 19

Daily Star Fears that ‘5G weapons system on UK streets’ after conspiracist (Mark Steele)  takes apart light.  Pub 16 Nov 19

Blackburn – Council bosses argue against Government’s 5G mast planning proposals – Pub and added 13 Oct 2019

thescottishsun.co.uk BT to launch 5G networking 20 towns and cities this week pub and added 9 Oct 19

www.campaignlive.co.uk  Three to launch world’s first live holographic ad in London to promote 5G Pub and added 25 Sept 2019

www.theguardian.com  The government just admitted it will use smart home devices for spying. Many consumers are wholly unaware that the smart devices making their home more custom and responsive are making data that can be hacked or collected Pub 9 Feb 2016 Added belatedly 22 Sept 2019

www.gov.uk – OPEN CONSULTATION Proposed reforms to permitted development rights to support the deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage. Pub 27 Aug 2019 Added 12 Sept 2019

www.5g.co.uk Three 5G home broadband has landed in London and that’s just the start. $35 a month Pub 19 Aug 2019 Added 4 Sept 2019

www.ft.com Ministers seek to loosen planning laws for higher 5G masts. Pub 27 Aug 2019 Added 28 Aug 2019

www.thesun.co.uk G-Whiz Will 5G give you cancer? Experts reveal why viral conspiracy theory. “Is completely wrong.”Pub 24 Aug 2019 Added 27 Aug 2019

www.gov.uk £30m to spark rollout of next generation 5G in rural area and help countrysides capitalise on tech revolution. So now you know – Ed.  Pub and added 27 Aug 2019

bbc.co.uk BBC News tries out Three’s 5G for the home. Pub 19 Aug 2019 Added 20 Aug 2019

ft.com Financial Times 5G: how the airwaves became an ‘electromagnetic cash cow’. Pub and added 5 Aug 2019

by David Spence – We needs to talk about 5G – Teeside, at Yorkshire Day, Whitby

highwaysmagazine.co.uk  Public Health England issues LED street lighting warning. Public Health England has warned that high levels of blue light in LED street lighting can be uncomfortable and are ‘known to cause damage to the retina’. Pub 3 Apr 2018 Added 17 July 2019. However, a few days later on 7 Apr 2018  this article appears in Optometry Today which seems to contradict in part the item above. We do not know why there is this apparent modification.  Added 5 July 2019

theguardian.com Revealed: 5G rollout is being stalled by rows over lampposts Exclusive: plans to put network transmitters on tall structures has caused dozens of disputes. Pub 19 May 2019 Added 17 July 2019

bbc.co.uk believe it or not, the BBC has a ‘reality check’ team. I would love to meet them. They have asked the question “does 5G pose health risks“. They really are hedging their bets here but judge for yourself. Pub and added 15 July 2019

thisismoney.co.uk   UK to get £3.6bn boost – as speedy tech gives factories 5G whizz! That’s the verdict from boiler plant behind first trials of superfast internet.  Pub and added 14 July 2019

cio.co.uk The complete guide to 5G.  Predictions from industry analysts and experts regarding 5G deployment Pub 8 July 2019 Added 9 July 2019

express.co.uk 5G could cause CANCER and HEART DISEASE – shock claim emerges.The introduction of 5G could devastate society by increasing cancer risk and heart disease, according to one conspiracy theorist. Pub 9 May 2019 Added 5 July 2019

ordinancesurvey.co.uk Surprise surprise our dear old Ordinance Survey, getting into bed with 5G.  Ed. Download our latest 5G reports. In two reports we explore geospatial considerations when planning for 5G and the environment on millimetric radio waves Added 3 July 2019

from Hansard which is the record of activity in the British House of Commons. Electromagnetic fields: health effects, 25th of June 2019” pdf 22 pp  Added 2 July 2019

smombiegate.org  Lloyd’s of London insurance won’t discuss their new EMF exclusion clause.   Last week, a couple of blogs noted that a recent commercial liability insurance renewal policy issued through a Lloyd’s of London underwriter contained a liability exclusion clause about electromagnetic fields. Lloyd’s policy report PDF – Download here  The clause excludes any compensation for claims…  Feb 2019 Added 26 June 2019

governmentcomputing.com government to invest £40 million in 5G testbed and trial projects to boost collectivity Pub 13 June 2019 Added 14 June 019

mirror.co.uk Three to launch “U.K.’s fastest” 5G networking August – but there’s a catch. Pub and added 10 June 2019.

ft.com Opening Quote: Boat party and Stormzy fail to lure BT CEO to 5Glaunch. Pub and added 31 May 2019

bbc.co.uk 5G: Finally, it is here in the UK – so what is it? After years of hype – and sometimes confusion – the UK finally has a 5G network. BT’s EE subsidiary is the first to launch a service – and if you’re feeling wealthy enough and live in the right place, you can sign up. The lowest-priced deal is £54 a month plus a one-off £170 fee for a compatible handset. Pub and added 30 May 2019

bbc.co.uk Vodafone’s 5G UK service to launch in July (2019). The company will rely on equipment from the Chinese telecoms provider Huawei, among others, to deliver the service. It is the first firm to confirm a UK switch-on date, and both business customers and consumers will be able to sign up. Pub 14 May 2019 Added 20 May 2019

bbc news Huawei: which countries are blocking 5G technology? The US decision to ban its companies from using foreign telecoms providers regarded as a security risk is the latest salvo apparently directed against Chinese tech giant Huawei. Pub and added 18 May 2019

telegraph.co.uk  Fix for smart meters going dumb delayed for 5 million households. The fix will be completed by the end of 2020 meaning many meters will remain at risk of going dumb for more than a year Pub and added 17 May 2019

nme.com EE responds to health concerns over Glastonbury’s 5G mobile network trial.  Some fans were questioning whether they will even attend the festival now because of the trial.   EE has responded to health concerns regarding the announcement that they will be trialling a 5G mobile network at this year’s Glastonbury. Earlier this week, it was reported that the trial would mark the first time the technology has been used at a festival. The move was said to be offering internet speeds that double what 4G is capable of – ahead of it being rolled out across the UK later this year. Pub and Added 28 Apr 2019

plymouthherald.co.uk Michael Eavis, who has got to you? Glastonbury Festival to test mobile phone technology linked with suicide. Pub 24 Apr 2019 Added 26 Apr 2019

the guardian.com  Malcolm Turnbull (Ex Australian PM) says he urged Trump to develop 5G mobile networks. ‘Absurd’ that US and its closest allies are not leading players in technology, former PM says…. Pub and added 26 Apr 2019

themindunleashed.com  5G smart cows are being milked by robots in England. 5G-connected cows and a robotic milking system could revolutionize farms in England, reported Reuters. On a dairy farm in Shepton Mallet, England, 50 cows have been outfitted with 5G smart collars and ear tags sensors that monitor their health. Pub 13 Apr 2019 Added 18 Apr 2019

mobilenewsscwp.co.uk  O2 5G networking June 2019 at Millbrook testing ground.  The network will be used in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Development.  O2 has announced that it will turn on its 5G network at the Millbrook Testing Ground for self-driving cars in Bedfordshire.      The activation of its 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz spectrum at the site comes in advance of its first phase of 5G rollout in London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff later this year.

publications.parliament.uk  energy and Planet Change Committee – written evidence submitted by Yvonne Tinkler —There has been a decade of warnings from researchers, doctors, professors and governments, that WiFi is potentially harmful especially to children and pregnant women and should be reduced or avoided….Pub Feb 2013  Added 12 Apr 2019

digitalcameraworld.com what is 5G? And what does it mean for photographers? Here’s why photographers and videographers are going to love the future of communications.Pub 21 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

5g.co.uk UK offers £1 million for 5G R&D. The UK government is loosening the public purse strings to stimulate 5G technology development with a new competition for a share of £1 million for R&D projects. Sponsored by Innovate UK and the European CELTIC-NEXT programme, the funding is also designed to encourage UK companies to partner with international organisations for 5G innovation. Pub 20 Mar 2019 Added 22 Mar 2019

gov.uk Creating the 5G network: apply for funding. Businesses can apply for a share of £1 million for international partnerships that will help develop 5G internet connectivity. Pub and added 18 Mar 2019

theguardian.com Never mind the hype. 5G is arriving with deeply mysterious baggage. a report from the recent Barcelona Mobile world Congress. Pub 10 Mar 2019 Added 11 Mar 2019

dailyecho.co.uk  Vodafone revealed that Southampton will be one of the first cities (in the UK) to get superfast 5G trial… Customers in 12 towns and cities will benefit from the ultra-responsive network when 5G goes live later this year, including Birkenhead, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Guildford, Newbury, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Reading, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington and Wolverhampton.Pub and added 10 mar 2019

telegraph.co.uk mobile safety standards relaxed ahead of 5G networks. safety restrictions on how much radiation phone masts are allowed to emit are to be relaxed next month (April 2019), head of the introduction of 5G networks…Pub 9 mar 2018 Added 11 Mar 2019

www.somersetlive.co.uk  First trains with 5G will be in the south west as operator pioneers next generation network.  New technology will be up to 100 times quicker than 4G Pub 25 Feb 2019 Added 7 Mar 2019

techradar.com 15 million Brits would switch to 5G now, but that five-year doctrine will be slower than 4G, says Deloitte.  Pub and Added 7 Mar 2019

theregister.co.uk go, go, gadgets boy! ‘Influencer’ testing 5G for Vodafone finds it to be slower than 4G. Hilarity ensues. Pub 21 Feb 2019 Added 22 Feb 2019

ft.com   Huawei involvement in UK 5G network “irresponsible” warns report. Subscription required to read. Added 22 Feb 2019

dailymail.co.uk  China to unveil ‘the world’s first 5G railway station’ with Huawei technology as the West shun the tech firm over spying fears.
Network will be installed in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station by September
Passengers would be able to to download a 2GB HD film in less than 20 seconds
News comes as supplier Huawei undergoes global scrutiny over security risks
The U.S. says Beijing might use Chinese tech companies to gather intelligence
The firm’s technology has been banned in the U.S., New Zealand and Australia
Huawei and Chinese foreign ministry have denied the accusations from the U.S.
Pub 18 Feb 2019 Added 20 Feb 2019

dailymail.co.uk –  Remote British market town will become one of the first places in the world to get super-fast 5G internet. Remote town of Alston in Cumbria- with just 1,100 residents- will get 5G network. The town has beaten major cities to spearhead the UK rollout of 5G technology. BT decided it was ‘unviable’ to provide broadband there nearly two decades ago
Farmers will soon be able to use a drone to check on their livestock using 5G  Pub 16 Feb 2019 Added 19 Feb 2019

dailystar.co.uk   Killer 5G warning: Expert warns superfast broadband could cause CANCER in humans.  The SUPERFAST broadband could be a global catastrophe, kill wildlife, give people terminal diseases and cause the Earth’s magnetic field to change, according to shock claims by a technology expert. Pub 4 Feb 2019 Added 10 Feb 2019

5g.co.uk . one third of consumers buy into 5G – survey. one third mobile users are confident in 5G and they are willing to pay for it. Pub 25 Jan 2019 Added 29 Jan 2019

5g.co.uk  companies plan to fast track their own private 5G networks. 5G is almost here, with numerous networks looking to a 2019 launch, but it will take a long time to bring coverage everywhere and some big companies, such as Audi, seemingly don’t want to wait for 5G to be publicly available. Instead, they plan to build their own networks. Pub 25 Jan 2019 Added 29 Jan 2019

theconversation.com 5G:what will it offer and why does it matter?  Never in the history of the mobile phone has there been so much hype about a new technology ahead of its launch than there is with 5G. It seems that the mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and equipment vendors are locked into a massive global game of one-upmanship, seeking to claim to be the first to achieve something groundbreaking with the technology. But the stakes are high – the mobile industry also desperately needs 5G, whether for new revenue sources, market share or to drive growth. Pub 4 Jan 2019 Added 27 Jan 2019

fool.com  Why 5G won’t matter for at least another year. But it doesn’t mean the next wireless standard is insignificant. Pub and added 12 Jan 2019

mirror.co.uk  Three gets 5G boost thanks to new rule that could increase mobile speeds. Three has been given permission to make a change to how it will operate its 5G network. Pub and added 17 Dec 2018

Financial Times – Huawei under fire as politicians fret over 5G security. For nearly 15 years, the Chinese group Huawei has seen the UK as a key market and a springboard to the other deals that helped it become the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker… Pub 2 Dec 2018 Added 4 Dec 2018

bbc.co.uk    Will superfast 5G mobile be worth it?  Superfast 5G mobile promises much better download and browsing speeds, the ability to power the internet of things, and a signal for everyone even when we’re all using our phones at the same time. But we’ll need to fork out on new 5G-compatible phones, 5G services could be expensive, and rural areas might not benefit – at least not immediately.  Pub 15 Nov Added 18 Nov 2018

www.computerweekly.com   5G mobile masts bring installation challenges, EE finds.
EE has switched on a fixed wireless access network in central London to test elements of its future 5G mobile service, but faced some challenges setting it up..Communications services provider (CSP) EE has been exploring some of the challenges around building a fit-for-purpose 5G mobile network as it switches on nine trial sites around the City and East End of London. Pub 7 Nov 2018 Added 8 Nov 2018

bbc.co.uk  5G will let users ditch fixed-line home broadband, says Three.  5G mobile data will be so reliable and fast most homes will no longer need a separate home broadband connection, according to one of the companies planning to launch a UK service. Three UK’s chief executive told BBC News there would be enough capacity on 5G to cope with demand, meaning households would be able to save money by ending their fixed-line contracts….Pub 7 Nov 20178 Added 8 Nov 2018

www.theregister.co.uk   Mobile ops and Wi-Fi set to scrap for spectrum in the glorious 5G future. As the world’s boffins prepare to carve up the airwaves again next year, the mobile industry has stepped up the lobbying war over spectrum, fearing a crushing 5G disappointment…. Pub 6 Nov 2018 Added 7 Nov 2018

www.ft.com   UK warns telecoms groups to check security of 5G suppliers. Letter to network operators is aimed at China’s Huawei, Says industry. .. Pub and Added 6 Nov 2018

www.telegraph.co.uk  Npower coercing customers into getting smart meters by pre-booking appointments. Npower has been accused of coercing customers into getting smart meters by failing to tell them they can cancel installations scheduled without their permission.
Energy suppliers are under pressure from the Government to install the meters, which track energy usage in real time, in every home by the end of 2020 and are now writing to customers with pre-arranged installation appointments….   Pub 3 Nov 2018 Added 5 Nov 2018

www.theguardian.com    Faster speeds and holograms: what to expect from the new 5G network.  The new technology, being tested in Salford, is the network of the future. But what practical uses will it offer? Pub 28 Oct 2018 Added 29 Oct 2018

dailymail.co.uk Mailonline  Campaigners angry over trial for mobile phone 5G service over claims the new masts will damage mental health.  Cornwall and Cumbria are test regions for the roll out of new 5G mobile service.  Campaigners in the region claim they have concerns over serious health risks. One Cornish group suggests phone masts can cause mental health problems.  Pub 19 Oct 2018 Added 19 Oct 018

bbc.co.uk More details revealed of 5G trials planned in Orkney.  The consortium awarded a contract to run experimental 5G in Orkney has revealed more details about its tests.  There should be faster broadband to selected properties in Sanday, North Ronaldsay, St Margaret’s Hope and Burray.    And there will be radio broadcasts over 5G to trial participants in Stronsay.    Cisco also says it will look at ways to improve productivity for a salmon farm, and a wind farm.    The firm is part of a consortium awarded the 5G Rural First contract in March 2018.     It will also be running trials in Shropshire and Somerset, which may include the use of autonomous agricultural vehicles. Pub  16 Oct 2018 Added 17 Oct 2018

ofcom.org.uk  Enabling 5G in the UK.  35 pp pdf report from A to Z. with links. Strap line ‘making communications work for everyone’. All is revealed here. Pub 9 March 2018 Added 2 Oct 2018

5g.co.uk  What are 5G test beds. 5G testbeds have been much in the news recently in the UK, but what exactly are they? There weren’t any testbeds for 3G or 4G, so why are they needed for 5G? Read on to find out all you need to know! What is the government’s role?
The 5G testbeds will be part-funded by government as part of its wider 5G strategy. The government first announced plans for 5G testbeds and trials in the 2016 autumn statement. 5G formed part of the £1 billion funding package to boost the UK’s digital infrastructure, with the 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme one of two that would share £740 million in funding from 2017-18 to 2021-22  Pub 26 Sept 2018 Added 26 Sept 2018

Telegraph.co.uk Technology Intelligence –  UK’s first live holographic call conducted by Vodafone, as it outlines 5G network plans. The UK’s first live holographic call was conducted by Vodafone yesterday, as the telecom giant unveiled plans to roll out 5G telecom services to 1000 sites across Britain by 2020, raising hopes of faster broadband for rural communities. Pub 20 Sept 2018 Added 21 Sept 2018 (subscription basis for reading)

The Sun FUTURE NOW Vodafone is ‘ready’ for 5G phone speeds – and proves it with HOLOGRAM phone call to England footie captain Steph Houghton.Brits can expend boosted internet speeds in seven cities before the end of the year.  Pub 20 Sept 2018 Added 20 Sept 2018

BBC news Who’s winning the global race to offer superfast 4G? Superfast “fifth generation” (5G) mobile internet promises download and browsing speeds 10 to 20 times faster than we have now. In the first of a new series of articles and videos, BBC News examines the international race to be first to launch and cuts through some of the hype. Pub 12 Sept 2018 Added 12 Sept 2018

BBC News –   West Midlands 5G ‘testbed’ to trial connected ambulances. (Just imagine being blasted with microwave radiation when on our way to hospital. I wonder how long the drivers and staff will last – Ed)
Pub 4 Sept Added 5 Sept

https://www.cybersecurity-insiders.com   GCHQ claims 5G network of UK is vulnerable to spies from China. Jeremy Fleming, the head of Britain’s GCHQ has warned that the 5G network which is about to be launched next year in the UK is extremely vulnerable to spies funded by the Chinese government. And he says that if in case, this happens, then it could pose as the greatest cyber threat to national infrastructure in recent times.
Pub Aug 2018 Added 22 Aug 2018

5G.co.uk Bringing 5G connectivity to the Trans Pennine rail route. The UK government is looking for companies to take part in a trial which will evaluate the use of 5G connectivity on the Trans Pennine rail route, which runs between Manchester and Leeds.The government says the Trans Pennine Initiative (TPI) work will be fundamental to showing what 5G can offer in the transport sector. Earlier this year, ministers pledged that all trains in the UK will be capable of achieving speeds of 1 Gigabit Per Second (Gbps) by 2025.
Pub 7 Aug 2018 Added 21 Aug 2018

Place markers for all 5G enabled sites in UK. Click on marker for information. Added 17 Aug 2018

Rail technology Magazine – UK Government pledges to ‘futureproof’ Britain’s railways as it prepares for 5G. Rail passengers could see a dramatic improvement to onboard mobile and Wi-Fi connections, according to the government’s ambitious 5G Strategy. The rapid growth of mobile data requirements means that passengers expect high quality, reliable connectivity across the network,… Pub 2 Jan 2018 Added 18 July 2018

UK Govt study showing us that there is nothing to be worried about. Smart Meters etc are safe. No quoted recent studies but never mind. Pub 28 June 2017 Added 14 July 2018

Annie Logical Uncensored. 5G EMF An up to date view on 5G activities in UK.  Luckily I came across this 72 page pdf file giving an up to date view of the 5G ecosytem which was written by Digital Catapult on behalf of InnovateUK.It lists all the relevant info on 5G including funding, players,activities, ambitions, local council involvement, spectrum news, academic involvement,testing and projects. Pub 12 July 2018 Added 14 July 2018

Daily Telegraph UK – 400,000 EXTRA phone masts needed to bring 5G network to rural Britain but no references to health dangers.

millions of trees at risk in secretive network rail felling program.

Press release –   UK Government announces £25m for 5G projects on the anniversary of the UK digital strategy. Aim: to pave the way for a future rollout of 5G technology in the UK. Press release pub 10 Mar 2018 Added 7 July 2018

Vodafone has made a big 5G announcement, as it’s just revealed that seven cities will become trial areas for Vodafone 5G later this year. Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester Pub 20 June 2018

Electro-sensitivity UK, for all people sensitised by electromagnetic fields and radiation, providing support and information.

Mast-Victims.org  Raising awareness of the harmful effects of cellphone masts. Links to many useful articles and “latest news updates means just that well done. Contributions invited from victims and those with thoughts.

Powerwatch.org.uk well folks here is one heck of a good site; up to speed, well-designed, on the ball and knowledgeable. it is not a fire chief specialist but attempts to increase awareness of biological EMF effects.

EM – radiation Research Trust, but we are independent association of medical doctors and associated specialist assembled for the purposes of improving education


https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk  Phone mast to double in height and get 5G upgrade. An application to replace a 10 metre high mast on Old Road in Denholmewith a 20 metre mast 12 metres further down the road was approved this week. The new mast would support 12 antennas, and is planned to introduce 5G to the area. Pub and added 11 Aug 2019


Watch as Birmingham EE phone mast goes up in flames. Article and video. Pub and added 3 Apr 20

birminghammail.co.uk   (different take on below) Birmingham is getting 5G mobile first – here’s how it could change the way we live and work.  5G mobile technology will pave way for driverless cars, faster smartphones and streamlined health services…more… Pub 5 Sept 2018 Added 27 Sept 2018

www.birminghamupdates.com The West Midlands to become the UK’s first large-scale 5G testbed. Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton to become 5G hubs after winning national competition. The West Midlands has been selected to become the innovative home to the UK’s first multi-city 5G test bed. The multi million pound trial of new high speed connectivity will pave the way for the future rollout of 5G across the UK, making the region the first in the UK ready to trial new 5G applications and services at scale.    Pub  4 Sept 2018 Added 5 Sept 2018

www.birminghamail.co.uk    Birmingham is getting 5G mobile first – here’s how it could change the way we live and work.  5G mobile technology will pave way for driverless cars, faster smartphones and streamlined health services…  Pub 4 Sept 2018 Added 4 Sept 2018


VIDEO 5G roll out in the city. Local community broadcast.  9:43 Pub 6 Aug 2019 Added 23 Aug 2019

commnet.ac.uk    5G Innovation and 5G Brighton testbed.  Dr Dritan Kaleshi, Lead Technologist – Future Networks  5G Fellow  19 pp pdf  Pub 19 Sept 2017 Added 7 Oct 2018

University of Sussex –  100 times faster broadband is coming: 5G passes first test for indoor coverage at University of Sussex Initial testing on the next generation of mobile technology with the capability of delivering 100 times faster broadband has been successful, engineers at the University of Sussex and collaborators from telecom consultancy firm Plum have confirmed.
Engineering experts are pleased with the successful completion of measurements of the indoor coverage of 5G signals in some of the first tests of its kind carried out in the country at the University of Sussex earlier this summer.  Pub 23 July 2018  Added 27 Aug 2018

Save the trees campaign – Brighton’s Elm Tree Collection to be more precise, has produced a document, which can be seen as a 2pp leaflet.


dailymail.co.uk Orange to remove mobile mast from ‘tower of doom’ where cancer rate has soared. Pub 13 Sept 17 Added 15 Jan 20

FACEBOOK (another reminder)  Sample Letter: 5G Health Concerns. (IMPORTANT!! Bristol-keep those letters going out to our local MPs, Councillors & the Mayor Added 6 Aug 2019

FACEBOOK Bristol Residents against 5G technology – take action, prevent the 5G roll-out. Added 11 Mar 2019 PS See other entries in this group. Active group.

Bristolive – Questions raised over 5G links to cancer as mobile network is tested in Bristol. New test have found clear evidence’ linking mobile phone radiation to cancer in animal tests. Pub 24 July 2018 Added 25th July 2018.

Get a free eyeful of 5G this weekend in Bristol city centre
see what the world’s first urban 5G network can conjure up this week in Bristol through lots of free events.

student suicide clusters – is microwave radiation and its technology to blame. At last, someone is talking about the connection between depression and suicide and EMF’s


Visit Bournemouth – Bournemouth leads the way on 5G the plans, thanks to world – beating Mapping Project. Pub 21  November 2016

Uncritical Plug for 5G (have your sick bag ready). Accurate network location planning – 5G Bournemouth. Pub 19 Sept 2017 Added 8 July 2018.

5G News – How 5G Britain is being modelled on Bournemouth. The coastal town has been chosen to trial a new kind of precise digital modelling that will be crucial to building a 5G – enabled Britain. 15 December 2016

Bournemouth Echo – Bournemouth could get super-fast 5G by 2020. Light article in local paper. Pub 16 April 2018. Added 30 June 2018


First international awareness Day Saturday 21st September 2019. Meet outside Bromley South train station at 10 am


cornishstuff.com   Villagers Against Masts – Billions of pounds are being made, but at what expense?  The technology is changing at a fast pace. First came 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g and now 5g. Have you ever wondered how safe this new wireless environment is that encompasses our entire life and the masts that emit it? We are smothered in invisible Wi-Fi radiation and microwaves, also known as Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). They are where we eat, sleep, socialise, escape, play and educate.. Our children are exposed to it even before they are born. Villagers Against Masts (VAM) are a new group of people who, through questioning and research, have come to the worrying conclusion that EMFs are anything but good for us. Pub 7 June 2018 Added 19 Oct 2018


VIDEO Devon Residents challenge Councillors on 5G  Residents in Devon challenge Devon County Council on 5G and the telecommunications equipment being installed on the streetlights despite the council denying it. 24:54 Pub 13 Aug 2019 Added 14 Aug 2019

TALK 5G, smart meter technology and the impact on our health. Talk with questions and answers. The Town Hall, Bossell Road, Buckfastleigh, Devon TQ11 0DD Friday 22 February 7.30-9.30 pm  www.5gawareness.weebly.com

protesting parent


edinburghnews.scotsman.com   All you need to know about the 5G broadband roll-out in Edinburgh. Uncritical industry PR.  Pub 30 May 2019 Added 7 July2019

lancashire.com  EE to launch 5G mobile network in Edinburgh on 30 May. Pub 23rd May 2019 at 24 May 2019


Halt 5G in Exeter. This is a charge.org campaign but there have been talks in the area. The next one to take place 15 July 2018. Ref the organiser Charlie Kay FaceBook for details. Added 16 June 2019

First via Devonlive – Devon primary school to walk-out over phone mast and fears of ‘excessive radiation’. Later a rally:  Dartington Primary Schoolwant the mast moved at least 1km away. The 5G mast is 50 meters from school, parents will withdraw students from Dartington Primary school unless action taken. Pub. 25th June 2018.  video added 30 June 2018


Fromeadvertiser.   Why 5G has us alarmed.  Well done Karen Churchill. Pub 27 June 2019 added 28 June 2019

Keep Frome 5G free. Sign the petition! Public petition against 5G technology in Frome.  Organised by Karen Churchill. Added 13 June 2019

I just love basking in microwaves,. Cheaper than becoming sterilised 🙂

Vodafone completed the first test of its new 5G spectrum, using the network running from Manchester to its Newbury headquarters in this “major milestone in UK telecommunications”. Vodafone UK Chief Executive Nick Jeffery said: “5G will improve the quality of our lives and transform how we work.


Glasto(nbury)  5G Guinea Pig Special.  Tells the story of the 2019 Glasto Festival and EE’s attempts to sleep-walk the public into accepting 5G.


Hastingsindependentpress.co.uk  Hastings District Council hears local concerns over 5G. Pub and added 8 Aug 2019

www.hastingsindependentpress.co.uk  coming to a lamppost near you. 5G goes live in 6 UK cities from 30th May. Susan McFie asks why we are not debating potential health and environment risks Pub 31 May 2019 Added 15 June 2019

Check this out as well.  Hastings group opposes 5G rollout. A new organisation called ‘Stop 5G’ has been launched in Hastings. It aims to raise awareness of the potential health hazards from wireless radiation coming from the new mobile phone network. The 80 members who have so far signed up in the town join an estimated 17,000 nationally. Pub 31 May 2019 Added 15 June 2019 left in protest of

Gateshead and Newcastle

www.chroniclelive.co.uk  Judge REFUSES to gag anti-5G street light campaigner, stating: ‘The public have a right to know’.  Gateshead Council and Mark Steele’s ongoing dispute over the ‘baby killing’ technology takes another twist (see below). Pub 12 Oct 2018 Added 13 Oct 2018

VIDEO Judge Instructs Gateshead Council to address 5G concerns. Judge took Mark Steele’s arguments seriously. 9:40  Pub 11 Oct 2018 Added 11 Oct 2018

5G cancer experiment in Gateshead. Short VIDEO about street lights. 4:38 Pub 17 May 2018 Added 21 Sept 2018

chroniclelive.co.uk  Children are being ‘microwaved in their beds’ by 5G transmitters, campaigner tells court. Mark Steele, the man convinced 5G is being used in Gateshead, has appeared in court charged with using threatening words or behaviour…
Pub 1 Sept 2018 Added 4 Sept 2018

Chroniclelive.co.uk   5G Gateshead Council row is heading to court – amid claims staff are being abused. Man who claims the street lights cause cancer has denied claims he’s been harrassing staff and councillors (It’s Mark Steele – Ed)
Pub 20 Aug 2018 Added 23 Aug 2018

VIDEO Ian R Crane streaming Your Government Holds you in utter contempt. Extract from Court Injunction imposed upon Mark Steele for attempting to raise awareness of the RISKS associated with 5G & LED Street Lighting in Gateshead in the North of England. This Injunction prevents Mark Steele from :
‘Publishing written statements, video statements or other communications in the media or on the internet/social media, which cause or are likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to residents of the Borough of Gateshead and/or elected members, employees, contractors or Agents of Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council.
Pub 15 Aug 2018 Added 15 Aug 2018

Ian R Crane Gateshead Council GAG 5G campaginer. 5G mobile phone technology is based upon military microwave, battlefield interogation technology linked directly to the massive increase in PTSD and Suicide amongst ex-Service personnel. Gateshead, in the Northeast of England is one a testbed for both 5G & LED Street lighting. Local businessman Mark Steele, has openly questioned the wisdom of unleashing this technology on the civilian population of Gateshead. 18.44 Pub 14 Aug 2018 Added 14 Aug 2018

Mark Steele: Technology officer appears to make false claims about Gateshead. Pub 24 Mar 2018 Added 14 Aug 2018

Letter from Thermoguy to Gateshead Council about a proposed injunction against Mark Steele. Pub 6 Aug 2018 Added 7 Aug 2018

Mailonline.com The town facing a ‘humanitarian crisis caused by the radiation from state-of-the-art street lamps’: Residents have endured insomnia, nose bleeds and even stillbirths, one local claims. Pub 10 April 2018 Added 18 July 2018

5G Economic Terrorism Mark Steele discussing the mentality of the local authorities and their own nest of debt. 6:16 Pub. 17 July 2018 Added 18 July 2018.

Mark Steele – 5G Whickham Highway (Gateshead) uninsurable microwave radiation danger zone.  5:14 Pub 11 July 2018 added 11 July 2018   Roll out of 5G is happening on an experimental basis in Gateshead. Mark Steele is aware of three women who have lost their children since the controversial doctored street lights came on, according to a Daily Mail article     Have a read at saveusnow.org.uk

Newcastle Chronicle Live – Fury as Newcastle is named the U.K.‘s tree felling capital. The number of trees cut down in Newcastle is “devastating” according to environmental campaigners. 4 June 2018. Added 13 June 2018.

Metro article – nobody believes Gateshead Council’s ‘smoke screen’
denial about 5G in their street lights.

5G felling bypass – Mark Steele speaks for his countrymen in this heartfelt statement. 10:02 9 April 2018

theguardian.com  Newcastle fells more trees than any other UK Council. City has cleared 8,414 trees in last three years – twice as many as any other authority. Pub 3 Jun 2018 Added 18 May 2019

We are NOT carrying out secret trials – the Gateshead Council street light conspiracy theory.  Pub. 11 Apr 2018 Added July 2018

New Statesman   The Sun – health scare. Fears new LED street lights cause cancer, insomnia, nose bleeds and even miscarriage as council is accused of ‘secret 5G wifi trials’.Some believe the council is creating “a dystopian world” with 3D maps of homes, to instantly issue residents fines for using the wrong bins. Pub 11 Apr 2018 Added 10 June 2018

5G hardware break down Mark Steele (Gateshead) looks at circuit board of controller panels. State sponsored spying. How to peep into people’s private rooms. video 11:53 5 April 2018

Glasgow bids to become guinea pig to show how 5G can boost its economy.
Glasgow is building for up to £100 million funding to trial uses of 5G to boost its economy and especially improve health.


www.somersetlive.co.uk  Glastonbury residents resist 5G rollout over fears of its potentially”debilitating effects Somerset Live.  Glastonbury could be the only town in the UK to resist the installation of 5G, amid concerns it could negatively affect the health of residents. The mobile communication technology is designed to offer mobile phone users much faster download and upload speeds. Mobile provider, O2 is preparing to roll it out in four major cities this year, and from there it could be extended across the UK.  Pub 21 Mar 2019 Added 24 Mar 2019


www.itv.com call to halt 5G technology in Guernsey due to health fears. Introducing 5G technology into Guernsey should be halted because of health concerns. That is according to a petition set up on the island. The ‘Halt 5G Now’ campaign has already received the backing of over 250 people, after calling for 5G to be postponed until experts have confirmed it poses no biological threat to humans and the environment. Pub and added 11 Mar 2019
Here is a letter of concern about the same topic.

Isle of Man

manxradio.com – 5G ‘wont be allowed’ if proven harmful. Pub/added 20 Nov 19

Consultation seeks views on installing 5G equipment – Manx Radio 12 June 2019. Published and added 12 June 2019

Isle of Wight

otherwight.com  growing concern from some Isle of Wight residents over the possible 5G rollout. Leader of Isle of Wight council says “it’s not a priority for us to get to 5G”, the CEO says they do not have the power to restrict the rollout, and some residents say “our health and environment come before faster Internet speeds”. Pub 4 Apr 2019 Added 5 Apr 2019

‘Stop 5G – No new antennas in my neighbourhood’


lancashiretelegraph.co.uk  Concerns over “incredibly intrusive” 50-metre high 5G masts. GOVERNMENT plans over 5G masts could leave local authorities with no power to stop “incredibly intrusive” 50-metre high columns being installed, senior figures warned. Pub-added 19 Oct 2019


leeds-live.co.uk  ‘  ‘Health fears’ revealed over launch of 5G internet in Leeds. The council has been asked to investigate. It follows a request concerning the possible health impacts of the new mobile technology, claiming “numerous instances” of evidence regarding its dangers are becoming available. Pub and added 19 June 2019


www/liverpoolecho.co.uk why thousands of people are opposing high-speed Internet in Liverpool. It’s been rolled out in one part of the city Pub 15 June 2019 Added 28 June 2019

www.forbes.com   How 5G is keeping Liverpool healthy. The DCMS is funding a slew of new Trials and Testbeds to look at making the UK the leader in adopting 5G. To this end I’ve been looking at the Trials which were started a little over a year ago. Pub 22 June 2019 Added 23 june 2019

www.gov.uk Liverpool 5G Test bed. Sensor City lead group of organisations working together to reduce the digital divide. Pub 23 July 2018 Added 19 May 2019

www.gov.uk AutoAir: 5G Testbed for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.New autonomous transport technology developed by AutoAir Pub 23 July 2018 Added 19 May 2019


www.hamandhigh.co.uk  Haringey Council blocks phone companies’ ‘disconcerting’ plans for 5G mast on top of Alexandra Park School.  Plans to build a 5G mobile phone mast on top of a Muswell Hill secondary school have been thrown out amid concerns that parents had not been informed. Pub 21 June 2019 Added 22 June 2019

www.5Ginmerton.com   a local site for those living in Merton, South London. A moderate, gentle almost philosophical site. Added 19 Apr 2019

www.hillingdontimes.co.uk  Hillingdon and Uxbridge times. Brent Council and WHO says 5G technology is safe. Transmitters that will provide 5G technology are not harmful, according to councils involved in the service’s roll-out. Brent Council, which will be one of the first local authorities in the country to facilitate the new technology, eased any fears that it could be damaging to humans. Pub 11 Mar 2019 Added 12 Mar 2019

thenorthernecho.co.uk     EE begins first trial of 5G mobile technology in Canary Wharf. EE has switched on the UK’s first trial of 5G mobile technology at Canary Wharf in London. The telecoms firm, which is part of the BT Group, is using a site in Montgomery Square in Canary Wharf to test the technology in a real-life setting.
The next generation of wireless mobile connections, 5G is expected to offer significant speed increases on 4G. The trial will test the 5G spectrum and devices used to implement it for performance, speeds and coverage, with the test area visited by around 150,000 people each day. Pub 5 Oct 2018 Added 6 Oct 2018

The Inquirer – EE will launch the UK’s first live 5G trial later this year. Tech city demo will launch in Oct. 2018. 10 sites around East London’s tech hub. Pub June? 2018

telegraph.co.uk  Three and O2 to pump 5G data through London’s sewers….The pair will connect about 100 mobile masts in Soho and Mayfair to fibre-optic cable that will be installed in local sewers by the telecoms arm of SSE, in collaboration with Thames Water. The deal signals mounting efforts by mobile operators to reduce their reliance on BT as they scramble to meet rising demand for data.   Pub 27 Sept 2018 Added 28 Sept 2018

Ontix to deploy small cells in Westminster to pave the way for 5G. Wireless infrastructure provider Ontix Limited is set to deploy small cell nodes on street furniture such as lamp posts in the Westminster borough of London to boost connectivity and pave the way for 5G.
The initiative will provide faster connectivity and greater capacity for mobile and wireless network operators. A core aim of the project is to end the pockets of patchy coverage in the borough – known as ‘not-spots’.
In recent years pressure has increased on Westminster’s legacy telecommunications infrastructure and many operators have reported difficulty in finding sufficient rooftop sites to deploy macro cells. Integrating small cells and other hardware into existing street furniture such as streetlights is increasingly popular. Pub  25 Sept 2018 Added 26 Sept 2018

Hackney Gazette   ‘Why should we be the human guinea pigs for EE’s 5G trial in Shoreditch’ ask angry residents.  Concerned Tech City dwellers have questioned how the mobile network operator has obtained permission to “experiment on their health”. Three months ago EE announced it would trial 5G in Shoreditch in October. The “fifth generation” mobile internet will be switched on at 10 sites covering City Road, Old Street, Hoxton Square and Chiswell Street, upgrading its existing 4G network.
EE told the Gazette that it didn’t need to apply to anyone for permission, after buying up the band for £303million from communications service regulator Ofcom in an auction in April.
Pub 6 Sept 2018 Added 7 Sept 2018

Dense deployments of small cells pave the way to 5G gold in London
UK infrastructure company Arquiva and O2 are to deploy up to 300 outdoor small cells across London – one of O2’s biggest small cell installations so far

Milton Keynes

www.miltonkeynes.co.uk   A phone mast at a Milton Keynes school is set to be made more than 3m taller to get it ready to provide superfast 5G  internet services. There is already a 16.65m tall mast in the grounds of The Redway School, in Netherfield…  Pub and added 16 July 2019


www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk northnorfolknews.co.uk Could Norfolk be set for more and taller mobile phone masts?  Pub and added 28 Aug 2019


With video: Sherwood Forest on target to become the world’s first 5G ‘Connected Forest’  Pub 20 Feb 20 Added 7 Mar 20

Orkney Islands

www.brinknews.com  Is 5G bad for your health. Another take on the article below this time from the University of Pennsylvania. Pub and added 8 Sept 2019

thenational.scot Orkney pupils kept home amid health fears over BBC’s 5G mast. TWO families in Orkney are keeping their nine children home from an island school amid concerns about a 5G mast on the building. It was put up at Stronsay Junior High as part of a BBC trial testing live radio broadcasts over 5G mobile networks. Pub 20 Aug 2019 Added 21 Aug 2019

Change.org Stop Orkney Island Council rolling out 5G. Orkney Island Council have erected a mast for 5G over one of our Island schools. With increasing evidence of hundreds of Scientists and Doctors peer reviews of the dangers of this new technology ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN!!!……  Added May 2019


www.readingchronicle.co.uk  EE 5G masts set to be approved need health fears. The application from telecommunications company EE seeks to replace two 17.5m towers with larger towers to enable 5G use. Hundreds of scientists worldwide have raised concerns over the potential health impacts of 5G. Pub 3 Sept 2019 Added 6 Sept 2019


Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council ‘has no obligation to axe 17,500 trees despite contract payment’. In a statement provided to The Yorkshire Post, a council spokesperson suggested it may be financially beneficial to both the authority and its contractor Amey that as few as possible are replaced below the 17,500 figure contained in the highways maintenance contract….Work to remove thousands of the city’s 36,000 street trees in the city and replace them with saplings has been on hold since March following a national outcry at the use of dozens of police officers and security guards to support operations in the wake of growing protests by campaigners who argue healthy trees have been cut down unnecessarily….more
Pub 25 Aug 2018 Added 25 Aug 2018

Detailed plans to remove 17,500 trees in Sheffield drawn up six years ago, ‘lost’ document reveals. Detailed proposals to replace exactly 17,500 of Sheffield’s 36,000 street trees were drawn up six years ago, a newly-published document the city’s council had previously said was lost has revealed. Sheffield Council said it had “stumbled upon” a series of strategy documents for the controversial policy of felling street trees after previously telling the Information Commissioner’s Office the information was “not held” in any form. Pub 27 July 2018 Added 27 July 2018 includes video.

Please note that this page is mainly about tree cutting and not about 5G. We need to show that there is a correlation between the two. Until the time we have more evidence, let’s regard the two happenings as very curious coincidences.


5g.co.uk Sheffield City Council is calling on local business to strengthen its bid to become a UK 5G testbed.The bid, which is being led by Sheffield City Council’s Director of Business Change and Information Solutions, Mark Gannon, is in partnership with nearby Rotherham Council and covers both city centres as well as the urban conurbation between them.

What happens when Amey fells ALL of this Street’s trees (Sheffield tree fellings) This should break the hearts of anyone but please note Amey’s plan has been overtaken by events. Video 49:35  Pub 13 October 2017 Added 8 July 2018

Yorkshire Post – Why Government’s new ‘tree champion’ is making Sheffield tree felling a priority after ‘unprecedented local feeling’. Newly appointed Tree Champion is Sir William Worsley. Pub Thu 21 June Added Sat 23 June.

Yorkshire Post – Forestry Commission puts Sheffield Council’s tree-felling scheme under investigation.  A Government department is investigating whether the felling of thousands of street trees in Sheffield has been carried out illegally.   Pub, 23 June 2018 Added 23 June 2018

Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council’s ‘pointless’ tree-felling panel cost taxpayers over £830,000 despite the authority overruling its advice on hundreds of occasions. Pub 20 June 2018 Added 21 June 2018

Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council pays £700,000 compensation bill for tree felling delays to the highway maintenance contractor caused by its decision to set up an independent panel on its controversial tree felling strategy. Mon 18 June 2018

Yorkshire Post – Will the Government’s new ‘Tree Champion’ have powers to halt felling in Sheffield? A “Tree Champion” has been appointed by the Government to help expand the country’s woodlands and prevent unnecessary felling. Sir William Worsley has been given the new the role – but it is not clear if he will be able to intervene in a long-running row over street trees being cut down in Sheffield. Wednesday 13 June 2018 Added 15th June 2018

Read more at: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/will-the-government-s-new-tree-champion-have-powers-to-halt-felling-in-sheffield-1-9204206

TheGuardian.com Newcastle fells more trees than any other UK Council. City has cleared 8,414 trees in last three years – twice as many as any other authority Pub 3 June 2018 Added 20 May 2019

Via Facebook – further study and reference links published by Lorraine Angela Kay, STAG. March 31 2018 but most links still relevant.

Snakes and ladders – Showing the mess the council are in when they signed a 25 year highway maintenance deal with £2.2bn with Amey. pdf.  added 12.6

Very useful accumulating list of press releases from the Sheffield pressure group STAG. Added 12.6.18 but changing all the time.

From 5G.co.uk (proponents)  Sheffield rallies for funding and local support to become a 5G test bed. Deadline (passed) 7 June.

Yorkshire Post – Sheffield tree protests court case: the evidence so far. Sheffield Council is attempting to have for anti-tree felling protesters jailed for allegedly breaching the terms of a High Court injunction banning “direct action” protests against the controversial policy. Published 6 June 2018 added 6 June 2018

Yorkshire Post – Woodland Trust attacks Sheffield Council over “suspicious” tree secrecy. Article and  video. published Monday 4 June 2018. Added 6 June 2018

A really good fighting article by the Sheffield Tree Action Groups, STAG. The Crucible, Sheffield is famous for its snooker. Sheffield Council may well be losing this one.  posted May 11, 2018. Added 6th June 2018

Yorkshire Post – is Sheffield Council finally seeing the light over trees fiasco?. May 10, 2018. Added June 6 2018

Holdthefrontpage.co.uk Yorkshire Post wins the Freedom of information fight over “secretive” council policy after threatening to take the case to the information Commissioner.  By David Sharman published 18 May 2018

Historical stuff – Sheffield Telegraph – 1 December 2016 – residents gather en masse to protect the founding of the trees on Rustlings.

The Independent – Sheffield Long planned tree massacre. – how locals battled to protect Europe’s greenest city. £2.2 bn to remove 17,500 trees from Sheffield.

Sheffield Council forced to reveal target to remove 17,500 street trees in this hugely controversial PF I highways maintenance contract

Government won’t step in over Sheffield frees row despite £1.2 billion investment in PFI deal 27 March 2018

Jeremy Corbin: please mediate the Sheffield trees crisis

Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council’s secret policy put tree felling revealed. Wednesday 16th of May 2018

Yorkshire Post – Read Sheffield Council secret contract policy for felling trees in full.

Yorkshire Post – Sheffield Council challenged to prove “last resort” claims of tree felling after contract revelation.

The Independent – Sheffield’s tree massacre: how locals battled to protect Europe’s greenest city. Secret 2.2 billion PFI contract

The Guardian For the chop: Battle to save Sheffield’s trees. Europe’s greenest city has lost 5000 trees chopped down by a private company despite furious local protests. Michael Gove called the destruction ‘bonkers’. 25 Feb 2018

The Guardian – Sheffield union leaders withdraw support for tree felling project. Friday 30th March 2018. Reversal in position comes after protests against council’s plans to cut down up to 17,500 trees

Very graphic website – the Sheffield Chainsaw Massacre site.

Save Nether Edge Trees campaign group  and website works to protect street trees in Nether edge and surrounding area

The Independent –  Local elections 2018: could anger over tree felling chop Labour’s majority in Sheffield? Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tree dispute strengthens Green Party in Sheffield BBC 4th of May 2018. Voters angry at Sheffield City Counsel’s controversial tree felling program appear to have helped the Green Party gained seats

Daily Mail have printed so many articles that I have grabbed them from Google

11 Mar 2018 – Sheffield Council, which is working with contractor Amey to cut down the trees, has previously insisted that it did not have a specific target


www.sidmouthherald.co.uk Council starts investigation into 5G technology, asks for public views. Pub and added 22 Nov 19


somersetlive.co.uk Dead Pigeons falling from sky in Somerset remain a mystery.  Pub 9 Oct 19 Added 13 Oct 19

somersetlive.co.uk  Why a 5G advisory committee is being set up in Somerset. The group will have up to 18 members. Pub and added 16 July 2019

somersetlive.co.uk  Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe spoke at the Stop 5G Bath event on July 5 2019 A medical doctor and researcher branded 5G technology “unsafe” when she spoke at a recent event in Bath. Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe claimed existing guidelines from Public Health England on the safety of wireless technology are out of date and based on inaccurate reports… Pub 12 July 2019 Added  13 July 2019


stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk  GCC questioned as to safety of 5G rollout. A group campaigning to stop 5G technology coming to Stroud, have taken their fight to Gloucestershire County Council.  Stroud’s Stop 5G Group visited Shire Hall in Gloucester last week to hold a demonstration about its concerns … Pub 4 July 2019 Added 7 July 2019.

stroudnewsandjournal.co.uk  Campaigners call for 5G ban in Stroud. CONCERNED residents who want to stop 5G internet coming to Stroud Gloucestershire, due to radiation fears gathered at a public meeting on Sunday. Attended by 180 people….. Pub 18 June 2019 Added 23 June 2019


Forbes Magazine – Picturesque English County Of Worcestershire Plans To Be A Global Leader In 5G. The West Midland’s county is home to the Worcestershire 5G Consortium, which is running a multimillion-pound project that is exploring ways that 5G can be used to increase productivity through robotics, big data analytics and augmented reality.
Pub 20 Aug 2018 Added 21 Aug 2018


Facebook groups for Sheffield

Sheffield Tree Action Groups News, the citywide forum for local tree protection groups otherwise known as STAG

Save Netherdge Trees – this is a discussion group for supporters of this campaign. We work to protect street trees through peaceful protest

Save Sheffield Trees. Sheffield roadside trees are a beautiful asset. Recently there have been mass tree felling without consultation. Share your tree – saving stories here.

Sheffield Action for Trees (SHAFT). We are residents of Sheffield, connected by our local trees. We serve to inform the public of the Streets Ahead project, Amy and Sheffield City Council. Site www.shaftscamey.org.

Save the trees of Millhouses please (STOMP) Sheffield has over 4 million trees, many along the road sides of residential areas. These are the lungs of the neighbourhood as they increase air quality by removing CO2

Sheffield STEEL ( Street Trees Ensure Environmental Life) this group has been created to replace to existing groups in the fight – from outside the city – against the destruction of 17,500 of Sheffield’s trees

Save Crookes / Western Road / Walkley Trees thousands of healthy trees have been felled needlessly across Sheffield over the past five years under the Streets Ahead contract

Save the Burngreave and Pitsmoor Trees. This is a true reaction group aimed at helping coordinate actions to protect our trees, working in conjunction with other groups across the city.

Save Eccleshall Road Trees. this is a group of local residents campaigning to save healthy street trees from being felled in their area. We are part of STAG a which existing campaign to get Sheffield City Council to …..

Save Gleadless Valley Trees. We’re a group of local residents fighting to save threatened street trees in Heeley, Meersbrook, Newfield Green and Gleadless.

Save Netheridge Trees Amey and SCC have arrived in Netheridge for felling. Please help stop the felling of beautiful trees.

Save Norfolk Park Trees – we are a group of local residents campaigning to save healthy street trees from being felt in our area. We are part of STAG

Save Rivelin Valley Rd, Hillsborough and Wadsley Trees. Sheffield City Counsel want to fell 31 lime trees. Most of them are healthy and only causing minor damage which could be remedied

Save Eccleshall Road Trees.  We are a group of local residents campaigning to save healthy street trees from being felt in our area. We are part of STAG

Sheffield culture, politics and saving our street trees . The group is all about Sheffield old and new, culture, politics, society and life – anything that impacts on the life of Sheffielders including what the City Council has been doing to our Street Trees.


Shetland  www.pressandjournal.co.uk 5G to be bought to Shetland. An overseas telecommunications network has unveiled plans to enhance mobile phone coverage across Shetland by bringing high-speed 5G technology to the isles…. Pub 19 Nov 2018 Added 20 Nov 2018


Somersetlive.co.uk  5G could store twerton as telecoms giant EE seeks to upgrade phone mast. (Bath city football club). Bath and North East Somerset Council will decide the fate of the application. Pub 15 Apr 2019 Added 28 Apr 2019


change.org Pause Taunton’s 5G Rollout. Added 14 July 2019


Town to impose 5G moratorium. District pours cold water on tech stance.Pub 6 Sept 2019 Added 7 Sept 2019

West Sussex

spiritFM.net  health concerns over 5G rollout in West Sussex. Councillors have been advised to listen to proper balance scientific opinion after raising health concerns about the rollout of the superfast 5G mobile network


Government awards county £4.8 million to trial new 5G technology. Gung Ho article about the technical benefits. Added 12 March 2018



save Sheffield trees @saveshefftrees. “we can’t keep chopping down trees without harming ourselves”

https://twitter.com/thesadsquirrel?lang=en  The Sad Squirrel. Please sign the petition

https://twitter.com/STIC17500 STIC (Sheffield Trees International community). Tree protests: extra cost of policing for ONE MONTH: £47000 (Additional to officers and resources diverted from normal duties) Number of trees felled: THIRTEEN. NONE listed as dangerous, ALL could have been saved with low cost engineering solutions already paid for in PFI contract

Facebook groups UK based. (obviously you can see for yourself but this gives some indication of what’s going on.  NB participation rates vary. Ed.)

watch this space.


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