Glasto guinea pig 5G special

Glasto guinea pig 5G special


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Say no to 5G in Glastonbury  *****  5G Glastonbury  ***** 5G Glastonbury festival ****
protest 5G at Glastonbury Festival ***** Save Glastonbury from 5G radiation ****
Glastonbury stop 5G and smart meters**** 5G Facts, Action & Protection.****
we need to talk about 5G & the IoT****

23 April 2019 – day one  EE to run 5G trial at Glastonbury. The telecoms firm will use its role as the festival’s technology partner detests the next-generation mobile network (I don’t know how they got hold of this prior to the date of the official announcement. Maybe they made a mistake with the publication date. Ed.)

24 April 2019 – day two

EE to make Glastonbury 2019 U.K.’s first 5G festival. Press release EE returns as Glastonbury Festival technology partner for sixth year, in a long-standing partnership spanning over 19 years.
State of the art 5G network to be installed at Worthy Farm in landmark trial making Glastonbury the UK’s first 5G-connected Festival  Glastonbury Festival to test mobile phone tech linked with suicide. Many scientists believe 5G is perfectly safe, but some say it is ‘a massive experiment on the health of all species’ – EE will test a 5G mobile network at Glastonbury 2019. A 5G mobile network is to be tested during Glastonbury as part of EE’s ongoing trials of the technology. The trial will be the first time the technology has been installed at a festival. Britain’s most trusted digital news brand. 5G:EE set to test network at Glastonbury 2019  EE is going to trial its 5G network at this year’s Glastonbury Festival for the first time, ahead of the technology’s wider roll-out later this year. The mobile network will install five temporary masts across the 900-acre site in Somerset, giving attendees the chance to test 5G-powered Wi-Fi. Glastonbury 2019 set for EPIC 5G overhaul. … 46 year, EE will be the visual technology partner of Glastonbury Festival ( translation – we’ve invested six years in new so we got hold on you so now you will do what you are told – Ed.)  5G is a weapons grade frequency, many fear health concerns.  This very title appears elsewhere – Ed. EE customers set for an impressive speed boost and here’s wave and try first. EE has just revealed that it will be supplying this year’s Glastonbury Festival with 5G data speeds allowing revellers the chance to access superfast downloads EE to run 5G trial at Glastonbury. A 5G mobile network is to be tested during Glastonbury as part of EE’s ongoing trials of the technology. The trial will be the first time the technology has been installed at a festival. EE to trial 5G at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Standard stuff – Ed. as is   EE to make…. – Annie Logical Uncensored  EE test 5G at Glastonbury Festival 200,000 guinea pigs in one area as a dangerous and untested millimetre wave technology is foisted on the unsuspecting festival goers.  Bristol university already has its own 5G network surrounding the uni and a cluster of suicides has already been documented.

NB  EE have done a thorough job with their publicity campaign and I don’t think there is too much value in having you read the same material time and time again.

25 April 2019 – day three  EE to trial 5G for Wi-Fi at Glastonbury Festival. EE plans to trial 5G at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, but 4G and Wi-Fi as we know it will provide most of the capacity and coverage. 5G at Glastonbury Festival EE? NO thanks, we are not your guinea pigs. Why not sign up. At the time of writing we have 1128 signatures with a target of 2000. These do change. There will be 5G at Glastonbury 2019, thanks to EE. The days of having no signal at a festival are long since over…. EE will provide 5G at Glastonbury Festival this year. The technology is hoped to support the record amount of data expected to be used at the Festival. EE will run 5G trial at Glastonbury 2019 to help keep Festival – goers connected. The 5G network will enable many festival-goers to experience 5G speeds for the first time. EE to provide 5G at Glastonbury 2019 – UK first. Not only will EE offer 3G & 4G this year. But also provide temporary masts beaming out 5G to the thousands of Glastonbury festival goers.

26 April 2019 – day four EE brings 5G to Glastonbury 2019 The mobile operator will erect five temporary masts to complement the permanent 4G sites it built for the festival in 2017. EE brings 5G to Glastonbury 2019 The mobile operator will erect five temporary masts to complement the permanent 4G sites it built for the festival in 2017. These sites not only provide coverage to festival-goers, but also to the residents of the Somerset village. EE brings 5G to Glastonbury 2019…..With EE unlikely to have made its 5G service available to consumers in time for the festival, which starts on June 28, there will be opportunities to see the network in action.

27 April 2019 – day five Many fear health concerns over Glastonbury’s 5G mobile network trial. Some are questioning whether they will even attend the festival STOP5G U.K. public group.  Hi. As you are aware by now Glastonbury Festival is going to have five 5g masts on site with EE.
If ANY of you or your friends and family are attending Glastonbury (or not actually)…it is a good idea to make more people aware. Many fear health concerns over Glastonbury’s 5G mobile network trial. While many scientists believe 5G to be perfectly safe, there are some, including a University of California public health professor, who have described 5G as “a massive experiment on the health of all species.”  “5G is a weapons grade frequency”: many fear health concerns over Glastonbury’s 5G mobile network trial

Nikki Bailey FB

Hi. As you are aware by now Glastonbury Festival is going to have five 5g masts on site with EE.
If ANY of you or your friends and family are attending Glastonbury (or not actually)…it is a good idea to make more people aware. A few people have tweeted bands that they know are attending. If anyone is able to message any bands, Email/Text/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram etc, then please do…by whatever means they can. Also message Emily Eavis! The more who know, hopefully the more that show concern. The more who show concern, the more people power there is. Please add this hashtag to all posts! #stop5gatGlastonburyFestival
If you are going please take a permanent marker and write #stop5guk#5gisharmful on every post, board, tent, shed, and anything else you think of!

28 April 2019 – day six  survival news and more. Glastonbury Music Festival Facing Backlash After 5G Network Announcement. An English music festival’s decision to install 5G network towers is drawing furious criticism from scientists and music fans alike. Last Wednesday, the Glastonbury Festival announced that it will test out a 5G mobile network at this year’s event.  EE respond to health concerns over Glastonbury’s 5G mobile network trial. Earlier this week, it was reported that the trial would mark the first time the technology has been used at a festival. The move was said to be offering internet speeds that double what 4G is capable of – ahead of it being rolled out across the UK later this year.

29 April – day seven

nothing new – a few repeats of the EE press release

30 April – day eight

Lisa McLean FB

So Glastonbury festival and 5g

I went to Glastonbury festival office at worthy Farm, spoke to a rob who Is the commercial director of the festive… He said he had spoken to the head of networks at EE.

firstly he said that at the end of May 5g will be rolled out and turned on all over the country, the two phone Masts in Pilton will be upgraded to 5g, so that’s why the festival in June will already be covered by 5g..2nd…the 5g that we are worried about is not the same as what EE, Vodafone etc are implementing????

And there is no evidence and as been passed by gov to be safe… Of course I laughed… He also explained that the reason we need 5g is many people in rural areas cannot download etc fast enough which is affecting many businesses, that’s why the gov are spending 6.8billion to help rural areas and all businesses.

I don’t need to tell you my replies, so there is no way 5g will not be at the festive as it will be available all over the country, that is head of networks for EE statement.🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑.. Hello I am human get me out of here, is my stance x

Err –  a bit retro this one but close enough to the topic. Ed.
Blog:  Glastonbury resident makes an emotional appeal to the council amid 5G rollout fears. Pub 17 Apr 2019 Added 30 Apr 2019

1 May –  Picture of application for 5G in Glastonbury does the rounds on Facebook, but all is not what it seems. The notice appeared to fool many. In retrospect, maybe not – Ed. Pub 1 Apr 2019 Added 1  May 2019

gossip in Glastonbury – Ed and wife went to celebrate Beltane based around chalice well. Francoise spoke to the lady on the gate who evidently knew Michael quite well and she said that she had phoned him up and given him a piece of her mind.
Later on, in the natural health shop in Glastonbury, three shoppers and myself discussed the 5G situation. One person said that Michael was not into this sort of thing and was perhaps stepping backwards a bit. Another lady thought that “a lot of people would complain” and another said how dangerous 5G was.


Sarah Bolton (EHS Trust) shared a link.

Dear Sarah

Thank you for sharing with us your concerns about the use of 5G at the Festival.

We take all feedback about the technology that we use extremely seriously, and have raised your concerns with EE, who as technology partner to the Festival, have been providing an onsite mobile network at the Festival for over 20 years.

EE would like to assure everyone attending the Festival that 5G is safe, and that the World Health Organisation and Public Health England have both given 5G the green light as no health risks have been found from radio signals used for mobile communications in this way. To give that some context for comparison, EE point out that the World Health Organisation does warn of the dangers of processed red meat (e.g. bacon and sausages), but not about 5G.

Research into the safety of radio signals has been conducted for more than 50 years; and EE insist that the strong consensus of the public health agencies around the world (such as the WHO), is that no health risks have been established from exposure to the low-level radio signals used for Wi-Fi and mobile communications.

In line with advice from WHO, the UK Government has adopted the exposure limits developed by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) who monitor all new research. All UK mobile network providers build their networks within these guidelines. While EE confirm that a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves is possible when 5G is added to existing networks, the overall exposure is expected to remain low and well within the ICNIRP guidelines. You can read the information from Government on this matter here:….

If you have read or heard anything about high frequency ‘mmWave’ spectrum and research into this from the US, please be assured that this isn’t the technology that EE will be using at Glastonbury (or anywhere in the UK) when they launch 5G.

The network they are installing this year (which includes 5G in a few areas of the site) meets all of the same safety requirements as the 2G, 3G and 4G network which they’ve used previously, and the things that have been written about ‘weaponised frequencies’ and needing a mobile site for every 20 houses aren’t true, and they have nothing to do with the technology that will be used at Glastonbury.

Best wishes

Glastonbury Festival

3 May –

Jemma Read FaceBook “Say no to 5G in Glastonbury”

*Reply from EE when I asked for what liability insurance they have to cover me in the event of proven links to health issue’s*

Good Morning Jemma

Thanks very much for your email regarding 5G within our company.

EE are the largest UK mobile operator and in 2012 we became the first to roll out mobile 4G in the UK. In managing such a large infrastructure it’s essential we deploy our network in a responsible manner. This means being respectful in where we place masts and talking to the communities affected. We also need to make sure the people who work on our network are safe. We also understand some people may have concerns about health issues related to mobile phones and the network.
We carry out detailed impact assessments prior to deploying our network to make sure the impact on the local community is minimised. However, people often ask us about our network, both when new masts are installed and when existing masts are decommissioned. We have a dedicated team who manage our community liaison on mast-related issues. They visit sites where communities require more information and meet with MPs as required.

The use of mobile phones has grown at a phenomenal rate, with more than 80 million handsets now active in the UK. Without a network of masts we’d be unable to deliver the great social and economic benefits mobiles bring.
5G is the next generation of mobile technology. It is expected to deliver faster and better mobile broadband, and to enable more revolutionary uses in sectors such as manufacturing, transport and healthcare. This may create benefits for people and businesses and expand the role of wireless connectivity within the economy and society.
OFCOM (the UK’s communications regulator) share’s the Government’s ambition to become a world leader in 5G, enabling the development and rollout of 5G, and unlocking its benefits.
We understand some people have health concerns related to mobiles and masts. However, the WHO (World Health Organisation)has stated that there’s no evidence to convince experts that using mobile devices and masts poses health risks.
Public Health England advise the UK Government on EMF (Electromagnetic Field) exposure and it also provides advice to national authorities on EMF issues. You can find guidance about this on the Governments website by visiting…/mobile-phone-base-stations-radio-waves….
When EE build a mobile phone base station we’re required to demonstrate that signal levels in all publicly accessible areas remain within the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) safety guidelines endorsed by the WHO and the UK Government.
These guidelines are set to ensure the safety of all members of society, including the very old and young. They were set by ICNIRP in 1998 and adopted in the UK in 2000. They’re kept under constant review.
The UK Government decided that all base stations in the UK must adhere to these ICNIRP guidelines and that, if the guidelines were conformed with, no further health considerations were necessary.
I want to assure you that EE have always complied with the safety limits, and we will continue to so while we upgrade the EE network to deploy 5G technology.
Thanks again for your email Jemma, I do hope you find this information useful.

Kind regards
Allison McDonald
Executive Customer Resolution Team

Tel- 0800 079 0232*

4th May day twelve EE brings 5G coverage to Glastonbury 2019 in unprecedented trail.  EE, the popular mobile network provider, is testing a 5G-powered WiFi at Glastonbury this summer. It will be the first time this technology is used at a UK festival and comes ahead of it being rolled out to other cities and events later this year. Five temporary masts will be placed around the 1,100-acre site in Somerset, allowing festival-goers access to 3G, 4G and, for the first time, 5G networks.

6th May there will be 5G at Glastonbury 2019, thanks to EE. Thedays of having no signal at a festival are long since over, and EE’s decided to take things a step further by bringing 5G to Glastonbury 2019 before most of the rest of the country has it. Pub and added 6 May 2019

9th May

Facebook letter from Christopher Baker in the group ‘Say no to 5G in Glastonbury’ On Monday I decided that I would disconnect and stop trying to help those from Glastonbury community who are against the installation and operation of 5G in their town. Also published as a post on this site.

22 May

check these vids.

Glastonbury Festival, EE, Medip District Council and the 5G issue
Part one 23:27
Part two 19:11

24 May  Stormzy to perform at spectacular London gig as EE launches first 5Gnetwork in UK.  Stormzy is performing at a secret location in London on May 29. Pub and added 24 May 2019

28 May

June 6 – FB note by Davy Dall’Oglio

Latest update from Mendip District Council Planning Manageress Julie Reader Sullivan. The mast that has been erected in the Pilton children’s play park is actually an O2 mast and not an EE mast. There is a private contract in place between O2 and Pilton Parish. It absolutely does not involve the council in any way, shape or form.
O2 and the Parish ‘would’ have carried out all due risk assessments and health and safety checks and then approached the Health & Safety Executive for approval in order to give the go ahead to construct the mast. Their is no need for planning permission whatsoever.

Pilton Parish at no stage have had to inform the council of their contract with O2 and that if the public have any questions, then they would need to contact the Parish Playing Fields Committee with regards to any queries. Julie also informed me that as the other masts are on the Worthy Farm site, the same rules apply. The council do not have the relevant levels of expertise in these matters and both Parish Pilton and Worthy Farm will be following HSE guidelines and contained in this, would be the risk assessment and health & safety requirements as laid out in EE’s, Public Health England and the WHO.

I informed Julie that all the so called relevant information with regards to the safety of radio signals is based on evidence dating back 50 years, and that 5G is not safe. There is overwhelming recent evidence by credible scientists who are extremely concerned of the dangers of 5G. It is a military grade weapon system and if she did her research she would discover that the head office for WHO is located in Geneva, Switzerland. They are trying to blockade the roll out of 5G there against network provider Swisscom, so HOW CAN IT BE SAFE IF EVEN THE WHO ARE TRYING TO PREVENT IT? I then informed her that she has absolutely no idea of what radiation levels are going to be pushed out prior to and during the festival.

Allegedly, all the masts go live tomorrow on the 7th June 2019. If anyone has any questions we think need to be asked, please put them on here. I can only assume that if we want proof that Worthy Farm, O2 and EE have conducted themselves correctly, it is now the HSE that needs to be asked to disclose all evidential facts of certification to compliance of regulations.

I don’t think the council want to take liability for any of this.

17 June

Protest 5G at Glastonbury Festival.  Public FB Group. Protest at 2pm Friday 28th June.


Glastonbury Music Festival Facing Backlash After 5G Network Announcement – Pub 8 May 2019 Added  25 June 2019   Is EE’s trial 5G rollout on 210,000 people at Glastonbury Festival a carefully considered advance in technology or “the stupidest idea in the history of the world?”  Added 26 June 2019   “5G Ready”? UK Government’s “5G Rural First”: “Dangerously High” Levels of Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) in Southern England.  butGlastonbury Festival-goers Are Walking into an EMF Minefield  Pub 25 June 2019 Added 26 june 2019

Glastonbury Festival 2019 5G Wireless Technology. Jason Liosatos Outside the Box.  19:56 Pub 26 June 2019 Added 27 June 2019  BELOW Wild as the wind. Glastonbury Festival will have 5G, and Chinese Huawei technology,implicated in mass scale social exclusion in China, will contribute to the UK 5G network. Pub 25 April 2019 Added 27 June 2019 Glastonbury Festival to test mobile phone tech linked with suicide. Many scientists believe 5G is perfectly safe, but some say it’s a massive experiment on the health of all species. Pub 24 Apr 2019 Added 27 June 2019


I’m at Glastonbury Festival. My friend Simo Zia posted up 3 videos of his meter (yesterday 26 June)  showing quite high radiation. He has had 108,000 hits. Facebook took his page down. He has now got a video of his meter near a mast in the middle of the festival and it’s completely off the scale. He’s now looking for a computer to down load it to YouTube. If you get to see it please share far and wide. The world’s press are here in force so we have a chance to hit back. Added 21:58 27 June 2019

Wayne Carr Glasto Festival meter reading vid that was taken down. 0:53 Pub and added 28 June 2019 Warning – a bit out of focus in parts but you get the idea.

See Neil Cannon’s provoking article from Facebook.

I’m due to be attending Worthy Farm, the host of Glastonbury this weekend and I must say, I’m far less excited than I normally am, due to this trial rollout of 5G. Do I wear a Hazmat suit or avoid it all together?


Melanie King from Facebook ‘say no to 5G in Glastonbury’ group. 29/6/19 at 12.50 PM
just spoke to Michael Eavis on the phone and he told me I was talking nonsense however he is going to look into trying to change things next year and BT are running it now not E. I explained he had been lied to and could exit his contract using facts from the sciencedirect Journal proving the lies and warned him that festival goers could sue Glastonbury Festival Ltd under the Companies Manslaughter Act 2008. I also warned they could break out in nosebleeds and skin burns at the Festival and asking him what he was going to do if that happened. He said oh nonsense I’m going to have to put the phone down.

Back story: I phoned Michael Eavis Wednesday 28th. Someone had posted his number online for people to warn him about 5G. I only phones twice which is within the law and will show up on my phone bill. I let him know I’m a biologist and I’m presently studying a Masters in health and well-being at the University of Bath which is ranked number five in the country. I also told him I had the latest 2018 Sciencedirect academic journal article on 5G I would read it out to him if there was time. This is what happened. Then see above

3 July 2019

April Rose shared her first post.

So this is my experience of 5G. I’m at Glastonbury where there are 5 X 5G EE masts being “trialled”. Interesting that the guinea pigs they are irradiating are the kind of people who love the planet eh?… I’ve driven miles over the past 3 days, over the entire site, and walked about half of the rest. I’ve been LOOKING for Insects. Only seen 3. In an 1100 Acre plot of prime farmland. There are no flies whatsoever buzzing near any of the hundreds of bins I’ve walked past, no mozzies in any of the wet ditches I’ve been near, absolutely not one single moth buzzing near any of the hundreds of floodlights I can see right now as I stand in a vast car park, nothing buzzing near any of the hundreds of open air loos. If you ask me whether 5G harms Insects then I would say unequivocally YES. Yes yes yes. Forget Brexit. If we can’t pollinate plants to grow food then mass starvation will be a much bigger threat. I am honestly not exaggerating any of these figures. 3 insects is all I’ve seen. So please please please, join a Facebook group (like “Halt 5G in the South West”), read all the facts from eminent scientists and campaign as hard as you can to stop 5G near you. I’m just hoping my Smart Shield and Frequency Bands have protected me….  Activists Measured and Videotaped 5G Radiation Levels at Glastonbury Festival. It’s Not Pretty. A good summary. Several short videos.  Added 27 July 2019

(Update) complaint to police about 5G  continuing the lies of EE about the strength of radiation at Glasto. by Ian McFerran  17:31 Pub 1 Aug 2019 Added 2 Aug 2019

Testing a 5G Tower in Glastonbury. Video  28:55  Pub 9 Aug 2019 Added 10 Aug 2019

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