5G Global Protest Day 25 January 2020

5G Global Protest Day 25 January 2020

Sunday, January 12th begins
Two Weeks of Action to Stop 5G
leading up to the
First EVER 5G Global Protest Day
January 25th, 2020

Energy is building and enthusiasm spreading around the globe!! Can feel it in the ether….Can feel it in our bones!!

Well over 80 events have already been planned. Countries (and territories) thus far with one or more Protest Day events scheduled are:
Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The full list of events can be found here with more being added daily!

Please be sure to email us your event so we can post it to the website. The collective energy increases as the list grows longer.
Please include: Country, city, time, location, and email contact.
Send to team@stop5ginternational.org

And gladly join the Stop 5G Global Protest Day Facebook site to share your events and ideas with others around the world:

Following are some suggestions of things you can do now to help build momentum during these Two Weeks of Action leading up to the January 25th 5G Global Protest Day.!. Send this Press Release into as many local media outlets as possible: TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and magazines.

2. Make arrangements to hand-deliver the International Stop 5G on Earth and in Space Appeal. (Please note that January 25th is a Saturday, so government offices will be closed.)

3. Send this letter endorsed by medical professionals –  courtesy of Physicians for Safe Technology – to healthcare practitioners to inform them of the harms of wireless radiation in general, and of 5G specifically.

4. Write letters to city officials, both regional and national. Here is a link to a generic letter in English – drafted by Last Tree Laws – that can be translated into other languages.
PDF: Letter to Legislators
WORD Version: Letter to Legislators

5. Send us your ideas for actions people can take to stop 5G and to envision and ensure a better tomorrow. Send ideas to team@stop5ginternational.org. Please include resources if needed to implement your suggestions.

For further ideas about what you can do during the Two Weeks of Action, please see the Suggested Actions page on the website, www.stop5ginternational.org.

Consider also buying specially designed eco-friendly t-shirts from Peacegifts to wear at the rallies, as well as afterwards to help raise public awareness.
Two options available: Stop 5g on Earth and In Space; or the Stop 5G International logo. Please note that both designs can be customized changing size of design or even adding extra wording.

Sending lots of positive energy your way as we reclaim our future from profit-driven vested interests and ensure a world where the health and well-being of all life takes precedence over corporate self-gain.

The Team at
Stop 5G International

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