EU warning notice

EU warning notice



Dear Mr. Sassoli,

I write to you upon an urgent and important matter. The matter of Thierry Breton: the former CEO of ATOS. Enclosed below is a copy of a letter I’ve written to the UK’s National Auditor and Solicitor General in addition to a number of members of the UK parliament.

The letter concerns an unlawful conflict of interest between ATOS’ role as contractor to the UK Government’s Department of Work and Pensions and the role of ATOS as an international telecommunications conglomerate.

ATOS’ Independent Assessment Services are conducting health assessments of claimants of disability benefits who have either developed conditions which research has proven are directly caused by the products and services which ATOS sells such as wireless and 5G technology or have medical conditions which are exacerbated by these products and services. These conditions include but are not limited to, electrohypersensitivity, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and certain cancers.

Furthermore, there is extensive controversy with regard to the fraudulent claims of ATOS that many claimants are not entitled to disability benefit because they are not disabled enough by the symptoms of conditions such as diabetes, cardio vascular disease etc. This has resulted in many deaths of sick and disabled people who have been forced to seek employment as a consequence of withdrawal of disability benefit or have committed suicide after the withdrawal of benefit.

I, myself, have been diagnosed by the NHS with a number of medical conditions which include physiological electrohypersensitivity. Yet, ATOS deemed that electrohypersensitivity, as recognised by the European parliament, was not admissible to a health assessment for disability benefit. This is unlawful and as a consequence, my disability benefit has been reduced by more than half which has further impoverished my financial situation.

I ask you this, Mr. Sassoli………  why would Lloyds of London, one of the world’s premier insurance groups, exclude from its policies any negative health effects caused by Wi-Fi and 5G technologies if these technologies are safe? And, why are other insurance companies following Lloyds’ lead?

in 2018, ATOS generated a revenue of 12.28 billion euros which was primarily sourced from its digital products and services.  Of this amount, only a fraction of the £12.28 billion euros is attributable to ATOS’ Independent Assessment Services. Is the revenue which Independent Assessment Services generate a wise investment in the context of the class actions of disability benefit claimants which ATOS Independent Assessment Services’ unlawful conduct can potentially invite?

Or is the agenda of ATOS Independent Assessment Services to undermine the burgeoning, scientific research which claims that wireless radiation not only induces disease but also exacerbates the symptoms of particular diseases? It certainly does not serve ATOS to confirm in its health assessments of people with diseases which are known to be either caused or exacerbated by the products and services it sells that these diseases, or an exacerbation of these diseases, manifest as a burgeoning concern.

Under no circumstance can Thierry Breton be appointed a commissioner to the EU.


Yours sincerely,


Suzanne Larkman.

London SW19

Hello Suzanne

Many thanks for your email – of course the man made climate change agenda is pro 5g – it forces people to have exposure to smart meters and LED streetlights in the name of energy reduction to stop climate change as we were examining together.

The smart city agenda  of the UN is not separate from all this.

And XR is linked though Gail Bradbrook to a pro 5g organization – Citizens on line – which is pro digital inclusion, which is a posh thing for all things internet – which in the end is the internet of things which is 5g

Dr Happer – of Einstien`s old university says there is a C02 shortage !

Of course we are one humanity and the things going on with the IG report due very soon in the US and UK will be implicated through the ex MI5 spy Christopher Steele ( no relation to Mark!) perhpas – I think may  lead to a bringing back of truth , law and justice in public life

That will make it a much better environment  to release the facts to the people about 5g

The conventional media will be –  and are already being –  castigated in the US and that will happen here too

Especially our dear BBC – who never report the adverse effects properly of 5g – because they are wrapped up in a pro 5g group with BT and Cisco called Rural First

They deny impartiality – but they cannot – unless they pull out of Rural First of course

The media will soon be in the spotlight world wide

I remain optimistic

Mankind is at a rear crisis in consciousness and that is an opportunity

Best wishes



Thanx, Nick. I think with regard to 5G proliferation referred to as “roll out”, it’s seems the tide isn’t able to be held back. I think that public consciousness of the adverse health and environmental effects needs to be raised but first one has to get the public’s attention. Extinction Rebellion have accomplished this but in the wrong way as its members have only served to annoy the public with their antics. The public don’t like to be inconvenienced which Extinction Rebellion are very good at. However, the public do like to be entertained. This could be a route to raise public consciousness about 5G. Unfortunately, I’m not very entertaining but people like Sasha and his friends are. So, this maybe a route to go down. Starting in urban areas which are most affected by 5G.



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