Good advice from Bristol England

Good advice from Bristol England


Thanks to everyone who came to the campaign meeting on the evening of the 4th (of September 2019 in Bristol)! It was great to share the evening with you

Update:  I’ve recently had a meeting with a man called Ben who’s had years of experience running campaigns and dealing with Bristol council.

Here is some of his good advice;

  1. Form an Alliance: We will be taken much more seriously if we are identified as an Alliance  (more power as a formed group vs. individual) We will be further respected and bolstered by the affiliation of other established and credible local groups (such as wildlife, walking, biking, bee keeper, health, children, nurses, parent’s groups etc)  The council can CANNOT dismiss us so easily if we are a large and serious group associated with other credible grouSave & Closeps and local organizations.
  2. Prepare the next statement for the Full Council meeting (in Nov): This statement can then be signed by our Alliance group with the support of these other 5,10…20  credible, local organisations. So we all need to start to connect with the individual people who run these local groups who are happy to put their (group) name towards the cause.
  3. Start a Council Epetition:  We can ‘FORCE’ a council debate on 5G  by getting 3,500 signatures on an e-petition. This can be set up on the Council website.(Sarah, I will contact you about this) When Sally Beare’s 6000 signature petition is discussed at Tuesday’s council meeting- (which may lose momentum after the meeting?) –  we will be able to maintain the pressure by getting this new one going out to the Bristol community.  
  4. Keep a continued FOCUS on sharing the solid science & facts.
  5. Perseverance: Ben said we will feel like we are banging our heads against a wall time and time again. He reminded me that it took lots of people and lots of groups, organizations/charities and proof of scientific studies in courts to finally make Big Tobacco admit their ‘product’ caused cancer.                                          Big Telecom are playing the exact same games. But they will trip up. We have the science on our side, not to mention the thousands of scientists and doctors. We are up against a large and powerful machine,  but please, stay strong and hopeful.

Next meeting:  Planned for the week 16th – 20th Sept. I am still waiting to hear back from the owner of Alchemy.  Next time, we will have to chip-in to cover the room costs (a few pounds each) I will send a mail out as soon as we have secured the date with the owner.  and continue with the details & action points raised at the last meeting. 

5G bee (aware) posters and stickers are already in the making by some brilliant people -will update you soon! 

To leave on a positive note, here is a list of the actions that are taking place around the world to Halt & delay 5G:                  International Actions To Halt And Delay 5G.


Thanks again for your positive contributions to the last meeting.
Cheers everyone and see you at the
Demo THIS Tuesday!
September 10th – 4-6 pm – College Green, Bristol 
Amber x

Extras & Resources –
Flyers to print:
Environmental Health Trust:


Affordable printing + free shipping:

5GAppeal – excellent links and resources (do sign the petition!) :

Community action pack (made in Australia) can be adapted for the UK: http://Community_Kit.pdf

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