Letter from a Danish reader – calling a spade a spade

Letter from a Danish reader – calling a spade a spade


A correspondent writes after received my latest news bulletin 14 Aug 2019

Hi I admire and respect the work you do.

Let me add something me and my daughter talked about.
We talked about the phrase “electric sensitivity ” which is the way the politicians and others name or frame the issue of the fact that they want to not accept that radiation from cell phones, towers, antennas, smart meters and 5g is damaging to us all.
(About) the sensitivity we actually all have … a lot of people just haven’t realized what is causing their health problems.
In Denmark 50% of the population have problems that force them to take precautions every day. That is 3 million people. (I think this is a little high – Ed.)
Just the thought…….so I hope I could be of some help. 
We think that we should bury the phrase and talk about the danger of the radiation in another way. 
We propose ” radiation” .
My best wishes for us all.

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