A brave man Neil Cannon writes

A brave man Neil Cannon writes


FB Group just created.

Welcome everyone. I have created this as I care about people. I care about you. I have a passion for health and vitality and for all things healing. Right now, we have one of the greatest health hazards unfolding before us – the launch of 5G by EE in London. You may wonder what I’m talking about as it’s not spoken about in mainstream news.

Once you educate yourself about the effects of 5G on your body (children in particular), you’ll just know you won’t want to expose yourselves or your children to this. This group is to help you to do that, and to pick up discussion. Sadly, thousands of peer-reviewed studies have been ignored by mainstream media and government, so few people have awareness of this. EMFs have been proven to cause cell and DNA damage – without question. This is categoric. Studies are on this page.

5G is between 10-100 times more powerful than 4G. It’s not a pretty picture and we need to take action, now. We do have a choice. We don’t need to bury our heads in the sand. We CAN act and say NO. Geneva and Brussels have banned it. London can, too.

I have 2 visions…
1) Create a petition of 100,000 signatures so Parliament listens. The current one of 30,000 was dismissed by Parliament.
2) Creating a movement of people in London who are willing to resign from their jobs to reach a critical mass;

Dear Mr Boss / Mrs Boss,

In light of the 5G rollout being carried out by EE on 30 May and its unequivocal dangers it poses to human health, I hereby serve my 30 (90) days notice at X.

I have read and understood a sufficient number of the thousands of peer-reviewed studies on the dangers of 5G. They have left no doubt in my mind that the threat is real, true and absolute. I also understand that this is ignored by our government, and mainstream media, and I have decided I must protect myself and my family.

I am happy to return when 5G is banned in London, following the example set forth by Geneva and Brussels.

No pay cheque or amount of money is more important than my health or the health of my family. I am happy to work remotely until this major health hazard is resolved.

Yours sincerely,


Human health advocate

Instructions for use:
1) Copy and paste into Word and tailor to your needs
2) Print off and hand to your boss
3) Share this post like wildfire so we reach a critical mass and the government has to act
4) Do whatever you can to get educated in 5G and protect yourself and your family for the onset of 5G radiation.

I wonder what the critical mass would need to be in order for the government to take action. Right now, they appear to be ignoring the solid scientific evidence – for which there are 10,000 pier-reviewed studies.

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