Letter to Bath Chronicle (UK)

Letter to Bath Chronicle (UK)


I’ve just seen that my letter to the Bath Chronicle, responding to the interview with our group member Samantha Davis, and EE – in which the latter played fast and loose with the facts – has been printed: it’s on P21 and copied below also for info:

Dear Sirs,

EE downplays the strength of the frequencies used by 5G [16th May], which DO include millimeter waves and their careful wording masks some of the facts around 5G and their intentions. They may well initially start off at 3.4 gigahertz in 2019 (ie not dissimilar to current 4G which is around 2.4 GHz – although 4G is already associated with serious health concerns): but the fact is that, very quickly, maybe as early as 2020, EE would be turning up the dial dramatically, as 5G is designed to exploit the millimeter wave spectrum, ie 30 GHz -300 GHz.

As it happens, 5G trials this spring in Bath are using 60 GHz. https://www.ccsl.com/…/ccs-60ghz-mmwave-trial-goes-live-ci…/ If it is unnecessary to use millimeter wave technology – which EE itself admits in the piece is associated with health concerns – then why is the Roman Baths trial using frequencies well into that spectrum?

5G has never been tested for safety and so local resident, Samantha Davies, is quite right when she says we will all be guinea pigs for a technology that will result in significant increases in radiation exposure for Bath residents – without our consent.

EE cites guidelines issued by ICNIRP; however, ICNIRP is a heavily industry-biased body which means that the UK permits exposure at far higher levels than most of the rest of the world. Even countries such as Russia and China set lower exposure limits.

Scientists and medical experts have issued warnings of the dangers posed by 5G and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, to people, animals, trees, bees and other wildlife. Currently 235 scientists and medical doctors have signed an appeal to the United Nations and the World Health Organisation calling for the rollout to be halted due to ‘serious potential health effects from this new technology’. http://www.5gappeal.eu/… Personally, I would rather trust the word of these experts over the telecoms industry which stands to make millions from rolling out 5G.

Like most people, I am not against technology but it must be safe, particularly in view of the number of people – including the elderly, children and other vulnerable groups – who do not use smartphones and other gadgets, yet may see their health compromised by dangerous levels of radiation in our city. Many of us are now calling on our council leaders to halt the rollout here pending independent safety tests.

Vanessa Lynne (Stop 5G Bath)

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