How the 5G rollout will transform your commute in 2020 (UK) and

How the 5G rollout will transform your commute in 2020 (UK) and


I don’t have enough palms to face any more. It’s way past time to inform EVERY rail network of the implications of what they are getting so excited about inflicting on their passengers.

Chillingly misplaced enthusiasm for 5G onslaught published by Great Northern Railway, including: “EE has recently announced it is installing 5G antennae for testing in key locations across London, as well as other major cities. As a Line Resident for Great Northern, I was thrilled to learn ONE OF THESE ANTENNAE IS CURRENTLY BEING TESTED IN OLD STREET [my emphasis] – reachable via Great Northern trains – and I was fortunate enough to be allowed a visit.”

Govia Thameslink (GTR) is echoing the dangerously deluded drooling with this on Linkedin:

“We have become very data hungry – uploading pictures, streaming music and watching videos on the move – just look around on your commute. It’s a good thing 4G is available to allow streaming of most things. But often, with so many others wanting the same thing, there just isn’t enough data to go around. Step forward 5G!”

You can respond to GTR here:

Tweet @TLRailUK

And to Great Northern:

Tweet @GNRailUK


They share the same phone number ~ 0345 0264700

And postal address.

Great Northern Railway / Govia Thameslink Railway
PO BOX 10240
LE65 9EB

Vanessa Vine, FB

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