Raw energy and conviction

Raw energy and conviction


Dear Friends in the UK and across the Globe,

the 7th of April is 🌍 WORLD HEALTH DAY🌍 and this day is a prime opportunity for ALL of us to share with the world the dangers that 5G (☢️obligatory exposure to constant & dangerous WiFi radiation☢️) poses to EVERYONE. Let’s make a GLOBAL IMPACT with this 5G campaign. Let’s make it go VIRAL. We can all do something & this is our chance to have our say about 5G. If you can’t organise a Demo with your neighbours/family/friends – no worries – just share a picture of yourself. Write your words on a piece of card, craft paper, use the back of a cardboard box, or write on a wall with a STRONG message & then post it across Social Media. Use poster paint, marker pen, charcoal, chalk – there is no perfect way to do this!

Please share the event, post on your FB page and/or send this on to your Politicians & Councillors (as well as to your local Council FB pages), to National & Local Media, (Newspapers, BBC, Channel 4 etc etc ) Local & Regional Radio stations, The National Trust, NHS. Health Institutions – (especially Cancer charities), Wildlife, Nature & Environmental charities & Trusts, Telephone Companies, Bristol University (and all the Universities that are taking part in this 5G ‘experiment’) – & alert Journalists & local papers to report on this campaign. EVERY photo will have an impact. EVERY photo matters. EVERY message matters. Hashtag #Stopthe5Ghealthrisk.

For those of you who are camera/social media shy – get creative and take a photo of your protest banner next to your pet dog (5G technology will harm our pets too) or photograph your children’s toys next to a strong message about radiation harming our children. We are counting on you!

Let’s hold these corporations & our Government accountable & responsible for our rights & for our health. Thanks SO MUCH for your support & for being a part of the solution. It is our sovereign right to be protected from harm & we have RIGHTS. Health & safety before corporate greed. Here’s to a future world FREE of harmful technology.

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