Savvy gas engineer with courage

Savvy gas engineer with courage


(copied and pasted from FB) Smart meters and health problems

I have noticed a few gas engineers try to add to this page. I would like to say to them, do your research. I am a property developer I work with gas, my business partner is gas registered and my close friend is a commercial electrician who we use on our work. We don’t deal with meters as such but we do deal with gas and electric and do deal with the power gas exciting the meters so I am confident to say we have enough knowledge about then.

All 3 of us have been awake to this for many years, not just smart meters or even radiation. Every house we work in the first thing we do is check for a smart meter, if there’s is one we go back to the van and get our tool and show the property owner the dangers. We tell them to get rid! Our aim is to wake up the world, some people look at people like us as conspiracy theorists but I only ever go by facts. All 3 of us are the same and wherever we go we show the facts. Do you research get the tools needed to prove to the world what is gong on.

I am a real pusher, I send myself a bit crazy crazey sometimes because I don’t stop but if this is what it takes. It’s worth getting more gas engineers on this page, they (we) deal with the public and can get the message outside. If one gas/electric engineer could do his research and see the facts he could wake up 100s of people per day, people will listen to a professional. As for anyone who is the opposite I have a radiation meter. I can (show) videos to end any discussion, like I said I go by facts not memes or mainstream media.

Radiation kills and smart meters are deadly

Edward Smith

11.42 am 18 April 2019


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